Do Not Judge Others 09 -Humble Yourself

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. The ninth reason why we should avoid judging others is also very important you linked to us, because when you judge others, you are putting yourself, or what seems to be making yourself appear as if you are higher or superior than the one you are being judged. Because I mean, even today, when you look at things like the courts and things like that the judge is given a superior standing, everybody enters the court, you know, all rise, everybody has to rise for the judge, the judge is seated on a higher place, and so on, not for that individual per se, but more about the position that he holds. So he holds the position of

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judging for the the court or for the country that he represented. So you're standing up Accenture is to give you that give him the respect for the position that he holds.

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And so automatically, if you can make that analogy that a person who judges is feels or thinks that they are higher, they're in a higher position, they are superior. And that is obviously a big disaster. Because the points that we mentioned before, all tell us that you as the one who is making the judgment, you don't know about the person who's being judged, you don't know what's in their hearts, you don't know their intention, you don't know about their reality, you don't know the end result. So you are making judgments, and placing yourself in a position which, in fact, is totally or could be totally wrong, because you don't know where your station is with a lost paddle. And you

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don't know where their station is with Allah. And by making yourself feel, or you think that you are superior, that is a dangerous place to put yourself in. Because arrogance and pride,

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known as Kippur in in Arabic, is a dangerous act. It's a dangerous reality. And that's why even the prophet SAW Selim said,

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light halogen, men can feel I'll be here with all right, in case you have a small amount, even if it says, as small as an empty egg of kibble, you will not enter agenda. So it's a big dangerous thing to have. And that's why a lot of the teachings of Islam a lot of the practices that even some of the ritual things is to invite you to humble yourself. And humbling yourself means that you know where you are. And you are into the day, one of the creational law you're a slave of Allah. And there is that interaction. And that's why once a woman passed by a woman who was trying to mock the Prophet site, and then she passed by him, and she saw him sitting on the ground, eating his food and sitting

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in a with his, with his leg raised.

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You know, he's taught tours, which is like a sort of a joint together, sitting you know, sitting which is coming together close. And she said to him, look at him to say, Oh, look at him. He you know, he's claiming that he is a prophet and a messenger and he is sitting like a slave. And he's eating like a slave. You know, if she was she, in her assumption, which is wrong. And her arrogance as well thinking that, you know, if he is a messenger and His Prophet, why is he sitting on the ground and eating and then the prophet SAW Selim commented, he said, a journal, correct? Yes, I eat like a slave and I sit like a slave because I am a slave. And I'm a slave to a last pattern. So that

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is the meaning behind all of this, you know your position, you know where you are. And when you're a slave to Allah, and you know, your status in front of a law that will lead you to deal with others in a more humble way. And not to think that you are better or superior, which end of the day is dangerous for you in this life, and the next