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AI: Summary © The history and importance of the month of war are discussed, emphasizing the need for history and avoiding discomfort to shaping culture. The heart is the soul and it is the only thing that distinguishes the United States from other animals. The importance of morality and ethics is emphasized, along with the importance of finding the right balance between sharing and respecting oneself. The segment also touches on the idea of the heart and its importance in shaping behavior.
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Okay, no handling national winners who would have stopped to

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the stock fuel owner to Wu Yi Li who won't be letting me show Ruby and see now women see RTR Marina Hypno for them will be

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a huge need further.

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Russia Well, you know

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what I shall do and say you then Mohamed and Abu Omar assume Yeah Do you have a couple or two party have power to party he was

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the moon yay. Taco welcome already has a lot of common left so how that covenant has Oh, my best sermon for Marian and Kathy or Owen is what taco was an editor's movie he was

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in no more I can I can refer you back. Yeah, and to help any Taku I have a Paul Kolors did your splendid

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we all feel the control back home while may look at their horror Sula, who forgot the first 1000 All Lina and bargained for in I stopped I'm Hadith the Kitab Ooh La La Jolla already had you Mohamed in some Lola why they will send them or Sharon Omorosa that to have a color that in brown color with argan oil Anna are cooler Bala Jimson known as hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Lily had anybody heard our

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heavier loader and they are no law and Hamdulillah he said he and

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Kitab are wonderful.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and handlers in handling

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of prisoners due to a law who has guided us to a slum and we will not have we will not have been able to guide ourselves and not Allah guided us all crazy due to Allah was revealed the Scripture unto his servant and his forgiveness there in all praises due to Allah, the Lord of all the words and Hamdulillah we celebrate the month of Ramadan

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by expressing our gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the great gift of mercy.

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A well over Russian

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and the great gift of forgiveness, but also to whom Mo Farah and the great gift of liberation from the Hellfire laughs beautiful poem minute No,

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thank Allah, who always fasting as we said through our prayers, the prophets Allah Lavon he was sending this related on the authority of Aisha Radi Allahu anha. May Allah be pleased with him. And I should tell her the yellow line how Pilate cannot assume law his son will love it. We'll send him a a pumila lane at a Waterman of thought out how to work on our Torah how the American for toto Lima Tostan, who had a Yasuda Allah naka de la for a low neck and cut them and then the Kawamata aka the chorus sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, FNM who hit boo and Hakuna Hampden Shura. So I Shogun Allah be pleased to third release that a messenger of Allah peace and blessings of Allah be upon him used to

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standing her at night until his feet swallow or until his feet cracked. And she said, Why are you doing this on Messenger of Allah when Allah has forgiven all of your past or future mistakes in judgment? And he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Should I not to be a faithful servant? So he was standing in night, at night,

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to his feet swells

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toward a man

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or the man or his feet crack, had to hop Tara had

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and she said, Why are you doing this? Of Excuse me? And so he said, Should I not then love to be a faithful servant? So his standing in prayer was an expression of his gratitude. And our standing in prayer during these nights of Ramadan is an expression of our gratitude to Allah subhanho wa taala. Our fasting during the day of Ramadan is an expression of our gratitude are reciting and turning to and studying and reflecting and pondering on the Quran is an expression of our gratitude for Allah subhanho wa Taala Milan like all of us thankful servants. So

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We know this month is the month of the Quran. So we know when the Quran was revealed Shaolin Ramadan and led the wounds de la vie him for

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the month of Ramadan during which the Quran was revealed. So we know the revelation began during this month.

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Another question is Where was the revelation?

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Given? We know when chakra Ramadan is the when the month of Ramadan is the winner, but where Allah Tala mentions in the quarter end? Call men can I do when did you believe in nobleness Zelle Ohana unbreakable

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moussaka, Alima, Albania they are who they are Bushrod and we need that's the word say whoever is an enemy to the angel Gabriel for verily He brings it the Quran down to your heart, by the command of Allah, a confirmation of what preceded it, and a source of guidance and glad tidings for the believers.

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And so just as much as the month of Ramadan is a celebration of the Quran, it's a celebration of the heart

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and not just the heart of the prophets of Allah, why they would send them but all of our hearts

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the companions of the prophets of Allah, Allah, Allah will send them they're not called students. So they're not call Medina mean.

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They're not called they're received. They're not called Tell me Tell me. They'll call sahab

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buyers that because what they got from the prophets of Allah who I did was send them they got from his heart. So it wasn't a trance, formation, so much of knowledge from his intellect to their intellect, but a trance trends are transforming a transferal rather, of knowledge, of light, of guidance from his heart to their hearts,

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and from their hearts, to those after them, the tabIe in those who succeeded them, and from their hearts to those who succeeded them the heavy, heavy hitting

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tab at the end, and from their hearts to those who succeeded them who succeeded them who succeeded them, until that guidance in that message reached our hearts. For this reason, the reason that they say

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first sudo while they said this, so poor knowledge is in the hearts of humans and not in the lines of books.

