Omar Suleiman – The Highest Degree of Love for Allah

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of love for Allah is discussed, including the need for individuals to test their love for Islam and find connections between Islam and their love for Allah. The decommissioning of pleasure and pleasure in pleasure seeking is also emphasized. The importance of love in the transmission of Islam's success and the need for individuals to test their love for Islam is also discussed. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for coffee and a drink.
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Brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran you have a nurse, oh people and pay attention to who is being called upon. Oh people yeah you have a nurse with guru Annette Matala here they can remember the blessing the favor of your Lord upon you. Helman Hadith in higher Allah Yasuko communist summer he will. Is there anyone that is a creator in the heavens or in the earth that provides for you from all of these different directions, either in the hole for unnatural for corn, there is no god but him. So how is it that you still manage to go astray? This is an interesting way that Allah subhanaw taala introduces himself to people as a whole, reminding you, as mankind have

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his nerima of his blessing and everything that is encompassed within his blessings. And I want us to insha Allah to Allah for the next few minutes dissect this idea of the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. Why do you love Allah? Now if you ask any Muslim child, do you love Allah? They're going to say yes, because they know that's what they're supposed to say. And most of us would say yes, because we know we're supposed to say we love Allah subhanho wa Taala we love God. But what does it actually mean to love Allah subhanaw taala and what is the reason by which Allah commands you to love him? And I want to start with a hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam which also connects

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to this idea that I just mentioned, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in this hadith Vasily alongside and Homer, Pilate, hamdulillah love Allah Lima who come near me he love Allah for what he provides you from with his blessings, love Allah for the blessings that he descends upon you love Allah for his nerima upon you. And then he says, what a Moonie and love me the hug Billa because of the love of Allah, you want to love Allah, you love the most beloved of his creation to him Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so loving Allah is loving the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and why would you love the messenger sallallahu wasallam so intensely, except

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because of the love of Allah and the blessing that Allah provided to you through him which is the ultimate blessing of faith. So love Allah, because of what he provides you of his blessings and love me due to the love of Allah and the Prophet sly some says well I have loved at the rugby and love my family for my love for them. We love the family of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his spouses, his children, all of them we love our little bait. We love the household of the profit slice and and why why do we love them so much because of the profit slice items left for them? Why do we love Khadija Leila and why do we love Fawlty model the Ilana Why do we love the entire household the profit slice

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I'm because of how much the profit slice I'm loved him, loved them and how much they loved him. So it is the love of the messengers license that connects us to his family because of his love for them. And it is the love of Allah for the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that connects us to him. But why love Allah himself the love of God. And there's something very profound that there is not point out in this regard. And there are long discourses in regards to the meanings and the ways in which you demonstrate that love of Allah subhana wa Tada. There are degrees of the love of Allah just like there are degrees with the love of anybody else. You love multiple people in your life,

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but you don't love them all the same. And in some ways you can't quantify right? How much you love a person and who you love more and these types of things, but you love multiple people but there are different degrees and different manifestations of that love for the people that are around you and different reasons for how you love people. The constant of many of those reasons is because of some blessing or some goodness that has come to you through that person. And what they're not mentioned is that the bare minimum of being introduced to the love of Allah subhana wa tada is by his NEMA but it can't stop there. And this is what I want to talk about the level of Benny Islam he that the

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regiment mentioned the level of Bani Israel you always find Allah subhana wa tada addresses them How? Yeah, Benny is still in guru net Matala here and he come

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Oh Benny is Ill remember the favor of Allah upon you.

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Some of the scholars they say but the standard that Allah subhanaw taala holds this oma to is yeah you alladhina amanu Allah. remember Allah, that a person graduates from not just remembering the obvious blessings of Allah upon you because you only remind someone of those blessings when they are at risk of becoming ungrateful people and going off the path. And so you remind them with the obvious of what is around you look at the blessing of Allah upon you. And indeed, Allah reminds this ummah of the blessing upon us as well is Quinton Arda and for Allah Sabina kulu become when you were enemies and Allah subhanaw taala made you out to be brothers a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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upon you remember when a large army was going to consume you a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you, but the majority of the Act, go to remember Allah

