Omer El-Hamdoon – Taraweeh Reminder #04 – Come back to Allah

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The importance of smoke and alcohol in Islam is essential for avoiding sin and being wiped clean. The speakers emphasize the need to try to return a passeship, avoid sin, and not drinking in public settings. The importance of avoiding sinful behavior and not smoking in public settings is also emphasized. The need for everyone to act as a small teenager is also emphasized.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was having him and while

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there is no set time

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for repenting to Allah subhanho wa Taala there's not a specific you know, day two or day or time of the day or night that you have to repent rather, repenting to Allah subhanho wa Taala can happen and should be happening on a regular basis, it can happen at any time. And this is the beauty of the regime of Allah subhana wa Tada. And also I want to talk about repentance because Ramadan gives us an extra reason, an opportunity for us to repent, as the gates of Elgin are open, inviting people to come forward and to partake, and the aromas are attracting the good deeds and those who seek them. So Ramadan gives you that opportunity to do that. And so I want to mention to you 10 facts about

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Toba and repentance, which are important for us to acknowledge and to understand, number one,

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tobacco is obligatory from all sense, if you have committed a sin, then it's obligatory, it's a must on you to do a tobacco. So it is not something that you can stop something that's preferable. So as long as recommended, you have to do a tobacco from those sins. If you want those sins, to be wiped clean your slate to be to be white, you know, to be raised nothing on that slate so that you can, you can meet the last panel a title with no sense. And that's why previously, they used to say a terrible many of them come and let them Bella, the one who repents and from the sin, and it is like he has no sin.

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Number two, there are three essential pillars for Toba, one related to the past, one related to the present and one related to the future. As for the past, you have to feel regret. And let them you have to feel regret that you have committed the sins in the past. And that's why in the Hadith, atoll battlenet them.

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Secondly, with regards to now the present, you have to stop doing that sin, it would be a false kind of repentance, that you're repenting to Allah Subhana Allah, but you're still carrying on with the sin. And thirdly, for the future, you have to make that firm intention and affirmation that you are not the resolve that you're not going to do it again. So with those three things, they make up the essential part of tober pillars. Fact number three, if your sin or your injustice involves a human, in addition to those three, there is a fourth element which is that you must try to return that injustice or repay it back or make it right to the person that you have done injustice towards this

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may include returning some money that you have stolen, or you have cheated somebody out of it might be putting a truth, the lie that you may have spoken about, and so on so forth, without going too much detail into this. Fact number four, is that every human and this is something that Islam, emphasize every human is born without sin. There is no every human has does not have sin. There is no concept of original sin in Islam. And even if you read the Bible correctly, you will find that there is no concept of original sin in Christianity either.

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Because even though we are going to too much theology, but even the saying of Jesus, they said and he's saying that, you know,

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basically advising people to repent because he said you You will then be like children, as you enter the kingdom of God. So he's even acknowledging that children are those who have no sense. So there is no Original Sin. And Allah Subhana, Allah wants you therefore to stay sin free, as much as possible. So that's Fact number four. Number five, that no sin, no sin is too great for a las panatela to forgive. every sin can be forgiven by Allah.

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And Allah who will forgive a person as long as he turns to Allah and to emphasize this point, the prophet Isaiah and tells us of the Hadeeth of a person, the story of a person who killed 9999 people and then went on to kill 100. And even though he had come into such a heinous crime of killing 100

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Innocent people, a loss palatinus still allowed his repentance to be accepted when he showed the attitude of repenting to a loss of Hannah Montana even though he had not fully completed his mission of going to the land that he was advised to even then a light accepted his return so even that, you know, and killing somebody is not easy. killing a person is a very big crime as the prophet SAW Selim said in a hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari, Eliezer nofas hatin Minh Emery he ofI de mal and you save them and haraam and a person remains to have some sort of space within his DNA and is still there is leeway, as long as he does not spill unlawful blood meaning that he kills somebody.

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I'm just here.

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Number six that Allah subhanho wa Taala will continue to keep his door open for you for repentance. So as long as you want to come back to Allah, Allah will come back will allow you will accept that from you. And in the Hadith the prophet SAW Selim said in the lie of Sophia who believed the two bamboo see where the Hoban ha, Leah Tomasi, and they

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had the abattoir Sham Sumi ma Moravia that Allah will extend his arm during the day so that the one who has committed sins during the night can repent and he extends his arm during the night to the one who commits sin during the day will repent until the sun rises from the west. So here the extension is that the a lot panto continues to accept the person's repentance right up to number one either the door of repentance is closed with the sun coming out of the west or when you are dying are about to die. So that is the end of your life while a Latina a to Ola Latina

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had a they had almost a lot of beauty Jonah last time says that sometimes as a person comes death comes to them then they start to want to come

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well I set it over to the lady and a man wanna see they had a they have a header Module Pilot in the tube tool and so Toba is not for the people who as they're approaching death, when then they say okay, I'm gonna repent now.

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fax number eight, not only is the last pantile opening the gates to engender Sorry, go to his repentance numb, he is also happy. He is happy that Europe happened to him. So he wants you to repent. It's not like a lost handout or wants you to commit a sin so that He will punish you because Allah doesn't need to punish you is not in he has no there is no gain for our loss or to punish you or to reward you so Hanna what Allah he is, he is all sufficient self sufficient average Subhana. But Allah is happy when you repent to him. And that's why

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in a brief story, that the prophesizing said that Allah is more happy. Allah is more happy with the repentance of one of you than a person who has lost his camel. And on the camel is all his provisions of water, food, everything in the middle of the desert he's lost is in the middle of desert, he's about to die, he knows that that's it. There is no option here. There's nothing I don't have my provision, I don't have my my ride, no water, etc. And then

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fortune with the last fantasea this guy receives his camel his camel comes back to him. Imagine the kind of happiness that person has for the prophesied himself Allah is more happier than this person who has found his luggage after it has disappeared from him. Fact number nine, every one of us by our very nature, we will commit sins we will commit short shortcomings these sins might be things that are very apparent and very grave heinous as Allah Subhana Allah mentions

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to us may be committing shirk may be killing somebody may be stealing and you know, lots of these things or they might be those hidden since the hidden but major sense that a lot of us fall into unfortunately, lying backbiting making fun of people mocking others, you know, all these things, which we might think is just small things here that they are things which go hidden. And sometimes people might

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might find big sins, you know, really,

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you know, they're they're very worried about committing I think, you know, big things like drinking alcohol, for example. But they are very easy with backbiting and talking about people and gossiping and so on. So the reality is we will all sin, but that's not the issue. I mean, it is a problem. Don't get me wrong, it's not good to send. But the thing is, how do you behave after that? And that's why I have said that the best of the people who send out

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We repent to Allah. And the last fact 10th Fact number 10 is that repenting to a lion seeking His forgiveness is not just from committing sins, it's also about falling short, you know, when you should have been doing acts of goodness or things like that and you didn't. It's also to and that's why even the process and who didn't come into any sense didn't do any errors on his behalf. But even then, he was to repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala regularly, and in one Hadith used to do that more than 70 times a day and other had even said used to do it 100 times a day and we saw he was continuously repenting to a loss pantalla seeking His forgiveness as a form of getting closer to

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Allah. So the message from the reminder today is we have to repent to Allah and tirelessly make the use occasion of Ramadan to scan our hardware, think about ourselves, what have we, what have we done, how can we get rid of those

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in accuracies inadequacies in our systems, so that we can wipe the slate clean, make a fresh start in Sharla

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