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You will believe fear or law as you should be feared and die not accepting the state of Islam

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by the respective brothers and sisters, when you look at some of the verses in the Quran, like in Surah, tilaka and Surah Rahman, you see that Allah subhanho wa Taala has made a distinction between two categories of believers. And this distinction is very

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it's very basic, let's say because as we will know, it's much more complex than this but Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us basic messages so that we can comprehend. And the main distinction that Allah subhanho wa Taala makes in these two swar is that annual Eman, Islam and regenda. They are not all equal. They are not all equal. They are categories of people. They are categories of people in agenda, which will depend on their attitude.

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And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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Sabbath on a Saturday savvy Hoon, Willa, aka mokara boon.

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Those who are excelling those who are ahead, those are who are racing at the front.

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They are savvy on They are the ones who will be at the front.

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And they will be the ones who will be close and be brought near.

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And that is the highest category, the loss of hanos and also gives us the unfortunate reality of this is that fooler to minella Willy Wonka de la mina la hurryin they'll be a large group of those people who want to save your food will be from amongst the first, the president says from the profits and those times, but from the ones who come later with khaleel little

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the vast majority of the others will be from us hubballi amine, which is the lower category of people who enter the agenda. And also when you resort to Top Ramen, you find this distinction as well.

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There are people who will get the agenda which are of the highest level of genetics.

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And then there are those who are of a secondary level.

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And I said this is basic because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explains in another Hadith

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when he says

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if no one believes in Allah

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and His messenger

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and establishes salah and fasts, Ramadan,

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it is incumbent upon Allah to make him enter agenda. Allah has made it obligatory on himself and no one can make anything obligatory on a light except himself. He has made it in bigotry incumbent on himself that he will make that person enter agenda, whether they go out

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and strive in the path of Allah, or whether they die in the same land that they that they were born in. So whether they exerted the effort or not. If they establish those basic things, they will enter the agenda.

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So they said almost jhala

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Shall we not tell everybody this great news.

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Neither the agenda can be achieved by doing very simple things.

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He said,

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agenda there is 100 levels

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that Allah has prepared for those who strive in the path of a law between each two levels is the distance between the sky and the earth.

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So if you ask Allah,

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then ask him for alpha dose, because it is the highest part of agenda and it is the most central part. And from there, the rivers of agenda all gush out that's where they originate.

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And the ceiling there is the throne of man.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala has made the agenda into many categories 100 levels.

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And each level as is logically and rationally understood will depend on how much you deserve to be. And that's why there are people who are savvy horn. They are ahead, they are racing

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and there are people who are behind

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And so, it is the nature of the human.

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To be competitive

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is the nature of the human to want more.

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As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lol cannelini Adam huajian means they have left Osiris, the son of Adam had to Valley's full of gold. He would want a third

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nature he wants more and more

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but the unfortunate reality is that very little of the humans

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are competing for what is worthy to be competed for.

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That's why has enormous Lee said manifest. Fit dounia fella tuna fish.

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Woman naffaa seca

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filler hero, Allah hirafu NFS those who compete with you in the dunya don't compete with them. So wasted endeavor

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you should be competing for the hero. That's why Allah subhanaw taala he said when he described the agenda and he described the different beauties and realities. And amongst those the drink heater mu misc Allah said what he valued carefully at NFS in Bhutan Fs one and four that let those who want to compete compete and the laws of Hanoi Tyler created the agenda and described it to us so accurate, beautifully accurate everything is described in agenda.

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You cannot

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have any question which is unanswered except the prophet SAW Selim and the law have explained it for you.

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Your dwelling the gardens, the food, the drink, the clothes, the bricks, what they are made from even the sand what is made from

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the rivers

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everything is described engine now, even more intimate details are described the agenda which I will not mention here. Lots of things are described for those who just want to go but then he said what Sadie allama filati mirrabooka agenda.

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You have to run you have to race. You have to speed to the forgiveness from your Lord and for the agenda.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in another Hadith

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he said

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Allah Masha Marie lagenda

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Is there anyone who is ready to roll up their sleeves for agenda

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for here?

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The internal agenda Allahu Akbar Allah

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the agenda

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is not there. It's not in the mind you can you know, however you think agenda is it's different.

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Well here abora bill Kava tea neurone Allah Allah by the Lord of the Kava, it is bright sparkling shining lights, there is not nowhere dark in agenda. It's all illuminated self illumination because there's no sun or moon

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there's no electricity, it's all self illuminated. What I Hannah says it is Erik

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aroma and fragrance which is shaking and even the description of shaking gives it that material aspect

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wafaa key hatin Kathy rotten Aviva wafaa Catherine catarratto knowledge and much much fruit All right.

