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The speaker discusses the importance of finding one's way to achieve the joy of life and finding one's way to achieve the "rocky joys of life" as part of daily life. They emphasize the need to refin their character and be a good friend to avoid conflict, avoid "immature culture," and create "notes circle" of people who value their personalities. They also mention a recent event where they hope to bring everyone together and achieve their goals.

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So now I live with Ricardo Sula, Honduras El Salvador so EULA. Welcome everybody back to illuminations or Anneke reflections from the Halloween, night 20 or day 20. And in Charlotte today, the man recited, finished reciting solitary sloth and started sort of calf. So the calf is an often recited Sula. By many Muslims, the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salman told us to recite it every single week, and whoever recites it and specifically, there's one Hadith which mentions to recite it on Friday. But there's another Hadith that mentions that if you did not get a chance to recite on Friday, you can restart at any time in the week. And essentially, that

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Prophet Muhammad sys admin says what our last presenter will do for you will illuminate your week from that week until the next week. So what does that mean? Illuminate meaning Allah will give you clarity, whatever in a sense, light that you need in your heart, a sense of understanding, and also blessings of course. So this is a encouraged Surah to recite the Prophet Muhammad. Some also says whoever's memorize the first 10 ayat or the last 10 Hayato sort of calf, they will be protected from the Antichrist at the gel. And it talks about four different trials, the trials of wealth, the trials of money, the trial of status, and of course, the trial of desire. So, the surah, in essence

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speaks about overcoming certain trials, and hence why we recite it almost every weekend. We are encouraged to recite it every week, to remind us of overcoming these trials. There's one particular

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eye in the Sula that speaks out to me a lot and I think about it a lot. And that is when the last part that I says is I and number 28. This was

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after saying all the believers, ology was good enough second i Lavina Yeah, the rune or bone biller that you went last year you really do know what your what, why Enoch and on whom to read, oh, Xena tell hayati dunya. What else Alderman AlFalah?

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Karina what?

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we're working on I'm little photo bomb. A las Panatela says in this island, I sort of kept it number 28. And patiently persevere, and stick with those who call on their Lord in the morning and evening, seeking His pleasure. Don't let your eyes look beyond them. desiring the luxury of this worldly life, and do not obey those whose hearts we have made heedless of our remembrance, who follow only their desires, and who state is a total loss. This is a perfect idea. Because honestly, in essence, it speaks to a lot of the struggles that we go through. It's based on who our surroundings are, who our friends are, who our companions are, who do we essentially

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keep in our company, and that is why the statement that goes, show me your friends, I'll tell you who you are, show me your friends. And I'll tell you who you are, go such a far reaching meaning and deep meaning in the sense that how many people essentially are followers of the same habits, the same company that they keep. So as I said, in essence, when somebody is, for example, listens to music, and is surrounded by people who listen to music, and they go to concerts, that it's a part of their daily life, of course, it's going to be difficult for you to separate yourself from something that's part and parcel of people's daily activities, or it becomes part of their entire lifestyle. I

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mean, a lot of people for example, they have a particular activity they do on the weekend, right? Whatever that activity may be, and it's difficult for you to detach yourself from somebody who's completely engrossed in that kind of lifestyle. So essentially, that's why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was commanded by Allah subhanaw taala, to patiently persevere with the righteous, find righteous company and patiently persevere with those who their main focus and their goal in their in their consciousness is towards Allah and pleasing Allah subhanaw taala in the morning, in the evening, their overall concern is, their friendships, their goals is to Allah and

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their worship and their goals to Allah. So everything around and that's essentially what tuck was, entails Tecla entails that you change the lens of your life, to that which you first ask what is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and makes you more conscious of it. And you take steps and steps towards that, that you make the consciousness of Allah, the object of your friendship, and your company and your love and your work and your eating and your in your clothing and everything that you think about. The first thing that you ask is, Is Allah going to be pleased with this? Or is Allah not going to be pleased with this, and hence why the Prophet Muhammad SAW cinema said is

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beautiful and powerful Hadith that

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everyone should be very careful who they take as their close companion, because a person is on the Dean of their close companion, and Dean essentially means lifestyle, the way

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Look at the world the way you live. It's not just religion, that he says

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that a Maru Allah Dini Khalifa, Leon Dorado, Ilana, Johan, and a person is on the deen their lifestyle of their, of their closest friends. So let them be very careful who their closest friends are. This is solid cast iron number 28. We recite it every single week, technically, we're supposed to, it's a recommended thing. But let's just say, you know, this is not something we've often heard about the emphasis in the Quran, of having good company that essentially will change how your lifestyle is, is something so emphasize that Allah commanded His Prophet, to have your company and to patiently persevere with them. And some people somehow monetize something.

