Mohamad Baajour – JAR #54 Formula For Happy Marriage – From The Quran

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the importance of having a happy marriage, with a focus on the concept of marriage and the need to handle sharia deeds. It also touches on the importance of avoiding sexual misconduct and building a successful family, while providing examples of how Allah has helped people achieve their dreams, including sharing a happy marriage and building a successful family. The speakers emphasize the need to confront shelling and forgive others before achieving a happy marriage.
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Was that catered for in

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the Quran?

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Pharaoh, meaning well now for now autologin now one

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh level hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah alumina, aluminum and fauna. When found that the Mount Olympus Anna was an ailment.

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My dear beloved respected brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to make us from the people who listen and apply.

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During the COVID, and after the COVID, many, many people

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have been affected

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in their marriage.

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And we heard many stories about divorce.

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Tonight in sha Allah to Allah,

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we will

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study a formula

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given to us by Allah subhanho wa taala, how to have a happy marriage.

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So there cannot be any better source than the whys himself, then the old knowing himself, then the one who knows the Unseen himself. And this formula is for a happy life in general, but because of all the problems that we are facing, at home, in sha Allah, Allah we want to apply today to married life.

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So if you want a happy marriage, stay with us in sha Allah Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said in Surah, an A a number 97

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Min now mula saw Ali

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Decker in

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Wahoo. I mean, Fernando Heon, who hired to Yeva, what energy and

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be axoneme? Can we on logic work?

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What is the formula, whomsoever do righteous deeds, and he or she are believers, I Allah guarantee them a happy life, and will reward them according to the best

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of what they used to do.

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So let's explain. So the formula is

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whomsoever does righteous deeds, that's number one, plus, he or she are believers, equal happy life.

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And not only that, there is a bonus, which is, we will reward them according to the best of what they have done. And I will explain Charla time

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I am having a miserable life, my life is full of trouble.

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That is what I'm getting after the equal a miserable life. That means something wrong, either with the AMA solid, either with the righteous deeds or with the Imam, because the formula is saying one plus one equal to

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I keep getting five 615. So that means go back to the formula something is wrong with the formula. Either you are behind in your righteous deeds, or you are weak in your iman, and that lead to the result that is not desired. Okay. Let's define them one by one. What does it mean? I'm in solid, my Neela solid, what are the righteous deeds? What's the definition of righteous deeds? righteous deeds are the deeds that are in accordance with the Sharia, and done sincerely for the sake of Allah. They are in the spectrum of the Sharia, and they are done sincerely for the sake of Allah. For example, salad on time is a great righteous deed

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feeding the poor, sponsoring an orphan, honoring

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The parents, spreading Salem making sure that income is halal. Removing evil from the street.

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Truthfulness, generosity, keeping your promise fasting, having good manners, easy for you to forgive all these are good deeds, love for the sake of Allah, the proper hijab, treating your wife with respect and the wife treating the husband with respect these are among sada

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fulfilling your obligation to your spouse. That's normal solid, fulfilling your obligation to your spouse is a righteous deed. The wife fulfilling the obligations to her husband and the husband fulfilling the obligation to his wife.

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Controlling your anger is Amel Solea all these are righteous deeds and they are numerous. We cannot even list them. There's a huge list of righteous deeds and plus Eman having a true Eman in Allah. Through Eman in the books of Allah to Eman in the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam through Eman and all the prophets through Eman that there is a day of judgment through Eman and the angels through Iman that there is something called Destiny the other Eman that Rasul Allah says Allah is the last of prophethood.

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All these are

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parts of the Eman that we should have no doubt about believing in the unseen don't mean oh and I believe we have not seen Jana but we believe that is Jana. We have not seen Rasul Allah says Allah but we believe that our solos Salam came with the best of message.

