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The story of Prophet Ayyub is an extremely powerful example of patience. Sh. Abdul Nasir also gives us practical advice that we can practice to model our patience after the Prophets of Allah.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the story of the Prophet's au body and the importance of patientism and faith in achieving success in life. They share a story about a woman experiencing difficulty and eventually apologizes, and a man who had a remarkable patience for 24 hours and eventually replaced it with pride. The speaker emphasizes the importance of patientism and offers to cover expenses and fund projects for those who can help.
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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu. Quran Weekly Welcome back to the stories of the prophets. Today we're going to be talking about a uvala hustler.

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The Prophet au body he Salam has a very powerful story that's told to us in the Quran at a couple of different places and I'm going to be drawing on both of them a little bit. We'll start off to just basically establish the story from shorter till MBR sooner number 21 and soon number 21 Allah subhanaw taala tells us what a Yuba it na da ba who any messonnier guru or Antara hammer Rafi mean and last kind of what Allah says remember a ubani his salam, focus reflect on a YouTube why, and when remember the time when he said and he called out to his Lord, and He must send me a door that a lot of difficulty and adversity has afflicted me I'm dealing with a lot, my Lord My master, well

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endowed humble, raw human and you are the Most Merciful of all of those capable of showing any mercy. Allah subhanaw taala then tells us first to Jebin Allah who that we immediately answered his prayers and Allah subhana wa tada says we'll have an Allahu Allahu wa rahmatullah Huma Huma Mehta. Mina andina with the Corolla avidin. So now let's talk about the backstory a little bit, a umali salam, the Hadith of the prophets, Allah tells us in the books of Tafseer explained to us, you body his Salam was a man who was an extremely, an extremely handsome man, somebody who came from a really beautiful place, he had a beautiful family that he was raising, he was a very wealthy individual

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very well to do. He had a great business, fantastic business, fantastic home, great family, good health, like just an absolute, like picture perfect scenario.

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And at that point in time, a las panatela, again, to provide for us a role model. Allah subhanho wa Taala tested him.

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And here's where it gets a little bit difficult. Some might find this very tragic. Some of the narration say that he became extremely ill and sick. And specifically was to the point where his skin, his body was rotting, all different types of physical ailments. Not only was he dealing with disease and illness, but he was separated from his family. He was he was forced to leave his own home, his business started to suffer. And so that was kind of the unfolding of everything in his life. Some of the scholars of, of tafsir actually mentioned that he suffered the loss of his family, many of his family members actually passed away. Like this is somebody who's struggling on all

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fronts. Usually, when we talk about a situation like this, there's one last piece of the puzzle.

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Usually when we tell a story like this or talk about a situation like this, we also talk about that person struggling spiritually, be a you body, hustler, did not struggle spiritually. This is a great prophet of Allah. He kept his faith never was shaken in his belief in Allah. And many of these different prophets, we talked about different aspects and qualities of faith shine through in their stories, from their belief, to their conviction, to their integrity, different different quality surface, the quality of a new body, his cylinder really rises up to the surface I really shines through and breaks through from the life of an already amazing and remarkable individual is the

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quality of patience. He never lost his cool. Why do I say it like that? Patience. A lot of times when we talk about sobor when we talk about patience, we talk about it in either such an overbearing manner where it seems humanly impossible.

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Like patience is to not even feel anything that's not that's that's preposterous, not feeling anything is not being human not being alive. You do feel something, or when we talk about patients, we talk about it. We we talk about it in a very almost scientific, technical, sterile fashion. Like it's a lab experiment. But no sobor patience is a very human. It's a human ability.

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It's an ability that we all have, we just have to hone in on it, we have to develop it. And we have to, we have to emphasize our software, our patience. What does the word somebody even mean in the Arabic language, we just translated as patience. The word sovereign in the Arabic language literally means to tie something down. That's why a lot to hold the profits a lot of the time what's been

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what's been the SEC, Mr. Levine, keep yourself with those people. tie yourself to those people, keep company with those people stay with those people. And so somebody is tying it down, having restraint, you feel the pain, you know, your situation, your circumstances, you're hurting, and you're hurting, real bad. But through all of that, you're able to keep your perspective, you're able to maintain your demeanor, you're able to keep your cool. That's the thing, you didn't lose his head. He didn't get out of control. But he maintained his patience. He maintained his his stability. And he kept remembering the last panel attalla kept turning to Allah. His, what got him through some

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difficult times, was his connection with Allah, his remembrance of Allah. There were times when he barely had another soul around him. The Quran tells us it was his wife that was there for him. And outside of that there was nobody else. But it was a remembrance in the pain, the remembrance of Allah and His patience, and the sweetness of that patience, that faith that the man that got him through such difficult times. And eventually when the time came, when the time was right, he raised his hands and he called out to a line he made do our analyst pentawards Allah rescued him, he saved him. losses, we answered his prayer. We removed his difficulty, we cured him of his illness and his

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disease. And not only that, but we reunited him with his family. What will happen? Allahu Allahu wa Mithra Houma home, we not only reunited him with his family, but we increased his family. We not only returned his wealth in but we increased his wealth, we not only repaired his health, but we increased his health. rahmatan Mina, Indiana, in all of this was a special mercy and a gift from Allah subhanaw taala to reward you body salon for not just being patient, but being the pinnacle of patience, being a role model of patience. And that's why our reference and other places for audience would Assad. So number 38, Allah subhanaw taala says in now whether the NA who saw be Iran, we no

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matter what the situation was, no matter how difficult circumstances became, we always found a new body who Salaam to be patient.

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In our agenda now whose hobby run me I'm allowed to he's the best slave of Allah, what an amazing, remarkable human being in a web.

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And this is where I want to extract the lesson for me, for you for all of us.

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Where do you get that patience from? See, it's easy for me to talk about patience. And we've all heard lectures about patience before. But how do you develop that patience, it's easy to talk about, especially that story of the prophets a lot. He said, he comes across a woman crying at the grave of her child and he says, Be patient, be patient. And she says you don't know what I'm dealing with. And later on, she comes to apologize to the profits. A lot of them she didn't realize that, you know, she had responded like this at the in the in the heat of that moment. She comes to apologize in the profits a lot. He said, there's no need to apologize. But he tells her a sub A sub horrendous

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automatic oola patience isn't that first instance. Again, I said that that's very easy for me to say it's very easy for you to listen to. How do we actually accomplish that the secrets here in the story of a body, some Allah tells us in a web, he just kept thinking of Allah. He kept reminding himself of Allah, He kept remembering Allah, He kept turning back to a lot the moment he felt weak, like he was gonna, he was gonna crumble he was gonna give in, he immediately thought about a lot. He remembered a lot. He said the name of Allah. And that's where he drew his strength from when you have trouble being patient, to say the name of Allah. Next time you want to complain, you want to

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utter a word of displeasure. before you say anything, just say Alhamdulillah and then see what follows after that. What do you say after that? You know, in my own community recently in a football talking about his gratitude and patience, I gave my community a challenge. I would like to issue that challenge we're here to put on weekly brothers and sisters. And that is for the next 24 hours. We just learned about an amazing man who had remarkable patience for the next 24 hours. Make a promise, make an oath. Challenge yourself. That you will not complain about anything for 24 hours. The second you think about you feel like complaining about something and hamdulillah you replace all

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your complaining with the word Alhamdulillah

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The ultimate praise and glorification and thanks is from love. Just say that much. May Allah subhanaw taala grant so patience, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all from difficult circumstances. But when we do deal with some difficulty, may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be more like the amazing prophet of Allah. Allah eWb alayhis salam until next time on weekly Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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