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Yasir Qadhi
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The Quran is of course the primary miracle of a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the mortgage is a holida the eternal miracle. And the Quran is miraculous in multiple ways of the ways the Quran is miraculous is the Bulava, the eloquence of the Quran. The Quran is far more eloquent than any human speech. And in today's brief Hatha let me go over one example one. If you like simulation of how the Quran has attained this level of Bulava, how do we demonstrate how do we show this level of eloquence so if you look at the verbs that the Quran uses, if you look at the specific verbs that Allah chooses to use in the context, he uses them, your mind will become astounded at how perfect

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each verb is. And the image that is given by the choice of the verb is something that no human could have planted no human could have chosen that. So today in sha Allah, we only have what 10 minutes usually. So let's go over an example of the verb choices that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada makes when it comes to the human action of motion. You're all aware the Arabs they love to give lots of verbs for the same concept. Unlike English, you have one verb but the Arabs they are mashallah people a fossa Han but Allah the same notion or action has multiple verbs. So the Arabs have over a dozen verbs for walking or running. We'll mention five or six of them in the Quran so that we give an illustration

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of what I'm talking about. So for example, let's begin

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the verb to walk. The most basic verb is Masha, yam she and Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, who a lady Jad hola como la Zululand feng shui man akebia he has made this earth subjugated to you this earth you have control over it, you can do what you want, you can plant your seeds you have power over the earth. So FEM Chu fie monarchy, her walk in the valleys of this earth. The word Masha is to walk at a casual leisurely pace, place pace, you're walking and you're strolling. This is Masha, another verb that is used for walking at a casual place. Allah azza wa jal uses it in the Quran for Adel Codea to salatu fantast she rueful out of the one Salah finishes, then scattered throughout the

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earth once a lotta July finishes then fantas you in tashera Each one is going a different way. You know after Juma the traffic outside that's fantasy route, right? Imagine if you were walking back to work. Everybody's busy going a different way. But everyone is going in their own way back to work in tashera There is no eagerness there is no swiftness there's randomness, but in tashera doesn't mean going quickly just means going randomly. So this is one second walking back to work. So this isn't Ashara another verb we'll see rueful all the founder okay if I can activate your legitimate public travel in the earth sailor seal from theater I give the theater classes as what see it comes from

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say in Sierra, travel in the earth, the word or the verb say it or sada zero means to walk long distances. But once again, there is no urgency and there's no swiftness I'm getting to my point. Don't worry. All three of these verbs are talking about walking at a normal pace. There is no urgency, there is no swiftness there is no dedication. And all three of these verbs deal with this world from shoe FEMA and ITV hub in Tashi roofing, or the C ru fill or the all of the action items for the dunya casual. Okay, now let's get to the arciero. Let's get to the Ask era. All of a sudden, you don't find this category of verbs. All of a sudden, there is a choice of verbs that

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automatically subconsciously without even you realizing what's happening, your heart starts beating faster, your imagination, your hymn, your resolve your Eman. This is the subconscious usage of the verbs in the Quran. So for example, you will Adina Amanu either no dia de Sala team in your module what it what's the verb? First SAO Saba is to walk with GID and he had and swiftness and purpose, sir, sorry. When you do Sorry, what do you do? You are walking you ignore everything else. You have a vision, you have a goal you have to get there that side, you ignore what's on your right what's on your left, you walk swiftly you are determined you have a focus. When Allah says the event is

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called. He doesn't say from shoe. He doesn't say see you true. He says for sow. By the way, the same verse right after it when the Son finishes, fun tissue rule. When you come you better be focused. When you leave. You can be scatterbrained it's okay, that level is no longer required when you go

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Back to Work go down to casual but when you're coming to the masjid for sow inadequate Allah so we have a higher level. Another example what is a fast walk? said here, Sarah to walk quickly. Allah azza wa jal says Sadhguru Farah Tim the rock decom not him shoe Sadie room walk quickly run jog to Allah's Mo Farah so now all of a sudden the pace increases. Now when you want Allah's monk Farah you're not casually strolling from shoe a few and IKEA. No, you are running Sahara you are running racing towards Allah's Mo Farah Salladhor Edo Mo Farah. timbira become even faster than Sarrah you want to run when the race Serbia coup in Mo Farah as well as used right. Saba is different than

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Sodre in that Saba, you are fast, but you want to be the fastest Salba you win the race right so Sandra you're running quickly Saba, CA You want to be number one and even more powerful than for this is a bit of salt I'm sorry guys. But go back to your high school soccer father and if Tyler issue the following Allah was dialer right so Sandra either was NIFA either then you have stuck if that either the differences that there's a number of differences one of them is that when you do sad or when you do with one person when you do If Tyler, it is not necessarily against anyone but you still want to be the top. Okay? So again a technical difference. Allah uses a higher verb for

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Staebler call Hyatts This is the highest version of subaqua Sudoku inner Jana. Okay, you want to race to get to gender, but now for study of all Hyatts when it comes to good deeds, you want to be number one against all of mankind in your own life in your own you know 24/7 for study hall, you want to be number one you want to have the most good deeds you can possibly have for study hall Hyatts look at again the choice of words over here again, we can go on and on time is limited. What is the verb in Arabic quiz for the Arabs here? What is the verb in Arabic that is the highest level of running? What is the most powerful noun or adjective or verb the verb actually for the for the

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for out of here when it comes to running.

