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Amongst the greatest blessing from Allah is the blessing of time. Allah Most High reminds us about the greatness of time in the Quran, he said, one

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11 levena.

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For your heart he was lol So we'll be happy What?

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Sub by depressing time, surely mankind is in a state of loss, except those who have believed and done good works. They help and encourage one another in truthfulness, and they help and encourage one another towards patience. Time is so important for a Muslim, he doesn't waste it. Rather, he uses his time in the best manner possible. Allah has taught us about keeping our schedules and timings in the best of order. And he also a gel has arranged the different timings of occasions and celebrations and he made us mock and value the passing of time by fixing the times of prayers. He says.

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Truly Salah is the time schedule on the believers. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the most beloved action to Allah is Allah in its correct time.

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As you may be in lockdown now, make sure to use your time wisely and try to make use of the prayers as a mode to help you keep track

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and keep tuned to know more about our book, The 30 steps towards a refreshing Ramadan, which is due to come out soon. Salaam Alaikum