How To Manage Your Anger

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The speaker discusses the poison of anger that runs through the body and is linked to the operation of the Mahdi's (the one who commands sal Allahu alayhi wa) mouth. The speaker also talks about the way Jesus smiles when he sees a Muslim man angry and the way Jesus is used to earn sadaqa.

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Abbas jellyfish, if it bites you, it will rip through your skin and the poison could kill you within 20 minutes. Meaning that if you're out on the sea, there's no chance for you to get back to shore before you're dead.

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I start this by saying that it's not necessarily the bite that kills, but it's the poison that runs through the blood. That's what kills a lot of people just look at the incident is what's harming people, but it's never the incident in in reality, it's people's reactions to it. And so today inshallah Tada I wanted to share with you from the sunnah of our Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam where he speaks about a poison that he commands that the believers not let run through their body. And that is the poison of anger, the poison of anger. Whenever you see pictures of Muslims, it's typically a Muslim male, with a frown and he's angry, correct. Every time they picture Muslims,

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there is a Muslim, they're angry again. And yet the prophets that Allah Allah Salam, when you read the Sunnah and you read their Hadith, you will always see that the prophets that Elijah Cena is smiling.

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So Allah Allah Who said so is smiling. And in fact you have a hadith such as a desire McAfee what she Africa sadaqa smiling in the face of your brother gets you suffer from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada meaning that if you have no money in your pockets, and you wish to get sadaqa than going around and smiling at your brothers is a way and a method to earn that a gift from Allah subhana wa Tada.