Abdul Wahab Saleem – All The Verses of Fasting in The Quran – Introducing Quran #08

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting in Islam is discussed, including the use of "yeah," and the need for proper nutrition and travel plans. The speakers also emphasize the importance of fasting for one's health and the need for proper nutrition and travel plans. The use of "Grind point" in the Bible is also discussed, and the boundaries of Islam are highlighted. The speakers emphasize the importance of finishing fasting to avoid future problems and not drinking and eating before committing to a relationship.
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swallow him the last salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hamdu lillahi Hamdan, you are Fini MO You can almost see the whole SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad in while early he was a huge marine Allahumma alumina and pharaoh now in fact now be Magnum tena was it no element the acronym rubbish rally surgery was silly Amedeo Henry operative Melissa Ania bajo Kohli are visiting your element or visit near ailment or visit near Alma Allahumma Salli ala Jota who say hello and details you're hesitant either Sheeta Salah welcome everyone and today we are looking at the Ayat of CME, the IATA fasting and these ayat

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they start off at Iron number 183 In Surah Al Baqarah. And

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I mean basically a lot of the Gam a lot of the rulings related to fasting, they can all be summarized within these ayat, they are summarized by Allah azza wa jal very beautifully within these ayat and we know that we are

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very close to the month of Ramadan. And hence it only makes sense for us to learn about what Allah has to say about Ramadan and fasting in general. And more specifically, Ramadan. Right? So Allah subhanaw taala, he starts off in these ayat is number 183. Now, what's interesting about the Quran is that

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the ayat

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that are placed back to back they don't actually have to have been revealed back to back so some of the ayat

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may be revealed earlier, but they're placed in the placement of the Quran later on. Okay. So and there's an important reason why I'm saying this is because the first of the set is one of the final revelations related to Ramadan.

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And afterwards, there are verses that were revealed before the first verse, but they're placed by Allah azza wa jal afterwards. So the final ruling of fast is given by Allah azza wa jal in verse number 183. where Allah says, Yeah, you're Latina, Ermanno katiba la como Siyam oka makuti by Alan Levine and publikum the Allah Contacta con Oh, who you believe Allah has ordained upon you? Fasting just as he's ordained upon you?

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Just as he's ordained as fasting also upon people who came before you as well. I like them to tack on perhaps you may have the Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal. You may have the consciousness of Allah azza wa jal Can you come over here, it's easier on my neck hamdulillah Bye. So perhaps you may have the Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal. Now, this is the first first Yeah, you're Latina manucho tip. Now, Allah is saying it's been written upon you. And this is a metaphor used by Allah in the Quran for many, many, many rulings, whatever Allah says, has been written upon you what he means by that it's, it's an obligation upon you, it's a ordinance upon you. It's something that Allah has obliged upon you,

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meaning he's written in stone for you. A Yama might do that. Now, these fasts that are obliged upon you or written upon you that are ordained upon you. There are not a lot of days, they're just a small selection of days. They are a yam just a few days, might not do that countable, right. And even countable, Allah chooses to say, Man, I do that they are countable. Like that, there's another way to say countable as well as just Duda,

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which is countable as well, but but it doesn't this one here, it means very few. And when you compare them to the rest of the year, the month of Ramadan doesn't even account for 10% of the year, maybe about 7% of the year. So it's actually very countable. It's very few. It's not that much for mankind. I'm in Cuba, even then Allah says, Hey, if you guys are, if you guys are traveling, or you're sick from an Ghannam income, maybe you've been suffering very determined a Yemen or if you're traveling or you happen to be sick, then you can always make them up later on. You don't have to fast them at that point. So these are two excuses that Allah gives the person who's traveling and

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the person who's sick as well. These two people have been excused by Allah azza wa jal. How long does the travel have to be something that is considered a reasonable travel? Okay. So if you're going from let's say, practically speaking, if you're going from here to Calgary, would you be considered a traveler? Yes, you'd be considered a traveler. So if you're going from here to Lloydminster, you're going to be considered a traveler? Yes, you will be considered a traveler as well. So that is a travel.

