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Abdurraheem Green
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So, Salam aleikum, welcome to the IRA channel. It is world our day to day. What does that mean to you? Well, Tao today mashallah over 100 countries abroad we have teams going out and giving out. And of course, it's not just today is going on until the end of the World Cup. So it's linked up with the World Cup asking this question, what is your goal?

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What is your goal in life? Why are we here? What's it all for was the purpose of life. So Hamdulillah we were down in Wembley today, when we were doing some filming, which was great. And the dour teams, the UK dour teams were in Leicester Square in Leicester Square Brixton, Wembley as well. And up in Newcastle as well, of course, it was raining, but most of the brothers braving the cold and the rain and the hail and the wind and all of that they've made of different stuff out there, by the way, they go out in the T shirts and shorts when it's minus minus degrees. But yeah, And Alhamdulillah we have people all across the world, currently, Latin America is waking up. So we're

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going to be starting to get some images. So the way it began, obviously, is that the country's

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in very bad geography, but the eastern side, they wake up first. And then as we head towards the west, as the day in the France is that way, yes, that's true. They wake up first, the Eastern countries rises in the east.

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So when we started our day in the UK, the Australia, our teams and Oceania, had already done it. But the Latin Americans were still sleeping, and North Americans as well. So as we're carrying on in the day, they're going to be waking up and they're going to be giving out how does it feel that all throughout the day for 24, you know, 24 hours, you have all these different images coming through, I get very excited, and I start seeing this stuff.

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To get us excited.

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Well, the thing is, that's a joke. Now, this is fantastic. Obviously, it's one of those things that Alhamdulillah you know, I mean, one of the reasons be quite frank brothers and sisters, one of the reasons we've started to do these campaigns, again, is because they do create such a buzz and people do get excited, we get excited in the office. And, you know, get it gives us it gets us fired up and people get you know, it's the same all over the world. One of the things we have to do, what we realize we have to do, is it's not just the question of giving dower we have to revive in the Ummah,

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the enthusiasm and the commitment and the understanding why Tao is so important, why it's such an important and integral part of being a sincere, real practicing Muslim. And I keep on going on about this. Like I feel that as an ummah, we are so absorbed in our own problems. Like even when we think of reviving the unknown, we talk about revival of the Ummah, we normally think about oh, we think only in terms of ourselves, we very rarely ever hear someone talking about

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the very thing that actually revived the sort of made this armor what it is in the beginning. And that was the impetus to spread the message of Islam from one end of the world to the other. Absolutely. So when you hear of all of these people talking about reviving the Ummah, they're never taught. I've never heard hardly ever anyone talk about dour and inviting others to Islam. But actually, in reality, what is going to make us what is going to revive us except what You know, revived the companions and what's going to make a strong except what made them strong. Absolutely. And if we look at priorities, yeah, there's a lot of discussion nowadays about Islamophobia. There's

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a lot of discussion about oppression, there's discussion about the economic downfall of the Muslim states and all these types of things. But essentially, if we look at it, from a prophetic point of view, the most important priority is to call people back to the worship of Allah alone. And that is something which we will get more riled up about a sister being denied her meal and McDonald's and there'll be videos going viral about how is rather than the fact that there are large sections of the world where people do not know about the Messenger of Allah, that should make us more upset.

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That's so true. That that's just such a good point, bro. Absolutely. Such a good point.

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And I mean, it's not that we shouldn't get upset about those things as well. But you're right. It's, I think we just sometimes we just don't have well, a lot of the time we don't have our priorities right in our personal lives. It was like I was watching one of these, you know, when you're scrolling through Instagram or Tiktok, or and I came across this guy, who was a lecturer, and he was lecturing to his class. I don't know if it was actually set up. I think it was like a movie thing. And he gets like, gets a jar and he fills it with golf balls, right? He says, Is it full? And they all go Yeah, it's full. And then he gets some out of his bag. He gets some small stones Ernie fills

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between the golf balls, though

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The space and he says, Well, is it full now? And they say yes. And then he gets a bag of sand. And so between the smaller stones, he fills up with the sand, right? And what you saying is, look, the golf balls are like, the important things in your life, right? And the smaller stones are like the slightly less, they're still important, but you know, they take up a lot of your life as well, right? And the sand is all the small stuff, the trivial stuff. He said, The problem is, if you fill your cup with sand, you will never fill a golf balls. Right. And that the point is, if you have for example, fill your life with all the small, irrelevant, stupid things. Yeah. Which is 90% of what we

