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The speakers discuss the importance of intentions in actions and the need for a loss of control. They touch on the concept of an "has fifteen" transmission and the importance of having a clear intention. The conversation also touches on the transmission of Hadith and the use of "has" in the language. The speakers emphasize the importance of considering intentions when using words and actions, and the need for reward in actions. They also touch on the concept of an "IPAT" and the difficulty of achieving a perfect result.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah.

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While he was off to be here on wila

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My dears for him brothers to Samadhi, according to law here with our cattle

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we had started last week

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the book of standard RFP in the garden of nowhere and we gave the introduction of what, in ma'am and no, he, himself has given us an introduction to this book. And we said that this book is a book which deals with a person being aware of a loss of Hannah Atholl and to be conscious of their position in this in this life and where they are heading. And he talks about some of the important topics therein. And he starts by

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addressing a very important topic which anyone who is walking towards Allah subhanho wa Taala has to be aware of and has to be practicing and that is the whole concept of intention. So,

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no doubt there is so much to be had of intention. It's one of those things that the LMR continuously refer to because they know that with this topic of intention, there is so much to attain so much to learn so much to achieve. So he starts off by saying, about hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. He said that Allah subhanho wa Taala says starts off with the vs of all last pantalla mentions, he said, One

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illallah wa hamanasi nada de una una

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y el tiempo salado to zakka Nika de una. So Allah subhanaw taala says that they were not ordered except the following

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three things so as far as like these were the essence. The first thing was to worship Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Maha Hasina. LaHood Dean to be sincere to him in their Deen. So that's number one. Number two, that they should be an alpha. We'll explain what that means. And number three, that they established follow up masala were you to Zika so the reality of all these matters is that the basic request that Allah Subhana Allah wants from any individual in this life is to worship him with his loss. Worship Him sincerely. And the class as you're all know, is obviously translated as sincerely but it comes even from the basic word of how the Arabs talk about the honey they say, Alaska hollows

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is the honey that is free from any wax, so it is purified honey. And so this is how a person's emotions how a person's a bad is how a person's practice should be should be clear of any impurities that may affect that action. Secondly, that they should be Honda and Honda we take this word from

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the Prophet, which Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salaam jelas pantalla described him as Hanif and Hanif means someone who is actually diverted away Yeah, and he it's almost like he's inclined away. So, it has a it has a different meaning if you like from the st column is the karma is to be

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steadfast to be upright to going straight. Hanif means that you are diverting or inclined and here it means that a person is inclined towards the deen of Allah to the fedora to the natural practice to the pure practice inclined towards the last pantile that's what the the Hanafi Emmys and some of the commentators even they said the reason why when we pray, and we we sit down in when we sit down in the chapel, we sit down we don't sit down, straight we sit down a little bit tilted, tilted to the, to the right. And in.

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In the this is the setting called the FT rush. And then in the last four aka of

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Lahore or us or Asia and lost track of Mahara. We sit in what's known

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torlock which is even more tilted, and he said that is to signify the Hanafi so even in your slide there's almost like a symbol towards the Hanafi which is that you are tilted towards that filter out towards the deen of Allah Subhana Allah so Allah wants us to practice the natural way to be naturally inclined towards was is the correct practice and up masala zakka they establish the sila they establish the give this occur and that it could you know payments, how long can you look at this verse? It's very, very basic and it's almost like saying, you know, the deen isn't difficult, you know, a lost hand doesn't want much from you. And in fact, on the day of judgment, Allah

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subhanaw taala

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brings a person

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brings a person on the day of judgment and we know this in the Quran, Allah mentions a number of times, he brings that person and that person is from the people of the fire. So he has done lots of bad things, lots of wrong, he's heading for fire. So Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask him if you had now all the treasures of the earth and that's which is in it. Would you pay that as a ransom to save you from the punishment that you are heading for? And he will say of course, he's thinking there is an opportunity. Of course I was doing no loss of Hannah Dallas and while I didn't ask that from you, all I asked from you was that you worship me and that you do not associate anything with me. Just

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something simple, but last month I was not asking you to give all your money to give all your wealth to you all your trading just a bad the simple worship Allah subhanaw taala pays, paid as a caregiver for establish the salah whether Likud unit a man in the Hadith, the prophet sizer, a man came to him

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and said to me Rasul Allah, a writer in solitude back to bat wasum to Ramadan will lead to halal haram to harem at full agenda omashola Suppose I were to pray the five prayers I were to foster Ramadan I was to make halal that which is halal make haram that which is how long would I enter the agenda? He said Nam Yes. Simple again. This is the deen alpha Yama is the symbol of pride, Deen D.

