Omer El-Hamdoon – Taraweeh Reminder #22 – Strive for the Most in the last 10

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The importance of praying at home during lockdown is discussed, including the benefits of it, such as reflection, investment in one's life, and the importance of finding forgiveness from loss. The speaker also touches on the need for regular breaks to achieve reward, and the importance of taking breaks to encourage productivity and social media usage. The need for a good night's sleep and break to achieve reward is emphasized, along with the importance of regular breaks to encourage social media usage.
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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy he or Manuela,

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as we mentioned previously, that these are the 10 nights, they are the prestigious nights that Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah has given us.

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And there are great mentions of them in the Quran, and in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I mean, there is a difference of opinion about when Allah says well at the 10 knights, and he swears by them in solitary. Whether it's referring to these nights of Ramadan, or whether it's the first 10 days of the ledger, that's debate between the scholars nonetheless, there is no difference that the prophets I seldom used to do great efforts in these 10 nights.

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And we have prepared for you a very simple PDF file, which has very basic information but is very helpful as well. And that is to allow you to make a template for your ebook either through this night. Now, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to

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establish most of the night in

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lpm what I hear Lee Lowe he used to revive the night. And so therefore, if you do have the ability to stay awake throughout the night, it's about five hours or so even less, then definitely do so because these are precious moments. And you have to treat these moments as if you are a businessman or businesswoman, a trader, somebody who is ready to get as much of the good deeds as as possible. Remember, Allah Subhana Allah teaches us about this trade and in the Quran. You read a few times how last Pattaya talks about this, you know, your Lydian local malattie Jara tinggi, cumin, Liam Oh, you believe Shall I inform you of a trade that will save you from a severe punishment in the lifetime

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you know what we need now foster home while I'm while at home ban Allah homogenic. Allah has purchased from the believers, their selves and their wealth in exchange for them is Elgin. So the the bonking Is there even when the Sahaba were with the prophet SAW Selim the first onsala, if you like, when they came to Bay, actually October the first the second beta, the second Pledge of Allegiance at Alibaba, which is in Mena, they met with the prophets, I send them those who came from Medina, the 72 people, and the Prophet and the process and then, you know, again, he, he, he proposed his deal to them, which was that they would, they would harbor him they would look off to

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him, they would protect him from the enemies and, and so on and, and that they should believe in Allah established, Allah gives you a carrot and so on. That they they return, they said, I'll measure law.

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What will we get in return? So you ask the kind of mentality, what will we get in return? If we did all of that? What is the what is the other end of the deal? So the prophet SAW Selim said, agenda, you're dealing here with agenda, you know, that's, I'm not gonna offer you any worldly positions, I'm not gonna say that you will be the masters of the Arabs or the Arabian Peninsula, or indeed, masters of the world, I'm just saying to you, that you fulfill your end of the deal, the contract, you will get engine. So that that way you have to think about and if you think about like that, then you say, Well, okay, these are, this is in these coming nights, there is an opportunity for a night,

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which is greater than 1000 months, you know, so it's worth it's worth your effort, right is worth your concentration just to try and get it because yeah, you might lose a few hours sleep, you might get a little bit tired, but at least in return, you will be able to

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be able to get so much more. So if you think with that mentality and they say okay, how do I maximize? How do I maximize my income? How do I maximize my productivity? And well, if you think about it, and I just thought about it, for sure. Well, what's the kind of things that you can do in this night? Well, you've got sila, you've got the prayer, and praying, you know, is is about again focus is about reflection is about contemplation.

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Because Allah isn't just, it's not supposed to be just a series of acts and you know, it's not supposed to be done in a robotic fashion. So this is the beauty of being in lockdown is that when we are in lockdown, you have the opportunity to pray at home by yourself or with your family, but at least there is more opportunity for you to focus and you're not just going to go into automatic mode I said that before. Secondly, you have recite ation of the Quran with also an opportunity to reflect on the Quran and reflect maybe also a Hadeeth or some sayings. And the act of reflection in itself is a bad it's not a waste of time if you're sitting for 1015 minutes, just thinking about about your

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you know your life thinking about others thinking about you know, or even reflecting about some verses on a hadith How do they mean how do they How do they

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implement you know, how do they affect me What kind of acts need to be generated for me that's an act of a bad and you'll be rewarded for that and you might even be more than for example praying Salah was you are somewhere else you know it was you're thinking about your horror or you know you're thinking about your pillow or something. So having that reflection is also an act of a burden. Number four, Vicar remembrance or loss of Hannah talent is this this is beauty because this is the this is the you know, this is the moneymaker. This is the this is the user where you make your money is the capital, you know, you just invest in your bank of hassle, not with the vicar

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because it really doesn't cost you anything. And it's actually very easy whenever you're sitting down, you know,

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just wondering what to do, or you just got off to go to the kitchen or you went so you know, just, you know, try and get used to saying, you know, simple things not have to do last Panama Panama hamdu lillahi wa mala how la fuerza illa Billah, allama, Sunday Allah, Mohammed Ali, Mohammed, you know, these kinds of things will fill in the gaps but also there make for very great reward that you can get from Allah subhanho wa Taala. In doing so, and investing greatly into into the alpha,

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then we have an obviously when we say because well, we're not forgetting the sellout on the profit side. And we also do not forget, it's still far, which is a type of vigorous a type of diet as well, which is the fifth thing which is so seeking forgiveness from a loss pantalla especially before fudger. Remember, last pantalla he he praised a group of people.

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And he said he described them as Mycenaean people who attempted perfection and the other ones will be an agenda. He said Little of the night that they used to sleep can only Lamanna lay my own will be less how Mr. throne and in the time of as hard which is the time before pleasure they will use doing is too far. So make that time as default. Try don't leave your server, you know, like those

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who live there live right till the end, you know, minute to minute, the last second and then just, you know, eating caviar scroll a little bit earlier than you know and leave the last 1015 minutes as far as coming, utilize that for is the far and asking a last pantalla figurative so maybe you will be included in that verse that Allah Subhana Allah mentions. And then

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so we've mentioned all those things, and then obviously, you need a break as well. And it's important to incorporate breaks into your, your nightly program, because without doubt,

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you need first of all to make sure that includes your support, you need to have a break so that you know the continuity can also be a little bit overwhelming. You know, if you're just praying all this time, you just return for all this time, having small breaks

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can help you to inshallah, continue in your, in your night, and you can achieve the most knowing that break as well. And there's a point that I think is very important. Make sure that when you have the break intend that I am having this break so that I can strengthen myself to complete the night. And so automatically now your break becomes rewarded by a loss panatela so that's so powerful in the business minded business minds is how do I make everything count? Everything is for a large part of I think, everything, every intention, every word, every action, everything has to be accounted for any Sharla you'll get so much reward in that break. And also I mentioned you might also want to

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maybe watch a video you know from YouTube, and a useful video, you know, maybe a lecture maybe I'll remind them something that is beneficial. for five minutes, 10 minutes, it just breaks up the continuity of things and help you would a word of warning. Be careful of opening up social media.

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During the night it's very easy to be dragged in

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To the sinkhole of social media, you're in there, you're checking one message all of a sudden, you know, you're watching all these videos that somebody sent you're in a group all these chats or these things and then you lose time. This is not the time to lose your time you know, you remember you are businessmen and women, you are people looking out for the best opportunity. So do that inshallah. Tada.

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