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Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The Spanish-speaking culture is a homage to Islam and the hedge's role in announcing the loss of Hannah Tana Hajj. The importance of the hedge's announcement of the loss is discussed, as well as the need for everyone to attain a certain level of success in achieving their goals. The importance of learning from past Muslims and finding the truth is emphasized, as well as avoiding dangerous activities and focusing on good deeds to achieve success. A call to action is made for everyone to make their intentions clear.
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and sisters, Allah subhanho wa Taala says yT malchut joella Murata de la

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wacol and had Jewish nomads in El hadj Jeff Allah, Allah, Allah g de la fille Hajj or Kyla Janel Bay beta method, Bethany, Nancy.

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Lots of hands on with Allah

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has ordained on mankind

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to do Hajj to the house when he left here, Elena's hijab at Minnesota is a subpoena. For a law it's an obligation towards a law on mankind, to do Hajj to the house, whoever has the ability and we are in the days of Hajj we are in the season of Hajj. And it's very important for us to remind ourselves of the great reality and the great lessons and the great

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importance related to this wonderful obligation that Allah subhanho wa Taala has set

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because how much even though it is just once in a lifetime, but it is the journey of a lifetime. It is a journey for that individual, the community, the society, the own man, to witness so many great things. Leisha domina Fiala home, that they witness the great benefits that Allah has put in this period of Hajj. Because Hajj

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is something that started ever since Allah subhanho wa Taala created Adam.

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And in some traditions that Adam alayhis salam was the first person to erect

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elbaite to harem. He was the one who Allah subhanho wa Taala instructed to build the beta ROM, especially when Adam Allison felt a longing to go back to agenda. So Allah instructed him to build debates and to do tawaf around the house so he felt that comfort.

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And ever since then,

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the prophets of Allah the messengers of Allah have continued to do the Hajj with no hallein salam. And after the flood, Ibrahim alayhis salam was instructed to reconstruct the house, and Moosa and Eunice and all the prophets. In one Hadith the prophet SAW Selim when he was doing * said I can see Moosa

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I can see Moosa they're standing on his camel doing the Tobia and he moved a little bit more and said here I can see Yunus doing that lb Ella Baker long mela bake the baker lashari Caligula bake, so how is that continuity, the continuity that the own

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and by oma here, the oma that worships Allah subhanho wa Taala, the owner of towhees, DOMA, who believe in the one Gods from Adam alayhis, salam, right through the prophets, throughout the ages, there is that continuity in that practice.

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And there is a continuity in the space as well. Having to feel the greatness to step in the same footsteps of these great people.

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These great people have Allah subhanho wa Taala has chosen from the prophets and the messengers and from the righteous people from the Sahaba and the great tambourine and the scholars.

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The imagine this one spot in the whole of the globe,

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which Muslims through generations generations have touched and kissed that spot, which is the Blackstone, you can feel that continuation. You feel that you as an individual, you are not alone. Neither in history, neither in space neither in place. You're part of this great

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the great beings to be associated with a loss of Hannah Tana Hajj is about answering the call of Allah. And that's why the person who makes the hedge his first words are the baker long meta bake. The baker Ashley, Kayla Kayla bake in Alhambra. Vanya Metallica al mulk la sharika.

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The baker voila, I answer your call. I am Here I am at your service.

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So it is about answering Allah subhanho wa Taala and announcing

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Your true probudi your slavery to Allah.

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Because some people today will dismiss Hajj as an act of rituals, which are just

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simplistic rituals. They have no real significance, how are they going to change the reality of the world? but actually there is an important attainments for the individual.

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Because when you go to Hajj, you realize the great lessons that Allah subhana wa tada has shown you, and you can witness it firsthand.

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You witness firsthand how this land that was barren, there was nothing there.

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There was not even any trees as Ibrahim Ali Salaam describes where the wildin ladies are. No trees, no plants, barren land, no water.

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But yet, Ibrahim alayhis salam and his wife her job, and his son is married all demonstrating the family sacrifice. Ibrahim leaves the family there.

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Anybody all of us today will find that very difficult to leave their family, their wife and their son in a place where there is nobody. You don't know what kind of dangers you don't know what kind of

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provisions but he leaves them and hajer the believing wife, she says to Ibrahim did allow you to leave us here. He said yes. She said therefore Allah will not let us go to waste Allah will not lose us. Allah will will protect us and save us. So you see that firsthand when you go to Hajj.