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do. You're not gonna have any room in your life for the things that are really, really important. Yeah. And that's what a lot of us do. We don't get our priorities. Right. Yeah, we're, you know, we're focusing on the pebbles and we're focusing on the grains of sand. But the things that are really, really important Tauheed saying, Our Salah, the pillars of our religion, yeah. You know, keeping to the purity of the Sunnah, and keeping far away from innovations and corruptions in the religion and giving Dawa inviting non people in joining the right forbidding the wrong people to Islam, which really, these are the core things, right? These are the core core things of what these

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are the golf balls, right? Those are the main things that we should fill in our cup. Right? It's very good. But in reality, we're just more focused on the pebbles, the little, little pebbles or even the grains of sand. We are and think about, you know, what someone takes

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in their life as a priority by their tongue by what they talk about. So what do we actually talk about when it comes to say social media? What's the trending topics in the Muslim Twitter? So verya? Or generally social media? It's not going to be how are we going to reach these people? It's not, I can't believe like, for example, one of the most shocking things for me when I was in someplace in Brazil, some years back, we were out there handing out flyers, and there was this woman who was cleaning the area. And, you know, we spoke to her and, you know, we said to her, you know, we believe in Muslims. And she said, What's that? Oh, Islam? What's that? You know, we believe in this

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man called the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And she said,

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literally, I was thinking to myself, how could she not even know that this person existed? Like, I've never met somebody, except that they know who the okay there is this man from Arabia, she had no idea. And I was in still remember, I was in this remote part of Latin America once

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and discussed with me, and he said, Are you Jewish? And I said, No, no, I'm not Jewish, or Muslim. And he didn't understand what I meant. Because in his life, he had only seen a very limited number of people. So he looked at me, so maybe there's some people, they literally have never heard of Islam. They've never heard of the Prophet. They don't even recognize what Muslims are like. And these people are actually, they could hold us to account on the day of judgment as a woman say, What were you guys doing? You know, you had so much money, you had so much time yet. You had all the social media and instead you are bickering about these differences? Are those things or did you see?

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I do.

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And I see we have people joining us from Bangladesh, Rwanda, Masha, Allah.

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And all over the world, I actually got a message on my I think it was on Instagram, from someone in Morocco. We wanted to join our data teams, and I said, I'm really sorry. But we don't have a data team in Morocco, because most of our focus is in you know, like countries where most of the people are not most Yeah. But you know, there isn't enthusiasm. I mean, there's no doubt there is an enthusiasm and there's a commitment. And people, I've my general experiences that most Muslims do love doubt. And they realize it's important, and they want to support it, and they want to get involved in it, they really do. But a lot of it is they don't know how they don't know what to do.

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They know what to say. They don't know how to get involved. And I guess that's part of our job is I era, that's what we're, I guess, in a sense, what we're trying to do is, is to tell people and to show people, this is how you can get involved, you know, you can donate to us, or you can join our teams or you can come in the future, hopefully people will be able to join us on our missions, which is just which we're beginning to do that now. And just a few people who have been with us on our missions, they're finding it's like a literally life transforming experience. I was even saying to my son, Abdullah, you know, in just in the car the other day, I was talking to him saying, you know,

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you got to come on one of these trips, because just hearing about it and seeing videos. It's not like being there when you're actually there. And you walk 45 minutes down some muddy Hill, some village where they don't have electricity, and they don't have running water. Yeah. And hundreds of people from the hills around the gathered there, right? And they listen to you and they take shahada and you can see their happiness and their genuineness here.

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And, you know, it's a whole different thing. You just there's nothing that really can show really what it's like on a video. I mean, a video is a little bit of a taste but being there and actually experiencing all different things. Absolutely, absolutely. And I've just sent out the link to some of our, our teams across the world, inshallah they can show us you can, wherever you are just even if you're out in, out in the field, and you are giving Dawa, no problem, just join us show us what's going on. Social proof here is very important. It's important to show all these people who are very passionate about Islam because then other people will be like, okay, he's got two legs, two arms,

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one head, I can do that. You know, it's not difficult. And she people would think, Okay, I'm not sure copter him green. I don't know this. I don't know that, you know, I need to go to this particular university and learn before I can convey. I mean, look at someone like, you know, this that I've kind of mentioned his name. Okay, don't

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the IRA challenge.