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Walk us around machined and erected constructed palace when a flowing river

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will have beratan v hammerite in one obrah in all delights and happiness and illumination

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was Olga tune hasna jameelah and the beautiful elegant wife

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What are in alliott in salema and the high lofted dwelling female amin Abba de

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forever and forever

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so the Sahaba and they had they said nano Aleutian mayroon Allah hi Rasul Allah We are the ones who will roll up our sleeves for it or messenger Allah.

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And they were those who rolled up their sleeves.

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The Sahaba understood it and they stood the power

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agenda. So they raised to our law seeking agenda.

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many examples you can find and time

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is very limited to mention these examples. But when you look at the

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different realities,

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you will find those were the Sahaba. They were competing with all different ways. They were competing to get the reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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They were competing to get as much as they can.

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Whenever they had opportunities they would do that.

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Those who had wealth gave from their wealth and they spent and they gave the charities and they competed in doing so the famous hadith of Omar Ali along with Abu Bakar competing to whom gives you a more, go back and find the heartbeat because time is short dimensionless they're all competing and doing good deeds, acts of generosity outside when they had ownership because even the poor people they came to the prophet SAW Salem, complaining that they didn't have money to give charity. So the prophet SAW Selim gave them the different avenues of how they can get the rewards,

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to enjoin good and forbid evil and to help people with their luggage and to help somebody onto their mounts and to say good words and to remove him from the path all different avenues

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of charity and good deeds, just have the right intention, you will get that

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there were people who raised and

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they were ready to use the opportunities even with their tongues, which everybody owns. And that's why the prophet SAW Selim when he was on his way to have the Sahaba he said siru has juliann Subbu

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Subbu como se This is from Dan It was a mountain on their way to this mountain rogo because those who are self have segregated themselves, they are the ones who have truly won the race. They said Who are these mufa, Radeon who have segregated themselves, he says that Corona la hackathon with vektorokt

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those who remember a lot a lot and those who are remembering a lot be they male or female, such great opportunities there. And so, it remains that for a person who understands all of this has to try to make his life concern yourself in competing for that, which Allah subhanho wa Taala has given you

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because we know that the competition for the dunya

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is always disastrous. It will impact negatively on you.

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It will impact negatively on your Eman it will impact negatively on your app, it will impact negatively on your actions.

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Because you are competing for something which by the very description Allah says is dunia it is low.

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It is low, should be competing for something which is high.

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And there are great benefits to racing and competing for the Acura.

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First of all, as we mentioned, it is from the characteristics of those who raised to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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It is from their characteristics of their Eman. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala described

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those who you serve your own feel high right? They rush towards the good day, Allah says, one whom Allah has

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a very beautiful, eloquent description. They are rushing to do good deeds, but they actually are ahead of the good deeds were homeless. And they already won the race even with the good deeds. And it's such a beautiful description meaning that because of their intensity in racing to a law, that even the good deeds they are behind, and they're ahead of the good deeds and the good deeds are like trying to catch up with them. That's how they that's the derivatives of Eman.

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it is no doubt a

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it is a reason for goodness that Allah subhanaw taala gives because Allah recompenses every good deed with itself so whoever veils are Muslim, Allah will veil him. Whoever helps somebody need Allah will help him whoever release a distress from another believer at a lower level of distress from him.

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It is also a reason for answering drama, as we see with Zachary Ali.

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Cinnamon Allah subhanho wa Taala describes zecharia

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when he made that so Allah subhanho wa Taala said that we answered his goal.

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And we gave to him his song. Yeah, he and his wife was righteous because they used to compete in on usado NFL hierarchy, they were competing towards good deeds.

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And no doubt it will be a reason for that happiness in the afternoon. And the great rewards that wait for that. Sometimes some people think and mistakenly, some people say you know, agenda wherever you wherever you want an agenda, you will get an agenda

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doesn't quite work like that.

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It's gonna be depending on your level. And that's why Allah Subhana Allah make distinctions. There are people who will enter the agenda, their houses will be made are silver.

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And there are people who enter the agenda and their houses will be made out of gold. If your level is silver, you can't say Oh, can I have can have some gold please? You didn't compete in the dunya for the gold in the acido. So why would you get the golden so you will not get everything that you want in agenda unless you deserve to be amongst those who will get everything in the agenda.

