Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 09 – L093D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Magician's success was due to his superiority and desire to accept the truth. The Magician's success was due to his desire to accept the truth and not giving up on one's mistake. The Magician's success was due to his superiority and desire to accept the truth. The Magician's approach to cutting off individuals from their bodies is a war, and the speaker advises people to pray for their loved ones and find the truth.
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For Carl Haku so the truth was established, which truth,

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the truth of musasa that what he was doing was not magic. rather he was a messenger of Allah.

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What he was showing was the truth.

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For work on Heroku the truth was established obatala and it was nullified what was nullified Mecca, New York, Milan whatever they were doing, who was doing the magicians, meaning their sorcery, their magic was proven to be false. It was nullified. It was invalidated. It was eliminated by what? by what? By the miracle of musasa by the ayah that he presented

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based on what has befallen me when something is eliminated when something is nullified. So it was another fight what McIndoe Yamato and how, by the ayah, that muscle is represented

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for Julio una Lika. So they were overpowered right there and then who fit our own and his people.

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The Magicians, they were overpowered, they were defeated,

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who nanika right there and then what does finale coming at that place at that moment, one colorable solid in and they returned as one source humiliated meaning they became humiliated who the enemy of masala in Colaba is from the effects of lambda. And in pylab, is to return to a state that a person was not originally in

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that a person comes in one state. And he goes back in a state as different from what he came in.

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They came with a lot of arrogance with a lot of pride,

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thinking that they will definitely be successful, they're putting conditions, we will definitely get an edge.

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But they went back, meaning after the competition, they were defeated. They became solid and solid is a part of solid one who is made small one who is humiliated. So they ended up humiliated who fit our own and his people

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will be a Sahara to Sergey Dean. And the magicians were thrown as prostrating, meaning they were thrown in prostrations, they fell down in frustration.

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Notice the word ulpia. What does allclear mean? It was thrown.

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Not that they threw themselves into frustration, but rather they were thrown in frustration.

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When a verb is mentioned in this way, in the passive form in the module form, that instead of magicians falling in frustration, what has been said is that they were thrown in frustration, what does it show the swiftness with which they fell in such a way?

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That within moments so suddenly, instantly, they fell in such as if someone else made them do it? What the * does it

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Why do they fall down in frustration, the magicians

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because they realize that what musallam had was something different.

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It was not magic.

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It wasn't magic, it was something completely different. And they realized it was from Allah. So they immediately submitted before almost a penalty that they found in prostrations.

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And the fact is that the magicians they knew the reality of magic, they knew the limits of magic.

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And when they saw what musasa had performed,

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being the masters of magic, they knew it was a miracle.

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So they accepted willingly. They accepted the reality right away.

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And what did they say? Amanda miracle me they said we believe in the Lord of the worlds who is the Lord of the worlds. But I'll be Moosa will have Whoo, Lord of Moosa and Harun and remember, this statement is not an ordinary statement.

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Considering who is saying the statement, who was saying,

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The Magician's and in whose presence were the same, this fit our own,

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that we have believed in the Lord of the world, the Lord of Musa and heroine. This is a huge statement that had serious consequences for them.

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And so imagine this entire incident it took place before who,

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before everybody, the magician saw who else saw fit our own also saw.

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The Magicians they submitted,

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but fit are all on the other hand, he did not accept his defeat.

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He did not accept his defeat.

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Because now it was not a matter of what is right and what is wrong. It was a matter of his pride. It was a matter of his governance. of it.

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His kingdom, and he wasn't willing to give that up at all. But what happened? He was humiliated.

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So what is the lesson in this for us? That we must accept the truth whenever we realize it, and our ego should not come in the way.

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And also, if you look at it, the magicians, they realized they accepted their defeat.

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It wasn't that if their robes and their steaks were consumed by the snake of musasa, they presented some other form of magic No.

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Because what happens if a person gets defeated once he tries to take another turn? Another term, another term? Okay, let me try this. Let me try that. And they were knowledgeable magicians. Definitely, they could have shown many, many things, many tricks.

