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The segment discusses the confusion surrounding Islam's title and its affects on people's behavior. It touches on various categories of people within the scope of Islam and the importance of fast action. The speaker emphasizes the need for commitment and laughter in achieving success, as well as the importance of knowing the day of judgment and preparing for it. The importance of laughter and laughter is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need to practice Islam and not engage in war or sin.

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My dear respected brothers and sisters,

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when we read the Quran,

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we see that Allah subhanho wa Taala has divided

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in general

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into two categories.

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And these two categories determine what kind of

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individual that person is generally

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these are the general categories and within the categories there are different levels and the loss of Hanoi the island divided the these categories according

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the essential two things.

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And in one way one is dependent on the other.

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The first essential thing is le Raja

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le Radha which means your attitude, what you want

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your inner direction.

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This is

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your reality. And this is something that you asked yourself, where do you fall in with the rider? What do you want Mazda to read.

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And that's why loss of Hannah what Allah says.

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Men coming up to dhania woman coming up.

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amongst you there are those who want the dunya

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they want this quick life, this short life this near life, this low life, they want the the Zener they are baffled by the decorations of the dounia they are baffled by the flowers

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and hierarchy dounia

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they are baffled by the reality that surrounds them, they cannot see the material, they can feel it, they can sense it. So they want the donia

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because their vision is short,

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short term short vision, they don't see beyond. They are looking with the eyes,

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not with your heart.

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As for those who look with their heart,

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they are the ones who fall into the other category women come in

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and amongst you are those who want that. The next life. They want a loss of Hannah Montana, they want the very word of Allah which is our agenda now.

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They want the pleasure of Allah.

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They want to see Allah. They want to experience proximity to Allah.

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And they want to protect themselves from the anger of Allah, the Wrath of Allah the punishment of Allah

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mean community the dunya I mean community the law

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and the law says in Surah

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the same categorization

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to the same effect.

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Man can you read rajala

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a gel nella houfy ha Manisha Lehman married

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whoever wants Agila, nother name for the dounia the quick thing the thing that happens quickly, the near thing, the thing that is approximated, but also happens very quickly, it ends so quickly.

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And it is called like this because when you compare the reality of the dunya

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No matter how much you live

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whether you live 100 years, and very few people reach to 100 years today or you live 1000 years, then that compared to the eternity is nothing.

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And that's why I said it's very short. It's very quick. It's almost like it has gone in a blink of an eye.

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And that's why when Allah subhanho wa Taala resurrects the people, those who are facing eternal damnation

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they will say we didn't remain in the dunya except there was only a few hours or even just an hour or a day. We didn't really stay in the dunya long

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way all Mata pasa yuksom almajiri Mona Mona before

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those who had committed wrong they said we only remained just an hour of time, just a short period of time.

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Agila goes so quickly.

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So Allah says whoever wants lrG law whoever seeks this quick thing this quick pleasure.

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Arjun Allah houfy hamana Shah Lima Nuri, Allah who will hastin for him

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what he a law wants, for whom he chooses. So even if you want the dunya it's not guaranteed that you will get the dunya because Allah Subhana Allah will give the dunya to whom he wants. So you might be amongst those who are running after the dunya but you're getting nowhere.

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You are you have nothing you you might spend money to try and and the business you might be spending money to, to attain

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if Allah doesn't choose to give you He will not give you and then he will only choose to give you what he wishes because end of the day, Allah is the one who will determine your result.

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But the reality is when you want the dunya only

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for my Jan Allahu Johanna Maya swaha

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maximum and

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then he will be given the jahannam his end result because his focus was on the dunya he forgot the focus of the alpha. So therefore in the Acura he is going to the angle of a line gender

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but on the other hand women are either

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the one who wants lF era the ones who wants the final day.

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Again, the attitude is important here you have to want that

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but this is where the other aspect comes.

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And that it has to be

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your one thing has to be manifest into reality.

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You can't just claim I want Alaska Where is your reality?

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Where is your truth in this matter?

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Yeah, you hola Xena Mana takumar Hakuna Masada team are you believe fear alarm be amongst those who are truthful.