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They have sometimes a bad experience with Muslims. How many people have had bad experiences with muscles, everybody has had some bad experience with Muslims. Right? And what happens is they then judge their relationship with Muslims based on that bad experience. Allah Subhana Allah says, Was there enough second Medina, yeah, the road our bone, have patience, persevere. Everybody's going to have issues with personality, there's going to be people who they might be righteous, but they have personality issues. There's not not all Muslims are going to be based on their righteousness, outwardly, meaning praying and fasting, it equals their righteousness inwardly. So a lot of people

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have to work on their character as much as they have to work on their prayer. Right? So we're, we're facing a lot of different struggles. The first level of struggle is the outward that's why Islam is the first of three levels of faith. Islam is only the outward the fact that we're praying people only they're so pious, they pray, I'm gonna send somebody's prayer does not fool me, but rather, how trustworthy they are, when they do business, and how they are. In essence, they're held trustworthy for what they say. So he said, a person's prayer does not fool me. That's the meaning the outward aspect of our faith is just the first level of faith. Islam is the outward actions. Right. And then

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you have Eman which is the inward belief in the heart and refining character, and part of refining character, we sometimes don't go into detail, but how are you as a human being? How are you? How is your personality? Do you know how to overcome conflict? Do you know how to not get on somebody's nerves? Do you know how to basically be a good friend? Do you know how to communicate? These are what things what we mean by refining character some people they don't have any of this to be honest with you. They think that just because they prayed or the front row in prayer prophets or cinema says that the heaviest thing on the scale of these is your good character. So how are you as a

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person? Do people when they look at you they look Oh, man. Look what the prophesy since is the most beloved to Allah subhanaw taala are those who are easygoing and they are light, being light hearted they don't take everything as an offense. Everything is offensive. Everything is all of a sudden you holding grudges against people, their lights? Can you take it easy, co located inshallah. They're also not pushovers. But at the end of the day, what is it that we can show that we are people of refined personalities? Character, I think sometimes is is taken to as you're opening doors for people and you're giving sandwiches you know, character is how is your personality? Who are you as a

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person? Are you somebody that is genuine, genuine, this is sometimes even rarer these days? Are you somebody that is caring, empathetic? Are you somebody that is not easily triggered by somebody disagreeing with you? How many people just triggered Oh, you disagree with me? I hate you and I hate everything about you will calm down. This is Subhanallah we can disagree amicably. Sometimes we have to understand what are the what are the valid parameters of valid disagreement. If you if you have valid disagreement, I have valid disagreement. It's based on something in opinion, like you'd like cornflakes and I like honey nut cheerios, we're good. We don't need to fight over who likes the best

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cereal right? But if it's something like hey, Salah is five times the last four times we have a problem because there's there's valid difference of opinion here right. So similarly, we also need to understand that our personalities must be refined in essence, but if if we come across a bad example if we face Muslims who are

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mistreating us you don't just you know blanket statement all Muslims are like this. I don't want to have Muslim friends because they're this and they're that Allah says what's the enough second Malvina Yeah, they're gonna have patience, patiently persevere with those who call on their Lord, meaning, find Muslim friends, make sure that your companionship is Muslim. Find those who are fitting with your with your personality fitting with your character, Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said of course, otherwise, you know the magenta that souls are like conscripted soldiers. You know you've ever met somebody

