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The legal system in Islam is discussed, including the use of the symbol "naive" to signal the need for prayer and the significance of "verbal" in the title of Islam. The speaker explains the history and characteristics of the Prophet system, including its obligations to produce good deeds and win awards, its importance in shaping the message, and the importance of not mentioning the name of the Prophet. They also emphasize the need to avoid mentioning the Prophet and suggest creating a YouTube video to show the importance of not mentioning the name of the Prophet.

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In Al Hamdulillah

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you know who want to steal a fiddle? Why not who the biller, Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Molina Mejia de la who Philomel Villa wanna Yulin who fella ha Deanna? watch Hulu Allah, Allah Allah Allahu wa Hona Shadi kala wash Hello Anna Mohamed and added home or sudo you hola Xena Amano taco la haka to otter. Walter Muto. Illa. Juan to Muslim moon yeah Johanna SUTA ora como la de akala Ko Ko Mina FC Wahida welcome in Huzzah. Jaha Weber Theremin Houma de Jalan Kathy Ron one Isa. What Hola. Hello Eddie it is gonna be he will or ham in the law. How can I equal Marathi Oba about my Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Allah subhana wits Allah says in an oft quoted verse in the Quran in

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Allah Who am Allah Iike who usaw Luna Allah Nabi yeah are you Hello Dina um and also Lou are they he was selling the Moto slim that Verily Allah and the angel send their solid upon the Nebby so Oh you who believe you as well send your Sadat upon him and send your salon as well.

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Almost rude look, but had been hammered. came up to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said O Messenger of Allah. Allah has commanded us to send Sadat and to say salaam to you. As for saying salaam we know how to do it as Santa Monica rasool Allah, how should we send salat upon you? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, say, and then he gave the famous what is called Salah Ibrahim iya, which we all learn as children, and we say each and every day in our lives at least 15 times at least 15 times if we're regularly praying, if not more than this, and we say Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed come also later Allah Ibrahim, Ali Ibrahim were

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Baddeck Allah Muhammad, Ali Mohamed Kamal Baraka Ibrahim, while early Ibrahim in Nikka, hamidou Majeed and so in today's short Hotspur, I will remind myself and all of you of the profound meanings of this regular vicar that we do, I'll remind myself and all of you of why we send Sadat and salam upon the prophets of Allahu alayhi wa sallam, what are some of the blessings? What are some of the meanings and why this ritual is so important? What are some of the Botha cos that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gives? As we send salat, and salam, and what are the occasions that we are expected to send? So that's upon our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So what does this phrase Allahumma Salli ala

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Mohamed mean, the word suddenly of course is from sada and the meaning of Salah actually the linguistic meaning of Salah is to call out to invoke. So sunnah actually means the same in Arabic as dua or die, and that means to call out but it especially means when we say dua, it means to call out with reverence. So that's why when we make dua to Allah, Ya Allah forgive me Yeah, Allah grant me a Child Yeah, Allah. So this is a dua with dat boot with Obadiah with worship. It's a dua with reverence and humility, but the word Salah is to invoke to call out So when Allah says in the Lucha women, I could use saloon and maybe Allah sunnah is what does it mean? Our scholars have said it

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means many things. Number one, it means to mention the name of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Allah mentioning the name of our Rasul sallallahu alayhi salam is exalting his honor. Allah mentioning his name in front of the angels. Al Bukhari has in his head to a bad idea, the student of Ibn Abbas, he said, Allah salah upon the Rasool is his mentioning and praising of his name in front of the angels. Number two Allah Salah is his Rama, Allah's Mercy number three Allah Salah is his mouth that Allah is forgiveness. And number four Allah Salah is to raise the ranks when a foreigner like a dick rock, so to raise his ranks higher and higher in Jana. So when we say

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Allahumma Salli ala Mohamed, we are incorporating all of these meanings that Oh ALLAH mentioned the name of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, O Allah, praise him in front of the angels. Oh ALLAH forgive his sins. Oh Allah, Shower him with your mercy and oh Allah raised his right