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Then the next verse is a loss of Hanna dialysis. Woman yardman Beatty. muhajir en de la la he was truly samudrika mode for podocarp drew Allah La, whoever.

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Whoever lost pantalla says whoever leaves his house

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muhajir on

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having that intention, that he is migrating to a loss of Hannah Horton and His Messenger. Then death catches up with him, then his reward has become established with Allah.

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So again, another verse emphasizing that it's the action, the intention, which is more prominent than the action. So if you leave

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your house, you want to reach a loss Hunter, you're going to you're sacrificing you're giving up you're migrating to Allah and His messenger.

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But then death catches up with you. You drink cold mouth before he manages to complete his journey so he didn't reach his destination. He didn't achieve the goal. He didn't fulfill the objective of the project. But his intention was there he made the steps Allah says follow aka a guru Allah Allah says his and the waka is like it's fallen yeah and it's become established and something is something is flying about okay still say this airy fairy, but when it falls down is become a lot less wireless, as far as the waterpark itself has become established that his reward is with a loss of Hannah who, with the island there is a story in this regard related to one of the Sahaba who was

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in in Mecca and and he he heard that, that you know the verse where Allah tala was inviting people to, to come out. And only those who had excuse me, he said, I don't have any excuse even though he was an old man. He didn't have a clue. So he said I must go and migrate to to Medina to catch up with the prophet SAW Selim. But as he left, he did. He died on the outskirts of Mecca so he didn't even manage. So some of them are shaking their own mic in front of him, okay. And he didn't even you know, he wanted to go He didn't even make it. He didn't he didn't stay in McCann or did he? So they were so Allah subhanaw taala revealed that verse in this regards.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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contiguity said the wrong book home Island movie Matthew forsaken, your Lord is more aware or knows best what is in yourselves and this is also another verse which pours into this whole concept and understanding of the intention because end of the day your actions are there for people to see. But what is really inside your heart What are you what is the real reason you are doing things Allah knows a lot and Allah is knows what's inside you and he is more aware so you cannot obviously in any way attempt to trick him.

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Well Carla lo data Leanna Allah Maha Maha Maha wala Jima OHA malaking Anna Lou taqwa min comb, their flesh and their blood does not reach along meaning the animal that is sacrificed and this verse came in the, in the concept of the in the context of being talking about the old hair or the heady that is presented in in hajj. Allah says that neither their flesh nor the blood will reach a law. Rather it is your taqwa your piety your God fearing near your God consciousness your God fearing that is what reaches Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need you know the actions he doesn't need the ritual This goes for everything. So it's not just about the sacrifice here. And it's not about the physical

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things that you give everything that you do a lot of hantera doesn't need it. And in the Hadith, Potsie you have

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your iva de la walakum wa hirakud we're in second Virgina cocaine Wallah at unburrow Julie minko Mirza Malika makishi Allah says, My bad my slaves if the first of you and the last of you first of you till the last of you the interview and the gene of user all the creation from beginning of either Melissa lamb to to the end and be in from the shade lawn from the gin side, till then all of you were to be the most pious and the most any God fearing and the most,

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the most practicing person that's not going to increase my kingdom anything. It's not, it's not going to benefit a loss of Hannah or Tyler. And the same goes the other way. If you are all of you were on the worst and the most evil of all people, you're all like that, that's not going to decrease my kingdom. So and today, our actions, our

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intentions, our they're not going to affect a loss pantalla not going to benefit for them. He's not going to be harmed from Allah is the one who benefits and he is the one who harms Okay, it's not you. So end of the day, the simple reality that that tells you is that you are in need of a loss of Hannah tada not allies in need of you.

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And Abdullah nobis he said that with when he's commenting on this verse, we're lacking in a lot of amico, he said, meaning the intention, we're lacking. Yeah, no clue and yet being calm. So it's all about again, the intentions of this action.

