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AI: Summary © The importance of understanding one's religion and theology in one's life is discussed, emphasizing the need for a "fiton culture" in the context of Islam. The segment explores the history of the Bible and its implications for Christian faith. The " fiton culture" is discussed, where individuals commit sin and receive forgiveness. The "Art of Jesus" is also discussed, with a potential impact on the world. The speaker concludes by discussing the " fiton culture" and upcoming webinar on the topic.
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I was relying on a sheet on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam o Allah should have been more saline CD now Muhammad, Allah Allah He also has remained my beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always and we will begin with the praise of Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and our greetings salutations so beloved interview Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his pious in his pure family whose companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, may Allah Subhana Allah bless us to be amongst them. Amin, amin and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah will always begin with the praise that we are muslims Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us with Islam and with the blessing of Eman May we live upon that and die upon

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that and be resurrected upon that mean. Today shall is a very unique kind of Juma. We are part of a series in Dawa and part of Dawa is you are you are propagating something you are like sales people you're trying to sell a product. And last week we spoke a little bit about what is this product that you're selling? And if you can't articulate Islam, what Islam is within five minutes, 10 minutes, what does it mean to be a Muslim? Why am I Muslim? Why does Islam make sense? If your only reason If someone asked you why you're a Muslim did well, I was born a Muslim, and it's convenient, then you need to re evaluate this religion. So last week, we spoke about Islam what it means, what does Islam

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mean, and the theology and the fundamental and the purpose of life. And today, part of when you sell the product, you need to understand your customer, you need to understand the people that you're going to encounter. We're going to talk a little bit about comparative religion today. What do the different major religions have? There are so many in the world? What are the major religions believe our we can't do an entire lesson on each one. But in simplistic terms, you asked two questions. What is your concept of God in your religion?

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When you say God, what do you understand? And what is the purpose of your religion? Your religion, obviously is the to tell you to do something. Now all religions, and even non religious groups all tell you to live a good life. Don't steal, don't kill people. That's gonna mean we're not talking about that. We're talking about what is the theological purpose? What is the purpose of life and death in your religion. As we said last week, from an Islamic perspective, our concept of God very simple, the one who made the universe, who controls the universe, who is in charge of the universe, He is separate from the universe, he has no partners, he has no children, he has no parents, he has

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no beginning and no end. That is our God. And he's aware of everything. And the purpose of life, what is the purpose of life, each and every individual needs to worship Him, when I say worship, worship actually means have a relationship with him, have a relationship with one on one without any intermediaries, that is the purpose of Islam, and you live your life, depending on your relationship, when you die, you return to Him. And if the relationship was good, you enter Jannah. If the relationship was not good, then you are under his decree in terms of whether punishment or forgiveness, that is Islam, everyone carries his own burden. Everyone is free to choose, and that is

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Islam. Simple. Make sense? Now, let's talk about some of the other religions in the world. What is it that they propagate? To believe how, and then how do we give Dawa to them. And we'll see how much of this lecture we can get through. So we start off with Judaism, which is not a very big religion, only a tiny fraction of the people of the world subscribe to the Jewish faith. And however, it is, of course, one of the dominant faiths in the world and has been there for a very long time. Understand that Judaism

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by and it's important when I speak here, I'm not trying we don't offend anybody. And we don't say about another group except what they say about themselves. We should not ascribe to a group statements which they're not happy with. So this is taken from what they believe and what they say that I mean, if you can go to a Jew and say, Do you believe this You should use I believe that. So within the Jewish faith, it's an ethno religion, meaning it is associated with a group of people. It is not a universal religion. Judaism is not meant for all of mankind, according to them. It is, it is a special relationship between the creator and a certain tribe of people that they believe like

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we believe in a one creator who is no partner so the concept of Allah is very same to us. In fact, Judaism and Islam concept of

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of the Oneness of Allah is almost the same. And also they believe like we believe that that creator communicates with his creation through prophets. So we are on the same page with the Jews. However, the difference between us and them is, of course, the the understanding of the Nabisco Salam, and which prophets they accepted, which prophets they have rejected. And the fact that they believe that they were given a special covenant is a special agreement between the Jewish people and Allah, Allah and then have a special relationship that is exclusive to all of mankind. And as time went along, it is with this being born a Jew and being born in the tribe, you have the special relationship by