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ranks higher and higher and higher. Now notice, we ask Allah to send his Salat upon the Nebby. We directly do not praise them or be saying, Jana be you are praiseworthy, as much as we ask Allah to send his salah. Why? Well because obviously, what is our praise compared to the praise of Allah, of what value is to me as a mortal to utter Praise be to you or you are worthy of praise? Infinitely more is if Allah sends his Fennec and Hamed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so who better to praise the best of creation than the best of creators? Who better to praise the best of creation than the best of creators, as well? Who else can forgive and grant mercy other than Allah,

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because of the meanings of Salah is what to forgive and to grant mercy. Who else can raise the ranks? Allah is the most demanding worker, Allah raises up and Allah lowers down Allah is the Horfield and the boss it Allah azza wa jal is the one who gives them the one who takes so who better to ask then Allah subhanho wa Taala that oh Allah send your Salah to upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I say Allahumma Salli ala Mohamed. Now, we've all mentioned in our sera classes that we've done here that the name Mohamed itself, what does it mean? Mohammed is from humidifier who are Mohamed Mohamed is from the one who is praised. So Muhammad literally the linguistic meaning

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of the name Muhammad is what the one who is praised continuously. So when we say Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad, oh Allah praise the one who is continuously praised. This is one of the ways to translate. So the name Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam itself incorporates that he is worthy of being praised. And that is because no other creation in human history has been praised both qualitatively and quantitatively, like our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, not a single second goes by in this world, except that hundreds of millions of people are sending their salah upon the process and at any given instance, what greater human is there, who has been more praised, and more beloved,

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in human history than our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then of course, on the Day of Judgment, all of the creation will praise him in the most common mode that I've mentioned many times, and we'll mention it again, very briefly again, later on in this course, as well. So we say Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad, oh, Allah mentioned the prophets, Allah said that from the angels praise him, send your mercy, Your forgiveness, raise his ranks. Why Allah Ali Mohamed and upon the Isle of Mohammed, who is the Al, what does it mean? Well, there are two interpretations of Al. The first is that Allah is shortened of Al and Al is family. And the second is that Allah is from the

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verb Alia who to go back to to support so it means supporters. So the first meaning would be and upon the family of Muhammad, and the second meaning and upon the supporters of Muhammad. And as his usual, both meanings are implied and intended by one word, two meanings are implied. Oh Allah, as well send your mouth or send your Rama raise the ranks of mentioned with your mercy and your grace and your blessings. The family and the followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the founder of Mohammed is two categories. Number one is the bundle Hashem the overall the bundle Hashem that is Al Bayt. And number two is the urea or the progeny, and especially the progeny to Ali and

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Fatima, and all the Allahu Anhu because it is bundle Hashem and of course, Fatima is the daughter. So when we say send your blessings upon the art of Muhammad, we mean the family because we believe that no doubt, no doubt, being related to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a virtue for the one who is virtuous in and of himself. The one who has no virtue being related will not benefit, but the one who is righteous and holy, being related to the process and makes him even more righteous and holy. We believe this. Yes, but we also believe the one who's not righteous, the one who doesn't do any good. It doesn't matter that he is related to anybody. You couldn't be the son of

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a prophet like noise son. You couldn't be the father of NLP, like Abraham's father doesn't mean anything. If you are not righteous if you are not men with Turkey, but if you are

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Are Mortman you armed with Turkey? Then there's no question that having a relationship with the resource of Saddam is Northern Ireland or blessedness upon blessedness. So when we say well I Ali Mohammed, we mean the family and that means the bundle Hashem and also the, the descendants. And we also mean the supporters and who are the supporters, all of us and the entire Ummah is of the Isle of Muhammad in terms of supporters. So when we make that dua, we are actually making a dua for ourselves as well. Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad, wa ala Ali, Mohammed and we all of us the entire Ummah, is the AL The supporters of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and no doubt, the more

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righteous a person is, the more share he or she will have of this dua. The more Taqwa any man or person has, the more Allah Salah will be upon that person. So we ask Allah to send his Salat upon them. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said him and upon the act of Mohammed, so notice as well, how did my MACOM and your MACOM get into this whole equation? Because we support the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah sunnah upon us is contingent upon our supporting His Rasul. You cannot be a believer without believing in His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is no such thing as a Muslim who believes in Allah but does not believe in the messenger that's not Islam.

