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The beauty of the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that there isn't a single area of his life that doesn't set a higher standard for you to aim with yours. And then the beauty of the Sahaba is that with all of their differences, they're different personalities. They're different beings. You have a blueprint and each of them of how you can be the best version of yourself. And that's what this deen is about. It's about striving not just to be satisfactory, but to be as prophetic as possible by following the Sunnah of the Prophet slice Allah in hopes that one day you get to be with him in the highest level of Paradise.

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Allah subhanaw taala says what he couldn't listen to me do that everyone will have their degree in Jannah in accordance with that, which they used to do in accordance with their deeds. And the scholars say that entrance into Jana is through La ilaha illallah and the mana ZIL the stations that you achieve in Jana are with your ama or with your deeds and so you have della Jaat in Jana degrees in Jana of righteousness and you have delta cat degrees of wickedness in Johanna. And if the first and the last of all of mankind were put in one donnager of Jannah it would fit them all, but everyone needs to strive for the highest level. Now there's one part of the Quran that talks about

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two gardens the believer having to garden so Allah subhanaw taala says that they will be given their reward twice for what they patiently endured, and they Repel evil with good so Allah mentions to rewards and then Allah subhana wa says, Ladyman ha Famicom Arabi Jana tan and for the one who fears standing before his Lord and being held accountable, there are two gardens and then Allah subhanaw taala further says, and so at the llama woman Dooney Hema Jana tan and below them are two gardens. So some of the scholars they said that perhaps there is a superiority of one garden over the other so there are higher gardens than others. And this is what's being spoken about. So for example, and

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sort of the Rama Allah's parents had mentioned about the first set of gardens, FEMA I Nani tragedy, and that in them are a pair of gushing springs. So the first one is superior to the second one. And then some scholars said no, actually, every single believer has two gardens in JAMA, one for their good deeds, and one for abstaining from sin. So this is for every believer that you have to gardens in the lie to Allah, one for the things that you put forth, and the other for the things that you abstain from. And this is the place of your reward. And this is the place of your replacement for the things that you abstain from and this life. But then when you talk about the degrees, you're

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going to see stars above you, or hopefully you will be the stars that are above the others. And the amount of the hack Rahimullah he said that some of them will be better than others. And those who are placed in a higher position will realize their position. And those who are at a lower grade will not feel like anyone has been placed above them because it wouldn't be genuine otherwise. So if you are amongst the privileged with a higher rank, you know you're amongst the privileged have a higher rank. And if you're of a lower degree, then you don't realize or you don't feel like no one is above you. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the people of Paradise will see the

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people of the roof as we said, like stars in the remote part of the sky. And another narration the prophets lie some specified like a glittering star because of the difference of grades. The prophets lie some did not want us to become a complacent people. He didn't want us to think well, I'm okay with that. No, rather he wanted us to be those stars. And that's why when my little the Allahu Anhu said I heard the prophets lie. Some say that whoever performs the five daily prayers, and fasts the month of Ramadan, and performs the hedge or pays this account in some narrations, Allah will forgive him, no matter what, whether he made his up, or whether he sat in the place that he was born. And I

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said he also Allah, should I go tell people about this that Alas, pantile is going to forgive them so long as they say Lila and do the bare minimum they do the obligatory deeds, the prophets lie, some said no more, leave them to strive, let them work, because Jana has 100 degrees. And between every two degrees is like the distance between the heavens and the earth. And the highest one of them. Is that a fair dose and above it is the throne and it is the best grade of paradise, the rivers of Jannah flow from that place and so when you ask ALLAH ask him for it for the dose, so he's

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Telling while the law I know don't let people become complacent say Well in that case, I'll just make sure I do the bare minimum because then they might end up falling short of the bare minimum and missing out on gender as a whole. And so in this hadith the Prophet sighs I mentioned 100 degrees of gentleman and Imam and Samia Rahim Allah he comments on this, because someone might say, Well, does that mean gender is only 100 degrees? He said no, because just like when the Prophet slice and I'm says that Allah subhanaw taala has 99 names. That doesn't mean Allah subhanaw taala has only 99 names. So when the Prophet slice on mentions 100 grades of paradise or 100 degrees of paradise, that

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doesn't mean that there are only 100 degrees of paradise. Rather the prophets lie Selim is conveying a concept here, that there are higher degrees in paradise that you should strive towards. Now, just like when we talked about palaces and some of the other things, there are general qualities that allow you to ascend, and then there are specific deeds. And in general, when you talk about qualities, the highest levels in Jana, as the mama the heavy Rahim Allah said, are for people that cried at night with Allah subhanaw taala and smiled at people during the day. So those that used to face Allah at night with tears and those that used to face people during the day with a smile, those

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are the people that ended up in the highest ranks with Allah subhanaw taala and then Allah subhanaw taala mentions those who strove. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Now yes, we are doing I mean me Nina riboli Adoree well moja he doing a feast OB la Hebei Amani Hema unforeseen football Allahu Mujahideen OB I'm waiting him what I'm forcing him either car Idina Adonijah what could learn why and Allah husana While fotball Allah azza wa jal Hey, Dina Alka ideen agilon Alina, Allah Subhana Allah says that those believers who stay home other than those who have a disability are not equal to those who strive with their wealth and with their selves in the path of Allah Subhana. Allah has

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raised such people who strive through their wealth and their lives, to a rank above those who stay at home by degrees. And even though Allah subhanaw taala has promised all of the believers, their specific reward, those who strive have a tremendous reward over those who stay home. And so Allah subhanaw taala has guaranteed a significant reward for those who significantly strove for his sake. Then there are specific deeds, the prophet slice I mentioned, those who sponsor orphans are those who show excellence and raising their own two daughters. So he said, Sal, Allahu Allahu wa salam, and our capital, your team, I am the one who takes care of an orphan will be like these two fingers.