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default, irrespective of what you believe and do yes, there is within the faith groups that even don't believe in Jana and jahannam. But for you, for them, the priority is we on ethnic group, and how you engage with religiously, it's up to you. And so you have different different strands of Judaism. You have your Orthodox Jews who are, you are very religious, they believe in following all the rituals, they make the you know what we would say salah, and you buy that. And if you don't do that, according to them, then you're a bad Jew, then you have to Reform Jews who are very liberal, and they said, Look, religion, and most of the religious laws, even the kosher eating, it's not

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required or incumbent, they said, Well, that's what the olden days, doing. Being a Jew is more of an ethnicity. It's more of being a tribe, being a people, not really about following a strict code of conduct. It's like a family. Think about it like a family. So within the family, you can have Muslims, Christians, Jews, we all want but we still have family, we still get together for Bri.

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And that's the understanding of what Judaism is, according to this reformed Jews, and then you have conservative Jews are kind of in the middle, that they're not as observant as the Orthodox Jews, but they also keep more of the rituals when the then the reformed Jews. And so in summary, what do Jews believe? The concept of Allah, the Creator is very similar to us. The concept of prophets are very similar to us. In fact, there are no religion, there no two religions that are as similar in terms of theology, then Islam and Judaism were very much aligned in terms of our our belief system. And as we said, from a purpose of life, well, it's a very insular, specific to them, them and the Jewish

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tribe and the creator have a special relationship, he gave them laws, and he ascribed him a way of life for Sharia. And if they live by that Sharia, then they are gifted as for the rest of humanity, different Jews believe different things. But it's without a doubt, the belief is that being a Jew and being born a Jew, you're superior. And that's why you don't find us giving Dawa, you can convert to Judaism, Italy, if you weren't born a Jew, converting to Judaism is very, very, very, very difficult. You have to apply. And then many goes, like the only time you find people that really convert to Judaism, is they want to marry somebody, and the rabbi's will give you a hard time to

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become a Jew. So for you, it's already a non option. And for them, the laws of Halal haram don't apply to the rest of mankind. This is our laws. What you do and how you live your life is sub is less, then you can come and go and not do as you please, you have basic morality don't kill one another. But the special rules anybody is for us. That special relationship with Allah is just asking Allah, you can't convert into it. And so this is what sets Judaism apart. Now let's move on to Christianity. And, of course a lot to say about Judaism when we move on to Christianity. Christianity is of course, the biggest religion nominally in the world, say nominally, because how

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do you define a religion? How many Solomos you make to be a Muslim? How many times you go to church, but basically for the tick a box in Christianity would be the largest religion in the world. And interestingly, Christianity, as you should know, is an offshoot is a sect of Judaism that became a religion on its own. It started off as a Jewish sect. And like,

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as we believe Nabil Issa, was an OBE that was sent to Bani Israel. We believe that Allah had sent many, many Ambia to the Jews, to bring them back to the worship of Allah to remind them of the Sharia, some of the Gambia they rejected some of them they killed and they of course try to kill they rejected and tried to kill nebi Salah Salaam. And so from that, a new split began and Christianity developed in a very strange way from what we began. And so

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as we said, when Nabi Salih, salaam came with a new revelation, trying to call the people but bunnies right back to the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala back to the Sharia of basically calling them back to Islam. Islam is the fundamental religion of the universe, calling them back. They rejected him and a small group, a very tiny group of the bunnies rot in followed by ESA. And that small group was persecuted both by the Jews and by the Romans. And so the

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This group went underground, it went into hiding. Now, whenever a group goes underground, it doesn't have mattresses. It doesn't have Alama. It doesn't have books. And since this is not 123 years, these are hundreds of years go by. When that group comes out from underground, the understanding is going to be very strange.

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The religion that they started off with, to what they ended off with is very different. And so, Christianity emerges 300 years basically after Nabi Isa, the persecution was over, the Roman Emperor became Christian, and he calls the Christians all over the world. Okay, guys, you will American come out of hiding. Tell me about Christianity. And you find complete disagreement amongst them from the most fundamental things as to who is Allah? What is Jesus? Is Jesus a man? Is he a nubby? Is he a god? Is he the son of God? And you had different groups and so they had to call what we call an ecumenical council basically an all Mr. Council to buy fatwa to pass, who's God and Christianity. So