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But through one trick, even they realized that musar listening was far more superior.

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And it wasn't their arrogance that stopped them from accepting their defeat.

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And these were the magicians who were hoping to get the code buffeted around, who were hoping to get a lot of

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a lot of reward was promised to them. But they didn't care about that reward when the truth came before them,

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when they accepted their defeat.

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And this is something that we must have as well. At the beginning of the surah we learned about the incident of other wrestler man, he believes

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other wrestler admitted his mistake, but at least refused.

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So those who accept their defeat, those who accept their mistake are eventually successful, and those who don't, eventually, they are defeated

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or fit our own. fit our own said unto me, you all believe in him.

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Addressing the magician's, he said, that you all have believed in Moosa. How dare you. I meant to be you believe in him. Avila and as an Allah come before I give you permission,

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as Anna is from the rotators, Hamza, then noon isn't what does even mean permission. And then

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there's two humps over here. One is off by with a column, and the other is part of the route. So when there are two they've been turned into an Elif, then.

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So as Anna is I gave permission of Allah and as an electron before I gave permission to you, you believed in him? I mean, why would you need somebody's permission to believe?

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If you think of it in that society, because fit around was supposed to be the king, and the people do what the king does, but what does Islam do? It gives people freedom.

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It gives people freedom.

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So if it are on set, and on behalf of Allah and as an Allah come

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in Heather lahmacun, indeed, this is a plot mercato all of you have plotted it. All of these magicians, together with musasa, Phil Medina, in the city, literary Jew, so that you can expel men have from it, it's people and which people are these, the elite of the society, the rich, the people of their own, for solfatara Moon, soon you will know. Soon you will know the consequence of what you have done. Soon you will know how I deal with you.

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We see over here that fit our own. He wanted the magician's to take his permission to believe in massage.

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And this is something

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that an extremely arrogant person does.

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That he wants everything to be done his way. He wants that everyone should take his permission before doing anything, that it's my way or the highway.

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For example, since women usually control the house,

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what happens? Nobody can wear anything unless it is approved by the boss. Nobody can eat anything. Nobody can go anywhere, including the husband, including the children. You can't do anything unless it is approved by the boss.

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And if the daughter in law comes, she can't dare to go into the kitchen or cook her way or do what she wants to do. Set up her room her way where what she wants to wear. No. Why? Because it's only the mother who decides everything.

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This is something that is not healthy. It's not healthy. Children should be given freedom. They should be allowed to make their own decisions as to what they want to wear, what they want to study. What they want to do as long as it is within the correct bounds as long as it is permissible

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They should have this freedom. Because if they constantly depend on you, then what's going to happen? When will they grow up? When will they grow up, they will not be able to grow up, they will constantly depend on you for the rest of their lives. It will be difficult for them, it will be difficult for you. Yes, it feels very good when everybody's taking your permission. Can I wear this? Can I eat this? Can I go there? It feels very good. I'm the greatest authority in the house. Everybody's taking my permission. But in reality, it is creating a lot of trouble for yourself, and also for the other people. let other people be independent.

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Don't let them depend on you for everything. Give freedom to them. Let the daughter in law cook if she wants to let the sun go somewhere if he wants to let the husband go. For God's sake. It's his house. He's supposed to be your coworker, not you.

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This is exactly what we all wanted. That you can't believe unless you ask me

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that he's interfering in the most personal affairs, even the most private affairs even.

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And unfortunately, many women suffer from this. They will ask their son, where did you go to Alaska daughter in law? How much did you bring? What jewelry Are you wearing today? What clothes are you going to wear today? Let her be that will be don't interfere in every private matter of hers.

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let her live with freedom and you also enjoy your freedom.

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It's not good to interfere in other people's private matters, in their private lives.

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Let them make their own decisions.

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The profits are a lot of them. He always used to consult being a leader. And already when he consulted his companions, he took their advice, what do you say?

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He didn't tell them that this is what we're going to do. And that's it. No, as a leader, as the in charge, it is your responsibility to take the advice of other people do everything with children,

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then it's very important. For instance, between the husband and wife, if the husband decides something, he should take the advice of his wife, because at the end of the day, it's not just him who's going to be affected, it's the wife as well.