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Obedience to the messenger love of the messenger reverence of the messenger defending the messenger is equivalent to belief in Allah you cannot have one without the other.

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So therefore, Allah's month here on us is because we are the odd Muhammad, we are the supporters of Muhammad, any Muslim who dares Stafford Allah, reject the Prophet system as a source of law as a source of Islam as a source of being followed is no longer a Muslim. How is this Islam? What a foreigner because the Quran we have raised your ranks. Even Abbas said, Never is Allah mentioned except that rasool is mentioned right after him. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa ala Rasulillah. We always join the two together in terms of their reverence in terms of their obedience. Whoever obeys the messenger has obeyed Allah when they used

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to air Rasul Allah forgot Otto Allah. And therefore, our Mo Farah and Rama and Allah has for now on us will be because we support his messenger while the Mohamed come out. So later on the Ebrahim, as you have done the same to Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim. Now, this is problematic for some people. This phrase is problematic. Why? Because we firmly believe that our resource Allahu alayhi wa sallam has a higher MACOM than Ibrahim, even though the two of them have the highest arm in all of humanity. Right? We believe the two of them have the highest the two of them have been chosen as Colleen were tougher. The law Ibrahima Halina in Allah had to her then he hurried and come into the

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Ibrahima kalila had the throttle Buhari. Allah has chosen me as his colleague, and Khalil means a confidant Khalil means a close friend. Helene means somebody that has been chosen to have a relationship that is unique, that's a hadith. And so Allah azza wa jal has chosen two people in the history of mankind to be Helene, and that is Ibrahim and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and yet we also know that no doubt the both of them are very, very respected. But our Prophet system is one level even above his father Ibrahim. We know this because of so many Hadith. We know this because of the Quran. We know this because of the Hadith of the Shiva the hadith of macabre Mahmoud.

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We know this from mutawatir narrations in the Hadith. So then how can we say, Oh Allah send your Salat upon Mohammed Al Salam who is higher, just like you sent your Salah Ibrahim, who is compared to our process and a little bit lower, you understand the the the problem here this is a theological problem. Now a number of scholars have attempted to respond to this claim has one of the has many responses, if no claim has a response, and he says that

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this can be understood by recognizing that Ibrahim alayhis salam was the father of hundreds of Prophets. All prophets after Ibrahim were his own

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Children. Is that not the case? Right. Amongst them is Musa and Dawood and Salah Eman and Risa, and you're here and the names go on and on and on quite literally, every prophet that came after the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis. Salam is from his children. Now how many prophets after the Prophet SAW Selim zero? So, when we say Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad wa that one would come out later and Ebrahim. So the art of Ibrahim has in it hundreds of prophets

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and the art of Muhammad has in it, no profits, the Prophet says Adam and then his father is no prophets. So when you look at the baraka and the higher and the good of all of these prophets, including Ibrahim, we are asking Oh ALLAH that magnificent share, give it to and of course while commercial later on while they are the Brahim now, the Abraham also includes not only his family but his followers those who admire him those who respect him. So the Addy Ibrahim includes Musa and the followers of Musa it includes the Jews that were righteous, the Christians that were righteous, the largest among other than Islam have been the owner of Musa and the Omar Issa. So we are saying, Oh

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Allah and other owners by the way, not just these two, every OMA after Ibrahim was from his right. So we are saying Oh Allah, all of these prophets. Give the Prophet system there baraka and all of these OMAS give his OMA their Baraka. So what we have here is lots of prophets and lots of rumors, they're being concentrated to one prophet and one OMA, come out so later on Abraham, what other early Ibrahim were Baddeck Allah Muhammad, Ali Mohamed and oh Allah send your Baraka now what does Baraka mean? Baraka means to increase the beneficial utility to increase the benefit to increase the blessings to increase the good as Allah says, if Ibrahim wa Rachna either he Wallah is helped and we