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when we pass it when the orlimar pass a fatwa they ask is cryptocurrency Halal haram? Can you eat this conduit that the fatwa was? Is Jesus God, yes or no? By fatwa? They decided who God is. Okay. And so, Christianity, what it is now and as it went through many stages and forms of Christianity today, again, what do Christians believe? Christians, all of them agree on the purpose of life. They believe in the concept of original sin. Now, many of your colleagues and I pause on this because many of your colleagues themselves don't understand this. But this is what they take say that the purpose of life is

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Adam and Eve committed a sin when they ate from the tree in Jannah. We all have the same page, right? They were sent to Earth. As soon as Islam we said that they got forgiven, they made Toba ALLAH forgive them. And also this is the this is now a lesson that all of mankind will know. You will come with a sin make Toba and you come back to me hamdulillah fantastic. Christianity know when they came to earth, they may Tobin is too far asked forgiveness. And honestly, I cannot forgive you. The sin that you have done. You've invented sin before you there was no sin, you created sin, disobedience to Allah, and because of that your souls are cursed tainted, and you will go to

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jahannam for eternity, and you will never ever get rid of that sin. No matter how much Toba is still far how'd you do? You will never ever be forgiven God, Allah cannot forgive you. Then even worse, your children that are born from you inherit the sin. That's why you find this concept. Mankind is born into sin. Maybe you heard this terminology using Christianity. Why did he born into sin? Every child that is born, is born condemned death sentence to Janna. So you say what's the what's the purpose of life thing? I mean, if I'm going to join them no matter what I do, so how does how do I save myself? Tada, you need a Savior, the vaccine to the cure, a vaccine must be sent. And you must

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accept that vaccine. And when you do that, then you go to Ghana, what you do how you live your life doesn't matter. So long as you accept the vaccine, you go to Ghana, if you don't take that vaccine, you're going to join them. Okay, what is this vaccine while someone must be called a band and sacrifice for that, and that was Jesus. Jesus was seen to be sacrificed to die on the cross and with his death, all of mankind was saved and you must accept it. As Okay, so who is Jesus? No, no, he's not a man. Now they combine a second concept called the trinity of this becomes even more confusing. If it was okay, Allah sent a man to die. Okay, then we kind of understand this is your religion.

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This is the concept but you don't know Allah sent himself down in human form.

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Christianity, Christianity is a monotheistic according to them, they believe in one Creator, again, could we use the word Creator who created the universe to say one Creator, okay, they call him the father.

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There was Jesus said that same Father himself came down in human form. We call this incarnation. God, we are the biller. The lie is method ALLAH SubhanA. Allah, Allah subhana, Allah, Allah Himself, according to them comes down in human form, is born through a mother is circumcised, eats and goes to the toilet. And then as he grows up, he is sacrificed, dies, God dies. And with that death, he goes back to himself and all of mankind is saved. This is Christianity in a nutshell. All Christian, all Christians kind of believe this concept. And what I say again, is, in reality, if we speak to I mean, without meaning any offense here, but this is the religion of Christianity, that the concept

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of original sin with a savior and Allah, we are the biller, sending himself down as the son of himself to be sacrificed, and all of mankind is forgiven. And so the purpose of life in Christianity is, you just need to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that He died for my sins, and I accept his I thank you Jesus, I accept your sacrifice. Now I am saved from sin and I can go to Jannah that is

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Christianity, okay.

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Christianity, perhaps a little bit more on in terms of the evolution and the the literature of Christianity. It's interesting, as I said, Christianity, its Bible has the Old and New Testament. The Old Testament is the book of the Jews, which means the Christian believes

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in the religion of Nabi Musa. He believes in the theology of Nabi Ibrahim, he agrees what the Jews agree, but then they've added a new section

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called the New Testament.

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And we ask this, that you are understanding Allah coming in human form. We have Adam and Eve in the Old Testament, Nabi Musa spoke about in every item that we brought him spoke about and to be Adam, the concept of original sin is no way. And the concept of Allah Yaga Billa coming in uniform is no way in the Old Testament. So for three 4000 years, every element rabbi of the Old Testament, read the Old Testament, and didn't come up with this. You mean the purpose of life and death of Jesus coming down and saving you? None of the Gambia, not Abraham, not Moses, none of them knew about this. Surely Allah would have said to them, this is the purpose of life. And we ask the simple

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question, well, if you need to accept Jesus's sacrifice to go to heaven, what about all the people that died before Jesus? Before Jesus came?

