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bandwidth, which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make, very frequently used to teach and he taught his grandson and Hasson to make in the hour of the keynote and this is the following drought I'll make the drying shaldon I'll also say it in English so that we know what we are making a device so the DA is smell Amanda Rahim Allahu Medina human head eat wifey now a few minutes our feet what our Lana female our late Rebecca long Milena female bait walking now what sort of fun Chevron mockolate Vanek taco v. Well, I like in our lives una de la the Luma noir late tabarrok Ramona de la, Mr. Phil oka went into a wall Lake Sala la alesina Mohammed while early he was gonna

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be huge mine.

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Oh Allah guide us amongst those whom you have guided, and pardon us or give us access in our lives amongst those whom you have given and protect us and Goddess amongst those whom you have protected and guarded. and bless us in that which you have given us and push away from us all the badness which might have been or has been ordained to come to us, because you are the one who ordained You are the one who judges and no one judges against you. And no one who would have you have guarded or protected or taken as a friend will be humiliated. Neither anyone who you have taken as an enemy will be honored for you are glorified and you are exalted. Or some Allahu Allah say no Mohammed

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while I do this, God is a beautiful job. And just one point before we finish in sha Allah, when you see the important sentence where he says, and push away from us all the evil that may have been ordained on us to power this sentence, if you don't know how much powerful it could be, you know, it could be things that are were going to happen to you maybe some illness, maybe some tragic event. With that drop, a loss Pantanal might have pushed away, that hardship, that harm that was coming. So try to preserve that in Charlottetown. We're going to end there inshallah, and hopefully we'll see you again tomorrow at 10 o'clock, once again for this nightly program. So stay tuned with us. So now

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my econ runs away.