Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2021 J01-013B Word Analysis Al-Baqarah 76-82

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing various topics, including a secret meeting, a woman named Hope, a woman named Miss, and a woman named Miss. They also discuss the title " beforehand," which refers to the time before Islam was written, and the time before Islam was written. The speakers stress the importance of patient learning and being patient with oneself, as well as the meaning of "wayland" and "wayland" in relation to religion. They also mention a quote from the Bible that anyone who refuses to receive a vaccine will be punished, and the meaning behind this quote is unclear.
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What either and when loco they meet now local technically this is past tense Lam cough yeah luckier he met loco they met but what does either due to the verbs of past tense that come right after it it changes past into future or present. So when they meet Alladhina those who am I know they have believed meaning the Bani Israel eel when they meet the believers call who they say now again they said is being changed to they say because of either okay. So they say Amen Now we have believed so when they meet those who believe they say to them we have also believed and ama new Amana now Masha Allah you know, this is from the root letters Hamza meme noon, where either and when holla they are

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alone. Now holla is from the root letters ha Lam Well, okay. And Hala as a verb that which you can see here. It basically means to be alone. Okay? You need to be alone in a space. All right, where no one else is there. And especially Hala. Isla, like you can see over here color. Isla. Okay, Isla, this is connected with color. It is to be alone with someone. Okay? So who is alone? Borrow the home, some of them are alone with Berlin, some others. What does that mean? When they're alone with each other? Okay, meaning when they are in their own private gatherings where they are talking amongst themselves where they are in a holding secret council they're discussing things so when

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they're alone with each other, although they say again this is being translated as present tense because of either, so they say a to her dishonor home. Do you all inform them is a question due to her dishonor is from the root letters have that sir, hadith is from the same root. hadith is what it is, you know, typically understood as the statements of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. Right? So hadith is news, and had data is to give news to someone to inform someone. So do you all inform them? Them as in the Muslims? So when they're alone with each other, they say, do you all inform the Muslims be mad of what Fatah Hala who are Aleikum Allah has disclosed to you all meaning

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Why are you telling the Muslims about your secrets? Don't tell them okay, now further her Lahu Fatiha is from the root letters for the how you can see all three letters over here and the verb and foot the Hello who Allah has opened our lake home to you all now what does it mean by Fatah Fatiha is understood in a number of different ways over here. Now literally the word flat to have means to open. Okay? But it's used in a number of different ways in the Arabic language Fetta means open as in to disclose something to someone. Okay? Like for example, a secret it was hidden. You open it up. Now what's happened? People who did not know became aware of it. So Fattah held the first meeting is

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disclosed. Okay. Secondly, the word Fatiha factor is also used for judgment decree. Okay, we ask Allah dua that we're entitled fatty hain, okay that you are the best of judges. So fat is also to judge, okay, to make a judgement. So this is why it's been translated as decreed against you all, and it has another meaning as well which inshallah will tell you about in the top seat. Now let's look at the idea when they meet those who believe they say we have believed and when they're alone with each other, they say do you inform them of what Allah has decreed to you all meaning Why do you inform them do not inform the Muslims Leo had to come? Because if you tell them what's going to

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happen Lee so that Lee mean so that you had to come this is from the root letters her Jim Jim, okay, who is argument and evidence that is brought forth and an argument so you had JUCO they will argue come with you all, be in regard to it during that will become near your rub. Meaning if you tell the Muslims your inside information, your inside news, what's going to happen, they will know about it and then tomorrow on the Day of Judgment, they're going to have an evidence against you. Okay, so they will argue with you all near Europe, they will win against you a fellow Turkey loan, then will you not understand Don't you get it use some reasoning and do not tell the Muslims about these

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secrets of ours. Allah subhanaw taala says Allah do not

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Now notice over here we have not translated well because yes of course every word in the Quran is meaningful. It has a benefit and we're over here this is connecting us with what is mentioned previously in the end do they not know your Allah Munna? They know I INLA meme is the root Okay? So do they not know? I know that indeed Allah Allah Ya Allah mo he knows same route I mean, Mao what you see Runa they hide seen rah rah. And when are you really known what they publicize I in lamb noon. Okay. So, you know when they're talking like this amongst themselves? Do they not realize Do they not know that Allah knows what they're hiding and what they're publicizing? It's all the same

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to Allah so they can pretend all they want before people Allah subhanaw taala knows about their reality and Allah subhanaw taala knows what they are deliberately concealing women home and among them meaning among the Bani Israel eel our own Miyun Miyun is a plural of the word omy. Okay, on me, and Amin is from the word ohm. And what does own mean? Mother, okay, and owe me is a person who only knows what they know by learning it from their mother. Okay, meaning this is a person who has never obtained formal education. Okay, a person who has never obtained formal education, they've never sat in front of a teacher. And so they do not know how to read how to write. They are illiterate. Okay,

