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The importance of actions and personal deeds is emphasized, including obstacles such as poverty and distraction from purpose. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to avoid distraction from past and past experiences, avoid distraction from drugs and alcohol, and stay true to oneself. The upcoming Court of Del submitting evidence of actions is also emphasized, and individuals are encouraged to use their influence and do the good things to make the desired changes.

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There's fear Allah as you should be feared and die not accepting the state of Islam. Yeah you hola Xena Armando Taka la haka to party wa mucho 912 Muslim moon.

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No doubt, anyone who reads the Quran and looks at the sayings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And indeed the sayings of the scholars of the past will find that

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Islam has focused what it necessitates and requires from people to do. Very basic, very simple to have a man and to do is to have a man and to do the good works to do the good acts. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala repeatedly mentions these two qualities and what is related to these two qualities in a Latina mano y mano smiley, happy Canada home jannatul for those in Missoula, those who have Eman and those who do the amount of sila, they will have the gardens of Alfa DOS, as their reward, and so on many verses like this, and the loss of Hanoi, it's Allah mentions actions and the importance of actions.

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And also part of the realization of what Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger wants for us as humans is to realize that in addition to the importance of actions, there are things which will prevent us things which will be barriers between achieving these things. There are barriers there are hurdles, there are stumbling blocks, which can make it difficult for us to do allow a man to do the good deeds.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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encouraged us to make the initiative to start the good deeds. Do not procrastinate. Do not delay things, for starting now, and get on with the work. And in a hadith narrated by Imam eternity, the prophet SAW Selim sets out an important reality to alert us to those hurdles are some of the most important and indeed the seven most important and drastic hurdles that will and are waiting for individuals. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but you will Amal subang

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has done all the Luna Illa for Quran when sia

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alvina moto Leah

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our moto bon musi de

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Ohara man muffin NIDA

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Oh, Moulton majida

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with the john Fisher Rojas, a binyon tavar. We say

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what is that to add? How are

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the prophets I send them said, initiate actions. Go forward, start the actions do the works. Because ahead of you, there is one of seven, at least things that will come to you, which will be those barriers that prevent you from doing the good deeds. While those seven he said Are you waiting?

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Are you are you waiting? Or are you considering this might come to you for Quran, Moon sia,

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which will cause you to forget

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or to cause you to abandon because the word mission in the Arabic language can either mean to forget or it can mean to leave.

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So are you waiting for yourself to become in a situation of poverty such that that poverty causes you to leave and to be distracted from your purpose? Because indeed, when you become afflicted by poverty,

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your concern is how do I

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pay my bills? How do I pay my rent?

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How do I pay for my next meal?

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How do I

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ensure that I have

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The future ahead of me to pay for the different things, whether it's my fees, whether it's my living expenses, whether it's for marriage, whether it's for the children, whatever, you start to be completely distracted. And in some certain severe cases, which is not unheard of today, in the world, people in this severe poverty are even concerned about what When are they going to get? Or where are they going to get the water to drink?

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So, imagine yourself now I mean, Hamdulillah, Allah Subhana Allah has blessed us with so much things. But imagine yourself now in a situation where you don't have water

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to drink, let alone to do or to clean yourself or take a shower whatever, what would you what would be the first thing that you wake up in the morning you can say, What am I getting at the waterfall. And that's why we see people who walk for miles and miles just to get some a bucket of muddy water just so that they could carry on with their day to day life. So imagine the bigger picture and that's why the President said that the pharmacy can make you forget distract from your purpose in life.

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And that's why the process I'm used to seek refuge of a la la mania with a beaker. Meanwhile, coffre or faculty, or allies seek refuge of you from before this belief in gratitude and faculty from poverty, because poverty can indeed cause a person to become

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And in the saying of IE of your long run, he said, lo kana, Falco, radziwill en la casa, if poverty was a man, I would have killed him.

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Because he leads, you know, causes that people to the harm and the difficulties that it causes people.

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The process lm said, so that's number one, he said, or are you waiting for Hanan What

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are you waiting for

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a type of materialistic richness to becoming rich to become rich, you become wealthy,

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which causes you to become Medallia

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results in you becoming trans

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grassing transgressor

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the other extreme.

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When you start to have so much wealth, so much materialistic

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assets and properties and such and such, it can also divert you away from your course, it will distract you, because it makes yourself transgress the boundaries.

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We've seen today, some of the richest people in the world, no doubt is obsessed with people who are rich, so rich lists everywhere. The rich, top Rich List in the UK, the rich list in the world, the rich list from the black and ethnic minorities, the rich list from the women's, every, every category, there's a wish list, they don't see who's rich. But even the richest people who have accumulated not millions, but billions.

