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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The transcript describes Subhan's history in Islam, including his contributions to shaytani Richtim and his unsuccessfully attempts to get into medicine. He also talks about his struggles with finding a new job and finding a new job in Makkah, where he grew up in desert and had no money. He also describes his teacher's actions and how he helped his teacher get into classes. The transcript describes Subhan's work as a professional traveler and teacher, including his teacher's actions and how he helped his teacher get into classes. The loss of a powerful Christian apologizer has caused sad tone among many people, including the father of the child, and the loss of a second apologizer has also caused people to become "weird."
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Villa Mina shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was cinema that should have been more discerning. So you know how many know either early he or SOFIA Jemaine as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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hope everybody's Well, having the last I'm tired faces there Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we continue our series on the revival of Islam, the revival of the Islamic spirit. And we are talking about the four Imams, but we're not just doing the biography we are, we're trying to show that the contribution can help to blaze the foundation of what orthodox Islam really is. You must remember that every single book of Allah that was revealed before the fight before the Quran, and every religion and Sharia that Allah revealed before, before the coming of Nafisa Salam was changed and fabricated by its Allama by its scholars, and therefore it took a great effort by the scholars of

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this ummah, to keep it preserved. We saw a family contribution in preserving the Hadith. And now we see the scholars using that foundation of knowledge to answer modern day issues as the world moves on. They built an institution of learning that transcended themselves they,

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their own locality, it is something which could be used across the Ummah, you would find the Maliki map all the way in America, in the far west of the world, and you have the shelf you might have in the far east of the world, and the foundations of these modalities are basically the same. So today we talk about the next great Imam, and by all accounts, the second which I did of the Ummah, the first Mujaddid the first Reviver is created to be whoever Abdullah is he is a great Khalifa. The next majority that most people contribute the majority of the second century or the third century actually is Imam Shafi Rahim Allah Imam Shafi. His name was Mohammed even either his name is

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Muhammad. Most people say I'm Shafi I don't know the Imams name is Mohammed Idris and Subhan Allah and how act he was born in Huzar. The same Huzar we've seen being bombed today, I'm sure if he was born in Gaza in Palestine, and one thing that stands out with him compared to the other Imams is he's a heavyweight he's actually a Hashimi I Karachi, a descendant of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So noble lineage Subhan Allah. Imam Shafi. Soon after he was born, his father died. And his mother was left in a very, very desperate situation in Gaza without much support. And she knew that the Imam Shafi had some relatives in Makkah, and she felt Look, let me take him to Makkah, and

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perhaps they will be a an upbringing for him a future for him in Makkah, he was born the same year, Imam Abu Hanifa, passed away. And that's another interesting thing, scholars say, as the sun sit on one great star, another star is born when Hamdulillah. So you, I'm sure if he's taken as a very young boy to Makkah, and

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very, very poor family. I mean, you single mom, and it's amazing. You'd find Imam Malik. Like who said yesterday, was really inspired by his mom, even Sheriff, he is raised by a single mom, and we're going to speak about him. I'm also raised by a single mother Subhanallah, these men, these giants of the OMA really inspired and were molded by not only women, but by single mothers, you know, Musharraf, his mom comes to Makkah, and she knows that her boy is very special in that he's he's very quick. He's very intelligent. He's very smart. And she wants to enroll him into the madrasa in the Haram. Now Subhanallah back in the day, education was a privilege, only the wealthy

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got to send the kids to study the lay people, you you have to work. And only the the very elite got to study Dean and perhaps SubhanAllah. Today, it's the other way around that the that if you can't get into medicine, you can't get into engineering, you can't do anything. Okay, you can do hips rather. And that's a problem. That's the reality of what we have today. And therefore the pipeline that comes out of our alumni is not the best of the best. The time of no Shafi was different, the cream of the crop, got to go to the Haram and they got to sit in the classes of the of the great aroma of the time, and therefore the best of the best came through the pipeline, but it also

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required money. And so imagine this single mum going into the shoe of the Haram and saying, I've got a boy, can you sit in the class? Can you learn HIV? And we don't have any money and everything and they wanted to turn him away. Then they found out that this boy is underweight. And they said how can I turn away a descendant of the Prophet? The Prophet sallallaahu brought us knowledge. We're going to turn away a great great great grandson of his we can't do that they felt embarrassed to do that. And so even Shafi based on his lineage