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At the end of time, when knowledge is taken away will be taken away.

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Not with the disappearance of the books, with the disappearance of the scholars,

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and the hearts that those dollars possess, will be taken away.

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The first Hadith

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that is formally given from the teacher to the students, is called Al Hadith and said son Bill Oh Wynia

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the Hadith that is traditionally the first Hadith given an ascent celban A Walia

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is a Hadith that doesn't speak of knowledge it speaks of a state or condition of the heart. All right, man.

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All right, moving right, Munna. Yahama who

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are your hunting or Yahama con menses, Allah, the Merciful people. So mercy is a condition or state of the heart

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are the ones the All Merciful will show mercy to.

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So Ramadan

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is a celebration of the hearts

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because it is the heart. It is the soul, it is the Spirit that distinguishes us from the animals. So throughout the year when we're not fasting,

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we're, we're functioning like all of the other animals, they eat, we eat, they drink, we drink, they sleep, we sleep. They have their work. We have our work. They have their livelihood, they have the pursuit of their this. We have our pursuit of Artemis,

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They poke they calculate we calculate.

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So what distinguishes us not those things?

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What we do in Ramadan distinguishes us because we minimize our animal functions, or rather our carnal appetites,

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through fasting, through losing sleep

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through guarding our tones.

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So we minimize those things and in minimizing those things, we maximize our spiritual energy. We maximize our hearts, the the power of our hearts, not the physical power, the spiritual power of our hearts. And that's what distinguishes us from the animals. So Ramadan is a time when we do those things that distinguishes us, that make us were the uniquely human,

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the worst the conscious worship of Allah,

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the conscious worship of Allah, this is what we're doing. Why based only on the commandment of Allah, why do we give up our food and drink based on the commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala only?

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That's the only reason

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why do we leave our spouses? The commandment of Allah subhanho wa Taala why do we do it from the crack of dawn until the confirmation of the setting of the sun? Why don't we fast from noon to midnight? We do it because that's when Allah has ordered us to do it. So I sensitivity to the commandments and the poor this prohibitions of Allah's heighten by giving up lawful things. How much easier is it to give up unlawful things

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when a lot of time to reminds us the essence of fasting as we're saying, in other words, you're in your head ladina N cootie Valley mostly, cannot put you by Lady in a mill publikum Allah Allah content upon. Now under Content upon Are you believers fasting has been ordained for you as it was her day and for those who preceded you, in order that you will become more mindful of ALLAH SubhanA wa Teina I look content upon and that mindfulness is mindful mindfulness, of the commands and prohibitions of a law of time and talk law and design and awareness which Deneb in nowhere, he Taqwa is implementing the commandments and avoiding the prohibitions. And so we have a heightened

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sensitivity. Where is the locus of tequila, and a longer Hadith the Prophet mentions in the course of the Hadith at Taqwa how Hoonah will you share with a sudden he left Murat Hyatt is here and he pointed to his breast three times meaning his heart

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as a retro Titian say victor will cool way around to Bob. He mentioned the whole thing the chest but the intention is the heart just as the opposite VIP robot we are auditing code.

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So what does that literally mean liberating the neck.

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The slave is say keep me a slave. If you just done to liberate my neck, come here, let me liberty you know, I choose bondage. So as the neck is mentioned, but the entire being is is intended, Vic rubab were rather to call it so a tackler who

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is in the chest in the heart rather than the Heartless indulgence,

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the chest, the heart, the anger content, the code so in order that your hearts will become more sensitive to the commandments and prohibitions of Allah, in order that your humanity will be affirmed and heightened

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in order that you can avoid the ruination of those cultures and civilizations that became so obsessed with their physical and material well being. That they forgot the state of their hearts.

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And in forgetting the states of their hearts, they forgot something else that makes us uniquely human. And those are our systems of morality and ethics.

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They forgot that they were one Ibrahim Anaheim is one of the teachers of Imam Abu Hanifa Raheem Muhammad Rahim Allah Allah, Allah have mercy on both of them, called Holika. Men Hello po Kubla Khan with Alethia feasts on

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For doula tan or for doula Qlm or for bald men and the people who are worn before you will won't be because of three things. Too much, eating too much talking too much sleeping.

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Ramadan cuts down on all three, we eat less naturally, we're fasting and this time of month, even when we eat him, we don't eat like we did at the beginning of the month. Our stomachs have shrunken appetites have been dead in, we sleep less, we get off the hook,

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which is a sunnah that shouldn't be avoided.