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now the word Omi Yun is used in two ways. First of all, it's used in the general sense, someone who is illiterate meaning they do not know how to read and write. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Okay? Any it's not something because of which a person's value or worth is diminished. Because while reading and writing, they are important skills, they don't necessarily define a person. Remember the Prophet salallahu already was sentimental, he did not know how to read and write. And you know, people have different strengths. People have different capabilities, some people mashallah they're so fast at reading and reading goes along with comprehension, right? So

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they can read through a book and understand it, they can read through a chapter and understand it very quickly. Right when it comes to writing also, they're very fast, their hand moves fast. Words just flow out of their mouths, masha Allah, very swift, very smooth. And then there are other people who struggle who struggle with reading, they have to read a paragraph, you know, once, twice, three times, they have to read through, you know, chapters over and over again, they have to highlight they have to take notes on the side. And when it comes to writing also, you know, they struggle a lot, you know, where they might have to check the spelling's or they might have to, you know, think

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about what exactly they should write. So people are different. Okay? Some people, Allah subhanaw, Taala has granted them the skill of reading and writing, they're good at it, and other people, they're not at the same level. And then there are other people who do not even know how to read and write. So no matter where you stand, if Allah has given you the skill, be grateful to Allah, right? And if you are struggling when it comes to reading and writing, especially Arabic language, okay, then don't have low self worth because of that, and remind yourself that the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam also did not know how to read and write, how did he learn the Quran? By listening? All

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right, and he recited it back to God. And so the Quran is for everyone, every single one of us whether we are expert writers, you know, we are very good at studying or we struggle with it. The Quran is for every single one of us. You know, some people Masha Allah when they're reciting Arabic so quick, and then there are other people who have to, you know, pay attention to every single letter, okay, this is a meme, okay? What's on the meme? There's a casita under it and Khosla is me, okay. So me, you know, it's taken them a few seconds to enunciate one letter, the sound of one letter and in that time, another person has recited an entire idea. So people are at different

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levels, okay. And having the ability to read and write quickly does not you know, by definition make you a better person compared to another. So if you have this skill Alhamdulillah and if you struggle, even then Alhamdulillah but remember, the Quran is also for you. Okay? Reading and writing is not a prerequisite to learning the Quran and hounded Allah over time, you do improve and you should allow yourself that time. It's very, very important that you are patient with yourself when you are learning. And being patient with yourself means that you allow yourself to take time you allow yourself to seek

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Extra Help you allow yourself to take the time that you need. So Omi, first of all means illiterate, someone who does not know how to read and write someone who has not had any formal education. All right. And secondly, the word omy is also used in contrast to the word Kitabi. Okay, who is Kitabi? Kitabi is a person who has the Scripture, okay? Meaning this person is from a nation from a community who have scripture, divine scripture, so I look it up people have the book, why are they called people of the book The Jews and the Christians because they had the Toa, right? They had the Injeel and the Arabs on the other hand, they were called the nation of the illiterates. Okay, the

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Oume Yun in contrast to the People of the Book, why because they did not have a scripture. Okay. So for example, before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the people in Arabia they never had a Scripture so women home Oh Miyun here are Miyun means what? in the literal sense, okay, ignorant once because it says Leia and ammonal Kitab they do not know the Book. So among the Bani Israel eel are people who are ignorant, so their state is that they do not know the Book, Leia liminal. Kitab Jana Moon is from iron lamb me they do not have knowledge of the book which book the Torah in law except a man a year. All they have is Imani. Now, the word Illa is used in a number of different

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ways. Sometimes it gives the meaning of except, alright, it's making an exception. So they don't know the book. And Illa sometimes gives the meaning of but so all they have, meaning they don't know the book. Instead, all they know, all they have is a money. Okay. They don't know the book, rather what they know is a money instead of the book. They know Amani and what is Imani? IMANI is the plural of the word Omnia. Okay. Well, Nia, and what is only mean wishful thought. And the word Imani also gives the meaning of hearsay. It also gives me a recitation inshallah we'll explore these meanings and see what in a knot home the INLA are except yellow known, they assume, you know known

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from law known known, so they don't know the book. All right. What they know is wishful thoughts. What they are aware of is complete hearsay not revealed scripture. But hearsay. And they don't know the book. They can just recite the book except a mani recitation. Right? So they don't know what they're reciting In other words, and all they're doing is just assuming when it comes to the matter of religion they're relying on pure assumption not fact not knowledge for Wayland so wall Well, yeah, lamb is the root whale and whale means destruction it has said that it's also a proper noun, which is the name of a valley in * a place in *. So Waylon wall meaning destruction or they

