D24 Du’aa of Yunus alaihi salam

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So, I want to why what I got on and the drive for tonight is that

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the famous Do I have you understand SLM or the known as he is also known as which the Quran mentions to us that when he was in trouble when he was in a time of difficulty, he called out to a last panel Tata ilaha illa and Chapin occur in the Quran to me avani mean La Ilaha Illa and there is no god except you szczepanik Glory be to You.

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I am amongst those who have committed wrongs or have wronged myself and this is the process I mentioned, is a great way to acknowledge one's errors and to call out on to the last pantalla and to acknowledge allies

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oneness and by doing that it is a form of drama, which is and can remove hardships and anxieties with Neela he died. So try to learn that drama and try to use it in your day to day life La La Land. So Hanukkah in may come to know Bollinger

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and we'll end there and Charlottetown will end with a or draw

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for the night, asking the last panel to accept from us and for me, along with enough human headache