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Oh, my God. I mean, we're just talking about someone who became well, no, that's fine.

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No, no.

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So yeah, so you're saying anything concrete about and you can't talk about anything, I shut down yet you nose down, and you get canceled and you get shadow banned. But anyway, the thing is, is that, you know, you think about I'm sure you all know some people who famous people who have recently become Muslim Alhamdulillah. And, and wasn't any one particular person who, you know, who has, you know, been to university and learn philosophy and, you know, who had done lots of, I don't know, whatever formal training and this and that, you don't need anything like that in order to give dower right. I mean, you should have a good basic understanding of your religion should have a good basic

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understanding of you know, the basics of Islam. And, you know, you should spend a bit of time learning some dour techniques as well, which is what we teach. Yeah, that's what we teach in our area. You can go online and do it online. You don't even have to go physically to attend one of our courses. You can do it online in Sharla. Absolutely. So you know, you learn a few things and Hamdulillah you know, Belo Horizonte, wala is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, convey for me even if it is one if there's one that I have, and you understand it, and you know it and you comprehend it,

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then pass it on. tell someone else about it.

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Yeah, exactly. And share when it comes to things of our self interest. No one would turn around and say I'm not going to buy a car because I don't know how a car works. So I'm not going to buy a house because I don't know how property works. I'm not going to go to university because I can't figure out you if you are interested if your Y is strong enough your question will not be I can't you you will simply state i Yeah, how do I get it done? Marcia? We're gonna have go live with

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the train station here in Liverpool underground. We'll be giving Dawa and stuff for the hamdulillah

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the province here without having to get

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really, really amazing. Maybe

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it was beautiful. And you'd like to do it again.

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Allahu Allahu not only that, I was blowing up online. Every country many countries in Africa in Europe, in Italy. I've seen some videos people taking Shahadat from Italy, from Tanzania Malawi, Allahu Akbar, bro amazing experience to be part of this campaign on my device, Allah, Allah, Allah grant

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thank you for joining us all do and yes, we do have a team in Qatar. I've sent them the link so they should be joining us soon. We have mashallah these brothers. They went to Leicester Square, some other brothers went to some other areas. And what's really interesting is every single time that the brothers go out to this location, that location, there's at least one or two amazing stories you get. And this is just like, just as a case in point.

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I got some news about forgot which country maybe it's Colombia, where the last campaign, which was, I believe the world our mission of the one before that there was a group of indigenous people who managed to get

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some of our Dow material or whatever it was, and it led to one person accepting Islam and that person

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If they were to whole bunch of people, by the time that we noticed that this, these people exist, there was at least 20 to 30 new Muslims based upon a residual of the last campaign. And we didn't even know they were getting down with it. So thing is we don't know where the burqa is. We don't know what's going on. So all of these conversations taking place, we don't know who's gonna except for some, the mosque where we did our training today.

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That particular mosque, I went up to the Dawa leader and he's been mashallah giving power for a long time

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as part of the mosque, and I told him, by the way, do you know one of the IRA volunteers who has been a very good volunteer volunteer was that he actually took a copy of the Quran a Yoda was told in 2010, he didn't even know that this person who I have witnessed him taking shahada is in Leicester Square myself, and he's joined us on our missions. He got his copy of the Quran in Ealing, Broadway from this, our team and this guy had no idea it was his table because the guy took it and he didn't have a conversation. And what's interesting is the night before he walked into Ealing, Broadway, and then he picked up a copy of the Quran, he made a dua as a non Muslim for guidance. And

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the next day he saw stone, he picked it up. And he's a he's somebody who is still involved in Dawa today, he hits the streets, and he gives now so we don't know what's going to happen. This is something we were talking about earlier, you know, new Muslims giving Dawa to others, and it is spreading exponentially. You know, the message of Islam we know and the Promise of Allah is true that it will reach every single house before the day of judgment. So when it's not like, we're not sure, we don't know if it is going to work. It's gonna work. But you just have to try.

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That's right. You just have to make the effort. It's going to happen sooner or later, we just, we just want to

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see if we can be the ones through whom Allah subhanaw taala brings about this amazing transformation. Absolutely. Absolutely. So look at it as an opportunity. Some people look at it. Oh, yeah, that's gonna happen one day, and another person may look at the same thing and say, Wait a minute, that's going to happen one day, that's an opportunity. Maybe we're the ones that Allah will make it happen through us, and we'll get the reward for it. Yeah, absolutely. And you know, what we were talking about earlier in terms of convey for me even first one verse what we know about that narration?

