Ramadan Ruminations 2019 – Lesson 8 -The Miraculous Gifts for the People of Patience Part 1

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Al hamdu. lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Alhamdulillah Welcome back, we're going to look today inshallah, at the water called the eighth kurama. That image is a Kelby has identified in the Koran for the people of patients. The first one is muhabba wala,

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or savarin. Allah loves patient ones. So this is a great gift from Allah subhana wa Adana is that you get his muhabba. Now, one of the things and this is, I think, a really important point, there are a lot of Muslims that don't understand

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the nature of divine love.

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And some Christians have always

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argued that Islam is not a religion of love. That, to me is a completely false argument. At the source of Islam is our Prophet. So I said, I'm, who's called habibollah, the beloved of God, you have bone on bone, they love God, and God loves them. So Hubba is at the root of the Islamic tradition. And in fact,

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there there are many different types of love in the Arabic tradition. The Quran uses terms like Armada that Allah puts between the servants of the merciful wood. Wood is a type of affectionate love. And it's an unconditional type of love. So a dude is a loving spouse. One of the names of God is at what dude? The,

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the, the loving God, the God that loves his creation. And this is why Allah subhana wa when you see verses in the Quran, Allah Allah you provided me God doesn't love the oppressors. That that's what's called have Bahasa, because all of us our prayers, nobody is free of oppression. So if that was a Mortlock, that means God doesn't love anybody except maybe the prophets and and a handful of olien Saudi hain that don't have vote, because even in the Quran, it says, thumb our rational keytab and Latinos profane a man a bad dinner for men home volley mouline FC, Allah calls them Mustafa that he's chosen them. And yet here he says there are pressing themselves. So if Allah says in Atlanta,

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if you provide him in a lot while providing me, Allah doesn't love the oppressors. If this person is a violin, by the testimony of the Quran, and yet he's most of his chosen and he's given where Arthur inherited the book, then how does that square we have to understand different degrees of divine love. So Allah subhana wa tada says, it was yet color shade. My Mercy has encompassed all things. That includes everyone that includes the disbeliever, the believer, the atheist, the Jew, the Jew and the Gentile, everybody goes under that. And so where it differs, is in that Maha Bahasa, this is the specific love that Allah

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gives to the people of taqwa. Again, getting back to the centrality and the importance of taqwa. And so this is extremely important so the people of Tekel are also woman, your spiritual Tapi whoever is patient and has taqwa

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Allah subhana wa Adana talks about the people of patience and taqwa and so they get what

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Allah loves of Sabine. So that's the first quality of these eight. The second quality is that Allah subhana wa Adana is with you in in soccer. So Allah subhanaw taala actually gives you his money.

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So Allah subhana wa tada says, Yeah, you are letting me know that, you know, the subsidy was Sala take solace. Take help. Seek refuge in patience and prayer, stepping over submit in Allaha ma savarin. Verily, indeed, surely, Allah is with the people of Sabah. So this is this is amazing that when your patient allows with you now one of the interesting things and

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human beings one of our difficulties because we have what's called irascibility, we have an irascible nature. And for those of us who have the trial and tribulation of having a choleric temperament, dealing with learning how to control that irascible nature takes a lot of work and time and effort other people it's very easy for them to control that. But in the case of irascibility

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See, the the, the person who has that type of temperament.

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It's very important that they learn to control that. Now one of the extraordinary things about walking is that it's been, it's been shown in many and there are many actual articles about this is would show that people that walk consistently, that it actually

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reduces their stress. And their the threshold for anger becomes higher and higher. So people that walk as a practice, they actually become more calm and less prone to losing their temper, which I find it very interesting because in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What evapo ramen illenium Shona Allen of the hohner, and the servants of the merciful and the attribute here was used, didn't say the service of a lot. It says the servants of the merciful, it is Allah, but it's using the attribute of mercy. They walk upon the earth, lightly, humbly, what either heart, Obama, J Luna kado sallam, and when ignorant people provoke them, they say peace. So there's a direct

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relationship, I think between just the practice of walking and our profits, I Sam walked and he said, to give glad tidings to the machine in the volumn. The people who walk in the dark to the mosque, and Muslims traditionally walked a great deal one of the tribulations of modern people's they don't walk enough, so that having the the Nasir of Allah will come from patience. So if you get angry,

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it bleeds comes in the room, if you are able to contain yourself, allows with you in the lahoma a sovereign and then the third quality is the hoerauf. In Jenna,

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you'd zone or Fatima sabato. They are given the reward of high places in paradise because of their patients Bhima sabado. So because of their patients, they're granted these high stations in paradise. So the the fourth one is that Allah subhana wa tada gives you a reckoning without any he sab Allah subhana wa Dallas's in your first saburo una at your home, be ready ASAP, that Allah subhana wa Adana, the patient ones have their reward given to them fulfilled without any reckoning and so that is the fourth so these are extraordinary, these four that we mentioned the first one being the mahabhava that you gain them a hell of a lot, the love of a lot through patience, that you

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have soccer victory from Allah subhana wa, tada, his ear that God is with you and your patient, that you are given high ranks in Paradise when you're patient. And then finally, you're rewarded without any reckoning it's, it's a huge vast reward for being patient. So it's extraordinary to have these gifts. And so inshallah in the next session, we'll look at the other four to complete the eight karamat or the eight really miraculous aspects of being patient. His argument was saramonic, more delay workato