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Similarly, the wife should not make every decision by her choice, she should also take the suggestion of her husband.

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So over here, we see that for our own, he didn't like the fact that they believe without his permission.

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And over here, he accuses the magicians to have plotted this plot against their own and his elite with musallam. to literally do minha, Allah to expel the elite, the people of Egypt from their houses.

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We see that all that fit our own head against most artists and that was his false propaganda.

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False propaganda, accusing musar, listener of incorrect of evil motives of evil intentions. And through this false propaganda, what was he doing?

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He was arousing the people against him. He was inciting the people against musasa.

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He was spreading this fear amongst the people that look this man has come and he's affecting our society, and he is here to destroy the society. Don't listen to him.

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He has some other hidden intentions, some hidden motives.

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This was all false propaganda that Ron was using against musasa

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into the total number 71. We don't call it a momentum Lu Avila and add an LFO in the hula Kabira como la de Lima como se

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for our own said, You believed in him before I gave you permission Indeed, he is your leader who has taught you this magic. He is your leader, and he has taught you this magic.

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So we see that for our own was extremely insecure. And it was all a game of words that he used to come back musasa

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So what did he say? He said, Look up there another idea come July come in.

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I will surely cut off your hands and your feet. On what on opposite sides. He said this to the magicians who got their honor from Dr. Potter to get something and the fear is to brutally slasher or to get something to pieces, or to cut to slash up at a mass level.

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Each and every single one of you. I'm going to cut off I'm going to slash off your hands and your feet.

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Ada is a plural of yet an organism Florida region. And I'm going to cut them off monthly life and from opposite sides. So right hand and left foot or left hand and right foot.

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Some then little Saliba knuckle. Surely I will

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Definitely crucify you are legendary altogether. Meaning once you have died, then I'm going to crucify all of you on date bomb trunks. This is how I'm going to humiliate you. I don't care how many 1000s you are, this is how I'm going to treat you.

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in reverse when they are in who said that

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was the first one to crucify.

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He was the first one to crucify. And he was the first one to cut off hands and legs on opposite sides.

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And if you look at it these punishments, cutting off somebody's hand and foot from the opposite side, or crucifying them once they have died, this is to humiliate the person.

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Because imagine if someone's hand and foot is cut off, how would we feel? Likewise, if the person is crucified, this also means a disgrace.

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Just imagine if a person is sleeping, he doesn't like other people to watch him at that time.

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If you're sleeping, and you wake up, and you see that somebody who's sitting there watching you, how do you feel?

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very uncomfortable. Do you wonder if your position was okay? If you were completely covered or not, if you weren't snoring if you were asleep talking or what?

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You're very concerned, you don't want anybody to watch you while you were sleeping.

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But just imagine a person is dead. And he's been crucified. And he's displayed everywhere so that people can watch what utter humiliation is this humiliation. And this is what your own wanted to achieve. He wanted to humiliate them, he wanted to disgrace them.

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Because obviously, this defeat had hit his ego.

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They said who said the magician said in Illa of Benin, kalamoon indeed, eventually, we're going back to our Lord anyway. So okay, fine, you're going to kill us. You're going to crucify us. Okay, we're going back to our Lord anyway, we are going to die eventually. So no problem. Whatever you want to do, go ahead, do it. Because eventually, if you do this, we are going to turn to our Lord, we're going to go back to him

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in that in our have been a monkey bone. So we see that the magicians were not taken aback by this threat. They weren't shocked by this threat. They didn't become scared that Oh, really, you're going to do this? What about we go back to believing in you? Or give us another chance? Or we'll compromise in some way or the other? No. They were set first.

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Many times what happens if we sense a threat? What do we do? We want to change our ways. We want to have another chance. We want to compromise in some way. But look at how steadfast these magicians were that they don't budge. When I find you want to kill us go ahead. Eventually we're going to go back to them.