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know he continues he says waka Ibrahim, at taqwa mo road will be he was. So here Ibrahim I think he is referring here to Rahim, ignore adhan that what taqwa Allah and Allah is referring by taqwa is and what is the basic outline of taqwa? How do you know that something is dukkha it's something that you intend with it. The the reward or loss of Hannah hall? What to hide? What then a mom always says what violent Imam will happen and why at all as a judge a man Alinea Taco Bell along with Dina will

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either can admin of a taco lotta Allah, what is a combo minko Massa takuna Bay. So again, the thing that Allah Subhana Allah accepts is that not that he does not accept the sacrifice, but the sacrifice has to be engaged with that tough one that fight piety. so here also a person should not understand the opposite meaning, which is that some people might say, well, therefore we don't need to do actions because any day What is important is just the intention. As long as my intention is good, as long as my

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my I have a man, then doesn't matter about the actions. So here as the judge is saying, No, don't think that that's what it means. It means that Allah will not accept the sacrifice if there is no taqwa, but he will accept it if it is a company.

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With that God fearing this and that ritual aspect of intending a loss.

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And then email No, he says all these verses that I mentioned there,

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they all indicate that they're invalid that the actions cannot be correct except with intention. So, there must be an act, there must be an act there must be a conscious effort, that there is an intention and that intention with any act of a bada must be the person intends to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala and fulfilling that which Allah has ordered him to do. So this includes, as you mentioned, later on, includes the

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booboo that was sold, the Salah, the zakka, the hedge has to be with a correct intention. And this is the opinion of the majority of the scholars

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that I have they differ slightly with this, because what they said is, they said the things that are that are not that are considered general practice in any basic practice. They don't need any Yeah, they don't need an intention. So for example, if you have something which is nudges here, okay, something has nudges. Yeah. And you came and you poured water over it to clean it. Yeah.

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Tell us it becomes clean, it don't have to have the intention that I am intending to clean it, you clean this clean. So they said removing an agenda

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is similar to making we'll do because we'll do is also removing a hadith. So you don't need an intention when you are making will do that is there sort of if you like their logic behind that, because they're saying it's, it's it's almost like the purpose is served. And that's why if for the half if you are

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if you are walking on the side of a river and somebody pushes you in the river, okay, just by falling into the river house, you've got water and you go whistle, everything is done for even if you didn't even think about it, you've come out of the river, how does he know how to do or you had the job you have now, whereas No, in the other metalhead, when you are pushed into the race, somebody pushes you in the river, if you don't make the intention while you're in the water that I'm doing hosel or I have the model even if it's just for a moment, then you don't remove and that's the slight difference between them. in that in that regard. It's it's as you can see, each one has their

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own concept in that doesn't mean that they don't do the intention obviously, when you have the intention, there is more reward therein and indeed even

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even in the

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Shafi method for example is that the intention that is obligatory is that the beginning of the Act, so when you do the the first pillar of will do is to wash the face. So as you are washing the face, the intention was to be there. Okay? But after that, if the intention slips away, that means how, as you started the window, then you start to think about all the things we just went, you went on autopilot. Yeah, all of a sudden, you realize that you've done with all without even that the window is still sound, okay? But you still have is this habit, Nia mean a very high likelihood, the recommended thing is that your intention is there throughout the world, not just the beginning,

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continued right till the end. So you get that reward as well. And the same with a Salah. I mean, how many of us enter the Salah, we have the intention, we have the focus, allow it, but then how long after that we go somewhere else, we're everywhere. And then at the end, as we are sitting for the Hangout, we realize that we are here. We didn't realize how we got there, you know, and that is there is a problem. Obviously there's a problem with the Salah in terms of the reward in terms of the Cabal turning towards Allah, but in terms of it being

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being done, it's done. And the last is that you don't have to repeat the Salah, but allow them if you've got the reward for that or not.

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Now, a moment No, he then just goes on to mention another key point here and this is the this is all the focus will only be on it another 1015 minutes inshallah. He said that

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the verse sorry, he says that and here if you remember last time he he said that he's not going to elongate a lot when he talks about how do you but because this hadith is such an important Hadith, he gives his he gives his

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his isnaad if you like his actual

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his actual

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transmission train or transmission for his hobby, so he says

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Bhavana shahana an Imam Abu Bakar Holly divino, Yusuf hemosiderin has an external morphology, Boubacar and maka DC and bolshaya Shafi are Viola and Pilar Baraka, Abu lumen, Al Kindi Marina Mohammed Naga, birkeland Sati. Barranca Abu Mohammed Hassan Ali Jo, hurry. Barona, Abu Hussein, Mohammed bin morphol, half of Marana Abu Bakar. Mohammed a Muslim man it was simply a hora de la buena. I'm Abdullah Sherman halaby. An Evening Mubarak and Yemeni side and Mohammed Ibrahim attain me and i'll come on ignore cos Lacey and Omar mahapatra de la Han. Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the mallamma rubinius were in the medical memory in Manoa, from in Kansas Ichiro

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to read Allahu Allah suli Frazier to read a lot he was truly are my cars usually go to Eli dunia You see, whoo ha, I'm writing it. So what do you have to be da da da, LA.