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and they're not here, make this distinction that there is loving Allah for his nerima and then there is loving Allah nee that he because of who he is, which is a higher level. I'm going to say that again. You love Allah for his near Ma and that is certainly there. And the more you recognize his nirma The more you recognize his blessing, and you attribute it to him, the more you are increased in love of him and that should directly translate into Riba into worship. You love Allah for his blessing when you recognize his blessing. When you love him and recognize that blessing, then you increase in your worship of him that is good. But loving Allah leave that to he because of who he

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is, is an even higher level. And that is the standard that this oma should be seeking that every person who is trying to develop a meaningful relationship with Allah should be seeking is to love Allah for himself in a very powerful and meaningful way, and one that has practical consequences for you.

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And so the question becomes, what does it mean to love Allah for the sake of Allah? We always talk about what does it mean to love someone else? Love Your brother or your sister for the sake of Allah? What does it mean to love Allah for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the reason I say that the two things are not disconnected.

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One of the great imams the moment in your home Allah to Allah and one of the gifts of Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah to Allah is that you have these recorded conversations between him and his students, Messiah and some of the questions and fit within sometimes just these advices that become entire books and this is the case with an Imam Maruti Rahim Allah Allah sometimes in the course of asking him I'm not gonna Rahim Allah multiple questions and look, or in Hadith, he would ask him a life question. He asked him a question of test get a question of the heart. So he told him he asked him the question, what is an herbal filler? What does it really mean to love someone else for the sake

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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You know, we talk about loving someone else for the sake of Allah, what does that even mean? And he said that you don't love him for anything of this dunya

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retama dunya you don't love him because of this dunya there is no worldly benefit. There's nothing attached to your love for that person that is causing you to love that person or that is dominating your love for that person. Your primary reason is that you love that person for Allah.

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And so it's no catch to it in regards to your love of that person, when it comes to a loss of Hana hotel, the way that you build on that, and this is the concept where it needs to where we it needs to stick for a bit if you love Allah only for the blessings of this dunya and hence you increase in your worship of Allah and your love of Allah only when you feel like the blessings are coming down. You know, you always see a person when something great happens to them hamdulillah and indeed, such that the sugar is from this Diem such that the sugars from this Deen the prostration of gratitude is from this Deen but a ugadi his Salaam was not just driven to Allah subhanho wa Taala out of Chicago.

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When the good things were there, we praise Him and celebrate him because he was driven to Allah subhanaw taala in the same position when everything was taken away from him because his love of Allah was not about the nerima it wasn't restricted to the nerima and so if your relationship your love of Allah is only attached to dunya we things when the netmail and the blessings come descending upon you what's going to happen? And this is where I've been playing Rahim Allah to Allah in Jack's why this is such an important conversation.

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Those that turn away from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because of this dunya right when things start falling apart, yeah Buddha Allah Allah how to find the ready to jump off of a cliff.

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Those that turn away from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because of this dunya cannot

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be turned back to Allah subhanaw taala because of this dunya you can't stop them there. It's like when you're raising your child children and you hope that nothing bad will ever happen to them. I'm going to give them everything that they want. And I'm just going to teach them to say and hamdulillah good, say Alhamdulillah love Allah subhanho wa Taala the goodness that is coming to you is from Allah subhanaw taala. But then you know, inside of you, I hope nothing goes wrong, because then the faith is gonna fall apart. You can't restrict that relationship with Allah, to nerima to blessing.

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It has to move beyond that. It has to be so intense and so consistent, that if a person were to see you when you're struggling, or when you are celebrating, they would think you're in the same position.

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panela the example if you saw the profit slice, I'm praying Fiamma lead you would be like What is wrong? I hope he's okay. He's crying so much. So there's a puddle under him from his tears, something must be wrong. No, something's not wrong. Something is right.

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The love of Allah subhana wa tada drives that person's or ibadah drives that person's closeness beyond near Ma. And so the idea here is that those that turn towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and develop their relationship with Allah, don't just wait for the net met to be good. And hamdulillah for that, and intensely thank Allah then they're constantly in the state of shock are constantly in the state of love constantly getting to know their Lord, and increasing their obedience to Him to where the other stuff is becoming irrelevant. And so someone might say, Well, what does that even mean in terms of the correlation?

