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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of sharing truth and avoiding giving false information. They stress the need to be mindful of the source of information and not to be caught in the swing of the media. The importance of knowing the Prophet's position and being a legitimate person is also emphasized. The speakers stress the need for everyone to be aware of the Prophet's death and the importance of being a legitimate person. The speakers emphasize the need for people to wash their bodies and avoid giving up on their opinions.
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Are the biller in Michigan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala chef mousseline, Syedna Mohammed and Marla Ali he was off ah my in my beloved brothers and sisters as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh we begin with the praise of Allah subhanaw taala and I should have Allah Allahu Allahu be witnessed at ease and unworthy of worship because Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings development to be Mohamed Salah Salam, despite of your family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala want us to be steadfast on the Sunnah of knowing Mohamed Salah al salam in

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this life and to be in his companionship in the Asherah I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah yesterday's panel on my phone was blowing up so many questions about a fatwa around vaccinations that was circulating. And I even you know, I was at my kids school with my wife and as we're sitting there, we're listening to the different you know, teachers and people discussing and everyone is discussing this, this fatwa that has been released and, and panela. It's indicative of the time that we live in. We live in an age of fitna fitna meaning, confusion fitna, meaning we don't know what is truth from falsehood. You know, every day you're bombarded with with so many messages, you know, a

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message that someone's was passed away, you don't know if it's true or false, so and so this country is under attack, you don't know this is high level that is haram, this retailer that the meat is no longer halal, this message that if you don't follow it on, then you will have 10 years of Janome if you don't forward this message on, so Subhanallah we are bombarded with information. And it is the nature of fitna that truth will be obscured and you won't be able to differentiate truth from falsehood. And so it is in these confusing times that we need to be very careful in how we share information because Islam has not allowed us to share information, which is unreliable, and

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information which is incorrect. Even if we've done so unintentionally. There is a potential that we can harm somebody and it's not enough it is not sufficient that I say I've just forwarded what I've received. Because panela what we find is solidly researched, well documented information does not get a straight vial, it is usually the misinformation it is the propaganda it is the outrageous things that you find get split in a vital means that everyone knows about it, but the truth usually it is very much confined to a very select group of people. And so Allah subhanaw taala reminds us in the Quran when he says, quote in the Mahara maravilha Hashem Allah Hermann Hawa, Allah saying that I

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mean to say, My Lord has made haram the things that Allah hates and is made Haram is alleged immorality that which happens openly and that which happens in secret while Islam and committing sin while Belavia be real happy and to cause oppression against others without any right or untrue Sheikh will be law and to come and check against Allah Subhana marlim units it'd be useful by now without any justification and analysis and of the things he has made specifically haram ones who are Allah him Allah and I'm going to speak about matters pertaining to Allah but in any sense most specifically to speak on methods of the deen of halal and haram on things which are permissible,

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impermissible without any knowledge, who Allah Subhana Allah says to even mention things it is not for us who are not and we are not experts in the field of a certain area to speak on that on that level. So Allah has said, look at these things that Allah has made haram he has made for why he meaning like Xena and come I think oppression and commenting shake. Allah has put in this if amongst those detestable deeds of the major sins, is to speak and to share information, especially information with regards to the deen without verifying, without being certain in the past Subhanallah that if someone was a quote, Hadith, and he did not have his chain of narrators with

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him, he would just say that maybe some said, This person would be deemed a liar, because you are speaking without surety in information when it comes to the Deans panela It is not befitting that anyone can simply speak what he feels and whatever reaches him. And so it is very dangerous that and this is this is why Allah Subhan Allah says of the things that he has made Haram is to speak about Allah without any knowledge. Allah subhanaw taala also says in Surah Surah one article format is directed to him and us and do not follow and do not pursue do not go towards those things which you have no knowledge, indeed, Allah is going to ask you about your yearning, your sight and the heart.