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You have to be amongst those who stand and give their words and they follow them up with actions. Yeah, you will Athena amarula Hakuna Matata kabara maakten and the law hand Takuma turfan Why is it that you say that which you do not do indeed it is such a great

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despicable thing to say that which you not do in the sight of Allah. So if you want the after all, you have to follow it up with reality which is action. Woman Aurora de la sirata wasa ha ha

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you have to work for the afra what Salah ha saya he works and he walks with determination because that's what Sam is saying is not like meshi walking sign is walking with determination and with commitment.

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What's saya

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so you have to be ready to work for that as well. Because the effort and the reward of online laughter is not something that will just come cheap.

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Elena salata La Jolla, the commodity that Allah is giving you as highly as expensive alladhina salata la Jenna, the commodity that Ally's offerings engender, it's expensive, it needs work.

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It needs action.

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And what

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you have to have a man as well.

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So you have the man

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the want and the action then Allah subhana wa tada will give you that he will give you the reward of Allah Subhana

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Allah hassayampa wahama men for Allah aka canazei Johan Moscow.

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So not only do you need to have demand

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and belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala but your actions has to reflect that reality and remember we use the word sorry ally use the word sorry.

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if you want a loss of Hannah Horta and then you have to be ready to rush to Allah, with determination don't go slowly. Because if you are, if you love Allah

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and you love his reward, then anyone

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who love something will go quickly with determination

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cannot sleep the night waiting to meet his beloved.

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That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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in a hadith narrated by Otto Bharani he said

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I Japan did not

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lie and ammo hurry wah

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wah Japan The genetti Lion mo paniagua how great and wonderful the order the how bewildering the reality of the fire. The one who tries to escape the fire will not go to sleep, or cannot go to sleep.

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And how bewildering

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and amazing is that agenda, the one who seeks agenda will cannot go to sleep.

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Because this is a reality, if you really want an agenda. You want an Acura you have to be ready to walk with determination.

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So this is where the question arises. And this is a question that we have to ask ourselves.

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Where is our iraida? What do we want?

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Do you want a Gunny or do you want to laugh?

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And if you want adonia,

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then are you ready to sacrifice the eternity of laughter? Because that's what happens. But to thirunal Hayato dunia will have to hire indeed you give preference to the life of the dunya analysis. This is the reality. When I set out to hire

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the alpha is better and it will remain.

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And if you want that if you're wrong, then where is your actions? Where is your attitude?

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When are you in regards to the ACA

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and that's why when

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a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Bedouin Jilin, Nabi sallallahu wasallam Allah Rasool Allah matassa,

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or message of a law. When is the day of judgment?

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It's a question that is bewildering. Many people is

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a Yana moussaka, they asked you about the ascribed hour. When is it? When will it happen?

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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didn't answer the question directly. He used one of the methods that important tool in education today to answer the question with a question.

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And the question is not hard to tell. What have you prepared for it?

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That is the question you should be asking. Not when is the sound because the sound the day of judgment will happen.

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The moment you die,

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then that's it.

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That's your sound.

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And that's why if man on the other hand, whenever he was to pass by grave graveyards, he would cry intensely to the extent that his beard would be wet from the tears. They said, Oh, amuro don't mean, we see you crying more intensely. When the reality of the grave more than

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For example, when agenda or the fire is mentioned, and you are more worried and more fear

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is shown on you. On dimensioning of the grace and death he said yes, because I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that the first stages of the Acura is that the Kaaba is the grave. So if a person

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passes that stage, and he succeeds in that stage, then whatever comes after that will be easy.

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But if he fails at that stage, then whatever comes after that will be harder and intense.

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So when you die, that's the beginning of your Ashura. That's the beginning of the SAT. This is when the reality comes. This is when everything is apparent.

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This is when this illusion that you are living in in the dunya

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becomes a reality.

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There is a narration attributed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam although it is not a sound since I hear in its transmission but certainly the meaning is correct. And Nakasone II am

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a nurse when he

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either mantel in Tibetan people are sleeping.

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When they die, that's when they wake up.