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was allowed to attend the classes. And by seven he memorized the Quran Subhanallah photographic memory. His memory was something else use, he would say I had to cover the page because if I saw it, it almost like stuck in my mind. I had to focus on one page I had to cover the other one. My brain was too quick. And so at seven years old, he memorized the Quran. By 10. He was memorizing Imam Malik's motto already. That book that we spoke about, he was already memorizing the Morata and mashallah Imam Shafi mentions that because he was so poor, he could not afford stationery. And so he was forced to memorize. And this helped him with his memory, whereas other kids are taking notes. He

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doesn't have stationary, he's using whatever leaves and stuff he has. And so he's forced to memorize. And because he, because he's poor, he doesn't live in Bucha. He actually lived on the outskirts amongst the Bedouins in the desert. And what this did was the Bedouins had a mastery of the Arabic language. And so amongst all that, when I'm out Imam Shafi is actually like a professor in Arabic as well and a poet. Besides his Finnish Sharia, he's actually an expert in the field of linguistics and Arabic language because he grew up in the deserts of Makkah, where the Arabs and he had no problem dressing like they kind of own it. You know, with all the other kids coming from the

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posh families. They were dressed in a fancy clothes, he came like a beta one. And he liked that and he continued his life always dressed like this beta one is very odd looking guy, but he's, of course, leaps and bounds ahead of everybody. And so you know, Shafi as we said, He Himself mentioned after I finished memorizing the Quran, I would go to the masjid and I would sit amongst the scholars of Hadith in particular to memorize and I used to live in Makkah, amongst the dwellers of the poor, and I couldn't afford any paper to write on so I would use bones or whatever little things I could find out trash. In the end, I would write on the now. Once he was a teenager, was ready by 1315, the

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Grand Mufti of the Haram, they took a very lightly a great liking to him, they saw that this boy has a lot of potential. And he also had a beautiful voice. So they would say, if we wanted to cry, we made Shafi the Imam and when he would recite we would melt our hearts and the Imams already gave him a task here before he was 20 to start issuing, fatawa that you know, people can come to you and ask you questions and you can give them fatawa the Mufti of the haram zanghi gave him the title of Mufti you can continue before he's 20. But his greatest dream His greatest hope was to go to Medina because Imam Malik was still alive. And he wants to attend the Harvard of Islamic Studies in the

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class of Imam Malik and he must have applied in someone how they used to apply and he got rejected you still a boy? He's still young. You need to learn you still need to you got a teenager in my class. Eventually, the Mufti of Makkah. And the Emir of Makkah, had to write a letter to Imam Malik to say, Please, just look at this boy, this give him a chance. He is something very, very special. And they gave it they gave this letter two letters, one from the Mufti of the Haram of Makkah, and one from the Emir of Makkah, to go to Medina go to go to Medina and go and give him these letters and ask him if he will allow you to sit in his classes. And when Imam Shafi comes to my Malik, he

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takes the letter he reads it, and he's responses. So this is how the students of knowledge want to get into classes now by connections. That's how you people want to get into classes nowadays. Okay. And so then he said to him, so they say you, you know, a student, you very educated. Have you heard of my book, then what are you asking my Shafi? So I've just I've heard of it. So have you read it? I've memorized the chief said, Ah, so he says, Oh, you've memorized my book, come to the Haram of Medina of the acid will test you. And when Imam Malik's class came the next day I thought of the acid is sitting out with his class. So these are like PhD students. He says this young boy, this

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young man says He's memorized my book, begin Bismillah read from the beginning from memory. And it took him like until the next day he read and he stopped the need to read reading the home water from memory. After that he was allowed to stay in the class to stay in the class. And so he stays with Mr. Malik for about eight years. And we know that Imam Malik is very stingy with praise, but Imam Malik is who he is. But he had this thing to say about Musharraf. He says, no scholar, more brilliant than Muhammad immunity. Lisa Shafi ever came to me as a pupil This is my best student I've ever had. He is the best the brightest student that ever attended my class giving the test gets

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great words from Imam Malik and Imam Shafi on his part. He would always say when he says Carla shave him my Sheikh said something he's talking about Imam Malik. He has many many shoe but he's closer chef is in every surah I make dua for Mr. Malik, to every Salah and make dua for Imam Malik. So, we see that these mega heap have actually built one on the other and it's great love and admiration between them after your family passes away. The sheriff has now been like a student for almost 30 years.