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All of those things will be questioned with HTML, what you say what you share on social media, what you put on your status on WhatsApp, what you put on Facebook, what you put on tick tock, Allah is going to ask you about these things. And so Allah says, refrain from delving into matters in which you have no information. If you are not qualified to speak about finance, don't speak about finance. If you're not qualified to speak about medication, do not give medical advice. If you're not qualified to speak about the Dean do not share information about the Dean unless it is 100% trusted source unless you're sharing information from a source that you know is 100% authentic and what is

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said people will talk about so I got this message and you listen to the conversation and you will ask now who sent that message? I don't really know who is giving this fatwa. I don't really know who the scholar is. I

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Don't know where they studied what the views are, is this even a legitimate thing? Or is this a fabricated thing, but I simply share it because that's what we do. We forward as we receive, we feel the need to throw in our not even 50 cents or 10 cents, or five cents, just for the sake of, of amplifying our voice and spinal love. This is a mindset that is not an Islamic mindset. We know from the Hadith and abbyson says that if you have nothing positive to contribute, then keep quiet silence is a good thing. Sometimes we feel we have to put up a status we have to let the world know what we're eating where we are going. This is not part of an Islamic Islamic mindset for us silence is

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actually something beneficial and we only talk when there is a need to talk and when it is it is necessary to talk. And so Allah subhanaw taala asks you whenever you share information that is of you know of an academic nature or you know something where you're giving an opinion whether it is a medical opinion whether it is a financial opinion, but most specifically the most important thing is when you give when you share some Dini information, we what are your sources, either you are the ally and you are valid in giving your opinion if you are a mufti, if you are a chef and you study then you have the knowledge or you are a doctor and you're qualified, then Alhamdulillah you are in

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the position of giving your opinion then you can say this is my opinion, because it is backed with knowledge and research. But if you are not an expert in the field, then you cannot give your opinion. And if you want to share your opinion of an expert, then you need to know very, very well that expertise, then you must say that this was the view of Imam Shafi. This is the view of Dr. So and so this is not my view. I'm telling you what Dr. so and so said, and so Allah says in the Quran, cool. Well, yesterday we live in Ala Moana wallerian, Allah Allah, Allah says, Is it possible? Do you really think that those who have knowledge should be equal to the ones who don't have knowledge

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that someone who studied you know, for years and decades, you know, a university without room within some a madrasa is equal to someone who simply watches your videos on YouTube? Are you going to put the two together, you're going to put the one who sits in a council and discusses and researches for years with someone that sits in the toilet and looks and reads, conspiracy theories? Are you going to put these two together and use doing analysis? First, athletically in Guatemala? Dalaman. And Allah gives us a clear guidance in times of fitna like this in times when you're uncertain you don't know what should I do? What can I take this content do that? Is this halal? Is it haram? No problem

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we live in these times Allah gives the answer in the Quran, verse, Allah, Allah degree in quantum law Dalaman. Go and ask the people of expertise, and the people who have studied and researched these matters. Ask them for advice. Don't ask social media. Don't ask your friend next door. If they don't have information, then ask the person who has the biggest in the loudest mouth on tick tock, this is not your source of reference. Where do you take your information from as the amount of the past have said, the only person who we can take without any interrogation is Rasulullah sallallahu eternalism said something, there's no need to interrogate that. But every other person, if you were

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to take information from him or her, then you need to interrogate who is that? Is that person a reliable source. And you know, your Imam, your chef might be a reliable source when it comes to what is halal and haram. But it's not a reliable source when it comes to how should I fix my car or whether medical advice should be given and similarly, the person who's giving medical advice is not qualified to give Sharia advice. And so we have experts in different fields. And it's important upon us It is our it's your responsibility as the only as the one who follows to be very careful in terms of where you get your source of information. And we are sometimes it shows the lack of importance,

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certain areas in our life, we would not trust anyone to fix our cell phone. If it was broken, we wouldn't just give it to any time we can help. If alcohol was not working, we wouldn't take it to any from the Canary as a mechanic will look for the best one, our money or when it comes to our Dean's panel, and it comes to the health and the implications of other people then we have no problem in taking whatever information without any verification and sharing it and not being concerned about the damage that he could cause. The promises on them says the Quran was not revealed to contradict itself or all the parts of it confirmed other parts meaning even the Quran evens

