Lying is a Disease of the Heart

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the concept of lying in divorce, which is becoming an epidemic. They also discuss the importance of driving on speed limit and the use of taqwa for evidence of lie. The speaker emphasizes the need to stay away from lying and use the media for evidence.

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And we're on losses, or may yet tequila, a giant lahoma Harada if he is a good man and you don't like him like what did the woman told us what he saw to Sarah, there is nothing wrong with him. I just can't live with him.

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So the first thing we always look at is lying. And that applies not only in divorce, that applies in everything, and it's becoming lying and we talked about this in the disease of the heart. It is becoming an epidemic.

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epidemic Jani, the first thing comes to you or me, to someone may Allah protect us when I am in trouble. This ayah doesn't come to meet me. getapp Elijah Allahu Maharaja, what comes to me lie.

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And as some of the books teaches you keep lying to lay believe you. Your law, what a non Islamic concept. This is.

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So lying in general, I am in a problem. You know, what do I the the

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for example, I'm sure you have the same thing here. You're driving, and you're speeding type and the police is behind you. Right? I can't tell you how many times people in front of me said Alhamdulillah ganja. Now, one of the things you learn in test kit is to drive on speed limit, because it is so much against your nerves.

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It's so much it's control. Right? You want to control the carnival and feel good. And there's a sign says 50. And the 50 is so slow. And there's no one in the in the street. So your neffs is shaytani. And the predator wants to control and you go so one of the things you learn in this case is to drive on speed limit.

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But when the for one reason or or you pass the red light pass that I'd like to play you. And here you go. Do you have this? Yeah, in the states that right away? You don't know where they come from? And they are behind you?

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And this is it. You have two options. Right? I wasn't speeding, doesn't work this one. Usually you have to find an excuse,

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for example, some ob gyn so I have a delivery.

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Don't you don't have a delivery don't. And I remember one time, and I was coming back from from a talk in the States. And I just I was driving on the speed limit. And suddenly I see behind me. And he comes and he said, Man, don't you know what you did? I said no, I really didn't. And he said it was red light.

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I said one lie. I didn't see it. I really didn't see it.

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And I read only and I said you know what? If it was ruined, and I passed it, then you're absolutely right. But I really didn't see it. Do you know what he did?

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He said, Ma'am, please just be careful next time. Maya tequila Maharaja. And I really didn't and I did wasn't like I really didn't didn't see it. I was just coming out from a talk I don't remember was very emotional. And my brain was all in what we were saying and everything. And I'm speeding and driving on the speed limit because the road you can drive more than 45 and I was on the speed limit. So I just I didn't see it. Hello, snow.

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Right? You forgot your book when you go to school. You forgot your book. I forgot my book. I'm a human being Gemini so and of the story. Why do you have to say Oh, it was there and why?

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Lying the first. The first sign of taqwa use we stay away from his lying. We never lie and move tequila, let alone our last resort to sand Lake the moment the believer doesn't lie. What about the mud tepee.