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Instead of the show up, we learn Arlo lovely, in elar have been an incredible, they said no harm, indeed, to our Lord, we will return we have to die anyway. What is better than that in the way of Allah.

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If a person has to die in the way of a lot, that's a good option in the era of Bina 131.

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We see over here that the magician's were very confident

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they didn't become fearful. They didn't become scared instead of Yunus number 62. We learned a lot in earlier a lot level from

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the friends of Allah, they have no fear upon them, nor do they grieve. They don't have any fear. They don't have any grief. Why? Because at these moments, their Eman increases

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their turn more to Allah Subhana.

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Their tawakkol increases

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and they become more content.

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They don't become fearful. Which is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was in the cave, what did he say that there isn't in the law Amarna. When we know that Allah is on our side, and eventually we have to die anyway, then death is not frightened that person. It does not scare that person.

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Well, let them keep them in. And the magician's they said they continue that you do not resent us. Thank you from the veterans noon of me. What does nothing me do resent someone to dislike someone?

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And as a result of that, take some action against them.

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So why are you getting upset with us? Why are you so angry with us? What's the reason behind your resentment for us? Behind your dislike for us? What's our fault? What's the big deal? Is it Illa except an AMA NaVi it albina is it just because we believe in the ayat of our Lord

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lemenager athanor when they have come to us, meaning just because we believed in the truth upon realizing the truth, using that's a crime.

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And this is something that you hit in us. And this is something that you cannot tolerate. And this is why you're going to go to such great lengths to harm us.

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Is this really a crime that we have committed?

00:20:24 --> 00:20:39

So they're confident they're not taken aback. But at the same time, they're also making their own realize about what he's doing that what's the big deal? We have only believed Is that really a crime that you're going to kill us so brutally.

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But I've been afraid of arlena Saba, they pray to Allah The Magician's that Oh our Lord, pour down upon a species of frill, I feel this from Pharaoh, Pharaoh and what does forever mean? It is to pour something out from a container such that it becomes empty, it becomes valuable because valuable is that which is empty.

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So I feel unload empty on us pour down on us, meaning give us in abundance in profusion, Africa Marlena, Sabra.

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It's like imagine there's a whole bucket that is full of water.

00:21:21 --> 00:21:29

You don't just give it cup Africa. But what do you do you just turn it upside down, you pour down so that the bucket becomes empty?

00:21:30 --> 00:21:43

So how would it come in for fusion with a lot of speed and it will saturate it will completely make what whatever is the person or whatever place that you're pouring that water onto?

00:21:44 --> 00:21:53

So I feel Marlena sobre la pour down on us patience? What are our financials fy 19? And give us death? While we are Muslims?

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Why are they praying for sub?

00:21:57 --> 00:22:00

Why are the magician's praying for sub? Why?

00:22:02 --> 00:22:08

Because in this situation, what could they do? What else could they do? Could they fight for their freedom

00:22:09 --> 00:22:12

are divided into their own? Good they know.

00:22:14 --> 00:22:17

In some situations, you can't do anything.

00:22:18 --> 00:22:29

The only thing that you can do is suffer what you have to do anyway in every situation. But especially in situations where you cannot do anything where things are not in your control, what do you need sub

00:22:30 --> 00:22:41

and sometimes you feel you know that you have to suffer but you don't feel it. You don't find it in your heart. You want to do suffer but it's just not coming? What do you need to do

00:22:42 --> 00:22:44

need to pray to Allah subhanaw taala for something

00:22:45 --> 00:22:49

that Oh Allah gave me a lot of South Africa.

00:22:51 --> 00:23:01

Because it is such a situation which is getting out of hand. We do not have any control over it. And we need someone at this time. So that at least we don't waste our reward.

00:23:02 --> 00:23:07

What our fellow Muslim, eat and give us that while we are Muslims while we are submitting to you.

00:23:08 --> 00:23:12

Because that is the most important thing, the most important

00:23:13 --> 00:23:24

because if a person lives a life of obedience, but at the time of death, he becomes impatient. He gives up open Allah, He gives a belief in Allah, then everything is washed away.

