Death – A phase in our ultimate destination

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Respected elders and brothers.

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We begin by praising Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala sending salutations upon our beloved in the VA Kareem for Allah Azza wa sallam.

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On this occasion, which is quite

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unusual maybe to say something that is amazing. On one hand, we have a mate in the family, may Allah subhana wa Taala grant, our Muhammad Ali by the highest stages in gender, on other hand and hamdulillah. On the same occasion, we have a term of the Holy Quran by his grandson Subhan Allah. And this reminds me, I've been asked to say a few words on this occasion. Now, how do we bring both these aspects? In the short advice that I've been asked to say? We all know that when someone passes away, it's always something that is

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a cause of

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sadness at the separation of someone who is dear and near to us. We all believe in the inevitability of death.

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There is no one in this world who does not believe that he is going to leave this world, even people who do not believe in Allah, they do not doubt with regard to the fact that death is going to overtake us one day. So someone has said that there is one thing that there is unanimity amongst people of all different backgrounds, and that is the

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aspect of death, no one disagrees with regard to what happens after death, then people have different opinion different opinions. So while we know that each and every one is going to die at his appointed time, either

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either What are you stuck with a time of death come it is not delayed, it is not brought forward, it come at its exact time. So therefore, in our vocabulary, in our believers vocabulary, there is nothing like an untimely death. No one dies an untimely death. Everyone dies on his time. The thing that we have to keep in mind is to we die on the right situation in the right manner, that is what is of importance. And of course, in this particular way, this reminds me of the journey of life. Death is not the end of our life. Death is part of our journey. And despite the fact that we believe it, believe in it as part of our journey, we do feel hurt. It's natural to feel hurt. If you don't

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feel hurt and don't feel pain, then there is something wrong with us in terms of our human emotions. The greatest human being our beloved novia Kareem saw silom shed tears at the time of the passing away of his son Ibrahim. He shed tears at a time of passing away of his grandchildren. He shed tears at the time of the death of his daughter, Xena. No, he went into the copper he cried and he came out. He was smiling Sahaba said hello Sula. Where are you are you are crying you came out in you're smiling. In Libya Karim salsa said I made dua to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala every see when I went into the cover, I was worried about my daughter. Right and this everyone should have this worry

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what's going to happen to us in the cover. And I'm a what Almighty Allah Allah, my daughter, she made such great amount of sacrifices for the sake of your deal. And she is weak over now shower shower, upon her Your mercy and your forgiveness. And while I was in the tub of Allah, Allah revealed to me that Allah has elevated status and alight forgiven. Therefore when I came out of the cupboard, I was smiling. So this is something that while we do feel sadness, it's part of our journey. Life and Death is part of our journey. And that is why nebia krimson Lola Solomon Allah has taught us that life is not death is not the end of our life. Death is the beginning of another phase

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of life. And that particular phase of life, if we have done and we have been good in this world, that phase of life is the most beautiful phase of life.

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And while we do feel heard and said, If you understand this aspect, that life is the beginning of the death is a beginning of another phase of life. is like going from one room to another room. If someone goes from one room to another room do we feel said we don't feel said or if one go from one house to another house do we feel said we say no he's gone to his other house after a while we will meet with him. He's gone to another phase of existence we will meet with him inshallah intend to come and this particular phase of life. Let me just tell you a little bit with regard to this phase of life. Now via Karim Salah while he was elevated al mo to talk for two min

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What is a gift for a believer?

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I will say how we know we don't no one likes to die. How can more be a gift for a believer Mormons have no money. Give a very beautiful example. He says, a woman and a girl who is getting married

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on the eve of her marriage. If you were to tell her Why are you leaving your parents home? rather stay here. She will not be happy. She is separating from our parents. But she's still happy. Why is she happy because the expectations which are tied to marriage makes her look forward to that phase of life. So when Kareem saw slim said mod is a gift for a believer it is in the same way. While we are said with regard to a separation. The expectations that we have for believers make us look forward to that phase of life. Now via Karim Allah Allah wa sallam said one day novia, Karim salsa met molecule mode who came to take the life of an Ansari and that is awesome said commerical mode.

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Be gentle upon my companion in Libya, Kareem sallallahu wasallam medical mode said, Oh Mohammed, Oprah for mighty Allah. Allah has commanded me to be gentle to every believer.

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Law has commanded me to be gentle to every believer. And he said that when multiple more comes to the believer, His face is shining like the sun.

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His face is shining like the sun. And when he tells the, the the room and the soul to come out of the body, he addresses the believer and says yeah, a year to have enough Full Moon

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Oh contented, soul contented soul. Era g come towards the Spirit, and the forgiveness of Almighty Allah. And the Hadees says the soul comes out so easily, like the water that comes out of the water bottle. You open up the water bottle, immediately the water comes out. And we saw some said the soul comes out in such a manner.

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This is that phase of life. So we must understand that this death is not the end of our existence. It is part of our journey. It is part of our continuation. And this is such an amazing thing. Now via creme de la silla one day as an HRV Allah Who

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told Libya Karim Allah Azza wa sallam Yasser Allah. Since I heard that molecule mort is going to question us in the cover.

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And since I heard that the crane is going to restrict us and we all heard this, that the gray will come together and it will press us until one part of the rip will go into the other part since I've heard this I can't sleep.

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Go and look at the books of Hadith the brandy makes mention of this hadith Nivea cream sauce lamb told Ayesha I said why are you worried?