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medi Illidan How about modelled sickness, any sickness that is going to impact your fasting abilities is considered an acceptable sickness. Let's say

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If you have some sort of illness, that if you were to fast on that day, the lack of nutrition is going to slow down your recovery, you're allowed to break your fast as well. But remember, whether it'd be a travel or it'd be a sickness, you have to go back and make it up. So it's better for you to faster that time. And that's why later on in the verse, Allah will say, Well, if you choose to faster is better for you. Why? Because it's hard to make it up when nobody else is doing it. Right? Allah continues and he says, well, Allah levena ut Punahou now, there are going to be those people who have temporary excuses. But then there are other people who have permanent excuses. So temporary

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excuses, travel or sickness, permanent excuses. You have a terminal illness, you have a permanent illness, because of what you're not able to fast completely like you're diabetic, right? Like you are, you have severe

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stomach acid that causes you heartburn, right? So whatever the case may be some reason why you really cannot handle being

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able to fast in that case, what does Allah say? Well, in those cases, the people they simply give a Vidya, okay, they give an explanation.

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And what is that they feed one person, one person that needs to be fed, they feed that person and by feeding that person, they ended up basically, they ended up exploiting for the fact that they're not fasting, okay, this is the video that they have to defeat the atom bomb is skin feeding one person, that's your fifth yet feminine, Totowa euro and farewell Hola. If someone else has more money, then for them to just feed one person remember one person for each day. Okay? If you have more money,

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and you give that in staple, it's better. Instead of giving them like a meal, give them staple, two hands full of staple. Why? Because this way, they can cook it now. Or they can cook it later. Remember, in the month of Ramadan, people are being generous, right? So maybe if a poor person or a needy person or a destitute person gets lots of foods from food from a lot of people. The problem is that he has too much food now to handle. So if you give him staples, he can use it later on. Right? So Allah then continues and he says Femen Delta wa Hieron. Whoever wants to give a little bit more, that's great. For wahala that's better for him. Because you're expecting for

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your giving fifth yeah here for something that you an obligation that you're having to leave behind. If you want to give some more it's going to become an act of sadaqa for you. Well enter Sue, how are you let come in contact Allah moon. Now Allah says in all of those scenarios, you're sick, you're traveling,

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or you've got a sickness that is causing you the inability to fast.

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Allah says, if you choose to fast is still better for you. Okay? Now, this is only

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if that sickness is not so severe, that it's going to lead you to passing out for instance, or it's going to lead you up to becoming further sick or it's going to lead to a permanent illness and so forth. Right? Someone is around that such scenario. We don't recommend that person too fast. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also got angry at people who are traveling and fasting but it was unbearable for them. He said, Oh, that's a common thought. Those are the people who are disobedient to Allah azza wa jal. Why? Because Allah has given them a concession. Now Allah continues and he connects the month of Ramadan to the Quran. He says shahada, Ramadan, Allah the

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only Nephi Hill Quran, the month of Ramadan, is that same month in which Allah has revealed the Quran, who then leanness its guidance for the people well, they ye naughty minute Who that word for God. And it is clear verses of guidance that are also a criterion as well, by which you know what is right and what is wrong as well. If you're looking to figure out how to know something is right versus wrong. Where do you look the Quran because the Quran is the Quran, it's the criteria and it's also another one of the names of the Quran that it is a correct criterion, Thurman Shahe them in Como shahada Eosin whoever witnesses, I missed all of you, anyone who witnesses the month of

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Ramadan. Now, this is very important. Allah doesn't say whoever cites whoever witnesses. So this includes the person who cited the moon, the person who used

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astronomy to figure out the calculator, use calculations to figure out when the moon is going to be born, the person who heard from other people that not all of us actually go outside and fast. If you hear from people Oh, it's been cited, it's been calculated. We figured out tomorrow's Ramadan. You are now a witness of Ramadan. Right? Everybody is included within this Thurman share he them in comas Shahara failure some whoever witnesses the month of Ramadan, then let him fast. Woman cannon

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radiobutton Oh ALLAH suffered in the day to mean a Yemen Ohana Allah reiterates if you're traveling or you're sick twice, he mentions this. Why? Because this is that it's that important people forget. Sometimes people, they want to be extra righteous. So they end up, you know, bearing the pain of the fast even though they're not in a condition where they're able to handle it. And what's more important is when you see someone who's unable to fast, don't guilt trip them. Because this is a person who's unable to he's sick, or he's traveling and he made, he chose to accept the confession of Allah, no need to guilt trip him as well. He has been given a confession by Allah. That's why

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there's a habit, they used to say that we would travel, some of us who would be fasting, other 's would break their fast. And none of us would accuse the other one or center the other one and say, why aren't you doing it? Why are you doing it? No need to do that. Everybody has their own choice. And Allah has granted them a concession. And that's why he reiterates her if you're sick, or you are traveling for a min a yam and Ohana make it up later on. And I say this over here, especially in our city, where the fasts during the summertime can get very, very long. Right now we're getting closer to what we've gotten to a very long, fast already, but as deeper summer is obviously even longer. So

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if your obligation is to fast those very long fasts, right? And you're unable to handle that, because again, you're sick, because you have heartburn, because it's too much for you to handle with your, the level of your sugar levels, etc. So what do you do? You don't have to do it now. You wait till

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I mean, it's your obligation to do it now, but you're incapable of doing it. That doesn't mean you will never do it.