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He wants to see the world. He wants to go and experience life. And he is that there is a position in Yemen to be a judge. So he goes to Yemen to be a judge, and it's a complete disaster. He finds the world is not as as nice as Makkah and Medina and people are not the same. And he finds somehow he gets involved in politics and intrigue, and he ends up being shipped to Baghdad to be executed. So long story, but he gets caught up in a conspiracy people frame him they tell that they tell the Khalifa that he's part of a rebel movement. Anyway, he's about to be executed. And as his name comes on the chopping block for execution. One of the judges is Mohammed a che Barney which was Abu Hanifa

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student, who also met Imam Malik and so this is Shafi. So now the dots are connecting this guy Shafi was one of Imam Malik stop students, how is this guy being executed accused of treason? And so the judge investigates, and he speaks over Shafi and he realizes Oh, this is all conspiracy, and they intercede with a Khalifa Haruna Rashid and he of course, exonerates Imam Shafi and so Imam Shafi now says that's it. I'm not forgetful politics. I am a scholar. I'm just trying to teach. And so you know, I'm Shafi spend some time now in Baghdad, and he gets to meet Imam Abu Hanifa, his mother and his students. And this is where the the scholars of the Hanafi madhhab they mentioned that it

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appeared like our school and the Maliki school will never be able to bridge this gap, the Hadith, we couldn't find a common ground even though we came to the same conclusion. We could not articulate a system where we were united. Then Imam Shafi came and he somehow merged our two sort of thinking, and they said the door of fic appeared to be close to the people until Allah sent Imam Shafi and he's the Mujaddid, the reviver affic. This is again great words from the students of Abu Hanifa about him, and Imam Shafi now changes what was his old mother had his own way of thinking to a new way of thinking based on the principles as well that he learns from the Hanafi madhhab. And he

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writes, his seminal work is called a reseller, which is the laws by which we extract Islamic ruling. So how do you extract rules or laws and Fick and Sharia he wrote the first book in this field, and amongst mean SWANA, he wrote over 100, treaties and books, and now he becomes a type of

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traveling professor. He would travel and ultimately he settles down back, he comes back to Makkah, and now he's teaching in the Haram and now he's teaching in the Haram of Makkah, and his classes as we said, Subhan Allah there's a beautiful narration we'll talk about Imam Muhammad Muhammad, later on your Mohamed Mohamed will speak on tomorrow, but he travels around the world and he gets to Makkah, and he learns and he's a very studious scholar, Mr. Mohammed, very serious scholar. He doesn't bunk classes. And his friends saw that Imam Muhammad is not going to class anymore. You know, he's missing from the class, the Hadith class, the big shifts in Muhammad, isn't they, so

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they're looking ways armored. And they find him sitting there in the back of the Haram, where this guy dressed up like a Bedouin. And they said, you've left the Grand Mufti of Makkah to learn from this video and who is this guy? So, Mr. Mohammed says, if you missed something from the grand mufti, you'll get it tomorrow. But if you missed something from this guy, no one on earth speaks like him. And they said on this team, I'm Shafi. This was when he just started teaching. Imam Muhammad was one of the first people to recognize this is someone this is someone special, and every year Imam Muhammad would come and make Hajj you would see him I'm sure if his claws getting bigger and bigger

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until he was sitting in the Big Chair of the Haram and he was the main event of the Haram Imam Shafi Rahim Allah and you'd be teaching these classes a flick would be back to the Haram would basically stand still for the classes of Imam Shafi and his his books and his writing, of course, one of the great things of his legacy was he has a, an encyclopedia, a library of books, 100 books and letters that he's written, which basically laid the foundation of the madhhab system.

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Even Shafi, just for interest sake, he he married, he had one wife, and had four children, and he had the habit of you know, as highly productive in his time. So how did he do all this? How do you write, look, he lived only How many years did he live? He lived like just 50 odd years, but he wrote 100 books, 54 years and there's 100 books, how do you do that? And there was Baraka, of course in his time, but he was very strict in terms of how we disburse his time 1/3 was for his studying and writing 1/3 Of course for bida, personal ubaidah and 1/3 for sleeping. A lot of you know what Mr. They mentioned things about the personal Ibadat and we don't know how, how exaggerated it is, but

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it's well documented that in Ramadan, Imam Shafi would finish 200 times a day. Allah Allah, that's how you Subhan Allah, that's it's well documented that that's how much he will read of Quran in a day Allah, Allah Allah, Allah puts Baraka in his time. And as we said, in his terms of his personality of a different to Imam Malik, he was a lot more