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So he mentioned here the his is not his line of transmission. This is something that obviously, there are lemma. And it's very, very much unique, specific for this Omar Omar of Islam that they preserved things through this is not you know, they verified the whole transmission with these chains. And that's why we know that you know, a Hadith, which are correct and sound, so he had Hassan on live, the transmission is very important and very

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significant. We won't dwell too much into that because that in itself is a whole topic, but in his his Nadi narrates that which goes back all the way to our model, the Align, then goes back to the prophet SAW Selim that he said,

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Indeed, actions are only by intentions, and every person should only get what they intend. Therefore, whoever migrates to Allah and His Messenger, then his migration shall be for Allah and His Messenger, and anyone who migrates to get something from the dunya or to marry a woman, then his migration is that for which he has migrated,

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this hadith is unanimously agreed to be sound. So as a Sahih Hadith, his position is immense. It is one of the foundations of Eman And it is also

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a unique and precious Hadith.

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And the real amount of the Hadith they they consider this hadith as was known as Talib is considered the very meaning strange and strange in the sense that of it's the transmission it's just it's just the terminology it's not a strange have meaning that is something strange about it. But it means that its transmission is only through one chain, because the only person that narrates it from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is Omar.

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And the only person that narrates it from Omar Abdul hottap is waqqas Alessi alcom even wakasa lazy and the only one that Raisa from Al comma is Mohammed Ibrahim attaining and the only one who raised it from Mohammed is yeah hear me say that Ansari, you see these four, four chains and levels. They are only unique, only 1111. So it is very, that's what that's why they call it strange. But after yahia even inside

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it became

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dispersed. And from him more than 200 people narrated from yahia innosight and most of them are imams in that regards. And that's what you must know he explains as well and he mentioned the the saying of a half of the Hadith master who he means by a half of his

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Mohajer alas palani. Who said, commented on this way.

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This Hadith obviously is a very important Hadith is a very, it's a foundational Hadith as you as you know, it sets the standards for a lot of things. That's why Mr. Bahari, he narrated this hadith in seven, seven places in His sight with different narroway and different chains. He related it at the beginning of his book, and also in the chapters of Eman marriage, freeing slaves migration, giving up the seat and also in the book of oaths.

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And he also has various wordings as well as will be

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discussed later on

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one word thing, which is a man who been yet an armada Binney yet and here, Mr. manoli says that according to a boon

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for honey, that this the senate of this specific one is not sound alamelu Binya

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as contrasted to inner mallamma rubinius. So what's the difference between the two?

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So we know in the mallamma Albania it means actions are only bought by intentions. The other one is a llama. robinia does not mean

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they're both a bar. But what's the difference between actions? actions are by intentions? Yeah. What's the difference between the two?

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In terms of the application

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we have the word in Nehemiah. So the first one is in Nam Allah Marubeni Allah Allah ma rubinius now Yes, disaster locker so in NEMA, which is what again he mom and NaVi here explains is that in Burma is used it's just a small word. Yeah, but it when it's used in a sentence, it implies specificity. So in number Lama Albania means Allah Amanullah tycoon in Lebanon yet that means actions can only be by their intentions. Whereas the other one, Mr. Lubin neon, his actions are by intentions. But also it can mean that actions are not by intentions because it's not specific. It's not saying anything else that and that's why

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we see that in the Quran and the word in NEMA whenever you see in the Quran, you know that that sentence following this is restricted, okay. So like when Allah says in ML manana fo that believers in ma means that they can only be brothers they cannot be enemies or anything like that that's not the and so on you can inshallah see that as well.

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So he says, As we will see that there are different variations of this hadith

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there is in Albania there is in the mallamma robinia in the in the know and there is a llama rubini there's different variations, but he said the one that just says a llama robinia that is not a sound duration according to the Hadith master Abu Musa avani

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and as for the knee, what is the intention? Any basically intention is a puzzle is the resolve is the you to do something is your aim of what you are wanting

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to do.

