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Allah describes the story of Yusuf (alayhis-salam) as the best of all stories.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Koran weekly the sub de Nasir Jenga coming back to you with another episode yet of the stories of the prophets. Today we're gonna talk about Yusuf Ali his Salam Yes, the famous, amazing story of Yusuf Ali, his Salaam, the story that Allah subhanaw taala himself calls a central apostles, the best the most excellent of stories Yusuf Ali Salam is basically being put in a position where he is being called, he is being asked to commit a terrible, terrible sin and he's being enticed towards the sin. So what does us have on a cylinder Yusuf Ali Salaam, obviously, you know, backs away from that situation, but he goes a step beyond that. He says to Allah subhanaw

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taala Robbie, my Lord My master who guided me to this wise decision, a signal a Hubble Ilia me Maja their own any ilahi that I would rather choose prison than committing the sin that these people are asking me to commit adultery, fornication, I would rather go to prison than do that. What a lotta sarafan Nikita hoonah us boo la hinda acuminata Helene and our life you don't save me from them. I fear that I might actually fall into that sin and commit an act of ignorance. fecit albula, hoorah. Boo for sarafan, who gave the one in the who, who assembled on him. So let's find out what Allah says Allah answered use of all asylums prayer, and saved him from their, you know, trickery and

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everything that they were planning. And he is constantly listening and all knowing

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from Abdallah human body Mara iottie layers junoon nahata hain and then basically Allah subhanaw taala made it apparent to him that you will serve some time in prison. But Yusuf Ali Salaam understood that that was what was best for him at this time. What the hell am I who has cijena fertigung. But now our last panel was Allah tells us that when Yusuf Ali Salam entered into prison, there were two other young men who were entered into prison along with him. But I had to humor in Iranian pseudo humble, they come to Yusuf Ali Salaam and they say, look, we've heard that you're a special guy, that you can interpret dreams that you're a very pious, righteous man. Well, one of

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them says, I saw a dream that I am basically squeezing, you know, extracting wine for the king will call the law crew in the Irani. loofah Karachi hubsan

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Taku teittleman who and the second one says I'm seeing that I'm carrying a basket of bread on my head. But what's going on is that these birds are coming in eating from that basket of bread. No beat not be that wheat II in another community Marcin into please tell us what these dreams mean. Because, you know, we obviously see for ourselves we heard but now we see for ourselves that you are an excellent, excellent person you are from those who excel in doing good deeds a righteous pious man.

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So now you Safadi salon does something very interesting. They're asking for the interpretation of their dreams. Yusuf Ali Salaam says this is the ideal opportunity to have a very important conversation. What does he say? Father, like I take him out

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to the park attorney, Ilana Kumar between he is above that and yet to Kumar

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he says that first of all, let me establish one thing before your next meal arrives before lunch is served. I will have told you the interpretation of your dreams so Meaning what? I'm not putting this off. I'm not brushing you off. I'm not trying to find a way out of this situation. I will tell you what your dreams mean. And I'll tell you in fact before lunch is served, so I need you to stay with me I need you to pay attention because you want me You're asking me for something I'd like to share something with you as well. Valley Kumar Mima Alemany Robbie he says first of all how do I interpret dreams? I'm not some like I'm not some Angel. That I interpret dreams rather This is something my

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Lord My master Allah taught me to do. In the document that's a comin like, you mean una bella. He will humbler karate home cafe Ron, he says, I have left the religion, the way of those people who don't believe in Allah. And they disbelieve very vehemently.

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In the life of the Hereafter, they reject the belief in the life of the hereafter.

