Omer El-Hamdoon – D07 Du’aa for Seeking Refuge

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the difficulties of working in a busy day, including the need for continuous training and the importance of finding refuge for loss. The segment also touches on the struggles of working in a changing environment and the importance of learning and continuing to learn.
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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was with me when

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we end tonight's program as we do always with da today Do I have chosen for you is a DA which is relatively longer than usual but it's also a dryer which is very beneficial and the door is a lot mainly are also bigger I mean fit the netting knob why there be not well fitted metal copper wire that will cover for me Shall we fit natalina warming Sharif isn't it were also becoming shorter with TMS he had the journey along muscle Hall by a billionaire he mounted synergy with that

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why not give it a minute hope I hope I can not beta thoburn OBO for a minute dentists or bad veiny will be in a hop I come back to being a machete while mahalo aloha mania becoming a casa de when haraam. Well, me well.

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This Hadees which is not you know, this dryer which is also a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim taught combines a lot of things together and it seeks teaches us to seek refuge from a loss of over loss pantalla from many things, of those things that we seek refuge of is the different punishments but also the trials which are lost pantalla will try people as well with different ways. So we are seeking refuge of a lot from the tribulation of the fire from the torment of the Fire from the trial of the grave the questioning in the grave that the punishment that might come in the grave. Also, we seeking refuge for loss had to island for two opposites, poverty and richness, both of them, the

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precise him said they are fitting at the tribulation from the badness or the evil of the tribulation that comes with richness, being rich and having money and wealth, and also from the other side, which is being poor because all both of them can lead person to go off the rails, so to speak. Also, we are seeking refuge a lot from one of the biggest fifth and either any human alive, will face and that is the fitna of the giant, the false messiah, and then the drought of the Prophet size and it was teaching us to ask Allah to cleanse our sins from cleanse our hearts from the sins to wash our hearts from all the sins like the white robe is cleaned from any dirt. The white cloak cloak is

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clean from any dirt and finally, to ask our last pantalla refuge from from

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QSL laziness to secrets with Roelof pantalla from old age and becoming senile, to ask Allah for anything that might lead us to sins or might put us in a situation where we are in debt to others. So all those things are seeking refuge from our last fantastic houses a very beautiful that is very worthy and important for a person to try and learn it and inshallah we'll be posting that on our page so that you can inshallah learn their diet so we'll make dinner together inshallah to end this night encompassing all the previous dryers that we have made up to now. smilla

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la mattina human handmade wife in a few minutes

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