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blessed him and we blessed his house and Allah says isa Allah has Salam, wa Jalla nee Mubarak and aina McWhinney. Allah is the One who has made me blessings wherever I may be. So Allah is or sorry sir, we are asking Allah azza wa jal that oh Allah make Mohammed and the Ali Mohammed have Baraka Barak give them baraka and SubhanAllah. How has Allah responded to this dua, the both of them the Prophet Muhammad and the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam, they are the only ones who have the status of Hadith. The both of them are eternally associated with the greatest house of worship, and that is the cat but Ibrahim built it and the prophets of salaam purified it and rebuilt it. The both of them

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are role models for the largest groups of mankind both in quantity and in quality. But both of them are the most revered figures in human history. The both of them are associated with monotheism, like no other human being. And the both of them have legacies and followers and admirers and praises until the Day of Judgment. No two human beings are similar to these two. They're Baraka, their legacy, their Baraka, they're hired, they're good, is the largest quantitatively and the holiest qualitatively, the both of them, there's no comparison to them. And so, this is the baraka we're Bodek Adam, Muhammad Ali, Mohammed, come about Dr. Ibrahim, where are the early Ibrahim in Nikka

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hamidou Majeed, you Oh Allah are the Hamid and the Majeed. So we finished the salah Ibrahim iya by two of the names of Allah subhana wa Tala, the Hamid and the Majeed and these are both names that aren't mentioned in the Quran and the Quran ik names and they are well known names of Allah, the Hamid is the one who is worthy of ultimate praise of ultimate ham and hamdulillah because he is Hamid Hamid is the one who deserves to be praised for who he is. Hamid is the one who is praiseworthy, regardless of what he has done to us or not, he is praiseworthy in and of himself. So, when we end Salah Ibrahim here with Hamid indica Hamid, we are sending two clear messages. Number

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one, no doubt our Prophet system is the best of the creation and the leader of the children of Adam and he is worthy of being praised. But Allah is the source of praise. We don't compare between the two. The Rasul is Mahalo and Allah is Harlock. That our soul is praised by Allah but the source of praise and the one who does not need to be praised because he is praise worthy is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Even if no one praised him, Allah would still be Hamid, he doesn't need our hand, the source of hand and the origin of him

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And the one who's worthy of hand is Allah. And of course number two, when we say in Nikka hemiola, you are Hamid. So, it is as if we are asking the Hamid to praise Mohammed because what better Hemd from what? From Hamid to Mohammed? What better hand than the hand of Al Hamid to Mohammed if you understand the Arabic key right and Hamid is the one who is worthy of being praised Mohammed the one who is praised. So the Hamid's hand of Muhammad is the greatest imaginable. Think of the Arabic you write the Hamid's hand of Muhammad. That's why we ended in Nikka Hamid and then Majeed in Arabic Majeed means the one full of Majesty, the one full of of grand jour, the one who is grandiose so

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Allah is Al Majeed. He bestows majesty he raised his ranks, he is the one who to resume and Tisha he is the one who gives his gives maged. And we want our profits of some to have that merged. And so what better way to finish our dua than by reminding ourselves that the source of Majesty and the source of hemp is Allah and Allah is the One Who bestows and Allah is worthy of it. And Allah is the One who has chosen our resources to be Mohammed. You see, Allah has hand and Allah is Hamid being Hamid is independent of the creation. But our Prophet system became Mohammed because an Hamid chose him to be Mohammed. There's a big difference between the two. Our profit system is Mohammed because

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al Hamid chose him in Allah has stuffer Adam abou Anwar al Abraham will Allah Allah chose these people. So the Hamid chooses who is Muhammad and the other way around does not apply because Allah is Hamid, regardless of the creation and Allah has Majeed regardless of the creation and as for the blessings of the soil that is even an entire hutzpah. But I'll just very briefly summarize it for the first thought. But as for the blessings of the Salawat, many other treatises, many are the articles and the books that have been written of them is that of the blessings of the Salawat is that as our prophets of salaam said, when we ask Allah to send one salah, Allah sends 10 upon us

