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Similar Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He also have you know, Allah, respected sisters and brothers, we are coming to the end of the program and we as we come to the end of the program we remind you and share with you a DA and do our we've chosen today which is an all encompassing do is a very simple drop by it's very powerful. And that is Rob Bell fairly them be surely he daddy barbarically He recently

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three sentences, all very powerful, very, very important. I'll be fairly than me, my Lord forgive me, my sins are my sin. And sin here can when it's used in a singular form, it refers to the the actual

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determinant of sin so it's not just one sin but it is the nature of sin.

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And we're certainly if you doubt it expand and extend my house because there's nothing better than an extended house. And although the extended house here can have two meanings, it can be literal and it can be metaphorical. Literally it means to get a bigger house last time give you a bigger house or metaphorically it can mean that the house that may seem small in its capacity, or volume or its area is actually wide in the sense that it feels so wide for you Yeah, and it's not it has so much space it feels comfortable etc, etc, whichever way they are both great things. And lastly, medically furiously giving me Baraka and blessings in my ears and Subhana Allah This is something that is

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tried and tested by people you know that when you have a result you have this portion of wealth that a lot fantatic gives you if there is Baraka in that you will see that going so what so far you know you can use it for so much you can save out of that you can you can seal the Baraka there. And yet sometimes people might get more than that as wages and have income but that money just quickly disappears. So asking for loss pantalla for worker is a great thing to help and if I lost my internet accepts that then your result will go so much further.

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Probably affiliate MB or selfie daddy or barkevious so and inshallah tada with making joint mentioning all those things that we have mentioned before

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smilla rahmanir rahim

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Allah Medina human had a twice you know human IP tutorial NFU mentor later Baraka llama female bite off there are no grammatical shutter amalco beta Nikita barlick Nola as una de la the lumen wallet. A stuffer look alohomora to wear like for like an hamdallah malcador tawakkol wait. Aloha, my Nana stofer Okay.