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And that's why if your intention out and that's why the process m gives that simple, that simple

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example, if you want to, if you do hegira what is the intention? Why are you doing the hedgerow, okay, and here the process M is giving us a simple,

00:28:19--> 00:28:56

simple comparison, the hijra and the act is the same, okay to people leaving their houses, leaving their cities leaving their places and they are going to another destination. They're both outwardly the same action but internally. One is going for Allah and His Messenger because he's been ordered to another person has gone because he's looking for a worldly gain either to do a business or to marry a woman or etc. The outward action is the same, but the reward will be according to that person's intention. When

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mama no he says that this hadith

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which we mentioned before, he said our Imam Mohammed Abu Idris, a chef female lobby pleased with him said this hadith entered into 70 chapters of FIFA. So this hadith

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applies to send them into chapters and here is trying to say basically, that every aspect of the film, there is an application for the intention. Okay, and that's why when we spoke about you when you think about all the ibadat when we think about the marmelade things like even, you know, joke about even when you were the words you're saying and that's why they're allama they have a general what's known as a as

00:29:41--> 00:29:48

a construct. And also, Laslo Phil alfalah allamani

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so your job Phil alphab illimani la salle in Melbourne. So when you make something when you say something, we go back to what is your intention from seeing this okay.

00:30:00--> 00:30:42

Not the actual one. So you know for example Salah you come to Salah you've come to salt in Asia, you left your house, I'm coming to Asia everything is selected Asia everything. Then as you come to to enter the prayer you say I intend to pray and mahalo, no way to Salima. And then you answer the Salah. Okay. Your mind is aresia everything is a sham, but you said a Muslim? That Muslim doesn't mean anything. It's any it's just it's because you you are absent minded. It still it doesn't affect the Salah. Okay, because you will not you are not. I think it does affect it though. If you came out of the house, and your intention is I'm praying

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I'm praying have come out to pray Asia coming out to pray. And then when you came actually it was matter of time. It wasn't

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your thinking. You're there studying brain thinking got pregnant, a sharp, but actually, it's Margaret prayer. Now, here's a problem. Your Salah is not going to be valid, because it's a different, different construct.

00:31:04--> 00:31:10

And also in buying and selling. You know, today, that's why, you know, in the buying and selling Pfizer to

00:31:13--> 00:31:20

take this phone for 100 pounds. Yeah. And you said, Okay, I accept that a bit.

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And then you gave me 100 pounds, and I gave you the phone? Yeah. And then,

00:31:26--> 00:31:27

you know, next,

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you know, next day or whatever, I said, Where's my phone? No, you sold me this phone for 100? You said take this for it. No, no, I meant take it you know, have a look at it and or borrow it for 100 pounds. And then give me a back end. And this is why when I said take it, I meant borrow it. I didn't mean I sold you it you see the word. The word can imply the same thing. But then what is your intention? behind it? Yeah. So here it becomes a dispute and then you have to or even when a man divorces his wife, okay? But he said to her, he said to her, go Go back to your family. Go back to your family. Any they had a fight? Okay. And he said, Go back to your family. Now as Jim I said,

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Well, he divorced me because what he's saying is how much he doesn't want to and and the word here go back to family doesn't is not doesn't mean divorce. He didn't say your divorce is. So here you have to go back to the intention, what is his intention? was the intention to divorce her or was it just go go you know, go away, leave me alone for a few days or a few weeks. And so here this is where when you are facing enters into 17 chapters or filter you can see how that application is there.

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He also said something which is Eman Shafi said this hadith is one third of knowledge. And a similar narration has been narrated by Abdullah Ahmed, even though humble also said the enters into a third of knowledge. And there are similar accounts on other emails now. Ma'am, Abubakar, I'll be happy. In his book, The summary of the SATA sunon. He says he explains what a Shafi meant. He said,

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What McAfee meant is that that the person the individual, the slave acquires things, and the way that you acquire things are either by your heart, or by your tongue, or by your limbs, your heart, your tongue or your limbs. So the intention is one of those divisions because the intention is in the heart. So it that's why I said it's a third of knowledge, because it's that one of the acquisition, and it is the most prominent, and it's the best of those acquisitions. Why is it the most best of acquisitions?