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Farah Pharaoh there is no verb more powerful than faraya Pharaoh there is no verb and Allah azza wa jal uses it in the Quran. When fulfill ro il Allah, fulfill rule in Allah. The word the verb Farah for the non Arabs, the word the verb Farah is to flee for your life. There is literally a word in the Arabic language, right? We say he's running for his life. The Arabs don't have all the six words when he's six words, two letters Farah. That's literally what federal law means, right? You're running for if you don't run fast enough, you're going to die. Literally, you are running to save your life. Literally. That's what FARA means. Now, interesting point to tidbit here. When you use

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foreign Arabic generally, like 99% of the time, you say what you're running away from? Right? For Rottman a swara. Right? You are fleeing from a lion password is one of the 500 nouns of the day, say 500. And then some say it's a bit exaggeration, but this is what you're taught in high school. There's 500 nouns for for Lion in Arabic. I think people have compiled up to 200 but plus water is one of the nouns and in the Quran, Farah Min qaswarah, right? He is fleeing from a lion. When you use the word Farah, the verb Farah 99% of the time you mentioned, why are you scared to death? So in one verse, Allah uses it linguistically that look at these people rejecting the Quran, they're so

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scared as if they're running from a lion for Ratterman qaswarah Right now, when Allah uses it for the Muslims, he doesn't mention the object of fear.

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He mentions the place of safety, fulfill ru not mean Isla Allah. Flee to words Allah from what a ha. The object of fear is unknown. Meaning it's not mentioned it was the unknown issue. It means it's not mentioned in the verse. Why? Because here's the key point. Every single existence other than Allah is a danger to you, unless you are associated with Allah. There is no need to mention a noun because anything that you have to unlock with other than Allah will destroy you unless ALLAH is in the picture. If you have a tangible relationship with something other than Allah azza wa jal and you are as consumed with that thing, whether it's money, whether it is a person, whether it's a

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corporation, whether there's a business and you're alive is related to that

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thing and only that thing it will bring about your destruction. So the way to save yourself from everything, Allah doesn't need to mention from what flee from everything around you and where and how will you find comfort? Only in one entity will you find safety only in one being will you find ultimate safety for Pharaoh not mean something because this mean everything but to what fulfilled a rule in Allah azza wa jal flee for your life flee as if your life depended on it because it does depend on it because if you don't turn to Allah, if you don't have a tag with Allah, if you don't abandon everything that is distracting you from Allah subhanho wa Taala then you shall be destroyed.

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So the only way to be saved flee for your lives, your of your heart, your soul, flee towards Allah with Allah by Allah for federal aid Allah and this is what our prophets of Allah Who are they he was sending with c'est la mala mangia Minka. Illa la la magia What are mangia Minca in la la? There is no Lu Lu Where do you turn to for comfort Najat is where your safety is. There is no place of comfort. There is no protection there is no safety from you against you. Law manager what a manager Minca Illa lake this is what for federal IT Allah means So bottom line,

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the Quran was revealed over 23 years. Can you imagine a person interjecting these verbs with such precision says humanly impossible. Allah subhana wa Tada is using these verbs so that when you're reading the Quran, subconsciously your iman is being affected without even you methylation without even knowing how when you read about the dunya plain simple M Chu in Tashiro is our very same so not this hour but a zero when you read about the Euro all of a sudden when you about coming to the masjid when you read about Jana Sadhguru instead of Oh Pharaoh automatically ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada brings about a level of passion and zeal and from this we also learn for the dunya Go ahead, go

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ahead do what you need to do but for the Akira be eager to do what you're doing. So may Allah subhana wa Tada bless all of us in this night and I've also been asked to make an announcement to my community at hamdulillah my MRC community and this yoga is all very much at Hamdulillah that there's still opportunity to go the fundraiser so if you haven't given then inshallah go ahead and fill up piani we're almost close, right? I wasn't given the amount but I think we're almost there in sha Allah and a special shout out to all of the volunteers who really made a very special night I know how difficult it is Marcel that you guys have worked so hard on him and to each and every one of you

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you know from my heart to Allah hate from myself, my family my children, we all miss you guys a lot. We are heart a part of is always going to be here and insha Allah with data we're always going to be coming back and show there's like Kamala Harris and I'm really gonna hammer

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