D14 Du’aa for Total Submission

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The speaker discusses the meaning of the "haratory" word, which is a submission to Allah's subhanaw. The "haratory" word is related to protecting one's body from the danger of death. The speaker also discusses the meaning of the "haratory" word, which is related to a person being protected from the danger of death.

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Today's is a DA that is quite an interesting one because usually it is a dog that is said, when you go to bed. It's the profit size and him talked about before he goes to bed and he said, If you say this dog, and you happen to die during your sleep, then you will be considered amongst the Shahada. Or you will enter the agenda. So this is a very important one to try to memorize. And to practice on a daily basis, especially today, we have as the prophesised have said, we accept or fee him, molten fudge amongst them will be a lot of this sudden death. So you might go to sleep thinking, Oh, everything's fine, but actually, you might end up just dying in your urine. So if you have that die,

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and you've said it, then there is almost a guarantee, therefore you from the prophet SAW life and know that you'll be amongst the people that didn't know the Shahada. But having said that, the Doha is also

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the meanings of the DA is general so it's not specific for sleeping. And therefore it can be said at any times as well because the meaning of it is about a submission to Allah subhanaw taala. In our very first reminder, we talked about the importance of submitting to Allah in the month of Ramadan and holding on to the rope of Allah. So this says a llama slim to next see a lake. What, to what honey, LA, or for Walter Emery, a lake la manga hola manager Minka in a lake to be kitabi keleti lady and Zelt were being a beacon lady.

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It's not difficult, but it has very importantly, there's a lot of there's a lot of acknowledgments here, you're acknowledging the power of a lie, you're acknowledging your weakness, you're including how you need the last part. And that's what makes this a very important one Islam to love. See, like I have submitted myself to you, I mean, your hands, and there's not just when you put yourself to bed, because at all times, you should be in the handle a lot, you should feel that you should embody that you should live that will for what to harmony, like all my affairs, I have.

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The word delegates is not the right word. But that's what it is translated as it's like a delegate to my first meeting, again, all my affairs, you are going to look after them. What else to worry, like I have put my back and hear the back. I mean, the back in the Arabic language has many meanings. And it has a connotation for many things. In this instance, the back means where a person can be attacked from and it's my weak my vulnerable visit. And so I have, I have,

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I have come and I have turned my back towards you, meaning I give you need to protect me from the back. Remember how they say people will say, you know how they've turned backbiting and you have stabbed in the back and think that your back is their weak point. You know, you can't see what's happening to your back. People can attack you. Just hang on, oh my lord, I have put my back towards you, meaning that you are going to protect my back, you're going to look after anything that might try to attack me from that my back. Lamb and Joe allameh, German catalytic, there's no protection, there is no refuge from you, except to you.

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If you want to run away from Allah, you can't The only way to run away from Allah is to run towards him for federal Illa.

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And then I'm going to be keytab regularly as it's going to be killing yourself to declare I believe in your book that you have sent down and into and with your

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prophet with whom you have sent beautiful dogs. And we should all learn learn these dogs keep them in your pocket. Metaphorically and therefore you can use them whenever you need Mashallah beautiful de la Muslim to nfcu lake or fourth time Lake wa jeptoo Laurie Lake,

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Nemanja, while mlj me in the league. I'm going to be cadabra keleti and whenever you kill me upset,

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yes. Okay, well, so I have informed you what this dies for usually it's important you have to say this dot when you go to sleep as you put your head to bed, but also you can say any time as well because it's a generalized submission.

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Let us pray together.

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lamattina human headed wife, you know, human