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will be in that place in * who Lilla Lena to those who yet to bonell Kitabi ad him they write the book with their hands the actor buena is from calf to ba Catawba is to write and Kitab is that which has written a book okay writing so they write the book with their hands a D is the plural of the word yet okay, you had the means hand a the hands so they write the book with their hands, summer then your coluna they say Heather off while lamb is the root Heather this meaning what they have written is Minar in the law, it is from Allah. So, they write whatever they want with their hands and then they say that this is from Allah, why do they do that? Leash the rule so that they purchase

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be with it summon and kalila something of value, which is little yes through is from sheen raw? Yeah. And Ishta is to purchase so they take B in exchange for it meaning by writing something with their hands and saying that it's from Allah and then you know, they take an exchange for it something of value summonin which is little Okay, so they're basically forging, fabricating things in the religion, okay. And they present their own writings as divine revelation. Why in order to obtain summon and kalila in order to obtain something of value which is little Why is it little because no matter what a person obtains of the world in exchange for something like this is going to

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be little okay and summon is from the root letters sir meme known for

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Ya know, so Wallah home to them Mima for what Ketubot ad him their hands wrote a D again is a plural of the word yet and Ketubot from the root letters Kafta Abba. So what to them for what their hands row to away loon and wallah home to them mimma for what Yuxi wound they earn, meaning whatever benefit they take, whatever money they make, whatever they earn, by selling the religion basically water them because of that, what Carlo and they said, Learn Thomas Santa it will never touch us the Messiah is from the root letters meme, seen seen must learn comma center learn means never, so it will never touch us. Us is now what will never touch us a noun to the fire. Notice how its capital F

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because it's referring to novel Jahannam so they say the Hellfire will never touch us in law except a Yemen murder for number of days. A Yam is the plural of the word young and Mardu the history mine that that are that is number Mardu that is that which is numbered, so the fire will never touch us. And if it touches us, it will only touch us for a few days, a few number days. All you say off while lamb at the Hussam Have you all taken a means this is a question which has been translated as have. And at the Hussam it the harder is from the root letters Hamza Hall than to take Have you all taken or in the with Allahu Allah or done a covenant or in her that is the root meaning Do you have a

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special covenant with Allah has Allah promised you that he will not punish you with fire? If that is the case, then filleting your belief Allahu Allah will never go back on His covenant, you Khalifa is from ha Lam for Klaff is to oppose or to go against. And when a person has made a promise, and they break it, or they go against it, that is basically colorful word. Right? So following up for Allah who are the who Allah will never go back on His covenant, under coluna? Or do you all say, m means or? Okay, but here it's been used as a question. So this is why it's translated as or do the coluna you will say, Isla of wallum Allah against Allah He Allah ma what Lana tharla Mon you will know

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meaning do you really have such a covenant with Allah? Or are you saying something that you have no knowledge of you're just making it up? Where's the evidence that you will not go to * except for a few days Bella no rather now Bella is used a number of different ways. Sometimes it gives a meaning of Yes. So it confirms what is mentioned previously okay and other times it gives meaning of no rather. So here there is negation first of what of their assumption that they will not go to * except for a few days. So no, that's not the case. This is a false belief rather, the truth is the fact is that min cassava whoever he has earned cassava cap seen but same root as Yuxi Boone okay you

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see Boone Kufstein Booyah. So whoever earned say he attended an evil say hear from the root letter seen while Hamza Su is something evil say here is basically a sin okay. And sins can be of different degrees so say he attend an evil and some specified the same as you know the sin of shake or the sin of coffee All right, well, a helper to be here and it has encompassed him the how that how well thought remember the word will love him more he'll Tom Bill caffeine we have learned earlier and total Bacara more hailed one who encompasses so how thought it has encompassed behind him? What has encompassed him cuddly to his sin. Ha ha Hamza. So the word hottie over here shows that sia is not

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just any evil This is in particular a sin. Okay, because healthier is further explaining the Word say here. So whoever has earned an evil and then his sin has encompassed him surrounded him for all Aika than those of us who do not are Companions of the Fire us hub is the plural of Sahib, whom they feed her in it Caledon will be one to remain eternally plural of the word Khalid will Latina and those who am I knew they believed why Emmylou and they have done a solid hurt the righteous deeds plural of the word slaley Ha. Okay, righteous deeds. Sod lamb has the root or like those as horrible Jana are companions of paradise home they feed her in it, Holly dune will be one to remain eternally

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same word Lord of the word haunted. Alright, let's listen to the recitation of these verses. And as

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To be listened please stand up and stretch a little bit and listen with full concentration Bismillah

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that he can he

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should do pursue a

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general mean

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to me

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what I mean

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will be walking

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smell Nicola Mala he

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the math on who Mia

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why he the lady It

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was either

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or too hard detune tune

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Allah hola hola hola

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I mean

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kita Bobby ad him

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Helia stone be the

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body ILA

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to the law here

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at Oak Leaf hola hola

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hola Hema

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be healthy and don't

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home fee her body

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