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And this is saying to you that as you live the dunya you are almost living like the illusion of the rain.

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realities around you think everything is real around you.

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And that's why you are chasing the dunya. Because you think that is the real, you don't see that. You don't see that. You don't see agenda, you don't see the fire you don't know what's happening. Indeed you don't see Allah subhanho wa Taala we've not seen the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you're not experienced all of this.

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But when you die, everything becomes real. The reality is there. You see the angels.

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You see the the life that is expecting that's waiting for you. You see the reality of the grave when you thought that the grave was going to be the end?

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That's when you see the realities.

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So that's why the prophet SAW Assalam said the question that should be asked is my identity? What have you prepared for the day of judgment? This is a question that everyone should ask himself. What am I prepared for the day of judgment?

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Where is my either? Where's my preparation? What am I prepared for the day of judgment? What am I prepared in terms of my actions? My Eva? What is my Salah? How is my Salah? Am I performing my Salah correctly? Am I performing my window correctly? Do I know what nullifies my

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will do? What is my Salah

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Am I praying

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and my prayer is increasing the distance away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because every time I pray, I'm actually thinking about other things.

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Every time I'm praying, my mind is somewhere else. I'm thinking about the dunya I shouldn't be thinking about the Euro, the moment I say Allahu Akbar. And throwing everything behind me with the raising of the hands, all that everything behind me on my focus is because Allahu Akbar, Allah is bigger and greater than everything else.

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My reality is the moment I enter a salon thinking about other things.

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I'm thinking about what's what's for dinner?

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And thinking, what kind of you know who sent me this email? Or this WhatsApp message? Or how am I going to respond to what business transaction do I have? Or my exams? Or how am I going to sell this? Thinking about all these things?

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So your Salah is not pure for a loss of hands?

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How is your CRM?

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Are you fasting for Allah? Or are you just fasting and just getting hungry? How is your sick Are you paying your sick? Are you paying your juice? Are you giving Have you performed Hajj when you should have performed Hajj or are you just delaying it some people have that mentality that look I don't want to hedge now

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the other day on brother was saying this is and why do we need to hide you said well you know if I do hedge then you know I can't be doing all these other things that I'm

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making that making the hot I'm an excuse for not doing hedge was the carry on in the harem or carry on in the you know MOBA hat maybe you know some of the things are you know, if I do have them I have to be a star to become a little bit better person and it can be hard. Yeah.

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What about your actions, your relationship your love? Is your o'clock in reality and the response to what Allah wants from your flock?

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How will your flock? Have you prepared your flock for Allah?

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What kind of flap do you have? Are you someone who is short tempered?

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Are you someone who has suburb until forbearance and patience with others? Are you somebody who gets angry or anything?

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Are you someone who gets angry and you think that you're Islam? And you make Islam a reason for you being angry?

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Some people today they become more practicing of Islam, the more practicing they become, the less the less they smiled. They don't smile anymore, because they think that practicing Islam is I have to be ready.

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And I should be frowning at people. You know? And sometimes even some people might say Salaam Alaikum do I repeat, you know sometimes actually replying to this kind of attitude. Is there unfortunately, is that is that the flap of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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who Jerry Jerry rubner Abdullah, he said never did I see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam except that he would smile in my face.

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And he used to the Prophet sallahu wa sallam used to say to buzzsumo Coffee GRP casada the smile in the face of your brother is a charity. So how is my luck? How am I transaction

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Is my transactions halal?

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And haram? Or do am I? Am I dealing in halal or haram?

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Lots of things to ask.

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Today some of us if any one of us now entered the masjid with a can of

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That's a big, big thing everybody be shocked here. But how many of us enter the masjid and they are dealing with rebar. And they have no problem dealing with rebar and rebar is much worse than drinking alcohol.

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The only sin or one of the two sins that Allah mentions that if you engage in then it's like you're declaring war against Allah and His messenger

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and so on time is not short for us to go over there but you have to ask the question Where am I? Where is my Islam? Where is my faith in my life and what am I prepared for that?

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stuff. In

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Harada. He was the woman who Allah about a lot