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You can do it in a month where you're capable of doing it. Right? Meaning you make it up because Now Allah is saying if you're sick, or you're a traveler, sick as in sick but unable to fast, or you're a traveler in both cases, you're not off the hook. He says for the 10 Min. A Yemen ohana, you're going to do it in another season. Right? You're going to going to do it outside of the month of Ramadan. This is again, those people who are not in a condition where their sickness has become permanent, like the very elderly. Now they've gotten to an age where it's going to be impossible for them to recover from whatever recovering from old age, right? So how long is there they're going to

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stop fasting and they'll give their friends Vidya instead of fasting. But those people who have a temporary problem or their problem is seasonal, right? Because of the length of the fast etc. So they will fast on other days for determine a Yamaha. Why.

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While someone might say oh, you're trying to make it too easy for people, Allah says, you read the law hovick, odious Allah. Allah wants to make it easy for you.

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Right? Because the next thing that's going to come up is Oh, you're making it too easy for people. Allah says, you read the Lord will recall you surah Allah wants to make things easy for you, while you need to be cooler or slow, and he doesn't want to make things difficult for you. Because he realizes people go through these are actual real life problems that people go through. We're not trying to make things easy, Allah is trying to make things easy. While he took me to like that, and so that you make, you may be able to complete the 30 days, because sometimes you're going to not be able to get all 30 in Ramadan, try your best, you're not sick or hamdulillah you're not traveling

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and hamdulillah you're strong and even when you're traveling, you're able to do it and hamdulillah the person was not able to when he took committed, you can you can fit you can finish it off later. But make sure you complete the count while he took me to the well it took him a little Allah Allah Maha calm. And also remember to say that that could be a lot when read time comes when he took a bit of Allah and remember just say that that could be wrought, just as Allah has guided you when a time comes when Allah contest Quran and also so that you may be grateful to Allah, that he allowed you to fast like everybody else. Then in the in the middle of all of the verses of fasting, Allah suddenly

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goes to another topic that's completely apparently unrelated. He says what either Celica everybody honey for India Corrib when my slaves ask you have me tell them I'm very close, oh gee Buddha, or whether they're either the Han Irish respond to the call of the callers when they call,

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fell yesterday bullied and let them call out to me. Well, you mean it will be law Allah whom y'all should own and let them believe in me as well. Perhaps they may be granted guidance. And the reason for this is because the month of Ramadan is also the month of Doha. And that's why Allah wants to remind you in the middle of all of the verses, he breaks the chronology as well of fasting but he wants to tell you, hey, this month is a time

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him to make dua to me and I'm going to be responsive to your hours as well. Or Hey Lella come, lay let us Seanna refer to elearning psycho, Allah has made Milan for you during the night times to become intimate with your spouse's, oh, Nellie basaglar como and to leave us alone, you are a they are a garment for you and you are also a garment for them as well. This verse was revealed because a group of people group A Sahaba.

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See, what happened was that in early parts of Islam or early days of Islam, when fasting was first obliged, if a person doesn't break his fast and Russia time comes and they go to sleep, right, and they continue sleeping. When they wake up, they're neither allowed to eat, nor drink, nor get intimate with their spouses as well. So this became very difficult for some of the companions.

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Because some of them would pass out one of the companions, he, he came home from a hard day at work, and he was waiting for his wife to make food. The food wasn't ready. When, by the time she got the food ready, it was already he passed out.

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When he had passed out now he's not allowed to eat, drink, or get into it. So he wakes up in the morning, and what does that mean? That means now he has to carry on fasting till the next day. So he literally when when around noon, time came, he literally passed out. So they came to the profits and Silliman they brought his case stem. Another few incidents that happened was some of the Sahaba they went to sleep, they missed the deadline, basically. And then they could not control themselves. So they became intimate with their spouses, some of the major Sahaba. And so they made a mistake. And they came to the Prophet crying, they say, they said that I have destroyed myself and I've been

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destroyed. And I've destroyed others as well.