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And amongst that Allah Subhana Allah mentions in Surah

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when he talks about those people who will get what Allah has prepared for them where no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no heart has even thought of those of all those people who gets up in the night. And they pray that a Jaffa nobleman and mobilya the sides cannot stay on the beds, they get up and they pray in the night, those people's levels will be there. But you are there at the basic level doing simple things and then you want to be amongst the high ranking righteous people. How can it be it does not it's not fair.

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That you have a chance to compete now while you're alive. You can catch up with them.

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What can you tell me about your Shaku Apolo Holly had our soft rolandi Welcome first off

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in our

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy you know Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Man, half average woman, Elijah Bella Holman, Zhi, Li Na silica, La Jolla, la se la de la Huijin. Whoever fears

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whoever fears, then he will move very early on.

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The there's a similar similarly here, which the professor Sam is giving, whoever spheres will move early on and add ledge is to move in the early hours, or the late hours of the night, early hours of the day before even scheduled.

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And whoever moves early on, he will reach his destination

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of the precise elements giving that simile of somebody who's afraid of something afraid of the enemy face, something is going to happen, you're going to prepare. And you're going to move quickly. You're not going to stay sleeping till midday, and expect to achieve because you have to be ready to give and sacrifice. So you want to reach your destination, you have to move early, you have to sacrifice your sleep, you have to sacrifice your comfort. Because the commodity of a law is valia. The commodity is expensive. It's not cheap. The commodity of allies and allies offering you agenda, but it's not cheap. You have to be ready to give. You have to be ready to sacrifice. You have to be

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very to run to race to compete for that.

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We have in the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the greatest of examples.

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He was someone who was always at the front, competing and showing and because time is short. We have one of his great examples in the generosity that he used to display used to always give

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and he never would be afraid to give, never be worried to give.

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Because he was ready to spend and even that cartoon character that he had made a lot of the veterans, a lot of the Arabs, they entered Islam because of this generosity, like the man who came and he asked the process. So he gave him You said you see, do you see that valley over there full of sheep? He said yes. He said go and take all that sheep. So he went back to his people and said, yo calm as we move into Mohammed Europa, and I actually go become Muslims because Mohammed gives the one that he gives like the one who does not feel poverty and why would he feel poverty and the loss of power?

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Allah has opened for him the treasures of the dunya and

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and how eloquent is the poet who described him? He said, Tara who is homage to whom outta hell Leland?

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Can Can Nikita Oakley he led the antenna

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who will borrow money in our

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luigia to Elmira for juicer hello to our double style cafe Hello Anna who

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is in a job that's my job at enamorado while Ola mia confy Cassie he later on FC Elijah Debbie ha folia tequila Hassan masala Allah

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said, If you come to him, you will see him happy and bright and cheerful as if he is as if you're going to give him what you're going to take from him. He saw how usually when a person gives, you know, have people who bag and also he gives them you're giving them and you are really, you don't want to depart with that money.

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But when you come to ask him, he is so happy to give you it's like you are giving him not him giving you

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and then the poet ends by saying even he is so generous, that even if he only had his own self, his own life to give you he would have given given it to you. So let the one who asks the fear Allah because of that, Lama Saliba cillum, Allah said, No Mohammed. So in conclusion, my dear brothers

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and sisters, we have to raise to our last panel with that we have to prepare. And we have to take caution. Because among in front of us, there will be hurdles in front of us there'll be barriers in front of us there will be pits and holes which might prevent us you know, today, you might have the energy and the shoes to run a race but tomorrow you might not you might you might lose your life, your your health, you might use your time, you might use your ability become occupied, you become distressed whatever, you won't have the ability so while you have the opportunity now make use of the opportunity and raised to a loss of Hannah was Anna and from the Barack Obama is that he will

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accept from you your attitude, even if you don't have anything to give. That's why the time of Musa alayhis salam.

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When Allah asked people to give, to give

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and they were in in time for a time of distress one man he said Oh Allah, if I had this mountain, if this mountain was all food and I would have I would have given it all for you have given over the feet fed all the people. So Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to Musa Musa tell this person that I have Allah has accepted his charity, his donation,

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he didn't do anything. He just he just had the attitude if I own this, I would have given it so Allah subhanho wa Taala but he was truthful. It wasn't just a fake word. It was truthful. So let's be truthful to Allah. And let's compete to our loss of Hannah with Anna law will accept from us from you. Insha Allah Allah