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Pamela reading the Quran, we are certain ayat which might appear to be contradictory. And so the prophecy is whatever you understand of it act upon that which you know you follow that which you know what, which is 100% Sure this the Quran is panela the Quran which is the clear this book, and everything else will be even more more difficult. So the Prophet ism is saying that which you know, pertaining to the Quran and you can understand it and act upon that and that which you do not understand. What must you do refer it to those who have knowledge, then go back to the people of knowledge. And so, I mean our brothers and sisters in this time of fitna, this time of confusion

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which the prophets and spoke about leading close to the time of Keanna the best solution for you is to learn and to increase your own knowledge to sit formally in a class and especially in terms of being understand the basic first understand how to take Moodle first understand how to perform so

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law according to the Sunnah, understand what, what breaks your fall, all these kinds of things is how to give zakat. These are the basics and learn that, then as you progress, then you can learn the deeper matters of the Sharia. And if you do not reach that level, then defer the answer to the people of knowledge. So when it comes to very complicated things, very controversial things like vaccinations, like your spatula, new technology, heart transplants, all these kinds of things refer to the people of knowledge, that's the job, Allah has given them that position and they are accountable, they're going to answer to Allah for every factor that they gave. Don't put yourself in

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a position where you will need to be liable to Allah's panel left Ghana for sharing information that you will not you have not verified. It's a well known seeing in the Arabic proverb and spotlight is something which the scholars have loved by. In Arabic, it says saying, I don't know is half of knowledge to say I don't know, is half of understanding. So and Hanalei. How often do we hear somebody ever say that whenever we have a conversation, whether it's what's happening in Afghanistan, what's happening in terms of a fatwa in the Sharia? What's happening on the JSE? Or the markets, you will always find everyone say, it is my opinion, I read so and so something like that,

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even those panels I have noticed, I have no, you know, I don't even have five minutes of information. But I feel the need I need to contribute. And I need to my opinion was we put it on the table as well. And that was quite a lot. It is part of a man's understanding. This shows a man's intelligence to say, you know, what, in this area? I don't know. I have no, I have no idea when it comes to cryptocurrency. I don't know. It's Pamela. I don't know. I've never bought a Bitcoin. I've read some stuff on it. But I don't feel qualified to even warrant an opinion. For us today. We feel that our opinion, no matter how silly How ill informed, it not only needs to be mentioned, but it

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needs to be blasted, you know, on all platforms, because this is the time that we live in, that everyone has the right to say whatever they feel this is not the Islamic way. You only say something which is truthful. And it's one thing which is good, and something which is positive, or keep quiet and Subhanallah there is a reward in silence. Allah will reward you for being silent and saying I don't know. Look at this wonderful, very, very well known famous Hadith out narration of Imam Malik Rahim Allah Imam Malik, the Imam of the Maliki madhhab. And as I've said before, if you've studied the biography of Malik, he was the undisputed Legend of his time in his time, everyone was going to

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be Maliki, the Khalifa of the Muslim ummah, was going to ban all math hubs and only make the Maliki madhhab, the official math hub and he was going to take Imam Malik's book The Mala and paste it on the gara SubhanAllah. You mentioned he was going to paste the book of Imam Malik on the camera and saying to everyone from now on, there's no McAfee's. There's no more Hanafis everyone is Maliki going forward. And that's because he was recognized as the undisputed most celebrated fucky in the world and this is in my mind. So now we begin to know the status of this man, Imam Malik everyone came to me so when when would hatch would come my Malik lived in Medina. And so when Hajj came,

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people came from all over the world, they would go obviously to Makkah, and they would obviously visit Medina. And when they were in Medina, they use this opportunity to bring the questions where Malik so the people of Spain, the people of India, wherever they might be, they would come to Imam Malik. And they will bring all the the complicated, tricky questions that they will ama couldn't answer. And it's a well known story that, you know, a man's Pamela came all the way from Spain, Spain, all the way from Spain to ask my Malik 40 questions. And after you ask the first question, my Malik listens. And he says, I don't know. Second questions. I don't know. Third question. Of the 40

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questions. He only answered four of the 40 questions in a minute only answered four. And for 36 of them. He simply said I don't know. And so the man looked at Mr. Mallika says Yoshi. I came all the way from Spain to ask you these questions. You Mr. Malik, you're the greatest scholar in the world. What must I tell the people? I'm gonna go back to them? They're waiting for the answer. And he said to him, tell them Malik says Malik does not know. I don't know. And he says, I don't know, I don't know. And he felt very comfortable. So how did I don't know Allah is not going to punish me for not knowing I was going to punish me or hold me liable rather, for saying that, which is I don't have