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But rather what do I do? What's my path in life? What about two minutes? He Ebrahim always happily our Qube, he says I follow the religion the path of my forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob yaku makanan and a new Sheikh Abdullah human shape, that it is not fitting for us. We It was never an option for us to ever associate anything with Allah as a partner. They only come in from the law here, Elena, this is from the huge blessing that Allah has showered upon us, while in us and upon people would like to ask for a nice Elijah Quran. But rather most people, they don't appreciate this fact that Allah has given us this information. Allah has taught us this. And then he says, Yes,

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Sahiba you see all my two companions in prison. My two buddies my two prison mates. Out of Bible Mater Frederick Boone,

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Barbuda, una halen. I mean, Ah ha, ha, ha. He said, What's better? Is it better to worship many, many different deities and gods and Lords? Or is it better to worship? Allah? Who is one alone, unique and dominant and powerful? Who do you think it's better to worship? What makes more sense to you to worship the scattered lords and gods and idols that you don't even understand fully? Or to worship Allah who is one alone unique, and all mighty and all powerful, and he's the one that's given me the gift that I'd like to share with y'all. My terrible Dude, I mean, dude, he is a smart one, some made to her and two more about welcome, madness, Lola, we'll be having some fun, he says,

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and as far as what you worship other than Allah, they're just names. These are just random ideas. These are fables. These are myths. These are names that you and your forefathers came up with a lot never sent down anything that establishes this fact that he could, he says in in Hokkaido inland in law,

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that the command the power is only for a law is only in the hands of a law. I'm not allowed to do in law. He has commanded that you worship no one other than him only him You should worship that he could demon him. This is the proper way to live one's life. Well, I can add from a NASA lie on the moon, but most people they don't understand. Now as Yusuf Ali Salaam had promised, he says, yes I

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am I do Kumar Yes, clear blue camera. As for one of you, you will go back to serving wine to the king, Rama Haru for use level, Fatah kulu tidal Materazzi. And as for the other, you will be killed you will be executed and birds will come and peck away at your at your head after you are dead after you have been hung will be under latifi heaters FDM. And that's exactly what ended up happening with the two people that asked the question to use pifan II salon.

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So this is very interesting story. From the life of use of it. Sam, this is an amazing event, from his life from his story. That's what was in the Quran. Why did I choose to share this story with y'all today? And why did I say that this had a profound impact on me. Let me explain. Yusuf Ali Salaam is a prophet of Allah. He is a caller and inviter to Allah, that's what he does.

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Now he's found himself in a bit of a predicament. He was dealing with some serious circumstances which lead to him in being in prison.

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But he does not let that stand in the way of him

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living out the potential, the purpose of his life, he does not let that get in the way of his identity, who he is the purpose of his life. He is a prophet of God. He is a prophet of Allah, He invites people to a law. So if he's out in the open, if he's free, if he's in the free, if he's living at home, he invites people to Allah. But if he is locked up in prison, he still invites people to Allah. And then a couple of quick tips for that person doing some work of Dawa talking to people trying to invite people to Allah a couple of tips we pick up from Yusuf Ali Salaam, a prophet of Allah. Number one, look for the opportune time when you have people's attention, when you are

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sitting in conversing with people exchanging thoughts and ideas with people, and that's when you go in. That's when you try to, you know, that's when you basically shared this message with them. The second thing is that Yusuf Ali Salaam doesn't just abstractly talk about a lot but what does he do? Yusuf Ali Salaam, connects the idea of Allah, the message about Allah to their actual question. They're saying, You're an amazing guy. You can interpret dreams. He says, Yeah, where do you think this comes from? A lot.

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gave me this gift. He connects it to the situation, he seizes the situation when he has their attention. And thirdly, and most importantly, he keeps his word. He's a man of his word. He told them, I will tell you what your dream means, before lunch is served and what happened. He told them what their dreams meant before lunch was served, and whether they believed or not, it was on them. So, an inspiration that I take from this story vividly some remember who you are, you're a Muslim, wherever you go, no matter what the circumstances are, what they're saying on the news, what the islamophobes are saying or whatever is going on. You are a Muslim. Believe that know that. Live your

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life as a Muslim. And as a Muslim, it is your responsibility to share the message of Islam with all of mankind, tell people introduce people call people to Allah. people deserve to know who Allah is. share the message about a low with them. But when you do so, remember to be a man of integrity like Yusuf Ali Salaam. I hope everyone benefited from today's lesson from stories of the prophets. inshallah, I'll see y'all next time. Just like Kamala Hayden was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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At this point, I've pretty much given up all hope of actually making it back home so I decided I would just record a couple of more sessions while while I am out here before it gets dark. I'm afraid there actually might be bears over here so I need y'all to keep me in your dogs and show. This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate