Reda Bedeir – Islam Is The Religion Of The 124000 Prophets & Messengers

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The importance of showing the truth behind the Koran and the Sharia law is emphasized, along with the need for people to know and understand the meaning of the word. The sharia law is also discussed, including its significance in proving the Prophet peace be upon them and the importance of showing faith in God through the law. The historical significance of the Koran is emphasized, along with the importance of not being a Muslim and not following the teachings of Islam. The ultimate message of the Bible is to remember the message of the Quran and that one message will be recognized.
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Why shadow?

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Either? law the hula sharika why shadow Mohammedan Ave who was Zulu sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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a MOBA fin, de la

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Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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shalom Auriemma to her akula modesetting beta wakulla Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allah.

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I'm about to filler, we'll see C'mon FC pitaka la has origin.

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When Allah Subhana, Allah created us,

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He created us for a purpose.

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And of course Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has to communicate with his creation.

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So there must be a means that God will communicate with his creation to show them and explain to them, why did he create them?

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And how many times would they live? And how many times would they die?

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And this is summed up in one verse in the Quran

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in salted Hadid, so number 57, and number 25,

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what God says

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Lakota and zelina

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Lakota or Santa rasulillah. So lots of Patterson indeed we have sent

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one Zen Master homolka.

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And we sit down

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with them, the Scripture,

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the books, the revelation,

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what it means and, and the word means and means balance.

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And the scale or the balance is a symbol of justice. This is why when you go to the court, you will find behind the judge is like a picture of a scale.

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And then at the end of the verse,

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God says

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so that Allah or God would make evident. Dr. Lam Allahu

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Allah Dena,

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young surah, who was

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so that God will make evident

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Who are those that will support Allah and His messengers, while they might have not seen God, or they have not seen those messengers,

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because I'm sure all of us haven't seen the messengers. And all of us haven't seen God

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in the physical sense of the word, but we have seen their signs

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and the knowledge that they imparted on us.

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In Allah Allah power Yun Aziz and God ended the verse by saying, and indeed God is the old, powerful,

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and he is all exalted in his mind.

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Now, I'm just going to dwell on this idea.

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So God told us the purpose of our creation,

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is to get to know him.

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And it is to submit to Him and know the purpose of our life. And this is why he sent 124,000 prophets and messengers across the history of mankind, starting with Adam, PC upon him the father of all humanity,

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gone through many of them, including Abraham piste upon him, the father of prophets,

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out of whom he had Sarah and of Sarah came, Isaac is hard.

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Jacob, Yahoo, later on usif, Joseph, and then Moosa and Risa Moses and Jesus peace be upon them all.

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And from Ishmael from harder. Later on came Mohammed this way we'll call him the father of prophets.

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So in godson, those 124,000 messengers and prophets, their main job Allah, send them with Scripture and in that script,

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Shall we see the reality of what we are living and the history of the nations that came before us, and the future, what will happen? This is why some of the scholars have exegesis of the interpretation of the Koran. They said, what ends the llama home with kita well design and is sent with them the Scripture, they said the Scripture is to explain our life in this world.

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And he said, while we design so that everything will be based on justice, and that justice, if it's not stablished, in this life, as we see today, in the entire world, it will be stablished on the Day of Judgment, everybody will be paid back, according to what they have done in this life.

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So when we read in the last scripture, the Koran, you will notice that the Quran tells us that we die twice, and we live twice.

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And the first death is the state of non existence. Before we came to this life,

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if I were to ask this gentleman, how old are you? And if you were to say, I'm 25 years old, it means 26 years old, he was not weird, who was not existing, and the state of nonexistence, his death?

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Then, law said, he brought you to life.

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And he brought us to life. That's the word the life and then we will die. And we can witness this. What are your grand grandparents? They die? Have you seen them? No. But your grandparent told you, your dad told you, your mom told you. And you can see it in your own life. You get married, you have a child, they start in a state of weakness, and then they're completely dependent on their parents. And then they grow up until they reach us. They are so powerful. And then later on, they grow up and they start declining, and then they die.

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That's normal, normal life. But what will happen after death? Is this the end of it, the Scripture tells us No, it'll be brought back. Because if justice is not administered in this life, which left to humans to do it, then God, the Creator of all humans, will bring will bring everybody to account. And he will stablish justice on the Day of Judgment.