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How do I know that I'm increasing in my love of Allah subhana wa tada himself? How do I know that I'm really developing that meaningful loving relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the correlation that Imam Rahim Allah says, connecting it to how you love someone for Allah. The more that a person grows in their love for Allah, the more of their indifference towards this dunya gross.

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I'm gonna say that again. The more that a person grows in their love for Allah subhanho wa Taala, the more that their indifference towards the material world starts to grow as well starts to parallel that Now does that mean that you don't love your family as much? No, you love people for Allah. But that means that your concern for money, your concern for reputation, your concern for fame, your concern for prosperity, your love of your houses, your love of your cars, your love of your clothes, your love of all these things, it just naturally starts to diminish not because you hate that stuff, you become indifferent towards it. It becomes a thing that's enjoyment, but at the

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same time, your love of Allah subhana wa tada is occupying more and more of your hearts. And that's a reality that we can't get around from this theme. No, we're not people who are announced this world to where we have to inflict poverty on ourselves. But the attachment to Allah subhana wa tada directly leads to detachment from those things. That's why the prophets lie some of them when he was asked by sadness, or the Allahu taala and Homer, you know, how can I make Allah and the people love me? How do I make Allah and the people love me If Allah is hard for dunya, you hymnbook Allah,

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you know, detach yourself from the dunya, Allah will love you. And he said, by the way, the same thing is true for people was had female in the nurse who have brokenness and renounce what people possess, and people will love you too, because they won't feel threatened by you. You don't have anything you're trying to get out of them all the time. They'll feel like your relationship with them is genuine. It goes beyond benefits and trying to extract something. You're not trying to compete with them. Now you shot at a junior Fijian young you're not trying to compete with them over this world. Like No, we're good. I'm being nice to you, because I'm being nice to you.

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You know, I'm actually developing a relationship with you. I'm not hoping that one day you're going to remember and then do this for me. No, no, this is an actual relationship. So the prophets lifetime is saying that the connection with Allah subhanaw taala is your appetite for dunya becomes less?

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Why is that so important for our faith? Because what is the crisis of faith induced? When I've been told my whole life to say and hamdulillah do this and Nirvana is going to grow Nirvana is going to grow Nirvana is going to go blessings, blessings, good. Pray this do this. But then when it's those prolonged periods of deprivation, I'm not talking about the strike but like prolonged periods, illness, unemployment, deprivation for a long time. If your love of Allah was restricted to Nirvana, then you'll start to resent Allah subhana wa tada for deprivation of NEMA. See the problem? That's why I'm not gonna blame Allah saying it's so important. If your love of Allah was attached solely to

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Nirvana, then you're

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Going to resent Allah. When the deprivation of NEMA starts to prolong, a resentment will grow. Whereas if your love of Allah has grown beyond NEMA, then it will be consistent and hold you through the good times and the bad times through the times of prosperity and the times of adversity through the times of blessing and the times of deprivation because you're longing for something greater.

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You've gotten to know his attributes, you've gotten to know his names, you're doing his intense all the time. You're putting that time aside for that prayer for that he bother all the time. You're not waiting for something catastrophic to happen to have a deep attachment to Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's why they say again, kettlebell to hip bone and Angela, whatever on an ocular, that a person loves this world too much. There's no space for loving Allah subhanaw taala then you're going to try to turn Deen Allah, your relationship with Allah merely into a tool of this dunya

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How do you then move forward?

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At this point, this is where we take two lessons in sha Allah time I'll end with this.

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Loving nerima have Allah subhana wa Tada. Loving Allah for his NEMA is a station that then translates into the love of Allah with guru Nero Matala. It comes with Corolla

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in the Hera loving throw up which is the thing we love Jenna loving the reward of Allah subhana wa tada translates into just loving Allah subhana wa Giada not to where you ever stop loving Jenna that's where that's where some of the stuff gets a little beyond the sin of the profit slice element there Elena actually condemned that level of stated mysticism that I stopped loving Jen and caring about Jen and not because I love Allah that much. No, just like you love Allah for nerima in this dunya net builds your love of Allah in the holistic sense. You love Allah for the throw up for the guaranteed reward in the hereafter and it builds your love of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, which is

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greater than Jenna. If Allah gives you himself without all the Allah tala and when he said that, I asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what does a man do when he loves people, but his deeds don't line up with theirs? And the Prophet slicin themselves and tigana Yeah, you owe the man that you're with those who love but if they're in need, or him Billa how rasuna said I love Allah and His messenger.

