Omer El-Hamdoon – D13 Duaa for Correction of Affairs

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their struggles with their lifestyle and the drought they are experiencing. They talk about their success in their life and how it will help them in their future. They also mention their success in their work and how it will greatly enhance their life.
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salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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the drought we have chosen for you today is a slightly longer drier than the one compared to the days before but it is a drought which is very encompassing and it is a very beautiful art because it is a that is asking a las panatela bearing in mind what we said before, which is that to take into account adonia and this is as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught us it's one of those who are in for

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a long osuna Lee Dini Alevi, who is smart to me it was lately dounia latifi ham ashy, was Leah harati la te fi Hi, Maddie. What's your eyelid Nia Anjali, hyah zyada tan leaf equally Hi, WA jolly Mota Leo Hatton coalition. So this is asking Allah subhanho wa Taala to help me with the different aspects in my life first of all Ostler so it is about making correct the parts of my life which are wrong absolutely Dini first of all correct my Dean which is that which protects my affairs as the God of my affair if my Dean is strong, is going to guide me in everything it's going to guide me in my life in my attitude and my the way that I think my my mental capacity, my heart everything is

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gonna guide me to the best ways for us literally Dini, a lady who is similar to me, it will help me it will guide me it will strengthen was the holy dunia and latifi How am I she correct for me my dunia because this is where I live it is where I'm living. This is my livelihood. If you can make my dunya good my livelihood will be good my income my family relations my my interactions that will be good as well was the only accurate in my next life correct for me my legs life I'll help me to correct my next live which is where I'm going to return to it's my next station what jahleel higher delizia that unfrequently higher and here the drought we talked previously about life and death here

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the the die is about life and death as long as I'm alive make my life make my living make my being present make it Ziad and increase for every good so as long as I live every second that I live every moment every day that I live make it an increase of good make it doing things good but on the other hand if I'm not someone who is doing good then make a death if death comes to me make death a cut off from all evil so I'm no longer doing anything haram anything bad anything wrong at least that way if I'm living is for good if I die then it's also for good for me inshallah. So it's a beautiful diet. It's good to learn it's good to put in your one of your barrows in your your in your

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Which is important to be used when you need it in sha Allah to Allah because the DA is to learn more minutes is the weapon of the moment we make and inshallah tada with a DA encompassing those which we have mentioned before, similar manner

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