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information for sharing information, which is not valid. And so all of us panela learn the lesson of be like Mr. Malik, and if a topic is discussed, whether it is sports, whether it is politics, whether it is whatever, and you don't know, so you know what, I don't have anything to contribute in this conversation. I will just listen. While hamdulillah be like Imam Malik, the promises and speaks about the times that we live in. And in this hadith of the way we the way we will Who are these people the promises on says close to the end of times, there will be years of teacher years of deceit years of confusion will come over the people in which lions will be believed those who speak

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the most lies, they will have the biggest platforms. They will be the ones who have the ears of the masses and those who are truthful, those who speak the truth they will be denied. No one would be the wealthy

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research that was about doing the academic research, no one's going to listen to them read, you know, concrete information, they'll rather take the information from, you know, dubious means, and the deceitful will be trusted, and the trustworthy are considered traitors, people that have people of honor will be unknown, and rather it is the deceitful ones that will have positions. And then he says the person and the rule way below will deliver speeches, and either way below the disgraceful and what these people there's a hobbit, who otherwise would be like, Oh, who are these people? And so the promises, these are pity men with authority over the common people. These are people that

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have no substance, they have no Islamic knowledge. They either don't have the credentials, or where did you study, if you really want to interrogate them, you will find that they are just empty vessels with be big, big mouths that they didn't study anyway, they didn't haven't published any information. They haven't spent years in teaching and learning. They don't even have the basic ethics and lack of what you'd expect of a scholar. That's one law as you know, you're back with your family. When he started learning. When he had to look for a teacher, his mother before putting him with a teacher of knowledge. She looked for the teacher with a best o'clock. One of the best ways of

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knowing whether someone has been endowed with some guidance from Allah subhanaw taala is to look at the level of evader and the level of a clock. How do they treat people? How do they speak to people? You know, you don't need to be an island. You don't have to learn yours in a Donald Bloom to know that you don't sweat people that you don't insult people. You don't personally attack people online. You don't personally, you know, humiliate your opponents. Anyone who does that he likes not even knowledge elects the basic o'clock that is becoming a muslim. In the provinces, you'd find that the most despicable, the most despised the people with the least models, they will be the ones in

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authority and the other ones that can follow the other ones that get the attention time. You know, we think of certain politicians, they are the ones that have all the all the media coverage. And so be very, very careful. We live in those times where we don't know which speakers which platforms are reliable and trusted, the best we can do is to analyze and assess to have our own framework of information. And then to really look deep into what we've received information to verify and then almost pantallas is in a very, very well known I always listen to this Pamela Yeah, you were looking at Amande or people Eman in Jacqueline fasigyn be never in. If anyone that is a fast sick that is a

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troublemaker, someone that is evil. Someone that is a mischief maker comes to you with information, but have a and then clarify it then verify and to see who Coleman Bucha highlighting for to speak for Alhama for Illuminati mean, list you have a people out of your ignorance and afterwards you become regrettable. So Allah says whenever information comes to you, first verify it before you act upon it before you share it. Even though you don't intend to do any harm by you sharing information by you sharing that message but you're acting on that information without verification. You will look what the IRS says you could harm somebody and afterwards you become regretful, I give us an

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idea of panela you receive a message the cure for cancer is to put some onions on your feet and to put some cabbages under your armpits and you think Masha Allah, this is a wonderful, I know Auntie so and so has cancer. She wants to go for chemotherapy, but I've heard chemotherapy is quite bad. So I've seen her this and so I'm essentially mashallah just like, Okay, I'm going to use that this this this remedy. She doesn't take the treatment that the doctor has given her. She doesn't follow the advice of medical experts, she listens to what you have seen her. And her situation becomes worse, she either gets worse or even more sick when she dies. Whose fault is that? And you asked Nana, why

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did you send this information with? What evidence do you have for this? And you said, I just see that what it came to mean. I don't know where even it came on a group some way someone I don't even I don't even know the person who sent it to me, but I thought I just wanted to share it. Now whose fault is that? Subhan Allah who takes the blame? Wishing information that was incorrect. You share Hadith, you know, and you don't even know if you for example, how many Panama How many times do people send you messages? The prophets of salaam said this and we know those who have studied the Sharia, those who study a bit of Hadith No, this is not even a hadith it's a fabricated Hadith.