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either basically, it's as if you known them forever. And it's almost like you match your personality and your demeanor. And then there's some people that you've never seen them before in your life, but you meet them in the first instance. And you're like, I really don't like you. I really don't like who this person is. That's what the prophets I send my says that souls are like that. They if they find somebody with affinity and likeness, they they come together, and if they don't, they separate. So yes, there's a certain sense of, of course, common courtesy. Somebody's like, oh, I don't like you. So I'm going to talk down to you and speak evil to you and cetera. But there's also a sense of

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common courtesy and just trying to essentially not be somebody that's constantly triggered, as they say, We have to work on that. And that's what the Prophet SAW, I sent him and says, I mean, Allah subhanaw, Taala commanded His Prophet, in essence, to patiently stick and persevere with having Muslim company. And the importance of that is that at the end of the day, whoever your surroundings are, with and your company, whoever you keep in your company, that's what your lifestyle is going to be like. So should you cut everybody off? No, that says that you increase those people who are following the lifestyle that you follow the values that you hold, dear. And essentially, that is

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what's going to impact you. And having good company is something Allah commanded. The Prophet Muhammad SAW Islam in the Surah, Surah, Kahf, ayah, number 28, to basically persevere, patiently persevere with those who are people of faith, people of righteousness. And do not let your eyes look at this

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second portion of the audit, well, that's how do i neck and do not let your eyes wander? You know how your eyes wander from material gain and benefits of the world worldly benefits and materialism, your eyes wander, you know, you see a new iPhone going on, it's amazing. Your eyes start wandering in a car and objects and even people, Allah says, Don't let your eyes wander,

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lower your gaze from materialism. So as we talk about lowering the gaze of something that you find attractive, that's not, you know, the fitting for you to look at, but how many times we've talked about lowering the gaze of the heart from things that detach you from Allah spider that

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we should think about that as well. So hence, why having righteous company they will help you and you will help them and hence why the Scholars they have a statement, they says, ellenson Yeah, Drew, what are you the only human being either is somebody that's calling, or they're being called to? We're either being attracted, or we're attracting, we're either being influenced or we're the ones influencing. So in essence, you have to understand that Subhanallah we're very tribal in many ways. How many people will they kind of go along with what's popular, what's what's well known, because we all just want to fit in, we all essentially want to be accepted. And that's why you have to create a

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nation a social circle of people that their value system is aligned with what Allah loves. And hence those are the believers. Those are the righteous. Those are the people who not only outwardly practice Islam, but inwardly refine their hearts, refine their personalities, refine their character, refine their dealings with others, because ultimately, the famous Arabic statement is not Hadith many people think is Hadith, but Adidam Ramana write the entire Deen of Islam is interactions and how you refine people and their character and that's why

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there's a Hadith of the Prophet system which is authentic, and that has a camera Tadeu to then the way you deal with others, in your Deen in your lifestyle in your interaction with them. That is how you will be dealt with combat to the you know to them. May Allah Subhana Allah bless us to reflect on these powerful powerful after the Quran. Of course, we can talk more about these different subjects, but these are just reflections. Thank you all for listening to Illuminations, Quranic reflections from the Halloween. We're finishing up,

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night 20. Tomorrow's the night of the 21st. And of course, that begins the last 1/3 of Ramadan, where we hope to strive. And if we haven't had a great beginning, as long as you have a great ending, that's what's most important, and that we fulfill the objective, what is the objective that this Ramadan would have, we have come closer to Allah refined ourselves and have gotten better at something, and that we leave Ramadan, that we have

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tried and strove to the best of our ability, at least, that we can say Alhamdulillah Insha Allah, we ask Allah to pour upon us the blessings of Ramadan for the rest of the year because essentially, that's what it will tell him said, he said Joe moi, is the balance of the week. And Ramadan is the balance of the year, and Hajj is the balance of a lifetime. So may Allah subhanaw taala bring us equilibrium spiritual balance, is something that we're looking for and hopefully we strive for, you still have time. When Milan is still here. As long as it's still here. We have air in our lungs and blood in our veins. Then we have an opportunity. We ask Allah to bless all of us to accept from all

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of us, we're going to Sharla we will continue our journey

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I'm reflections illuminations from the domain in shallow or some last night about have you been able to veto how the other side was right it's like a little hamlet shadow lane I left the stuff out two weeks