00:23:25 --> 00:23:31

What is most important is that a person dies in a state of submission to Allah in a state of Islam.

00:23:33 --> 00:23:35

And at the time of death, what happens

00:23:37 --> 00:23:45

schezwan comes to a person and he tries to make him disbelief make him do something say something that is going to waste all of his good deeds.

00:23:46 --> 00:23:55

So this is essential for a believer that robina Affleck Marlena, Sabra, whatever phenol muslimeen and raise us as those who are Muslim.

00:23:57 --> 00:24:13

We see over here in this ayah that when a person comes closer to the when a person becomes more serious about the team, he tries to draw closer to a loss of primal data than what happens people around him, they start to feel insecure.

00:24:14 --> 00:24:20

And they say things to him, they do things to him which are completely illogical, that don't make sense at all.

00:24:22 --> 00:24:26

He suffers on the hands of people just because of the seriousness in the

00:24:27 --> 00:24:28

and this is a test.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:33

But what is the loss of penalty one from us at that time that we should have suffered?

00:24:35 --> 00:24:39

Because it's very easy to react negatively. It is very easy to react with anger

00:24:40 --> 00:24:54

that you become frustrated for example, you want to recite the Quran. And here is your husband or your child or your sibling and they're asking you about breakfast or about something that you've already done.

00:24:56 --> 00:24:57

It's extremely annoying. What do you want to do?

00:24:59 --> 00:24:59


00:25:01 --> 00:25:07

It's very easy to react negatively with anger, what is needed at that time sub sub it is needed.

00:25:09 --> 00:25:15

So when a person becomes serious Indeed, he definitely needs some. And that is exactly what the magician's prayed for as well.

00:25:17 --> 00:25:24

So what do we learn from this is that we need the help of Allah subhanaw taala, to persevere on the truth,

00:25:25 --> 00:25:26

to remain on the truth.

00:25:29 --> 00:25:44

And sometimes we read the stories we hear about the stories of those people who lived by the truth, who were firm upon the truth, who died upon the truth. And when we look at that, we think about ourselves that if I was in this situation, I wouldn't be able to take it at all, I would certainly be defeated.

00:25:45 --> 00:25:50

But what is it that made them successful? Is it their email? Or is it themselves only?

00:25:52 --> 00:25:57

It's the fact that Allah gave them Sophia. It's a fact that Allah gave him support at that time.

00:25:58 --> 00:26:10

So what we need is the help of law, to have sub, to persevere on the truth. And this is exactly what they also asked almost, for

00:26:11 --> 00:26:17

that robina of Alena Sabo, with our friend, our muslimeen, and fit our own killed,

00:26:18 --> 00:26:29

he killed all of them, even our vessel that are on him, he said about them, that these magicians, they started their day as magicians, and they ended it as martyrs.

00:26:31 --> 00:26:37

They started their day as magicians, and they ended the day with as martyrs.

00:26:38 --> 00:26:43

When they became firm upon the truth, when they pray to a loss of data for sub.

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And before that, when they accepted their defeat, when they recognize the truth, and they accepted it, even if it meant admitting your fault, admitting your mistake, admitting the fact that you had been wrong. Because if you look at it, what do they say that why are you upset with us or fear? Or is it because we believe in the is when we saw that?

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That's exactly what they did. They saw the ad. They believed in them. They accepted their defeat. They prayed for Sabbath. They prayed for St. Karma. And they died. They enter their day as martyrs.

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And this is only by the two of us.

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Now the story slightly changes in which we learn as to what fit our own does to take steps against Masada, Islam.

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Because up until now, what did we learn that musar Islam he presented the IR to him and he said, we will compete with you and this is why he brought the magicians that plan failed. So now fit our own adopted another plan to combat massada Center to fight against him. Do not let him be successful.

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We listen to the recitation of these items.

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Qasr can

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walk all

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me, happy

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be back

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in America

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or E.

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free to

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Dr. kuhmo Jonah

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calling you boo,

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muesli me

Al-Araf 3-137 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 118-126

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