H00-03 – Read The Quran – Meadows of the Righteous

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Hadith number three from level kindergarden of meadows of the righteous riobel, sila heen. For the children, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a Quran Quran, read the Quran recite the Quran

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and we can teach our children the importance of the Quran connecting with the words of ALLAH knowing the importance of the word of Allah, and how we connect with those words knowing the importance of reading the Quran, so to teach the child how much reward how much agile, how much has Senad there is linked to reciting the Quran. Also the Quran is the word of Allah, our Creator, who we believe in as in Hadith number one, we have established a connection with Allah subhanho wa taala. So these are his words to us, he's telling us things he's communicating with us. So there's a great message in time to learn the Quran as well. The importance of memorizing the Quran because we can read the

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Quran and memorize it and and try to have a link to a Quran in our lives so that when we are praying we can recite the Quran. But also it's important to let the Quran also be alive in the child's life.

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When do they read the Quran, you know, after the Salah reading AYATUL kursi and who Allah had and the model with a team before going to bed, also at different times, you know, the Quran teacher, teach them that the Quran has a part to play in their life and also try to incorporate more their stories of the Quran into their lives, incorporate the cloud of the Quran into their lives as the prophesy seventh was the the Quran. So in this hadith, you can introduce them to what the Quran is and what it means for us as a Muslim. How important is it for us as a Muslim? And maybe to answer some questions that they have about what does the Quran tell us? How is it a guidance for us? How do

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we use it in our day to day life and also to introduce them to the importance of the agile and the reward that is linked in the Quran?