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People normally think of Dawa as some sort of robotic process. I say this, and this happens, and therefore this person accepts Islam. But it is a long journey, isn't it? Yeah, most of the time, and like, from, from what we, you know, from the evidence that we've gathered, is that most people become Muslim, after you know, like, having already encountered Muslims before. So like, even when people come to our table, it's very rarely that this is the first time that they've encountered Islam or Muslims. So I mean, of the people who take shahada, right. Obviously, for many people, it may be the first time but when people take shahada more often than not, I mean, certainly when I

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became Muslim, I had quite a few encounters. I mean, I lived in Egypt. You think I had some encounter with Muslims, but people you know, a few people did actually talk to me about Islam. Okay, so, absolutely. We have brother Amon Hamid Kadri. Who's wearing a mask. I'm guessing you in the data center? Yes.

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Yes, I am in the data center. How are we preparing everything for the day of Dawa, sha Allah waiting for the volunteers, but feels

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so good. I want to tell you something, I was preparing everything and I was listening to you too. And look, what are you listening for Pamela? This religion of Islam, the religion

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and the day reaches and a lot Subhan Allah Subhan Allah, okay. I will show you how do we what I am doing.

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But I am hamdulillah prepare, masha Allah, we will have people in the Islamic center will have table in the mall and we'll have the other two table in other two locations inshallah. We have everything ready from too long. Only I am waiting for the volunteers. And we will be doing that when Salah and inviting people. It is good opportunity. However, it is nice that Allah subhanaw taala give us this opportunity. So so good. I remember when I spoke with you I told you this what we need to do the what we need to to die doing heavy Alhamdulillah so here in Honduras.

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Thanks, Allah subhanaw taala hamdulillah then thanks a year

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Oh and the donation

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we are doing nice job and Hamdulillah that way it is okay and hamdulillah here and we are getting a lot of

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we are working with people right now I will tell you some things about and you know that because it was like 2018 here in Honduras and do so not a lot of people knows about know about Islam but right no happy

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people know about Islam about a year about the Muslim community about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam not only in the capital city or in the biggest series in Honduras in everywhere habibi. For that they told you Subhanallah I was working here and they was listening Subhanallah on YouTube. What Shane Greene was saying, long years our Habibi if lamb will reach everywhere so. So brother and sister, so for everybody, this is a big,

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huge opportunity to participate in this with us, or without us support. Islam will reach everywhere. So what more do I have me? Yes, exactly. Amen. I'm gonna ask you a question when I came to Honduras in 2018 One of the reasons you were happy is that I was the third Muslim so that you could have a Jew masala. Do you remember that? Yes. Have you ever? Yes. Did you mind someone's garden? Ha. And since then, you've been telling me that because of the Dawa, we have more new Muslims. So they can actually have the Juma Salah every single week. And then the Tao center became so full we have to get new ones. How many people do Juma now in Guadalajara. Sorry in Tegucigalpa. If there was a

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we need other place to to be able to do Zumba with the Lord and they are not only myth, they are woman all also so this is hard right now to accept everybody to presume are Subhanallah I remember habibi. I was so happy when you came. You came to Honduras and I pray the fierce uma Subhan Allah and Honduras since then, and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, then thanks to a year, right No, we we we have a good number of people. They ask permission from them work have even remember Friday. Here it is work day. I mean, you know what they do? If they don't give them permission to come here, one hour, they took the hour of them loans, they don't eat. They come here to

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eat here and to play here because we receive them with snacks and hamdulillah with coffee. So to see come to learn what Dawa is doing here come to learn Honduras and come to LA Shala.

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And right now it is 11 o'clock habibi. So we'll start our Dawa in like six locations and come to the next and the ones that just cannot

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Isn't that amazing? He was he actually cried because he had a really long time.

