Yahya Ibrahim – Guidebook to God #24 – The power of forgiveness

Yahya Ibrahim
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The power of forgiveness Subhanallah I don't mean a law forgiving us in this instance, I mean, us having the capacity to forgive those who wronged us. And you might be surprised by this, you would say, Well, why should I have forgiveness in my heart for somebody who wronged me? they abused me. They took from me, they slandered me, they hurt me. They bullied me. They had power over me and they were unjust. Are you saying that I should just forget that I forgive and forget and let people walk all over me that I give them another opportunity to wrong me. And I say you've read way too much. In my words, forgiving people is giving you power. See, the moment that you remain holding on clutching

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to that moment of anger, it means that it can be used and leveraged by others towards you and against you. The moment you're unable to take power of that moment, and say, I'm the one in charge of what is going to make me feel happy or sad. I'm the one in charge of who will provoke me and give me anger or sorrow. I'm the one in charge of who I can forgive, and who I can't forgive and when and for what reason. I'm the one who is the narrative narrator of this story, I will not allow my voice to be silenced by other people's actions that make me feel inadequate and unwhole. Forgiveness is the hallmark of the prophets of Allah. Notice the prophets, I sell him on the day of the conquest of

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Mecca. He says it Habu go live your life, they never come to LA I for you, I forgive you for the injustice is of the past sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Why? Because he's in command, he's in power, he has the authority. Now, he has the strength and purpose to forgive, you do not have to exact revenge for there there to be justice in this life, which will never be achieved as a part of our theology as Muslims. Absolute justice can never be achieved in the realm of this dunya. And as much brooding and hatred and anger and a lack of forgiveness you have in your heart, it's actually a type of prison that you inflict upon yourself. But the moment you say, I've turned this affair to Allah,

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I've set this account that Allah is the one who will give me the justice, I can't give myself perhaps in this light, perhaps in the next, when I say to forgive, I don't mean that you will stop your court case, or that you won't call the police and ask for justice to be served. But I mean that in your heart, you recognize that in you being able to absolve your claim upon that person, that you say whether justice is delivered to me in this life or not. I know justice will always be served in the court of a lot, that I'm going to pursue the money that was taken from me, I'm going to pursue the charge of the assault against the one who hurt me, I'm going to limit the enforcement upon the

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one who doesn't have a right to be in my life anymore. I will do everything within my capacity to attain justice in this life. But in my heart, I have forgiveness knowing that it is only Allah Subhana Allah to Allah who can grant ultimate justice. Listen to the words of the prophets, I send them where he says give news to a person that they can have a house in the middle highest parts of Jenna, they said to who O Messenger of Allah, He said lumen tarakan more a mirror our in Canon mohaka, the one who doesn't engage in

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an angry debate, even though they are entitled and they have the right on their side, the one who is confidently confident with himself and doesn't need to debate and argue with other people when he men and to the one who is able to forgive wife that is able to forgive to pardon the one wrong them. For Allah forgive the one who wronged you Subhan Allah to forgive the one who wronged me. Yes. Let me give you an example. So you understand what I mean. Just say somebody has borrowed for me $5,000 and that person who was supposed to repay it in a year doesn't. Two year three years. Every time I see him, they dodged me they leave and then four or five years down the road. $5,000 is still

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outstanding. I get an invitation in the mail from his wife about their daughter's wedding. Maybe he was too shy to send it himself. And they get an invitation. My wife's in the car and my daughter's nikka he's about to go through. We would be honored to have you attend with us. Subhan Allah, it is the heck of a Muslim upon another Muslim to attend those type of events either Daria. When you're invited that you attend forgiveness in my heart compels you

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If I seek Allah's forgiveness, it compels me to put aside the fact that money is still owed to me that wrong has been done to me that this person has dodged me this person has not given me what I deserve that I turn away from that fact. And in my heart I say, this is a matter that is different to this matter. So I attend their wedding Subhan Allah, he may still owe me money two years down the road, and I hear that he has entered into hospital and is in a grave situation he's unwell. So I will go to the hospital because the right of a believer over another believer is that we visit them when they are sick. Yeah, whoo hoo, that you visit them when they are unwell. And I sit with them in

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the hospital and I greet them with this alarm. And I don't turn my face from them. I don't say they deserve this from Allah how look at how they wronged me Look how it allows justice has come. In fact that becomes a sinful action. It is called the shamita the prophets I seldom said Allah, Masha Masha Allah protect us from ever looking at someone and saying, This is because they did this to me. This is in repayment of a lot to them for what they have wronged me, this isn't the way you and I look at it. That is a dark heart that has that quality. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to seek justice to seek repayment for what has been taken from us. But to understand the balance of our faith is not

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built upon resentment and hatred that we take over the narrative and are able to forgive the ones who have wronged us into the future while suddenly lahoma was selling was it robotic? And let's say you didn't whenever you know, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I leave you with the word of Allah in the Quran, Allah to kabuna a young Pharaoh La Jolla come Aren't you able to forgive others? Don't you love that Allah will forgive you, your brother you Hi Rahim Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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