30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #02 Be in Sync

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So now it hora de la he over a cattle, I hope you're all doing well as highlights the first day on the line is nearly about to end. And I hope that all is going well it's been smooth for you. I know it's always hard the first day. But this is the nature of the preparations the training ground. And today you guys would have read in the second reminder in the book about the importance of sinking yourself being in sync, which we talking about here is about how you have a plan in which you are going to act on this plan. And make sure that you are in your mind. And on paper, you've got the right things that you're thinking about that you want to achieve your big aims, your objectives, the

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small things as well. And those are the kind of things that need to be written down so that you can achieve that Michelle lifestyle. And as we have mentioned in the book, it's about thinking about things for you individually, how are you going to achieve those things for you, on a spiritual level, on a physical level, on a mental level, all these different aspects that you can work on, and obviously about your house and art as well. And then secondly, how you're going to achieve this on a communal level. Think about those people around you, especially at these times. Now when people are isolated. People are on lockdown. Think about those people who could do with that extra touch that

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extra social connection by maybe a message or a knock on the door and just asking about them or in in a way which is suitable, obviously thinking about those people who are abroad. Today, the statistics are telling us that maybe a lot of people are going to die, not from the virus itself, but because of the hunger that has happened as a result of the lockdown. So all those things should be in part of our plan, how much charity we're going to collect, how much Khurana we're going to read, what kind of follow we're going to aim to do and so on. A lot of the ideas I mentioned in the book, so you just need to go back there and Shiva but the most important thing is to get it done

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today. Don't delay it because the moment you delay it a day after a day goes by and all of a sudden you find that you have gone deep into Ramadan without any plan of what to achieve. So I wish you all the best. Get that writing, get thinking and writing and inshallah you'll achieve a lot. So now my god