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Hadith number two, from the level kindergarden of Mentos over the righteous. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Cebu or hanekom Connect with your relatives.

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This hadith, in its shortness is an instruction for us to make that connection with our relatives, those whom Allah has given us a connection through the womb, through the lines of kinship. They will include our brothers, our sisters, our aunties, paternal maternal our grandparents, our cousins, our nephews, nieces, and so on. But those who are close to us, those who are relatives to us, this instruction from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that we should connect with our hand those close people to us, because they are our family. And they have a right over us. And that's why Allah mentioned in the Quran, at the Roma haka, give the one who's close to give him their right.

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And so we can teach the child through this hadith, the importance of how do we connect with our relatives by visiting our cousins visiting our uncles asking about them, you know, if your child is grown up, and he can, maybe it has a telephone or if not, maybe to send them a message, send them a letter, a message of Salaam, greetings in aid greetings, aroma avant these occasions, you know, that kind of actions invites the child. And also you can ask the child to think of ways of how they can connect with their kids and their relatives. And, obviously, also important is to teach children to know who their relatives are, what are the names of your grandparents, who are the names of your

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uncles, from your father's side, from your mother's side, your brothers and sisters, your cousins, etc. And that teaches the child the importance of knowing our relatives, and how we should have to be kind to them, and maybe a more concentration on those who are close to us the closest and the closest, our mothers, our fathers, and so on a very important lesson, to teach the child how to connect with our close ones, our relatives through different modes, and get the child to think of ways of how they can incorporate that into their lives. So how are you find that the children's imagination is so great in this matter?