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Why shall Why are you worried the sound of molecule the sound of Mancha and Nikita for the believer Calif mid Phil I will be like the putting of Suma in the eyes of a person it will be reassuring it will not be frightening. It will not be frightening. It will be like Salma you put in the eyes. That is how the sound will be for people who have died on demand who have done good in this world. And oh Ayesha, the pressing of the cover will be like a child who comes to the mother and says I got a headache. And the mother presses the child's head because of the headache. That is the way the the pressing of the cover would be.

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That is this is our life in the hereafter. For the people who has done who have done good, it comes in handy they don't know they have Tiamat when we will eventually see Allah subhanho wa Taala in janmaat Allah tala give us all the grip NEMA our first gaze that will come upon Almighty Allah will be for 800,000 years. We will see Allah tala for 800,000 years. So brothers this TEF when we understand that it is part of our journey,

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can we understand death in a very different way from what we do we look upon death is the end of life in this world.

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But it is not it's Yes, it is. But it's not born into oblivion is not born to oblivion, it is continuation of our life, and that life will continue depending upon what we have done. Now look at this whole situation. Now if I can give the example with regard to the continuation of that life, that life needs asset,

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that night, life needs good deeds.

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No one says after a person passes away, we must stop going to the businesses or we must stop going to work must continue working. Because we have to. We have to earn for the sake of our needs.

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We have a greater need in the after in

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This world year our needs our sustenance, wealth, to pay or to look after our physical needs in the year after what is assets, the assets there is only going to be good deals and people matters up now coming to your Willoughby on fee he will

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open will give charity before the time comes, that there will be no business, there will be no friends, there will be no relationship. And there the only asset is going to help you is your good deeds. Now in terms of good deeds Alhamdulillah Yan has completed his hips. So panela this is part of getting ready and creating his asset base for the year after for him in the family. So barnala this this is part of our journey. Now remember I talked about death is a journey, the continuation. Now the continuation of our journey, what's going to help us in the next phase of our existence is going to be these good deeds.

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There will be no other asset but good deeds. That's the time they will need all these good deeds and a half is SubhanAllah. He's so so fortunate. Not only fortunate for himself fortunate for his family members, fortunate for the community, fortunate for his dad, fortunate for the people whom who are his friends, because now via creme de la Vallee he was so limited that the half his will take 10 people were the Stein to take them into German.

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I normally tell people that the half is got 10 visas for janumet.

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He's got 10 visas for jetnet now, now when someone got visas for omura we got visas for which we all we all go in this travel agent got visa humara visa for how we go after the travel agent. As a more than a travel agent now we have to come and plead with him. He's got 10 visas for Jenna.

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So how was we how much we honor this whole situation how much you honor this occasion.

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This occasion is a situation and a manifestation and I would just conclude with this is a manifestation of Allah subhanho wa Taala manifesting his promise. A letter in the Holy Quran says I have revealed the Quran and I will protect it.

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Allah says I have revealed the Quran and I will protect it. Now what do we what does it mean but not protecting it? Today when we want to protect our goods? We put we put a burglar right we put burglar bars we got an alarm, or we bought a security company that that protects us. How is this how does Allah protect the Quran Allah doesn't protect Quran by sending angels down. Allah has chosen people to protect the Quran. And today the Hafiz is a manifestation of last promise. Allah protects the Quran by the office. Allah protects the words of the Quran by the harvest. Allah protects the recitation of the Quran by the tare. Allah protects the meaning of the Holy Quran by the olive. So

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today, what you are seeing is an amazing thing. On one hand, the sadness in the family. On one hand, there is this whole unique situation, and I don't look upon it as something that is unusual. It is part of our journey. This particular journey, one, one member of our family has gone and he's gone to his next phase of life. We've seen another occasion happening, where whatever is happening here is part of making ourselves useful and doing some assets for our next journey. May Allah Allah make it a means of goodness and make this a means of forgiveness and the elevation of the status of Maroon on the occasion of his passing.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant

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May Allah tala meet the harvest of the elevation of status that has made me short dwell along with Luca

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Hello, Mr. Lee was sending

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one of your

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requests about when to sell.

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Forgive our shortcomings under the law, we have a situation

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where some member of our family has passed on

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your grant engine that will

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forgive his shortcomings. Each and every one his shortcomings and whatever shortcomings he has yalda you forgive me, whatever good qualities he has that normal people will bear testimony to yada yada you increase his reward with regard to those testimonies your love and your law you increase his reward with regard to his good deeds, the law, Your Honor, the grandson who has completed the this particular time, Your Honor, you accept his completion. Yella Yella, you accept it on his behalf, accepting on behalf of his Western and all those who have made efforts with regard to the completion of his yalda make it a means of His goodness, tell me the means of

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His goodness in this world and in the year after the law make it a means of the elevation of the status of the grandfather, who made so much effort and would have taken so much pride at his particular time, on the occasion of his, of his grandson yonder, Allah grant him that happiness in his cover and granting me the happiness in the after, and the unlimited the means of the elevation of the status and the means of greater rewards.

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Let us all of this at this particular time and also patient make us realize that we all have to prepare for the year after and let our preparation for the after be in the form of good deeds in the form of good that we do towards you and to the fulfilling your command called Allahu taala Have you been in Allahumma salli ala Nabi

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam waters Lima Allahumma salli wa sallam American as even I want to be in a very personal so can I

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