in Uzbekistan- Tashkent Part 1b

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So on my second day, they visit to Tashkent, we went to the Islamic, or the International Islamic Academy in posh Canada, and this is an academy that was established to teach Islam all different levels from school right through the way to university and to postgraduate degrees, as well. It was established on a site which is sort of dedicated to be a great site which has historic significance. And here you can see, we met with the Vice Chancellor, who told us a little bit about the history of how this place was established and some of the Heritage linked to this place.

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Later on, we went and we saw the vast number of manuscripts that they have in this in this academic

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some of them are have been published, others are still remaining as manuscripts waiting to be published as well. So great visit shows Subhanallah that they still have those origins of the Islam quite well. cemented in the Uzbekistan culture and traditions. May Allah subhanaw taala preserve them and keep them going in this regards.