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AI: Summary © The ongoing confusion and distrust between Muslims and Westerners in Europe is a topic of ongoing distrust and confusion. The success of Islam in Europe, including a video about a woman who apologized for her mistakes, is highlighted. The importance of recognizing oneself and being a part of society is emphasized, along with the need for people to do their own research to convince themselves of their true intentions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning Arabic and finding the right person to speak to, as well as the need for people to focus on reality and not try to convince others to change their beliefs.
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They plan to love plans and Allah is the best of planners so there's things that are happening that we just we don't see the whole picture we just see a part of it so I'm gonna get you guys reaction to this 100% feel comfortable saying that what's happening now is the Palestinian people is another holocaust and they're still saying

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Muslim Palestinians still seeing them saying Allah is all knowing I'm gonna tell you

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I was Syrians are doing everything that was described job doing in the Bible

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I have not seen any footage of Palestinian people pursuing Jewish people or Israeli people these are people of God

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knows these people were blessed by all that himself

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but such an indomitable who don't give up

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about this life. Okay. The only thing is people seer is

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this if this is a campaign to get nations to be Islamic, it's doing it I talked to my poor at the faith Muslim people have this happening in Palestine has opened my eyes to the beauty of Islam. That's something that people don't get to see often. Definitely not here in the West, the Bible asking logical questions. We're not loud. When I read through the Quran, I see logic and divinity brought together a result of that is on social media. I have seen so many people picking up the Quran and reading it through you know this entire thing with Palestine Oh, many more people are learning about Islam because so many more people are reading the Quran Shut up a lot of people

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turning to Islam.

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It's like, twice the Koran book club. I see people deciding to convert it from because they're like, what, what is really going on here, I just bought my first copy of the Quran, I got the Koran. I started reading the Quran, it's my day to and reading the Koran.

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Literally thanking God, praying,

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Palace, Palestine people, as they're losing everything, have so much faith and peace while their families are being murdered states, we need a lot more empathy and understanding of Muslims in Europe. I need to know what y'all put in Islam, okay, and you get just from reading the second sutra. I'm like, I get it, I understand why there's such a steadfast thing to anyone that follows Islam being shown just how wrong we were about this faith, and how rich how like how deep and just the language of it, oh, how fluid and beautiful

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lie to the Western.

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And I took my Shahada, I feel tremendous peace, I'm going to be reading it forever.

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These people right now are acting as the pillars, you know, in the Muslim community. Now last month, Allah have mercy on them granting the highest levels of Janome and continue to make them an inspiration for us.

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Something that she almost layman mentioned on podcast that we did with him was something that was sent to him and I'm going to paraphrase a bit along the lines of that, you know, basically they have the right upon us or for us to be happy to see us, you know, thriving and all that stuff. And, and they have, we also have a right towards them, that we don't forget about them, you know, in our joy in our good times, and that, you know, we have to speak out for them. And hamdulillah

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they have been like tremendous, like, people think that we're doing something for them, you know, I swear they're doing way more for us, they I swear they're doing so much more for me than I could ever do for them and Allah to Allah, have mercy on them and bless them. And I have seen a lot of people on Tik Tok just, you know, just scrolling through I see people doing live Quran sessions, and reading look more and more. All because of these amazing men and women are leading by example. That is deep. Yeah. You know, how many non Muslims when Westerners look into Islam after 911 I think it's a it's a cascade effect. And the master following us yokomoto He says, He led the hotbar in St.