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And now we have every he actually showed me there's a room of maybe 20 people. This is 20 2019. One year later, we had at least 20 new Muslims. So they could pray Danny requested a bigger dollar center. Yeah, we got that. And now he's just said I need another bigger one. So look, brothers and sisters who are watching this right now. This is the impact of the Dow we're not talking about trophy shadows. We're not talking about someone taking shahada and then us walking away that center that was there you can see there that Iman was talking from. We teach people how to pray. We teach them lucky that we teach them basic faculties and basic things about Islam. And those people then go

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on to give Dawa. So it's so important. It's so important for us to support this mission, isn't it? Absolutely. And, you know, that's normal for a convert when someone converts to Islam, you know,

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they feel this enthusiasm that like Amon was telling us, you know, if they don't get time off from work, they'll take their lunch break off, they'll miss their lunch, they won't eat, you know, they'll just come straight to Juma and, you know, use that as their lunch break instead. So there's that type of commitment, you know, and because a new Muslim or a convert or a revert whatever you want to call it, because they have themselves experienced what it's like to have a life outside of Islam. Most of the time, they're the most enthusiastic and most committed people to giving down because they feel you know, they feel that they know what it's like to be in that darkness. They

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know what it's like to be without the guidance of

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Allah subhanaw taala. And so yeah, it's just very normal for reports to, to give dower Absolutely, because they've been in the dark place, they've seen that there is an alternative. And they've seen that actually. And I believe this is not not an obvious stretch to say that. As a general idea, we should always keep in mind that a convert is going to sympathize with non Muslims way more than a born Muslim, because he will see the other side as a potential. You see, one of the problems is not having not having a good opinion of other people, okay, I've seen this person, they're never going to accept Islam. If you believe this person is very likely to accept Islam, you're likely to give

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doubt. But convert has seen if I'm so messed up and I can convert this person can convert to. So I think there's a there's an element of belief here. And the Sahaba didn't say, Oh, okay. I'm not going to give Dawa to this particular person who later on turned out to be his hobby, because, you know, they're not going to accept Islam. This is the mindset we sometimes have, we have this defeatist mindset. And it's not got to do with us not having enough knowledge. That's an excuse. The real issue here is our priorities in life. Absolutely. Absolutely.

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Okay, we're gonna have some more people joining us

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actually, they won't be joining us.

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Because we actually, we actually have a very weird time where one part of the world they're thinking that our one part of the world the getting ready for it, and I say the sort of basic, basically because there's what you see this big gap here. Yeah, that's called the Atlantic Ocean. Yeah. So I guess that at the moment, yeah. Apart from a few islands here and there. Yeah. We over this side over here. Yeah, up there. It's all dark. It's been dark for three hours now. Yeah. So and it's very cold as well. So and I think the sun's moving away from Malawi the brothers in Malawi. They finished their data that we saw them earlier. Yeah. So I guess the Dow Time is moving like well, it's about

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here now, isn't it? So this time is the this sort of big gap? Yeah, so inshallah we're gonna hit South America soon. It's behind me over that. Honduras is what there's someone

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there is central. Whatever. Yeah. So I guess already in in. That's Guyana, right.

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Yeah, haven't planned. Yeah, we have teams in Guyana. So they've also been giving some dower these guys. Was that Venezuela? There? We've got people in Venezuela. and Cuba. We have some people in Cuba, they must have been doing some Dara as well. Right. So all of these people have been giving out. We could see some footage from demolition. Yep. That's it better next time. What we should do is like, you know, like, like the World Cup, right? And we will have a will have a league table as well. Like, which team gets the most shots instead of getting goals get? Yeah, obviously we don't want we don't want it to be like, you know, a trophy thing. Yeah, we got a shahada and you should

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compete and good deeds. Yeah. But it's I mean, I think it's easy to get your hardest like anyone can get anyone to take a harder I love this comment

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because it fits well with what we're trying to do. And there is a dour front moving over the Atlantic right now, which will be bringing lots of shahada as to Europe, however down in thing we're expecting a dry spell, but inshallah next week, something like that. Yeah, yeah. And here we have a vortex of new Muslims that have been taken care of. Okay, so brothers and sisters dockworker for joining us on this live stream shakers, anything you'd like to Barbados, Trinidad. Barbados. Those guys of course, are about here. Close there. So yeah, they must be giving dower they must have started. There's monthly prime dowtown. Now now for them. So good, Tao work in those. Anyway,

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brothers and sisters. Thanks for joining us keep up the good work all of those of you who have participated. May Allah reward you greatly when I put it in your book of good deeds. Those of you who haven't been able to join us make sure you do in Charlotte, the campaign is still going on. It's not finished. It's still going on to the End of the World Cup. So and obviously and beyond that. You don't need a campaign like this to give out right? If you don't have a dour team in your country, why don't you start one?

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Start one and get in touch with us in Charlotte see how we can help you absolutely just o'clock, everybody As Salam aleikum

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