Taking Off Your Hijab

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In a chef video, the host discusses the difficulty of wearingffied clothing and the need to take care of one's behavior. He advises the audience to never give up on their good deeds and take care of their behavior until next time. The host also mentions a coupon for a dad's job until next time.

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Doesn't matter if somebody wears hijab if they're committing all these other sins, you're watching hashtag asleep.

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A person may look at their life and see that they commit all these other sins and they may say to themselves, does it really matter if I wear hijab or not? This is a trick from chef on. What Chandon wants you to do is give up on this one good deed that you are doing. There's no doubt that wearing hijab is indeed very, very hard, and this is why Chandon will usually attack from that door, you will constantly be on your back and he will remind you of how hard hijab is, or if you don't wear hijab Shantanu will constantly come and remind you that it is indeed very, very hard to your life is going to change when you wear hijab. And that may be true, but remember, even just wearing Hijab and

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you may not do any other good deeds, or you may commit a lot of other sins, but that wearing of that hijab is still a good deed and you are still in obedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. So never ever give up on that hijab and a loss How do I dad knows best until next time, inshallah. Tada. I said, I'm on a coup. de la here are what I can do.