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when we ask Allah to send one sada upon the process, and then Allah sends 10 upon us. In one Hadith The Prophet said, I'm said, Whoever sends one salah upon me 10 Good deeds will be written for him. 10 sins erased and 10 ranks in gender raised up reported in western Imam Muhammad. So 10 sins forgiven 10 Good deeds written and 10 ranks raised in Jannah as well we learned from the hadith of from the hadith of Obon cab that the Prophet system told him that if you continue to send your salata upon me, he then took for hummock wotofo notebook your worries and your griefs will be erased away and your sins forgiven So brothers and sisters next time your heart is what grieving you next

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time you have a pain physical or spiritual next time there's a social problem next time you're you're you're worried about any issue sensor that upon the profits of seven because our profits isn't explicitly said, when you send your Sadat's upon me your hand your worries, your problems will be dissolved away of the blessings of sending salatu upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that our Prophet sallallahu Sallam will hear our name he will know our name, our name will be presented to him. Angels have been assigned by Allah whose sole purpose is to tell the Prophet SAW Selim that we are sending Salat upon him. So what better Blessing is there that the Prophet system

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will hear so and so is sending Salat upon you so and so is learning so that upon you and that is why it is not surprising of the blessings of ascending salata upon the process and he said, in an authentic hadith the people who will be closest to me on the day of judgment are those who send the most Salat upon me Subhanallah we're establishing a relationship with the Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam by sending Salat upon him. So the ones who will be closest we're the ones who send the most for that upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there are many other blessings as well of them is that the Shiva of the process of become obligatory of them is that the path to Jannah will

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be made easy, so many other blessings as well. We conclude the first Cordoba by that beautiful verse that Allah azza wa jal mentions to the Prophet Ibrahim upon the angels that came to visit him Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh are they a halal bait in hamidou Majeed, Allah's mercy and Allah is Rama be upon you? Oh, a little bait and this is for Ibrahim and it is also by Hadith for our Prophet sallallahu sallam. Verily, Allah is Hamid Majeed Baraka Lauria, co founder of the mana for any warrior can be my favorite it was declared I came automata smartphone was stopped for all the money where the company started was simply put them in first cell food or in no hall or food or Rahim.

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And hamdulillah helwa hadn't had a summit

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Telling me that what I'm good at what I'm you know, local foreigner can ask the brothers to move forward. We're already packed in the back. When is salads given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what are the times that we're supposed to send our salah upon the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. Again, this is an entire hotbar but we'll just very briefly summarize for the second I'll mention only six or seven number one, at the end of Salah every Salah finishes with what the shahada and Salah Ebrahimian and the stronger position of the schools of Islamic law, it is wajib it is obligatory in the Salah. When you finish the Salah, to send the Tisha hood to send the salah upon

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam number two in the funeral prayer. The second tip could be the first bit is the fact that the second tidbit is the salah upon the Prophet system. And according to the majority, this is also obligatory number three, most of the modahaus have said that no holds Battel Jumuah and no hotspot to read is valid without two conditions, number one praising Allah and number two sending Salat upon the Messenger of Allah while he was sending him and that is why every Hatim in every single corner of the globe in every single hotbar has to mention the salah upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as we shall also conclude this football with number four on or

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after the Adhan. And our Prophet says that I'm said Whoever makes the dua of Shiva, for me after the Adan my Shiva becomes obligatory for him. And as a part of that we ask Allah salah upon the Prophet of Islam, number five on Fridays, all day Friday, today is Friday, every Friday Hadith in Abu Dhabi, our Prophet sallallahu sallam said the best of your days is Friday for ACC zero fee him in a salary to hourly so increase your Salah to upon me we should make it a habit brothers and sisters Every Friday we should be conscious every Friday that we increase the quality and the quantity of our Salawat upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam number six when we make dua to Allah, it is