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So that's how close he will be to the profit slice on obviously, what was the last lie Salam is in the highest of the highest of Jana. And in another narration, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever raised his two daughters were Aksana Tarbiat toma and he really strives to raise those daughters well, we'll be in Jannah with me like these two fingers. So if you parent, like the Prophet, slice alum, or sponsor an orphan, take care of orphans like the profit slice alum, than you will be with the profit slice alum, like these two fingers, either like this or like this. Allah subhanaw taala also raised the status of parents who raised their children to make their app.

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So this is now the effect of that type of parenting, the profit slice and I'm sad that Allah azza wa jal will be raising a person in paradise. And that person will be asking as they are ascending through paradise. Yeah. How did I get all of this? What's happening here, and Allah subhanaw taala will say, what a Dukkha is stuff for lack because your child sought forgiveness for you who taught the child to make is defined and to seek forgiveness. It's a good parent who teaches the child to do so. And so because the child does that, imagine this parent that is ascending through the degrees of paradise. And then with the Quran, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the reciter of

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the Quran will be told to recite until the very last idea. And so the last idea that you memorize will determine the rank that you achieve. And so naturally, the one who memorizes more Quran will be elevated degree upon degree upon degree. Now if you think about that hadith where the prophet slice and M said that there are 10 rewards for every single letter of the Quran, not just word of the Quran. Here you see the Delta jot the positions and the degrees that come with people who memorize more of the Quran. And of course, those who apply that memorization will have higher and higher and higher degrees of paradise. So we know that Paradise has at least the same amount of degrees as ayat

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in the Quran. And then you have those

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Is that boar trials for the sake of Allah subhana wa salam. And of course, this starts with the shahada, the martyrs, and the best of the shahada are those who fought in the first rose, and they do not turn away their faces from the battlefield. And these are the people who occupy the highest positions in paradise. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will smile at them. And when Allah subhanaw taala smiles at anyone, then they will not be called to account so that's the first level. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about trials in general. This is a powerful Hadith and had been hit but Rasulullah sai Salam said that verily, a man may have a Manzella a rank with Allah

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subhanaw taala that he doesn't achieve by his good deeds. But Allah subhanaw taala continues to put that person to trial until he reaches the rank that has been destined for Subhan Allah so the trials come your way until Allah subhanaw taala elevates you to the rank that he wants you to be hula ecozone and Waterford Sabina Sabo. Again, these are the people that are rewarded with the highest place because of their patience and Sobotta can take you places in Jannah, that your good deeds just cannot. And then you have the Hadith that he showed the Allahu anha that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and said Ya rasool Allah, you are more beloved to me than myself. And

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you are more beloved to me than my family. You are more beloved to me than my children. And sometimes I'm at home. And I remember you and so I can't help myself, I'll come and I'll find you. And if I want to see you, I can see you in the masjid. But then I remember that there will come a time that I will die out of sort of law, My death will come and your death will come. And I realize that even if we enter into Jana, you're going to be in this place with the prophets. And I'm afraid that even if I enter Jannah I'm not going to be able to see you anymore. You also Allah Subhan Allah, I mean, look at this, right? Like, I don't have the good deeds, I don't have the trials. But

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all I know is that when I want to see you in this dunya it has a heavenly feel that I can come see you yada so Allah, and you're more beloved to me than all of the possessions and people in this world. So I'm thinking about Jenna, which is supposed to be greater than this world. How does Allah I'm worried you're going to be in that high place. And even if I get in where am I going to be? And the prophets lie Selim did not say anything. Except that Djibouti Radha has Salam came down with the eye, when they yield to Allah Allah rasool Allah, you cannot alert in Anam Allahu alayhi manana bien was the lead was shahada or Salah hain, or has sunnah hola ecography. That whoever obeys Allah and

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the messenger will be amongst those who have earned his favor. The messengers, the prophets, those that were affirmance of the truth, those who are shahada, those who are martyrs, those who are righteous, and how excellent of companionship that is. And remember a man who comes to the Prophet, slice them and testifies that countersuit Allah, the only thing I've prepared for the day of judgment is that I love you. And the prophets lie Selim said, enter moment,

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you will be with the one whom you love, and Anasazi, Allah Tada and who said that that's the best thing I heard because I thought to myself, I love rasool Allah sai Salem. I love Abu Bakr and I love Omar. And so when you think about loving for the sake of Allah, that doesn't necessarily just mean from the same generation. And just like when two people love each other for Allah sake, in the same generation, they're at this high place. The greatest way to ascend is to love the person who was most beloved to Allah subhana wa Tada and that is our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this is the only way to ascend higher beyond your family, beyond your friends and beyond your

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deeds of all mammal the Allahu Anhu reported that will Celeste ISON was asked to the people of paradise visit one another. And he said that those on the higher level will visit those on the lower and those of the lower level will not visit those on the higher level, except for those who love each other for the sake of Allah. They will go anywhere that they wish on camels with beautiful sandals. And so if you love the Prophet slice of them, you get to be with the prophets like Selim. And if you love the Prophet slice of them, then you will try to be like the profit slice on them. And if you try to be like the profit slice on them, then certainly through both of those routes, you

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get to be with the prophets, Allah Allah Artie was salam in the highest level of paradise. Yeah.

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