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softer, a lot more jovial, a lot more. He had a sense of humor, he would ask his students questions. And once he was sitting very formal,

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formal and teaching the classes now Sharia is very strict. And he asked the question, and the answer was so bad that he basically like took his turban off. And he said back he said, Well, if you're not going to take the club seriously, I'm not gonna take the club series as well. So he's he has a report with his students. And based on that Subhanallah, as we would say, it's a combination of knowledge and personality that causes his mouth up to spirit, and he's invited throughout the world to come and teach Subhanallah than the Sunnah mentioned through the Allah shall sin fruitfulness community at the onset of every 100 years, someone who will renew and revive Islam. It is basically

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by unanimous consensus that he was the second which I did after Omar bin Abdulaziz. And if you look at the scholars that ascribe to the Shafi Mehta, and many of these scholars you would know him now will be the 40 Hadith of Imam Ali, the very famous the 14 this is Imam nawawi is one of the great Shafi scholars even Hijaz, Kalani the man who made Tafseer to explain zaharie Imam Ghazali very famous chef, he's got even cathedra the man who wrote it, I've seen it even Kathina all these are sheriff is Casa de nada, UB. And it is now we could say, currently, if you were to talk about orthodox Islam, it would really be a combination of Shafi madhhab, it is sort of the dominant method

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in the world at the moment. And we'll talk maybe later on how his mother sort of expanded didn't happen overnight. And then he's this is a bit of a sad tone to the way he passed away. So a Mullah Shafi is invited to Egypt, and he's a visiting professor, and he's giving a lecture. And of course, he now differs a lot with his Imam, Imam Malik, even though he says my Sheikh said this and that, but I have a different opinion and based on my learnings, and he gives a contrary view. Now Imam Malik at the time he's passed away, but he still has the status of Malik, like, you know, you can't challenge him on Malik. And it's mentioned that Subhanallah, one of Imam Malik students was so angry

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that he actually attacked him or Shafi that injured him and this causing today and that's why he's buried in. He's buried in Egypt, and Subhanallah we see once again, another thing we learn that email, these great Imams build a legacy, but we can also become fanatical about our Imams. And I'll show you and this goes against everything that they taught you, I'm sure for you on his deathbed.

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Obviously, his injury was fatal, but he he was able to actually versifying this in poetry. He says I'm journeying from this world and departing from my brothers, and I drink from the cup of death and upon Allah exalted is his remembrance that I arrived and know about Allah. I do not know if my soul is traveling to Jannah to be welcomed, or to jahannam to be distressed, I don't know. He's like he's worried. And then he says, and I am a sinner, I am a criminal. When my heart becomes constricted, and my path becomes narrow, I took my hope in your pardon and forgiveness as an opening an escape. So he says, Yeah, Allah when I think about my life, I feel I'm, you know, I don't deserve Jana. I

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think of all my sins, but then I think of your mercy, and I feel comfortable that Insha Allah, you will assist me, my son seemed very great to me, but when I compare them to your forgiveness and your mercy, I find your forgiveness even greater. These are in the last few words, that he is supposed to reciting this in poetry form as he passes away and Yom Shafi is, as I said, died in Egypt. And he's buried in in Egypt, Rahim Allah, his mother have, as we said, is basically currently today you would say the Orthodox method of the Ummah, but all of them, Rahim Allah, we continue tomorrow with Imam Ahmed with the first major theological test of this ummah, the first time our Ummah was going to go

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through a type of corruption, the deen it took these Imams to build up a legacy so that we could face the fight we're going to face tomorrow inshallah with my mama duck Luffy just one okay, the questions. What is the book that Imam Malik wrote? It's the mulata then always our, with our tickets, yeah. Oh.

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right. I can't make this one out.

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Abdurrahman Daniels,

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other ammonia not here tonight.

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Shamel 15

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Okay, masha Allah and Antione society.

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And then isa Yeah, Mashallah. Baraka to Nisa. Tonight's question. You know, I'm sure if he was a student of whom Abu Hanifa Imam Ghazali Imam Malik Muhammad Ali humble in sha Allah. It's easy answer does UCLA hate or subtle law say now Mohammed? Bin Salman Al Hamdulillah. I mean, Salam Alikum blubbery cattle

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the way up to 500 people

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