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He said, nti a madman, but you are obovata with the one that you love. You love Allah, you'll be with Allah. And if you're with Allah, everything else will work itself out in the hereafter. In this world you love Allah The netmail will work itself out in the hereafter you love a love the reward will work itself out. Because if you're with a loss of Hamlet, everything that comes after that is good. You love it also loss Isola Alfredo Cinderella is yours because you got to be with the Prophet size for them then if your true and your stated love but Allah will test you with that claim. Mom hasn't busted it Rahim Allah kalasatama Coleman and on a boon Allah, you have these people that

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claim they love Allah subhana wa tada

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some of the companions febrile tele home behind the Himalaya, so Allah tested them with a verse, but in quantum to have boon Allah to be your own you become Allah.

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Say you really love Allah. follow the messenger, sallAllahu Sunnah and he will love you back. It's not an empty claim. That doesn't mean that you put a bumper sticker on your car I love Allah, or your cover photo on social media as I love Allah, that's it, you can just make a claim like that. None of it shows in your actions, you still indulge in the prohibitions, you disobey Allah subhanho to Allah, there is no trajectory of growing religiosity to him whatsoever, but Alhamdulillah I love Allah. Good luck with that on the Day of Judgment.

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It's not going to get you very far.

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Because that has to translate into something.

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And everyone has to be making progress in that trajectory. And if that trajectory just parallels Nirvana, Nirvana, Nirvana, Nirvana, blessing, blessing, blessing, then boom, something bad happens and then your obedience of a London then that's not really loving Allah for Allah is it for Callie mama Shafi Rahim, a whole lotta Adda taslan illa Allah Enter to hero hook the who had on hand on trc buddy, you know Cana fubuki. Assad the authority who in Mohit Berryman, you have momota you, you claim to love Allah subhanho wa Taala but you disobeyed him. That's a foul analogy, a foul analogy to make with Allah subhanaw taala. If your love of Allah was true, then you would follow him.

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Because if you love someone, then you obey them, you follow what they asked you to do as well. So you can just make these empty claims. And then the end of that is what when you start to do what you're supposed to do and worship a lot properly, and you see the joy that comes to you through that worship,

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Then what is the joy of the things of this world anymore?

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What is the joy of things in this world anymore? When you're tasting the sweetness of that trajectory of good deeds and obeying a loss of habitat and validation through a new way and prosperity for a new way,

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and that meaningful relationship, naturally your appetite for the worldly stuff diminishes too. And that's how you know that that change is happening. May Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those that are grateful and patience and love him from the mice and Nene. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be with him and with our beloved messenger sly some agenda for those alumna Amina Hello, Cody. Hello stuff about you like money, sadness. I mean, first off, you know, in order for

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him to read I mean, Salatu was Salam and also you can email it and he was talking to marine llama food and what we know and what we know it's wilderness theme, you know, we're Muslim at

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Martina casimiro and caribou Mooji without alarm of filling our water for an hour or two I live in Robben Island and furstenau inlanta filled and I will tell him that aniko Nana Manohar city and alum in the careful and Kadeem went to him would laugh with our for an alum of fiddly Wiley Deena Robert hamama Kamara, bonus Ivana robina hublin as well as you know the reality now Cora Tyrion Medina, Linwood, Sakina imama along sort of fun animals for the Athena Thema shadek is arguing with RB ha, Allah Allah give Vitamina bit let me know after dinner with one and the veniam certainly mean about the law and the law yet little bit it with si muy Thai the core value inherent in fracture wound

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care you will

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come to the Coronavirus coral liath kuroko wash kuruva and erema is luck on one of the crolla aka La Jolla mythos. neroon Maki masala

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