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We have not seen Allah but we believe that Allah is our creators, our provider, our Sustainer. We believe in all His attributes. So righteous deeds plus Eman, equal animal solid. So if I'm not equal to happy life, if I'm not getting a happy marriage, for example, that means let me check. Maybe I am missing a measure. Maybe I'm not wearing the hijab. Maybe I am doing a lot of sins, major sins. Maybe I'm dealing with riba maybe I'm drinking alcohol, maybe I'm committing adultery, maybe I gamble. Maybe I am, I am a major liar. Maybe I always back bite. So something is wrong. Because one of the admins sorry, one of the righteous deeds is to stay away from the major sins

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or maybe my Eman is weak. I have doubt that there is something called the Day of Judgment, I have doubt that there is this is the reward that promised by Rasulullah Satsang for doing an action. I have doubt that is weakness in Eman. So that is what's affecting your life because the formula is 100% guaranteed. So my brother and my sister, my brother, the husband and my sister, the wife, Allah subhanaw taala blessed you with this marriage, there are so many people deprived of marriage, and Allah blessed you with the Nerima of marriage.

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Cherish it, respect your spouse, trust your spouse, honor your spouse, sit down with each other before Ramadan and tell each other Let's start a new page. Let's get rid of the shaitan from our home that she thought had came between you and ruined your life. Allah He's not worth it. Say I will let him in a shaitana regime and sit down and forgive one another. My brother was was SLM told us the best of you the best of you. And this statement is not coming from any human being. It's coming from the best of creation. He said the best of you the best to his wife. And my sister rustlers SLM said, Should I inform you about your woman of Jannah? Should I inform you of the woman of gender?

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This? Yes, yes. Well, Allah, He gave few descriptions and at the end, he said, the one whom her husband when he gets upset with her, she says, I will not sleep until you are pleased with me. Allahu Akbar. Where are these manners among us? Where are they? Why why not? Why can't we have a peaceful home? Why slaughter your ego before Ramadan? Say please forgive me. Say I'm sorry. This is your wife. This is the mother of your children. My sister, this is your husband. Subhanallah What if you wake up one day and the husband is gone? Subhanallah we would say I wish he comes back

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For one night, so I can say I'm sorry. Why do we wait for things to be taken away from us so we can do good? Why don't we give while we are being given?

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Please get rid of the shaitan before Ramadan, fill this home of love and mercy. And the guarantee is from Allah for a happy marriage, happy life in general. And listen to The Last Reward Subhanallah the bonus, when an Adze and non agile, be asked any man can we I'm alone. So whoever does righteous deeds, and he or she are believers, the first guarantee is a happy life. And the second guarantee, I will reward them with the best of what they used to do. What does that mean?

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Look, how great is Allah? Look? How generous is Allah? Look, how forgiving is Allah? What does it mean, I will reward them with the best that they used to do. Okay.

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Let's say

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I lived for 50 years. And in these 50 years, of course, we prayed a lot. That statement means all the salad that I did, Allah will choose the best salad I ever performed in these 50 years and will calculate the rest of the Salawat according to that salad.

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Allah, Allah will see the best day that I fasted in the 50 years. And he will record that all the fasting was the same as that one alleged Vietnam as your home be semi with the best thing they ever did in that field. So whatever the best fasting was, all the rest of the fasting would be according to that fasting, that whatever, I want many hundreds, but when normal was the best, all the formulas will be measured according to that best tomra and so on. Allahu Akbar. And let me give you an example. A person goes to work. He comes from he comes to work from nine to five. Okay, the whole year, one day from the 365 days he came seven to five. So the boss said, I'm gonna pay you the whole

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year seven to five.

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You understand? Subhan Allah look how great is Allah subhana wa Adana look great, it's Allah azza wa jal Subhan Allah, I beg Allah to fill all our homes with love and mercy. I beg ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala Allah, I beg you with the best of your names for everyone who's watching us. Yeah, Allah, Allah to make their last Deezer destes and the last words La Ilaha illa Allah Ya Allah bless us all with righteous children. Yeah, Allah bless us all with righteous spouses. Yeah, Allah grant us the highest place in Jannah and forgive all our sins and grant us the month of Ramadan and make us in the month of Ramadan from the people who obey you to the best of their ability. I love you all for

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the sake of Allah Subhana Allah Muhammad Allah Allahu Allah and the stuff you Luca autobrake

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is flooded he got held on

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minoli to

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the lobby was he on meaning

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