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if God sent messengers, these send them with the same message, or they're coming with different messages, those 124,000 messengers and prophets, what is sent with one message,

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or they came with different messages, because we heard about Judaism, Christianity, even man made in all religions, like Buddhism, following a man called Buddha.

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And we hear Islam. And all the time people connect Islam to Prophet Muhammad Ali.

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So where's the truth?

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And if you go back to the last scripture,

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it will answer all these questions. And if you go back to the last messenger himself, history upon him, he explained this to us.

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Let's go into the Prophet first and then we'll go to to prove what he said from the Quran. The last scripture, the last tribulation.

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The Prophet peace be upon him said, national martial ambia. We the prophets or messengers,

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it was led, do our head. What?

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He said, We come from the same source, we're brothers coming with the same message.

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And our faith or religion is one, which is Islam.

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What do you mean by Islam? Do you mean Jesus is a Muslim? Yes. Do you mean Moses is a Muslim? Yes. Do you mean Joseph is a Muslim? Yes. Do you mean Abraham is a Muslim? Yes. Do you mean Jacob is a Muslim? Yes, David Solomon, you name it. There are 25 of them mentioned by name in the Quran.

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And if I have time, which unfortunately, I don't have enough time, I can give you the code from the Quran to prove that all of them stated the fact that there are Muslims, but to give you some examples.

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So what is what's the difference between Moses, Jesus, Mohammed Abraham, all of them

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The difference is in what he said when he said well over half ownership, that means the Sharia is different. What's the meaning of the Sharia. It's an Arabic word, which means the law that you will apply to prove that you're a Muslim. And a Muslim and Islam here means submission to the will of God, every prophet came to say, I'm a messenger of God, coming with the Word of God, submit to the will of God.

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So linguistically, the word submission is Islam. And they are the word Islam is an Arabic word. And in English, it means submission. But technically, it means to submit to the commands,

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and the Word of God, do whatever he said, do stay away from whatever he said, don't do.

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And that's what the Quran says, liquidly men come, natural and woman had Jr. For each one of you all prophets and messengers, we give you a law. So the law of Moses was different from the law of Jesus, peace be upon them both, which is different from the Sharia, or the law of Muhammad, peace be upon him, everything became easier and easier until it became in the best form with the final messenger. I'll give you an example. In the Quran in surah, Al Baqarah.

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It tells us at the time of Moses, when people want to repent,

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when they want to go back to God and ask him for forgiveness, there was a condition they line up and kill each other.

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And then God brings them back to life.

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For to

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come to fruition circle, then.

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So God says, if you want to repent, lineup kill each other, you have to go through death, so that God will accept you back. That was at the time of Moses. And then God says in the next I add some of

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the multicam

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then we resurrected, you brought you back to life, so that you may be grateful to God. And now you're a newborn.

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But then it became easier with the law of Jesus vSphere Burnham, and it became the easiest at the time of Muhammad peace be upon him. If you want to repent. Now. You don't have to go to a priest. You don't have to go to an Imam or a chef and say, I'm coming to confess, please tell God, no, you talk to God. Just like you know, dim the light during the night between you and God and talk to him say I'm sorry, I was weak. When I made that mistake. I was weak. When I committed that sin. Please forgive me done.

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But my sin is very major. I committed a murder, I committed adultery, I dealt with interest, whatever it is. God says in chapter 39, verse 53,

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foresee him

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say to my slaves who have gone to the extreme and committing all types of sins, minor and major, do not lose hope in the mercy of God led up to muroff metal.

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Why? in law, I am fueled by Jeremy.

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God forgives all types of sins, minor and major in the horror of him. He's the old forgiving the old merciful.

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So all Prophets came with the same faith, submit to God, Islam, submission. But what was different was the law. How can I show my submission to God? It's through this law, do this. Don't do that. As simple as that.

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And this is why the Prophet told us in a beautiful, prophetic tradition Howdy. He said, mesothelioma MBR will probably the similitude of me or the likeness of me and all prophets who came before me is like a group of people who came and stablished the building.

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And the building was perfect.