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You see the house of Allah Subhana Allah as you do the walk around the house, you feel that you are synchronised with the rest of those who worship Allah subhanho wa Taala not just the humans, but the jinn and the angels who all do the love around the house, whether it's here on the globe, or whether it's the extension enjoy Baitullah more, the constructed house which is extended above the heavens, they're all doing the life and again, you sense that you are part of something great, those angels those mighty creation of a loss of Hannah what Allah

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Don't think about how great and how do you think about how, how Allah is in terms of his shape or his size? Or is it because that is something you will not be able to comprehend.

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But think about the creation of Allah, one Angel of Allah, the distance between his ear lobe to the end of his shoulder is a distance of 500 years of traveling on a fast horse

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500 years on a fastball that's this distance between his ear and shoulder. And this is one of the dangers of a law. So this great angels that are all on the same they are in your seat, they are on your side, they're on the same side because they are all worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala they're all slaves to Allah and Hajj is that announcement of that idea that I come to answer Allah subhanho wa Taala and to be in sync with the rest of the creation. And that's why Allah subhana wa tada says in Surah Al Hajj,

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he says, Do you not see?

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Do you not see, you know, comprehend?

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That to Allah prostrates all that that is in the heavens and in the earth, and the sun and the moon,

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and the mountains?

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They all prostrate to Allah subhanho wa Taala. What can he roominess and many of mankind also prostrate to Allah.

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But there are also many of mankind who, unfortunately, because they don't frustrate half cut it in either the punishment of a law will be due to them because they don't want to be in sync with the rest of the universe that is all orbiting

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in sync with worship or loss of time in time.

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When you go to Hajj, Hajj is about realizing the community. It's about seeing people there meeting people from different aspects, people who have come from all the different places of the world today. Today, it's easy relatively to go to Hajj. You get on a plane a few hours and you're there. But in the past, it was a journey which took a long time.

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One per two people from the early centuries. They were doing the off and they got speaking to each other.

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And one of them asked he said Where have you come from how far he said I've come from so and so it's only it took me about a month to get here. He said well therefore you are like the neighbor. You are the neighbor of the Mecca.

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He said why, how long did it take you here to get here? He said, it took me three years to get here. Three years to get to, because it was that journey and many times people in the past they left their houses thinking and believing that they may not come back. That was it, they were going to go there and they may not come back. Because had

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is there to design to make you realize who you are, and where you are.

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To make you realize what your true reality is, because everybody there goes, everybody's equal in terms of their status. They all submit material before our last pantalla they swear all wear the same dress

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to signify that nobody has any priority over anybody else.

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There is no preference for any race over any other race. No preference for Arab over non Arab or non Arab of Arabs, or black or white or white or black. Everybody is equal. And everybody witnesses this and sees this firsthand.

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And people have changed their realities when they saw this. People like the famous Malcolm X, who from the Hajj, he changed his reality. And he changed his understanding after thinking that there was a superiority for the black race, he saw firsthand through Hajj and that's what Hajj gives you were these two white gowns to signify

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and to remind you

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that you entered into this life with nothing.

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You entered naked, and you are wrapped around in these white clothes, usually in towels. And when you die, you will be wrapped around in these white clothes again. So it is a whole journey that starts and ends there. And that's why the significance of Hajj if you really understand and attain the power of Hajj.

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You do all the great things that you need to do in hajj, you don't argue, you don't shout, you don't cause commotion, you don't cause evil, then you will attain the ultimate reward of hedge, which is to come back the day that you're like your mother that same day like your mother gave birth to you, free of all sins, and the other reward is agenda. While a solid hygiene liberal agenda and inland Jenna the prophesize lm said the correct righteous head will have no reward less than agenda.

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So Hajj gives us that message gives us that purity gives us the understanding that we need to attain

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as people go, and they witnessed the ritual of throwing the stones.

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They remember the temptation of the shavon to Ibrahim alayhis salam. And they remember the temptations that they go through on a day to day life. So with every stone that they throw, they are throwing at their temptation. Because the devil that you need to fight is the devil within you, then that's, that's what you need to be throwing the stones on.

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which pulls you towards the desires and the difficult things.