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narrated that once the Prophet sallallahu I knew send them heard somebody make dua, and the man simply asked Allah O Allah do this for me and the process and said the man has been hasty this guy has not responded to so they said what should we do on Messenger of Allah when we make dua, he said, one one of you makes dua, let him praise Allah and let him send Salah to upon me and then let him ask what he wants. So in every day, I want to raise our hands. It is sunnah. It is sunnah to also send Salah to upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There are other times as well when we enter and exit the masjid when we do hajj and umrah on Safa and Marwah. And in fact, every single

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gathering in one Hadith and is Muslim and Muhammad, our prophets are seldom said, never do a group of people come together in which Allah and His messenger are not mentioned, except that that gathering will be a source of regret for them on the Day of Judgment. Never do a group of people here it means Muslims, whenever they come together, there should be some mentioning of Allah's praise and salata upon the processing, or else that gathering will be of no value, so it's going to regret Well, I wasted my time I didn't do anything. So every gathering there should be at least and that's why there's cofounders and machinists right where we at the end, we praise Allah subhana wa

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Tada we send salah upon the messenger. And last but definitely not least brothers and sisters is every single time we hear his name mentioned, and I want to conclude my second hotbar with this point, because Wallahi it is distressing will lie it is distressing to see that Muslims hear the name of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they just sit there and they stare as if they have heard nothing. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do you know who the most miserly the most stingy person is? They said Who? He said the one when My name is mentioned he does not send Salah to upon me. Do you want to be stingy? Do you want the Prophet system to consider you to be

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stingy? What do you lose? When you hear the name of the Rasul that you say Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad, this is the one whom the process and said if he doesn't do it, he is the stingiest and the Hadith and Buhari that we mentioned every single Ramadan, you know, when he climbed the member, and he said, I mean, I mean, I mean, right, we always mentioned before Ramadan, Alia to Qatar, what was the third one? What was the third one Djibouti and said to him, that oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam anyone who hears your name and does not send salata upon you, let him be distance away, say I mean. So he said. I mean, brothers and sisters, every time every time we hear the name of the

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Habib the Mustafa, the Cejudo, whether the Adam Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah, he was sending them we should make it our habit ingrain it in our lives in our culture, that we never hear the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salat his name, except that we verbalize and this is by the way, even during the hotbar our scholars say yes, you're supposed to be quiet during the whole day. But when you hear the Prophet SAW Allah Allahu Allah He was septums name then in this case, you are supposed

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was to say in an audible way Salah Allahu Allah he was setting them and the final time is every single time of the day and night you don't need an excuse to send salat upon the Prophet sallallahu it he was setting them may Allah subhana wa Tada make us of those who love the prophets or some of the genuine love and who follow his sunnah and who sent salat and salam upon him the way that he deserves Allah him indeed are in for aminu Allama data and if you had an Jambi them and in love of artha wala Hammond Allah for Raja what are they in and in LA Kadota What am I read on Elijah feta what I see you're on Illa your sarta Allah ma fille and our is one in La Nina Saba Kona been Iman

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what a treasure I feel peruvianus Really Lilina Amanu Robina in Nicaragua Rahim. Allah Hama is an Islamic Muslim in Allahumma is an Islamic Muslim in Allah who is an Islamic Muslim in Allah Hamid Aradhana are the Islam on Muslim in Ebisu and fresh real hope enough say watch out at Miracle feet at BT he Jaco will you yah Aziz Roberto rebirth Allah in Allah to Allah Amara Combi Ambrym better behaved bien FC within the Malacca the como se will sell let her become a U haul muniment jindee He will insert for call as the main clock in in Idema in the law, how am Allah Equateur who you saw Luna the Nebby yeah you have leadin Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam de moda steamer about Allah and

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Allah to Allah yet. Sandy with the Cordoba while Yun Han and fascia it will carry well but you're ready to commit I look into the Quran. Oh the Quran Allah had the image of the Quran which guru he has. What do they call it? A borrower la Masada