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Which means that if they were just to retire and stop, they have enough money probably to live their life 10 times 20 times over. But even then, they don't stop chasing the money. And the wealth, they still have to make more money, more wealth. They need more. We know some of the great, greatest, I say greatest in

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quotation marks, dictators and despots of the world today they accumulate so much money, and they put all their money in the banks thinking exactly as Allah describes them. Yeah, so one Amala who acleda he thinks that his wealth will give him eternity. And he knows that it does not. But they keep on gathering they keep stealing from the people just to fill their pockets. So the Z now will cause you that it will distract you because when you have money, you start counting your money. And now today with the mobiles and the mobile apps or your banking apps are in front of you always opening your mobile apps checking how much money is in as your as your check come in as you've been

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paid this this continuously and when you have lots of money you keep on counting money and it causes you to transgress because you're allowed no longer becomes the flock of someone who really has understands the wealth and the and the gift of wealth.

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Are the prophets I send them said, Are you waiting for a model one more? Are you waiting for an illness to befall you, which will corrupt you? It will corrupt your life. And this is apparently the nature of illness.

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Just look at the people who have been affected by these terminal illnesses or these chronic debilitating illnesses.

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See how it's affected their lives.

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They day in day out in hospital,

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all these pills that they have to take, affects their health affects their quality of life, and not just themselves, the family around them. And you can imagine what kind of distraction that is for them, not going to be thinking about other things. They're thinking about how do I deal with this calamity that has befallen me, this model of this illness, which has truly corrupted my life.

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And Subhanallah we know it, maybe a lot of us here are young, most of us.

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And we don't haven't suffered from such a category. But even when we suffer from these smaller acute illnesses, we all know how that makes us really feel you have any kind of trouble, whether it's as simple as having a flu, or is a little bit more

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wider and bigger, we're having problems,

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breathing or problems with your head or with your limbs or your aching or whatever.

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Somehow, I remember a while back a few years ago,

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I had a problem in my stomach.

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And it was a problem which, till today, I didn't know what caused it. But it was one of those problems where

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something one of the smallest molecules that we know today, the hydrogen ion is a proton. When that is it goes out of balance in your stomach and the stomach produces too much hydrogen.

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Like gives you that gives you so much pain. And so while I suffered a lot of pain, every time you think about food, in how does he think about your stomach producer, and it's like somebody's tearing your stomach inside you and twisting it and all that. And for one week, I was feeling like this. It really does corrupt your life because you can't think about anything else.

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So are you waiting for this the Prophet silences? Or are you waiting for heroin and morphine, neither are you waiting for another type of illness which is not an illness. But for all intents and purposes it is.

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And that is old age,

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which again, the prophets of Allah He described in such a accurate words he said more friendly, demo friendly, that means it deconstructs you.

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And this is the nature of old age, the deconstruction you all the abilities and the strengths that you have the capabilities, they gradually start to fall down and collapse.

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The muscles, your bones, your hair, your teeth, your mental abilities, all this gradually starts to fade. You're no longer that powerful person roaming the land and stomping the earth that you want. Now, your eyesight goes your hearing weakens your teeth fall out, your hair goes gray or falls out.

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You can choose which one you want, when you can't really, but anything like that. And so therefore your abilities reduce. And now once you are once and thinking that I have the strength and I can go on with my day and ability now you need people to help you and to support you.

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And to give you that support, you might not even be able to dress yourself or eat yourself or even go to the bathroom yourself. You need somebody to help you to move you might even lose your ability to think and to recall things.

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Is that what you're waiting for her ramen muffin, neither old age which will deconstruct you so that you don't know how to get on with your day to day life?

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or physically? Are you waiting for Moulton? Which is

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are you waiting for death to come to you? And when death comes is merge his means it is final. But that's it? No more.

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And we all know, everybody knows that death is a certainty.

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Whether you have email or you don't have email, whether you have faith or you don't have faith, all the humans know that one day they will die. So reality cannot escape. But when will it come? Nobody knows. It's the knowledge is with the last panel.

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when death comes to you, it's too late. All the avenues for doing good have finished

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for you.

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You no longer have that ability to do things and that's why when you're on the

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recalling the moments and death you wish, even if it's just for a moment that you are be allowed extra time just to do those small things that you could have done.

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But it's too late. Allah Subhana Allah said Kela

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Kelly Martin who are in Ohio is just the word that he promises, but he's not gonna fulfill.

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And sixthly the profit sighs I've said, or are you waiting for the judge?

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For sure, Roja even on top of

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that they're

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the worst of all, unexpected strangers waiting to come.

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And again, one of those things that Allah subhanaw taala has the knowledge of when he's about to come.

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And indeed, the prophet sizing said, I have not left

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my truck to fit in a 10 hour bomb or a short two minute the job there is no fitting are greater and more harsher on my own, then that is

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a phenomenon that will arise, person that will come. And he will be a real big test for everybody. Is that what you're waiting for? Because really, when that the gel comes as well, it will be a distraction. No longer something you just get on with your life because it will be a distraction with everybody. And it is also the sign that things are coming to an end very quickly.