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And as you present your slaughter

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you're presenting and remembering the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala that has bestowed on you with the virtue of money, the virtue of ability, the virtue of sacrifice, and not just about sacrificing physical things by it's about sacrificing your time sacrificing your efforts, sacrificing your life for Allah subhanho wa Taala will inequality one oh Suki, wa wa t lillahi Rabbil alameen say my Salah, my rituals, my life and my death are all for a law. Robben Island in the Lord of the words luxury color, or bizarrely Columbia to one hour Muslim in Africa. We had our stock for the lottery welcome for stock fuel winner

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was heavy on Manuela

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the rituals of Hajj are many and there's not enough time to talk about them in these few minutes. But it's very important for us to understand how to even if we are not going on Hajj, because Hajj is about understanding those lessons and learning from those lessons and that's why it is compulsory for everybody to go because at least once in your lifetime. You

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Have to go to the witness firsthand and to see those and to have that connection with the people of the past and with the history and with those people around you. And to realize, one of the biggest tragedy that we need to realize today, which we can see, and we don't need to do go to Hajj to see this.

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But you can see in hajj when you are there, and you see, millions, millions of Muslims are all there.

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millions of Muslims are all there, they all stand in one row.

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They all face the same labor law. They're all doing the same shy of the same musoke, the same rituals, the same practices, they're all wearing the same clothes, they're all doing the same thing.

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For all intents and purposes, therefore on is one, their Lord is one, their soul is one

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they should be one.

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But unfortunately, there are as dispersed as there are as many Muslims there are. everyone's heart is

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differing, varying.

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Those who hold grudges, those who have enmity, those who fight each other,

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all with these fake borders that are being placed in the Muslim world today. People have made up

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sometimes fake tribes, or you know, they have the loyalty to their tribes, and they have the loyalty to the skin color and the loyalty to the language that they and sometimes loyalty to the cast and loyalty. And it's really a shame.

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That was you see this and you see these united together in terms of their purpose and aims and objectives, but they are different. And that should be a wake up for everyone.

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Today is just a group of people come together they can serve so much purpose. So how about when a million people come together? How about 110? How about when a billion Muslims have their hearts focused on achieving one thing, they will not have all the calamities that are happening today, they will not be one single Muslim, and indeed not one single human starving in the world today. If that if the focus was there, they will not be one single problem that is happening today in the world. If there was a focus, because the lesson of hanji sacrifice is about selflessness is about giving is about caring for others is about being patient. It's about all the good things that humanity wants

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to do. And that is the ultimate lesson that we have to learn. And while we're answering today, in the first 10 days of the Ninja,

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it's an opportunity for others for us who are not going to have to live the days of hatch, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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there are no days in which the good deeds are more beloved to Allah than these 10 days starting today.

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There are no days in which the good deeds are more beloved to Allah. So wherever you do have good deeds, they are beloved to Allah in these days. So it's a great opportunity to reap the rewards from a law. It's another one of those pit stops that Allah has given us to refreshing ourselves to revive our spirits to harvest the good deeds.

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So if you haven't fasted today,

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make your intention to fast tomorrow and the rest of the 10 days.

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And make your intention that every day you're going to be doing extra x over Nevada. V curve.

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Increase your tech beer in these days. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illallah wa la vie Kabbalah Kabbalah de Lyonne hand, increase your charity, increase your good morals, your good behavior.

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Ask about those people who have you disconnected with ask about your neighbors do go to the person on the street. Read more Quran.

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More as car more salam, the Prophet sallallahu Assalam anything you do is going to be good and is going to be rewarded by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So let us make use of these days and the other way is not to miss out on the great opportunity of all here as well a great deeds to carry out which happens after eight but stop preparing now.

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If you have the money, give it now to the charities or whatever. You're going to do the old Hello Kitty whatever but planet so that inshallah you will not miss out on this great Act, which some earlimart says whadya other say as soon as others say it's called buki find lots of different opinions wherever it is.

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Don't miss out

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Even around the chef he said, he said it's more cruel for somebody not to do it. So at the very least, you must try and do this over here this great dog. So by doing this you are experiencing you are living at Hajj in your day to day life as well. Even though you are not there in the place. You are there with your body with your heart with your spirit, initial water, alarm or fill in our ham now in our fire. alarm at Taco Bell, Midnight in Kansas.

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