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Except for one missing block of brick. So when people passed by that building, they would say, What a perfect building, except for that missing blue, blue brick, local brick. He said, that block of brick, I just came to perfect the building. So all prophets are having to say submit to God, this is your salvation, submit to God, this is your salvation. So they all came to invite people to Islam. So

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mission to God and Mohammed is not bringing a new faith. He's just coming to confirm this way in the Quran many times when, when he is referred to in relation to Jesus speech toponym or Moses please for me say one more salt pepper lady by in a day, I'm coming to confirm that which was sent to you before me, you know that was sent to Moses and that was sent to Jesus. I'm not coming with a new religion. So stop saying that Muslims are the followers of Mohammed know those who follow the Brahim la Salaam and they died in submission to God they're Muslims. And I'll show you right now.

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I want to seven

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God tells us in the prawn

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Ishmael were building the Kaaba.

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They were establishing the foundations of the Kaaba, then they made Torah. they invoke the name of god they made they ask of God, they said

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muesli maynila

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Tina. Oh God make us Muslims. Hold on was Mohammed Daria.

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No, he was not born. I'm talking about Abraham, more than 5000 years. And every woman is made the same. We want to be Muslims.

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Or they say we want to be followers of Muhammad. No. They say make us live and die in a state of submission to you. And that's Islam. Not only that, they even made dawn they said woman Gloria, Tina amata, Muslim atella.

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And make out of our descendants who will come later, a Muslim nation, a Muslim oma people who will submit to you and that's your own mana.

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That's Abraham.

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Another example, Ibrahim himself.

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Just move this was I went to 7128 Go to 131. Same surah. So number two,

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a slim, harness slim to

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me, when his Lord when his master meaning God told him him here is Abraham, I slim submit harlot Islam to the armies, I submit to the Lord to the master of all nations of all civilizations.

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Next, verse 132. In chapter two, what was the wasabia de mubende II

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and before Abraham died, and also Jacob, both of them they recommended their children. Yeah, Bernie in

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the system, their children, or children, God has choosen the best faith for you.

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For that, Medina 11, to Muslim to not die, but in a state of submission to God. I can go on and on. Okay, one last example, Joseph,

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this chapter 12. So number 12. So I use i a 101, after you went through all the trials and tribulations of his life,

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and then now he became

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almost the Prime Minister of Egypt, he became as useless. So he turned to God and he raised his hand, and he made that supplication. He said,

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Oh, my lord, oh, my master, you have given me authority.

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He didn't. So I went through a lot as we complain today. What is this and Damon's gonna go over? Like, look what they have been through. He lost a lot.

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But he always remembered what he had this way. I always say, appreciate what you have before you had to appreciate what you had.

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he only saw the positive things that God has given him. You have given me authority.

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And he taught me the interpretation of dreams for the last summer.

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You're the one who created the heavens and the earth.

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And while he dunia Well,

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you're my main supporter in this life and the life to come. What do you want to say? After this beautiful praise of God is asking now to have any Muslim. His ultimate goal, his ultimate need from God. He said, Make me

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As a Muslim was Mohammed Daria

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talking about Joseph the son of Jacob. So again he's saying make me die instead of submission to you will happily beside him and let me join the righteous once a holy holy * that was tough.

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hamdu lillahi wa Kapha or salata, no Salomon Allah evadne levina stop.

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Why shreddable ilaha illallah wa Ala Wai shadow Anna, Mohammed and Navajo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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about a better fella or Superman FC bitwala surgeon.

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So to conclude,

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we need to understand that God created us for a purpose.

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And he defined that purpose.

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In surah, 51,

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a variant, and number 56. What he said, one

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gene in

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blue, I have not created the jinn and mankind, except to enslave themselves to me,

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to worship me,

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not to worship any of his creation, not to worship fire, not to worship a cow, not to worship idols not to worship His Son, because he has no sons.

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So he sent 124,000

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messengers and prophets across the history of mankind started with Adam inning with Mohammed with one faith, Islam, submission to God, what happened before the message of the Quran, all the books were distorted and changed. And this is why if people today all follow the Quran, which is the last scripture, that was never changed, and will never changed. And the reason I'm saying this, because the one who sent it down promised that if you go and read and saw a legend, so number 15. And number nine,

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God says, In

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Vic, indeed, we have sent down the Scripture, and he calls it the reminder, because every time we forget, it's our nature as humans can go back and read the will remind him

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why in

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a row, and indeed, we will preserve it from change or distortion. Believe it or believe it, you can verify the Koran, it has been there for the last more than 14 centuries, with no single change of one word or one letter. Why, because the one who sent it promised to preserve it and protect it.

