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Hamad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam doesn't even

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my brothers and sisters

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many people are asking me, what should we do

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in today's times

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all that happening is happening in front of our eyes.

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I won't go into the details of

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the number of lives lost and entire families destroyed.

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Magazine Children's Hospital homes, school bond,

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shelters, bonds, I won't go into all that because all that is on the news and

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one way or the other, we are watching that being informed about it.

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Let me stick to what I think we should do. Because I have no answers. Just sharing with you my own thoughts and

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I think the first and most important thing to do is to return to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Is to return to Allah

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rasool Allah,

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for the simple reason that

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if it is not clear now it will never be clear.

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There is only Allah Subhana Allah

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who is alive, who is on wrangle,

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who can change

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what is happening in the world?

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Nobody else

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nobody else

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we need to turn towards Allah subhanaw taala

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whoever we may be

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whether it's head of state,

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whether it's person with authority and power and wealth of others and

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ordinary garden variety lizard like me,

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don't you?

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What is the meaning of turning towards Allah?

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So I'd be like a broken record.

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The meaning of turning towards Allah

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is to become obedient.

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To obey Allah, and to stop obeying

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knifes desires and to stop away obeying all those who are promoting the disobedience of others.

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In one way or the other in one form or the other. By one name or the other. It doesn't matter what you want to call it.

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It is the disobedience

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and that

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is not okay.

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That is something that

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we need to get away from.

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No, I will not disobey

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first and foremost,

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you turn to Allah

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weejuns of Allah subhanaw taala

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begins with

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not going to tincture

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begins with or it

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begins with La ilaha illAllah Muhammad

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and believing in our hearts and saying with our tongues

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and in living our lives by this Kalama paper

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with Allah said you submit to love Lilina Armano Bill, Bill COVID Isabey

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that Allah will make firms make firm the feet of the believers with this

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call is the

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Kalama the speech the statement which is clear and manifest and which is firm, a statement in which there is no doubt

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a statement that

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is the truth.

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And they all truths is not dependent on anybody else is anybody anybody's belief. The truth is true. Even if no one believes it,

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and I shall do Allah, Allah

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or shut one Mohammed or

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This is the truth

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and is something which is

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It consists also

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of returning to Allah Swatara also consists of changing our lives. They said, they will come

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in the sun, where

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am i

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Believing in the heart

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seeing it with the tongue

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and living by it,

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acting upon it.

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The first of those actions

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is to worship Allah Sonata to pray to do Salah appointed time,

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five times a day

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as far as possible in the masjid as many of those times as possible in the masjid but definitely doing it not

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anyone who's not praying

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has not accepted Islam

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I'm not making a statement or socialized medicine.

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He said Allah had the luxury buy in and obeying the homeless Allah for one another ha ha

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Okoma Hello Nice to see Ron he said they had the covenant

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the agreement the divide dividing line,

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the differentiator between them and us between the believers and non believers.

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Salah seller

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is the seller

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from an another heart the one who rejects it doesn't do it and what

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could come from that person is a disbeliever the person is going to recover the person

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to save us from that

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second part of returning to Allah subhanaw taala

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is to connect our

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so as the first part is no sugar, no Hoover, so Okay, the second part is second part of the agenda itself is to focus on the Sunnah of resources

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to believe

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Salam is the last and final in the center

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and that there is no messenger after

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believing universal meaning that we follow

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that we obey Him that we emulate

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in everything that we say are

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part of the belief

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in the caliber is to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi salam which the bonus is that you follow the Sunnah every action that you do

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converts into an action of

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a normal action which we will do satisfy our own needs, our own desires, the heating and drinking,

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going to work studying

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our sort of our

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interaction with our spouses,

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all of these actions, which are really for ourselves, for our pleasure, Survival Systems. They're done according to the sunnah

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to how he did it,

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they convert into

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acts of worship,

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rewards for

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return returning to Allah subhanaw taala also involves equally important

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in correcting the source of earning

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and what we eat and Hara and eat.

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If we earn haram

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then our worship is not accepted or charity is not accepted.

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If we earn haram, then our door is not accepted.

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And if you eat haram, the same thing.

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Only haram means to stay away from all forms of earning which are less private.

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The number one top of them is dealing in interest, interest base dealings of any kind any shape or form. Then of course,

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extends to alcohol and gambling and whatnot. Others to think private.

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But interest base earning I'm saying specifically with this is the most widespread thing among the Muslims.

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home mortgages car loans, loans to study

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all kinds of loans bank loans to do this other people may take a bank loan pay interest to buy a TV.

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That's a double whammy

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of being a bank getting a bank loan paying interest to bring something into into your house which is almost 100% Eva

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with everything that is broadcast on that is either teetering on the edge or it is already in Hana.

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How terrible is that?

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So on Halloween and eternal eating

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all vegetables are

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the meat of animals, which are halal becomes Halal only if it is slaughtered in the prescribed way which is called Zambia, which means hand slaughtered by a Muslim meat that is slaughtered by a machine is like Herod killed,

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killed by a machine

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that is not halal. And no matter who tells you what, please don't believe the

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stick to the truth. The truth is that for me to be halal, must be it must be hand slaughtered by and

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if it is not handed over by Muslims stay far away from it. It is haram at the dead. It's like picking up something from the garbage pile or from picking up roadkill and eating it you wouldn't do it.

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Don't do this either.

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Because the same thing to eat have on your door is not accepted.

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Your worship is not accepted your church.

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We certainly don't need to be.

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So what should we do in times like this is come back to

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or next day jalla wa salam ala

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member Africa