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Because, first of all, the intention in itself is an act. It's a it's a rewardable act, okay? in itself. And secondly, words and actions can be perverted by showing off. So if you do if you do an action, and you're doing it with the wrong intention, or you're showing off, right, yeah, and you're showing, then you will lose the action. Yeah. So your action, which is either what you say, or what you do, if you start to show off with it, you will lose but your intention, you cannot show off with your intention because your intention is hidden. You can't unless you start speaking it. That's obviously it's changed now to a word, isn't it? But if your intention is there, you cannot it's not

00:34:32--> 00:34:43

going to be effective because nobody can look at your intention. Whereas they can look at your words they can look at your actions and if you're doing it for the wrong reason, you are losing that reward. So that's the that's the saying of Imam

00:34:45--> 00:34:59

Albay helping Rahim Allah and he said also, scholars may Allah be pleased with them. They recommend that you begin all the violations with this hadith. They always recommend that if you had a compilation bringing with this

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

Like Imam Abu Abdullah Al Bukhari Rahim Allah He obviously began his book with this compilation and the the beautiful thing about what Imam

00:35:16--> 00:35:20

and I'll end with this inshallah what how Imam

00:35:22--> 00:35:26

Bukhari began this hadith is that

00:35:27--> 00:35:49

the Hadith is made up of four sentences Yeah, in the mallamma vignette, actions or in actions only by intentions. The second sentence is action. Every person should only have that which they intended. The for the third sentence is by mechanic, he's not really in a lawsuit, whoever's hegira is to align His Messenger, then his his role is to align with and the fourth sentence is,

00:35:50--> 00:35:51

was the fourth sentence.

00:35:53--> 00:35:53


00:35:54--> 00:36:04

Yeah. yourself a favor to whoever migrates for adonia or for marriage and his migration. So there's four senses when Mr. Bahari narrates the number here, how many times the narrator and

00:36:06--> 00:36:07

we said

00:36:08--> 00:36:23

no seven, we said he said he narrated in seven places. Yeah. So in this place, the beginning of the book, when he narrates it, he narrates it by removing the third, the third

00:36:24--> 00:36:39

phrase, so he narrates it in the mallamma Lavinia? When a medical memory man or woman can digitally do dounia yo Cebu, however, I think you're Haha, Pedro de la Mahajan, LA, he removes the third phrase.

00:36:40--> 00:36:45

Why does he do this? He does this for two main reasons. The first reason is to show that there is a method

00:36:47--> 00:37:00

amongst the Hadith scholars that the Hadees doesn't have to be narrated fully. And you can choose from the Hadith and just narrate that part of the Hadith as relevant to your

00:37:03--> 00:37:39

your suffering as long as the sentence is complete, and you don't you don't just pick out a hadith and you can use like, for example, we know the Hadith al hydrographer. Yeah, this is a very simple has had, this had the answer as part of a long Hadith in which the Prophet gave a hot binary. So just to take a sentence, he showing that this is permissible, according to a must have an opinion amongst the Hadith scholars. Secondly, he's doing this because he's trying to say the third phrase is actually saying that if a person's intention

00:37:40--> 00:38:00

is for Allah and his missionary, okay, so he's trying to remove that phrase to say that in case you are thinking that I'm putting this hadith at the beginning to show off to say that I'm compiling this book for Allah and His Messenger, I'm just removing that so just so that you don't, it's almost like a form of a form of

00:38:01--> 00:38:32

etiquette to say that I'm not trying to boast that I'm doing it for Allah and His messenger. Do you see how he did that? So he removed that phrase, just to say that actually any, maybe there my intention, there's things in Ted and not so that people not say that he is actually showing off and he's narrating this hadith at the beginning. And they say that this book is for the identity all for Allah and and that also may result in him losing the reward if he gets that wrong, kind of aspect.

00:38:33--> 00:39:28

So inshallah we'll we'll end there. This section. Now, as you know, this whole chapter, the whole concept of an IAT is a big is a big thing within itself. So Mr. manavi, in this book, dwells a little bit more on it. And he wants to obviously try to further emphasize the whole concept of vignette. So we still have a little bit more to go on with the whole concept of net. And because end of the day, remember this is he's talking about being aware of a lot, the Garden of the aware and it I will not be exaggerating, and in fact, this is not my words, but these are the words those words that if a person manages to, to perfect his intention, then that's it. He saved any agenda is, is

00:39:28--> 00:39:46

guaranteed. And because having that perfect intention, having that class, even if it's just for a moment of time is very difficult. So that's why the LMS continuously beats at it because if you just managed to achieve that, then you've you've achieved your status, you know, last

00:39:48--> 00:39:50

is that Paula Has anybody have any questions they'd like to ask?

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