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The prophet who says who ever lies about me who ever spreads information that is a lie about me when licking guarantees placing Jahannam In fact, this hadith is said to be the most authentic hadith 40 Sahaba narrate this hadith. Let him take his seat in Jana, whoever she is false information about the Nabisco Santa the promises and guarantee your place in Jana. Be very careful all my brothers and sisters to share information that you haven't verified. The Prophet SAW Selim says in Sahih Muslim, it is enough for a man to speak of everything that he is enough to be a liar. You become a liar simply by conveying that which you hear. So any person who passes on information he receives without

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checking it out.

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promises you'll become a liar. Why? Because majority of the information you get some of it is truthful. And some of it is nonsense and some of it is is incorrect. If you just hold as received everything, then you will become a liar. Then our businesses, how bad is it for a man to keep saying, they said so and so I heard so and so I just you just pass on everything that I missed. How bad is it for someone who keeps narrating everything and say no one would say beware of fitna for a word. Now look at this hadith be a way of fitna be way when you are living in times of confusion. Because a word a wrong word with time of fitna could be as devastating episode, the message that you

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seen today in this time of confusion, this fatwa that you don't know who sent it, how was it research? Is it authentic? Is it fabric? Is it some kid that put it up in his, you know as a joke, you don't know it can cause death Life and Death span Allah. Allah is not going to punish you with the law for information that you said I don't know what this is I'm not going to share it. You only become liable with Allah the minute you share information the minute you update that status the minute you put your two cents into the pot now you're liable to say like Mr. Malik, I don't know what Hamdulillah I don't know Allah something to hold us accountable for not knowing. The Prophet

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doesn't also says in these times of fitna deliberation is from Allah, research, study, learn, ask, inquire, speak of experts. This is from Allah. But haste is from sheepdog just sharing everything and just saying whatever you feel like saying, this is from truth and being quick to act is from the shaytaan has my boss said to him a lot also said the believer, he deserves his judgment until the method is proven of the attributes of a believer is that when a matter is income, you know, when there's confusion, when there's uncertainty, he delays giving judgment until all the all the pieces are given, all the methods are understood, and then he passes his judgment. And so please, my advice

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to all of us in these times of confusion, whatever you receive, don't cheat if you don't know who's the source of it. And if you don't know if it's authentic or not, because as the ISA, you can hurt someone in that. And I end up with this hadith, in a time of Nabil Salam ubass narrated that there was a man who had an injury in his head, I, we've heard about this hadith, there was a man who, you know, he had a wound in his head. And so he went to sleep. And the next morning, he woke up and had a *, right. So he was gentle. So he told his friends, guys, you know, I'm Jacob, I want to make salah. I know, I need to hustle. But this wound in my head, it's open it's fish, with who saw

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myself with my head. And so those, you know, his companions, the mainstream said, no, no, you can't not wash your head. If you don't wash your head. Your whistle is not accepted. And you can't make salah. And so the mental game for us, that's the fatwa. I mean, I asked the question, and my friend, I assume they know the answer. They telling me that this is what I need to do. So he went to take a full muscle and the water into this wound, and he died, the man died. And so when I recently heard about this, he was furious. And look with the words that I'm using these guys. They gave, not deliberately false information, they forwarded as they thought they gave their opinion as they

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thought was correct. You know, they learned a little bit of information. Then having said that, you must also wash your entire body. And so they without thinking, they gave quickly to give fatwa. And so when the news Eastern of Islam, look what he said about him, they have killed this man. They have murdered him. Subhanallah and may Allah kill them. So I was very, very stern. He made it to out against him. And then he says, is it not? Is it not the show for a lack of knowledge? Is it not the correct way? When you don't have knowledge to ask a question to go to the expert and say, I don't know. Ask your chef. Next time someone asks you, is this thing Halal haram? First question in your