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So then Allah revealed this verse where he said, it is now permissible for you at the nighttime for you to become intimate with your spouses, and obviously in turn, eat and drink as well. They are a garment for you and you are a garment for them. Allah knows that you are almost not almost I should translate exactly as it as it is. Allah knows that you are cheating yourselves.

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Meaning at nighttime, he told you not to eat not to drink not to become intimate. There were companions who were doing it.

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Allah knows you're cheating yourself. Third dabba alikoum but Allah has forgiven you what Arsa and come and he has pardoned you as well. For earn abbatial Now, what you can do is now you can become intimate web dev who marquetta Allahu Allah calm. If you'd like to have children, you can do so while quinoa shabu and eat and drink if you so please hit die at the Vienna likoma. Let

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me know how you feel sad minute version until the white thread from the black thread becomes apparent for you. Now this literally says white thread from the black thread. So some of the companions actually took it quite literally and they put the white and the black thread in this said let's wait to figure out whether we can when we can discern the two. But that's not what Allah is intending over here, what Allah is intending until the morning becomes evident from the nighttime, until when the dawn breaks. And remember there's two different types of dots. There's one dawn that that basically breaks vertically, and that is called the federal cabinet and there is another dawn

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that breaks horizontally. And that is the time where Fajr time actually comes in. The second of the two is a ledger a sodic which is the one that breaks horizontally. Okay, so Allah is saying when that clear white thread in the sky becomes evident for your when the whiteness in the sky becomes evident for you ie when Fajr time comes in, then is when you have to stop eating and you have to stop right if Archer. So when you look on the calendar and there is a specific time for Roger, that is the time you have to stop. You don't stop until the mom is done or the event is done during the event. There is a Hadith to that effect. But that hadith is talking about the first of the two

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events. Remember that during the time of the prophets of Salaam for Fajr there used to be two events, one or than was given by ignominy Maktoum and the other than was given by Milan and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that Guru worship Babu is an inner biller and you as the nobility. Beloved He gives us a dawn when nighttime is still around, eat and drink until April or May Maktoum gives us a van. Okay, so when ignominy Maktoum would give us a done would be basically when Fajr would come in. As soon as Fajr would come in. The Sahaba would start to scream a sweater of sweat. Morning time has come morning time has come. So ignobly McTell was blind, he would go get

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up and give the Athan. You understand others would tell him now for jurors come in and he would go give the event the prophets I said let me said that, in a hadith he said if

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You have something in your hand and the other man goes, Do not put it down until you finish eating. So some people they miss understood that the prophet is referring to the second event. No, he was referring to the first event. As for the second one call us now it's time for Roger you have to stop literally Allah is saying for Kulu what could overshadow boo heterotopia unit a couple of minutes at last minute federal when your time comes. That's it You got to stop eating now. Then when you're done Fajr is here now some DiMasi Yama Illa late then you gotta continue fasting till the nighttime wala to bash your own Hoonah we're into murky fauna, filled misogyny and do not become intimate with

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your spouse's while you are doing tick off in the masjid is an obvious one but Allah is spell spelling it out. But that doesn't mean that you can't

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touch your spouse in your teacup. Because we have in the Hadith that the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he would sit by the door of Isha and he would put his head by Aisha and she would do the hair for the prophets of Salaam. That means that merely touching is not causing any problems. But Allah is saying don't become intimate with your spouse's while you are doing your ticker still care who do the Allah. These are the boundaries of Allah. These are the boundaries of Allah Furla caribou Ha, don't ever go close to these boundaries. The Prophet said in a hadith of

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a Sahabi who Shani he said that he said that in Allah for Allah for Allah Allah for Allah Tala Euro

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Allah has obliged certain obligations, don't waste them. What had the Hadith and ferrata DUA and is also placed certain boundaries do not transgress those boundaries of Allah azza wa jal as well. So these are the boundaries of Allah don't transgress them. And they're pretty easy boundaries. Right? In the beginning it was complicated for the Sahaba because they had to fast throughout the night as well if they missed the deadline, but now we have all of the right to eat, drink and whatever we want everything that is haram for you in your fast is head on for you at nighttime. Right? What can Gallica you will be in Allah just like this. Allah makes his signs very clear his verses very clear.

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li na sila Allah homea Takane Gallica Ubu Allahu it he did not see to Allah home yet. It is just like this that Allah azza wa jal makes his verses very clear to the people so that they may have the Taqwa of Allah or Buddha is that he will Janelle

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