Stories from the Past #13 Repentance of al-Qunubi

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The story of a man namedial who was known as a hadith scholar is discussed, with the narrator explaining the importance of narrating the message of Islam. The narrator also mentions a woman named Chava who was a hadith scholar and had a bad experience. The narrator emphasizes the importance of finding words to help people skip their own hadiths and create a sense of respect for their rights.

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he told me

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the story that we're going to talk about today is related to someone named Abdullah. Even mess lemma ignore, quote an OB al Harrity. Abdullah, even put an up and he was known as Al Parnaby. This man story narrated by his son he said my son, my father used to

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drink wine and he used to be someone who wasn't

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practicing his Islam He used to drink wine he used to hang out with the with the with the, with the lads, as they say with the gang and one occasion he had invited them around, to spend time and so on.

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While they were sitting and drinking and the likes.

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He noticed there was a man riding a donkey who people were gathering around him. They said, he said, Who's Who's this man? They said, this is short about

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referring to short, but everyone had judge who was a famous Hadith scholar said who is who is he? They said he is um, Hadith.

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He said, what's, what's this? You know, he's like, This guy isn't even aware of what's happening here.

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But he was sort of like, bewildered by seeing so many people around him is it with basically someone who narrates hadith is like a hadith scholar. So he said, Okay, I'm gonna go and talk to him. So he went out, bearing in mind this guy is

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you know, had had had a few things to drink, it's not going to be in his best mood came out. He's wearing a red garment. He's got his his dagger, which was a common tradition people carrying on so he came to shoot him but he held he pushed people out the way he held them to the donkey. And

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he said to Chava you're a hadith scholar, right? Tell me a hadith.

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So Shabbat looked at him could see that this guy was not particularly in a good state of mind. And then the Hadith scholars they had respect and regard for how you don't just narrate Hadith there and then just in the road, and someone just comes and says, give me a hadith and they'll just narrate it. So he said, No, I'm not going to reiterate to your Hadith, you don't look like you're fit to learn a hadith.

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So he said, he took out his data and said, Look, if you don't tell me either you can tell me a hadith or I'm gonna wound you.

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So on this shorba, he said, had the FNM also

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had with an RV and me Mr. Adi Neil Bedri and Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon

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in me Madoka NurseLine Kalam in the wallet in order either Olympus de vos SmartMesh it

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he said we have narrated from Moscow,

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who has said that we have narrated from rebury from a BOMA su delivery that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You see he is mentioned to him a chain. Okay, you want a hadith? Here's a hadith, what people have understood and learnt from the early words of prophet hood is like what generation of Prophet whose have passed on this message? What is that message? If you have no shame, then do as you please

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and share SharePoint.

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Now you can imagine he's narrated him a hadith, but this guy, even though he's a little bit intoxicated, he realized what the prophesy center was saying the Hadith, you have no shame, do as you will, and this is you you're coming up to a hadith scholar, respectable person, within the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you are just taking your dagger out and you know being abusive.

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And they say that this was the reason why he repented to Allah subhanho wa Taala from from all his bad ways, he changed his ways. And he actually went on to become one of the people who narrated the rights Hadith and he also became later on a hadith scholar,

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having, you know, having found words to help him repent in this path as he heard them from shorba funnily enough, they say that he only had this Hadith from shortly because later on he couldn't. He didn't manage to generate any other Hadith from from shorba for different reasons.

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But this hadith or this narration, the story tells us and shows us how people repent to Allah Subhana Allah as well as it could be few words just, you know, just a phrase that could be said and that can help people repent also

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tells us that

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the importance of having shame having higher

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having respect for those who are learning than those who are scores ask Allah Subhana Allah to benefit us and you with the good words. So I got on