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mind? Am I EMA? Am I entitled to give an opinion? Am I required to give an opinion? Am I required to answer? If the answer is no. Then you say to that brother, math brother, you know what? I don't know the answer to this question. But I can give you the number of shiksa. And so I can give you the number of the MVC footwear department. They can give you an answer. If someone comes to you with a medical question, or someone comes to you with a quality related question, a PC languishing it's a you know what, I know a guy I'll give you the number but don't ask me because the minute I answer I'm liable. You know, so I'm on the sand reality is we don't get anything in return. me giving a

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fatwa me giving advice? I don't get anything in return. Is it just the five minutes of fame that people can look at me, oh Masha, Allah, this guy knows a lot about a lot of things. And the counter side is I need to answer to Allah for all that that information I gave without any without any backing. The scholars of the past when they were in this shows you that the times we live in competing, the times at the bottom of the barrel is harder. Of course, there are many other moments the Sahaba with someone would come for Hajj again, and they would meet the sahaba. And they would ask sometimes very basic questions, you know, they would ask the question, and the students would be

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quick, they want to answer and because the simple answer, and then the sahabi would sit for a long time saying it would sit for a long time and he said you know what, even about sitting they asked him rather than ask me ask him and so the students would ask you know, if you

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If Maulana you also hobby, we even know the answer, why don't you want to answer it? And he says Al Hamdulillah, there's someone else that can answer. And he's going to have to stand for that fatwa on the day of Kiama. I'm putting myself out of it, there is no benefit in me putting my five sins in the pot, and I'm having to stand with it on the day of kamma, I would rather let someone else do it. And so the Sahaba would have this habit that they would not chase people, but they would say, You know what, go to that go to that one. He knows better than me. And as an anomaly you go to and the person will be like going in circles because no Sahabi would want to give a fatwa because they

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understood the magnitude of it. And these are simple things. We talked about who clothing we are, we are talking about life and death, people taking medication that can cause them to diamond, we give a simple example. We all know that if you have an infection, penicillin, Alhamdulillah, one of the gifts from Allah is an antibiotic. You know, anyone would ask you What should I do I have a throat infection, not a big deal, you will see take some penicillin. Do you know that person is allergic to penicillin or not? And if someone took that penicillin, and they're allergic and they have a reaction, whose fault is it, you should have said to the person I'm going to doctor, you know, I

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can't give medical advice to you each person is different. Each person's physical wellbeing is different. You have a GP you have a family doctor, they should tell you whether you should take a vaccine or what medical treatment to take, or whether you should do this or that. And suddenly with a Sharia, go to your grandma go to a trusted Allah and let them Subhanallah like you fight our on the issue of vaccines of Hamdulillah. It is very clear that the Allameh of South Africa the vast majority of the MDC and take down the United Allama Council of South Africa, the vast majority of the llama councils of the world have not only agreed but it's close to unanimously agreed this is

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from different countries, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, these all are mothers usually fight over the last last thing whether you know the length of your beard and the length of yourself, they fight about these things when it came to the vaccine. Well, hamdulillah they looked at it, they studied it, they ask the experts in the field and the vast majority of them that are recognized and credible. They have agreed that it is not only permissible to take the vaccine, but it is encouraged and as I mentioned before, and we did this talk at the beginning of July. Remember vaccination is not something new. We've been taking vaccines for the last many decades our parents

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our grandparents have been taking vaccines and has always been acceptable as allow why have we started questioning these things? Why have we trusted our doctors for decades but now we don't want to touch them we found out what I'm after decades, but now the same. We throw them away for other sources which we have no we don't know where this thing comes from, who's this wealthy so and so is called a Mufti do even though it is what Islam is practicing, so don't turn away from the people that have knowledge and the people that have served us for all our lives. Go to the 100 they could go to the people of understanding ask them what is the correct thing to do and insha Allah that is

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what is required of all of us. May Allah guide us and protect us from Allah graci fire to those who are sick and Allah protect us in these times of fitna and difficulty. Allah keep us steadfast and congenital for those for those who have passed away or similar Sedna, Muhammad Ali or SAP, your stomach, saline and handler of the datamine cinematic while you work

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