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And you will be amazed to know that this is the only book in the history of mankind. That was transmitted to us in a very authentic way, both written and kita. And that means the book which is written

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and Alperon from caracara which means to read or recite that which is recited. So written form and kita, oral form Alperon being recited so this Quran was written down at the lifetime of the Prophet, and it was collected in one volume at the time of Abu Bakar. And it was transmitted to us in that forum since that time.

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Nobody touched it.

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What's more authentic is that it was

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committed to memory. It was memorized by hundreds of the companions of the Prophet during his lifetime, and it never stopped. And today, it's memorized by millions of Muslims around the world. You will be amazed to know that they will be Somalis, Pakistanis, Bengalis, Lebanese, you name it, who memorizes the entire 604 pages

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without knowing the Arabic language, the language of the Quran, that's a miracle in itself.

00:24:55 --> 00:24:57

This is one way of preserving it.

00:24:59 --> 00:25:00

And if anybody

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He tries to play games with it. Again, it is spotted, and it's getting lucky get rid of it. And if all the books were to be thrown into the ocean, one book can come back.

00:25:15 --> 00:25:27

And I'm sure that you understand what I'm talking about now. It is the Quran. Why? Because those billion sorry those millions who embrace the Koran can come and sit down, and they will recite it and it will be written back again.

00:25:28 --> 00:25:33

But I dare you to find another book, which is protected and preserve it that way.

00:25:35 --> 00:26:26

So what we need to know is the final messenger when we say la ilaha illa Allah is no god worthy of worship, but one God and Muhammad Rasulullah Muhammad is the Messenger of God. We mean by that, that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the last messenger, but we believe in all the messengers before him without discrimination. And if we deny one messenger or one Prophet, we are not Muslims, and are so low beam our own Zilla Li you read this at the very end of sorts of Baccarat you know the messenger, you know, believe in whatever was sent to him one more minute soon, and that believers who believe in that to Kowloon, M and Abdullah, they all believed in Allah or mela equity, His

00:26:26 --> 00:27:14

angels were going to be the scripture that was sent before before distortion before change are going to be he was he and his messengers. Learn further kobina morosely, we do not discriminate against any of his messengers. So now that we know that we have a creator, and we have a purpose, and we have all these messengers, and we have a final revelation, or what we need to do, is to hold on to that revelation, because it will explain the meaning and the reality of our life, it will share with us the history of the nations that were first and why they were first because they did not follow the revelation. And they we need to understand that the main purpose of all these prophets and

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messengers is to stop this is to establish justice. And you look around you in the world. Why? Justice is not stablished because nobody respects that revelation. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us to follow his light and follow His revelation. A lot of militant Allah now 100 of them and a lot of what I even taught them while I'm an illustrator, when I made a lot of what La la la la, la la la la la, la la, la, la la la Santa Monica hamara me a lot more zip nada within public mouth. I wish I had an Intel mount or Sharona even battle mount, Coolio spiciness, equally macadamia rapala mean, a lot Michel de la mina Mina dunia La ilaha illallah wa salam, ala Muhammad Ali wasapi. Awesome.

00:28:10 --> 00:28:13

You know, thought says in number three,

00:28:15 --> 00:28:20

number 90, in the in the law is

00:28:21 --> 00:28:41

indeed the religion with God is Islam. Again, that's confirming the same concept that I was talking about. So it means so question to the will of God. And then in the same surah, sort of three, Allah Ron, and number 85, God says, or many

00:28:47 --> 00:29:19

pierotti mean for Siri, whoever comes into the judgment, embracing innovation other than Islam, it will not be accepted from heaven, and he will be amongst the losers. So these two is confirmed the fact that the religion from Arab till the end of life is Islam. And the fact that the only faith that will be accepted from you on the Day of Judgment is when it comes to God. Following the last liberation may have lost the final dialogue except from us all.

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