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Louis, Missouri. And he was saying that all this did was just expose everyone's true intention, you know, to the masses, because they're going and looking to see what does the Quran say exactly. smart person be like, Okay, let's see, what's the Quran say for myself. They know the media lies, and they're like, Wow, they're just blown away and they start like talking about you know, how the Quran is beautiful. How was this

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How was that? And you seen? I mean you recently not too long ago so had a similar experience right? What was we had your story. You're someone who came to Islam. How long has it been? Not three, four years. Two years it's been a little over three years. Three years. Three years yeah a little over three years can you relate to also like

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the can it's very beautiful to see something like that especially when the woman says that

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these people speaking about the Palestinians Yeah, they don't care about this life they just care what Allah Yeah, you heard that and like I hear that run

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it makes me look at my own life and I have made mistakes and

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it's steep man. I mean, you see like, bought bombs or fallen fallen on them and we're over here complaining about this debt and yelled there. And it says a shaman May Allah forgive us, Amin Amin, we will still know will keep our hearts alive. I feel it man. This is amazing. And you see like how, how they're talking about

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the woman's like, the woman's like she's not even they're not even cursing. I don't hear me even cursing Jews. I don't think the heresay that Yeah, I haven't heard one video crazy. Most of them are saying like say say God has one say there's nothing where the worship of God, the Kalima? Right, you see him saying Lila, that means there is nothing more the worship of God. And

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and then they go back and the some of them are even accepting Islam. And why the question for for anybody? Why would you if the mainstream media is telling you these are sympathizers to a barbaric way of life and their animals is the another but then the smart people they're going and investigating. And here's the reactions we got right here. Here's the reactions. And these are just the people these are note, these are just the people that came out how many people are camera shy, don't operate with, you know, tick tock or any of these, how many of them are there? I'll never forget. I think this was something that shook when one was saying that if if you have a problem with

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Islam in Islam doesn't make sense to you, then you're going to convince yourself that Islam doesn't make sense period. And that it doesn't make sense to anybody. But it's it has nothing to do with Islam has everything to do with you, you have a personal obligation, not even as you know, a Muslim, or non Muslim, but just as a human being, to just wake up and do your damn research. Like it shouldn't be that difficult. Everybody has a personal obligation to do that. Because we live in a world today where truth is quite literally being portrayed as falsehood and falsehood is being you know, shoved down our throats as truth. And I believe that as a man, as a woman, as a Muslim, as a

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non Muslim, we're all gonna die, it's guaranteed. And Allah says in the Quran that on that day, even shaitan believes the devil himself. He's not going to cosign for our mistakes, he's not going to take any accountability. We can't diffuse anything and be a victim on that day, and even blame the devil himself. So I don't understand why people can't just wake up and, and really, again, at the end of the day, that's why Allah says in the Quran, like, it's not up to your prophet, Allah guides, we wills you know, you can just give them a message, you can take them to the water, you can make them drink. So it's unfortunate, but it warms my heart. You know, seeing all these brothers and

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sisters in that Tiktok compilation that you showed us right now already that there's still so many sincere people with a flawless like they want it they want the truth. And I'm sure you know back in the GI Lea all of us we can relate to this that there's a turning point where we just wanted the truth and once it clicks it clicks once you hit that five out of five you know and your Salah you don't go back it just clear how did you know and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala can give that to everyone and anybody watching you know the only thing that I can recommend you is to read the Quran you know if you don't know Arabic obviously get the clear coat and or an English translation that

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you know that you prefer and just start with that you know this is what happened with brother on over here who's a revert with myself and Rami were born Muslims but we came on to it over on volition later in our life. I was just gonna say man, I'm forgive me I don't I don't usually cry. So I felt I felt the I feel you man when I when I first saw that it was you know?

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It's just crazy to see because you have the verse in the Quran where Allah says that indeed they plan

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but indeed a lot of plans and a lot of plans is greater. Yes. And something that I learned

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a long time ago is that the only way that we as humans

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We can connect the dots is by looking back, looking at what's already happened, and the only person that can connect the dots looking forward is a look.

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And when we use a n, the n, we understand that yes, but now we're seeing, and we're seeing these people what they're going through, and what Romney said how they're doing more for us than we're doing for them. You know, like, what they're going through the data that they're giving to all these people that are not Muslims, what they're making actual Muslims realize and just wake up and move away from this dunya from this life, and get back closer to Allah Allah, it's just to me that it's, it's a very, very beautiful thing to see like, again, like my heart really goes out to these people.

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Anyone in the right state of mind would want this to stop right

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