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What did

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and so this is the questions within Christianity. And as we said that Christianity at a time had many, many different strands and groups and Hamdulillah you know, we sometimes get frustrated. orlimar. So you people are divided. You're not united, you can agree on winning Slobodan Hamdulillah. We can agree how many Allah's they are.

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We can tell you how many of us there. But imagine you have a fatwa committee and say, Look, how many Who is Allah, how many of them is the and and then those who said, those who believed in the Oneness of Allah, that maybe ISA is a very special creation of Allah, they were excommunicated. They were chucked out. And they were many groups like that. And you find within the seed of the NABI Salam, they were Christians, at the time we're going to be engaged with who believe this, the origin of Christianity, they're gonna be Isa was a special creation of Allah.

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Some said that he was a man, some said it was a special man, some say that he's a link between ease I can intercessor between men and creation, almost a partner with Allah but Allah, and then of course, the Trinity way, human, Allah is one and the same. And these were of the, of the of the different groups, but ultimately, the Trinitarian group one where Jesus is full God, and full human, and his death is your salvation.

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The Bible, as we said, went through many, many versions.

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In fact, it took many hundreds of years for the Christian Christianity to decide what is the Bible and in fact, today, they still haven't decided the Catholic Church. My Christianity is kind of divided in half the Catholic Church and the Protestant church. And those two groups have a different version. When I say version, in the one book, in the one Bible, they are, say 60, Chapter 60, sorrows in the other one, there are 65 sorrows, these are different versions, two different, they are different things inside the and they cannot agree as to what is should be in there and not in the and I think for Muslims, we take this for granted with Islam, that everything is by is from

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Allah. And it has been revealed where as in Christianity, they are things from the scholars the Allah Morrow they are things which cannot be isa himself said, there are things that people have no idea where it came from, and it's just been accepted over time. So that is Christianity. As for where we are, so over time, and so we will skip Hinduism and Buddhism inshallah for next week, and we just jump quickly to, to the, to the idea which Allah speaks about. The last idea, which in the slides, there is a special relationship between Islam, Jews and Christianity.

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When we talk about Buddhists and Hindus and Eastern religions, you'd find the even further away from our concepts of life and death, more complicated Ambia the concept of God, for example, very strange, multiple gods multiple, they get married, and they kill each other and they're very different to Islam, understanding but the Jews and the Christians, on the one side were very close to the Jews in terms of Aqeedah. On the other side, we're very close to the Christians in terms of Allah funa visa, and the belief that no visa is the Messiah and the belief that he will come back but he is a a Nabi and a slave of Allah. And that is what Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran to

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Kulia Allah kita when you give Dawa to the Allah's telling you when you give Dawa to a Jew or a Christian,

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let us know not Allah says stylo comm Illa Kenny Matienzo are in beta now webinar comm Jews Christians Muslims, let us unite on one thing let's put all our differences aside let's look Palestine in Israel we leave that for now. Kosher Halal bacon we leave all that aside. Let us come to one common understanding something we can all agree on Illa Kenny Mateen so are in vain Anna welcome. I learned that Buddha Illa Allah let us not worship except the Creator. It is all unite on that up

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Leave Christians in one creator, you should have some Trinity attached but you believe in one Creator, Jews you believe in one Creator Muslims who believe one Creator, the same one. Let us worship Him alone. Let's all agree on that. Well, then you should be shamed and let's not make partners with him. Let's not make rifles with him. What are you talking about do not burden or bourbon and let us not establish from ourselves my own desires, loads and drivers will Allah let's all agree on that. Leave the other stuff aside hijab terrorism, let's put that aside. Let's talk about worshipping the one creator alone.

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Mean duty law interval low but if you guys don't want to do that, then and you move away for Kulu Adobe and that must be mean, then you may witness then you must testify that we are Muslims that we will only worship the one creator that is our religion. And so inshallah we spoke about the hookah tab, and we'll talk next week about the Eastern religions malice panda grant a steadfastness on Islam. There's live and die upon the Kalima. I mean, I just did an announcement that potassium alley still in hospital we make dua for Shiva, Allah and grant him speedy recovery and the last one take away all the sickness for all those who are sick Allah Mara bananas, multiple VAs issue and the

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Shafi sarcoma, Lhasa a lot of them are abalone shell edema Yes, financiar marine or sort of la cena Muhammad wa Lusaka some saline hemlibra bit Alameen