A Dua to make when in need of guidance

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I'll leave you with

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that also all Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make when things are very confusing and when people don't know the right from the wrong what have been Thema Rahim Allah, He used to stress upon the importance of this diet and he used to continuously make this diet

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it is a diet that best to make it in a time of quietness when things around you a peaceful and tranquil in the last third of the night, when the heart when the body has rested, and the heart has weakened or weakened for the sake of Allah and nothing else because this the last third of the night is a Cincy night. Nothing wakes you up except for a lot at night, you there's no there's nothing to do of the worldly affairs in the night and last third of the night. So the one who wakes up is really sincere with a lot. So get up at that time. And repeat this to help keep every night. Repeated, repeated, repeated, repeated, repeated until a lot of specialist guidance and direction

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comes to you. And you will see exactly clearly what's right from what's wrong. And that is the diet of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in where he teaches us to see a modern model big booty let me ILA what is sort of feel, felt a little similarity. Well, I'll even leave your Shahada and that that gomobi in either the coffeemaker no fee or telefoon a de Lima to the fluffy human unhappy if Nick for him. NECA Daddy, man, Tasha or lol So all the muster cream, hair, the whole diet. You're asking, Oh Allah, the Lord of God, the Lord of Mika in the lord of Israel feel

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fabulous, similar to when

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you're the Creator of the heavens in the earth. I alima labe your Shahada.

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You are the Knower of the unseen and the seen

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any, any when you see this, you all you know how much comfort and peace it's supposed to inject in your heart.

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We're in a time where you don't know the unseen you see you and I don't know the unseen.

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So you resort to the one who knows the unseen to the one who knows what's right from what's wrong. And then you say under gomobi in a bear the feedback no via telephone, you Oh Allah, you are the one who judges between the servants over what ever they are disagreeing upon. The servants the people today are disagreeing upon a lot of things. Every single person in the corner wants to give an opinion. Now if you had even children want to give their opinion when or however they're

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lacking will believe that there's a rush keep this silent. Don't rush. Go and make this Dyer. Say Allah. You're the one who judges between your servants over what ever they were in disagreement about. And then at the end, ask What do you want from a law you see a Dini? guide me?

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A De Lima how to defer fee him and I'll have to be if Nick. guide me to the truth by your permission. In nacada. Demon Tisha Illa Sol open muster team you're the one who guides anyone you want

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to the straight path. Nam Leonard guidance is in the hands of a loss Panama Diana is make this dire