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And lastly, the prophet SAW Selim said always

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was sad,

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or are you just waiting for the day of judgment

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and the Day of Judgment is much more calamitous and much more bitter.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on one occasion he was

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he announced he said kafer Anam

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wa Sahib will currently fit into Carmel corn.

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One Tavares isn't my time frame for?

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How can I enjoy my life? When the owner of the horn meaning is Rafi, the angel who has been assigned to blow in the horn which is the signal that the Day of Judgment is arising is happening? How can I have any rejoice? Any pleasure? Any luxury, how can I enjoy my life when the owner of the horn has already taken hold of the horn, and has placed the horn on his lips, just waiting for the command to blow and he will blow and then that's all it's all over?

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My dear brothers and sisters in the Prophet Sal Elias lm is reminding us

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of these realities, which many times we forget. And that's why we are in Santa in son is named insan because he forgets

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that these things can happen to any one of us.

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Subhan Allah, you know, people how many people were walking about their day to day life business, thinking about certain things.

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And they, all of a sudden they're facing the reality of losing their life.

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Like Imam Al ghazali mentioned, he said, the reality of the dunya, when you see a bird, see the bird and an ant, the ant is busy working away, collecting the small bits of food.

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The whole team of ants are working to collect those food just to store it for a wintery day. And while the ant is doing this cut, along comes a bird picks up the ant and takes it away.

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It's getting on with his life, but it's and it's so sudden, and that is the reality.

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So we have to wake up. And we have to initiate actions, which is what the messages, don't wait for any of these things to happen to you because they could come to you at any time. And when they come, they will distract you. They will distract you. Or either they will distract you mentally, and take away your attention. Or they will take away your abilities to do anything. So even though you might want to do things but you have no abilities. If you're ill, or your old age, you can't do anything, anything. Or it might just take away everything altogether, like death, or the Day of Judgment. So it is a message for us to think about our lives and think about where are we at and not to delay

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actions, not to put off actions. Not to say I will do this tomorrow I'll do this next time or, but rather to take the initiative now and to start now and to deliver now who already had our stuff a lot of you were looking for stuff in our world before away.

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah hawala

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by the lot's of luck, Mr. Murphy no Kalia, you

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know de la hammock uno now saw the clean. Oh you who believe fear Allah and me amongst those who are truthful parts of being truthful Is that what you say? is in alignment with what you believe is in alignment with what you do.

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And that's part of being truthful. And that's why last month I had orders to do. Because if you announce and you say I believe in Allah,

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and I believe that agenda exists, and I believe the fire exists, and I believe that death is a reality and all that. How does that translate into your actions? Where is that in your life?

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You believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and you will live believe that there will be a day when you will stand before him.

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How have you prepared for such an occasion?

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You believe in agenda? Have you done the works of the people agenda?

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You believe in the fire? Have you abstained from all that that will lead you to the destruction of the fire?

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You believe that the Quran is the word of Allah but have you really read the Quran? Have you come comprehend it? Have you contemplated Have you pondered reflected around the Quran? Which is what Allah asked you to do if Li at the baronial Quran.

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You believe that the prophet SAW Selim has been sent to you as an example as a role model, but how much of his life do you actually follow and live? And how much of it do you choose to put aside?

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These are reality questions and they are reality checks. And most importantly is what have you done of actions

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because you will be asked about your actions

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and your actions will be that which will matter. And your actions will be the commodity that you will be able to deal with on the Day of Judgment.

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The Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said under this Hadith,

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he said that on the Day of Judgment, people will be resurrected, naked

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Bahama. Bahama means they have nothing, they own nothing, no luggage, no assets, nothing.

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And then they will hear a voice which will be called

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the one who is near will hear as one as well as the one who's far

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will announce that no one from the people have agenda shall enter agenda while they are still owing something

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to the people of the fire to a person from the fire. You may have mistreated somebody you might have backed by somebody you might have abused somebody you might have hit somebody you might have stolen from somebody wherever

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you will not enter the agenda even though you are destined for that you will not antigen until you repay back that person who's heading for the fire.

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You will pay back the injustice that you have done. So they said omashola How will we do this and we will be resurrected naked barefooted with nothing how are we going to pay back he said the lesson at USA yet with the good deeds and the bad deeds. That is a commodity.

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So that's why it makes sense for any person to start banking now. Banking their hessonite and increasing their capital because that's what's gonna matter in the next life, how you're going to pay back people for the justices. And then what do you have leftover to enable you to enter agenda with the Rahim of Allah with the mercy of Allah because the hacer not by themselves

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do not make you per se enter the agenda is the ram of Allah which has made the hassanal such a status.

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So ask Allah Subhana Allah to give me a new that ability to remember him to be grateful to him and to worship him correctly and to do the good deeds which enable us inshallah to enter an agenda with his Rama allama filon our Hamner wife you know our