D06 Du’aa for Steadfastness

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while early he was me on why Allah

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today is that we are going to learn in sha Allah is a DA which is about asking Allah subhanho wa Taala steadfastness and support as we face difficult trials and difficult afflictions which may lead us to turn away. The da is which is mentioned in the Quran as a last panel with Allah teaches us this drop banner, learn to the lubaina bada it had a tener habla Nam in Latin America and in Africa and tallow hub, our Lord, do not cause our hearts to deviate, after You have guided us. Our Lord, do not cause our hearts to deviate after You have guided us and grant us from within you from with you, from your from your

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blessings from your virtue, from your abundance, grant us from you. Mercy inika until will have surely and see surely And verily uncertainly You are the one who grants and gifts will have as will have means a person one who gives greatly and abundantly so that is a important to ask because it's asking a lot of pantalla to help us to stay you know on the straight path we're always afflicted by difficulties was afflicted by harm we're always afflicted by reasons which might cause us to doubt so are we are asking a lot to keep us steadfast same data we're making when we ever were praying everyday or Indian or sit up It must have been and that's a similar job but also we're asking Allah

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for his Rama and his mercy and Rama is everything Rama in our lives I mean in in our actions I mean what we say or I mean how we respond to these if you ally gives you a hammer then you have so much because Allah is the one who gifts

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so we'll end today inshallah by making the drive all the drivers that we have learned up to now Allah Medina human had it watching a female athlete or learner human to elite to about external lahoma female arbete luckily I never shot Ramapo wait for Nikita Hollywood Alkali Lake in the hula zooming it to whatever lumen why later stuff rock a lot more in a total elect about October now Talat

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Allahu manana stain or co owner stuff you'll why not mean we'll be carrying a taco like this Coca Cola and a coke. One of Lau wanna wanna wanna talk to me a joke? aloha Malika no suddenly when a street where they can allow an athlete melodramatic or know how far they're back in other country who Faraj might have

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been a Filipina What do you already know? What didn't what we need to move forward

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by not having him come out of Boehner Sarah Tobin attina dunia Hasina or Phil Assa t Hashanah. joaquina either but not

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a llama in a B duck. When are you? When will you make your cup of Arctic, Malvina hockomock Adnan phenol, Kovach, Luca coleus. Meanwhile, AXA Mater BNF sec. I was in Topeka before alimento I had them in a magic integer Hello Karen and Carrie Maria albena overops Adina would you allow me Amina

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Sonia, Robin Allah to Zaku bonobo de tener well, hablan amulet on karma in account and we have also La la la la scena Mohammed while he was happy to see