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And so we lose an hour right there. Normally sleep I'll get up 20 minutes before federal before rather sunrise.

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Now you get up an hour, 45 minutes before February even comes in, we lose sleep, we come for taraweeh we lose sleep.

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If you stay to the end, you really lose sleep.

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So we sleep less and we eat less, and we speak less. Number one regarding our tongues. we're cognizant of the etiquette of the fast millennia that hola Zulu, when I'm an OB violation, they may be handwritten and the actual care to hand wash or

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whoever doesn't leave for speech. How was your

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acting on it? Allah has no need that he gives up his food or drink so we know part of the fastest controlling our tongue and then at the end of the day we to tire we started looking at the caller ID I can't talk this person.

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After if talk tomorrow, my the

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because our energy is done a little bit. So those things

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affirm our humanity.

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He said they were ruined for too much eating. They were ruined for too much sleeping. They were run for too much talking. So we look at the nature of our society. Though the eating and the sleeping they they strengthen our carnal less than appetites. They unite us and bring us closer to our animal nature. And they didn't add too much talking and the laughter and for the reality. And JoJo for Joe, Joe Jonas. What does it do? It makes the heart heart.

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It makes no hard heart, the heart heart.

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And then yet Neely lived in Amman and Tasha Paluma is a thriller Karela woman NASA diamond and while you're cool Ken Levine, Otto Kitab, kaboom. Paul

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Felco, Cosette Kulu boo, boo Kathy rumens as your phone has not the time come for those who believe that the hearts are soften Reverend through the remembrance of Allah and that they're not like those who preceded them and the time they live in and the time the message came to them became long. And it's not just for Obama's for nation individuals.

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I'm a convert people convert who is to them. And then two to 12 later is that I don't feel it.

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Well thought I think

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my heart is in like it was when I first converted

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for cassette Kulu boom.

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And we pray that this the next sentences and applicable in the case of hundreds will cathedral manifests a boon but that the community of forgets about the Prophet sola Salam and the full implications of his mission,

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which was as much as it was spiritual, it has a social component and that social component is rooted in morality and ethics. Islam brought a new code of ethics to humanity to the errors and that was instrumental in changing the world.

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And so the time becomes long and people start engaging in immoral acts.

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They don't even be many people don't even think about the consequences of sin.

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The great Egyptian poet atma Sheltie mentioned in one line of poetry.

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One of the most insightful analysis of the condition of nations in the middle, a HELOC home about the

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home they have all nations and none other than the moral ethical system that supports them and when their morality and the ethics go, they will soon follow.

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They will soon follow we see our country was happening.

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This the the system of morality and ethics that was instrumental in making this country great we see a going

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the the heroic Horatio Alger work ethic.

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We see now the great resignation.

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Millions of job openings

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we could go on and on but our time has expired. The point brothers and sisters is that we have to understand the secrets of Ramadan. The secrets of Ramadan are engaging in actions that uplift strengthen, give force to those qualities that make us uniquely human and distinguish us from the animals

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and leaving those things that in strengthen our carnal appetites and passions unite us with the other members of the animal kingdom. So may Allah give us Tofik and tayseer May Allah bless us to guard the state of our hearts

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to God the state of our hearts and conclusion we mentioned the heart and one verse.

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No not necessarily who either has been carried

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and we have mentioned the Quran and another verse shadow Ramadan and the LED wooziness even correct. And we'll conclude with a verse that brings them both together and also conveys it contains a tremendous lesson for us as well a boon or n m and l pollute and Oxford who do they not Condor reflect on the Quran? Or are their hearts locked up my dear brothers and sisters Ramadan is a gift Allah subhanho wa Taala has set us so that the locks and the chains that keep prevent the light from entering our hearts are released. And the light of the Quran the light of guidance, the light of truth the Light of Faith can illuminate our hearts and lift us out to be truly human Apolo Cody had

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was stopped from what he said many in your comments

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humbly Allah in

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the wounds or Lunarlon

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you handed in Ireland who Cebu Ali he was sadly moved to sleep in a lot more study was sitting in my bed I gotta say, You know what have you been?

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At our unit? Mohammed Oman and he was talking to he was sending Al Hamdulillah Allah subhanaw taala has given us the great gift of the Quran the great gift of faith, the Greek gift of guidance in Greek gift of truth. The great gift of Ramadan, we ask that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala accepts every action that we've sent forward during the earlier part of the month. I love my husband Mina and then assign

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them their heyday cut them their unique Ayala Manassa yummy what piano was the cat it was a World War Korea was so dirty What do you know to corral and we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to bless us and the remaining days of Ramadan. Dear brothers and sisters don't abandon the message Don't abandon the Quran. Who miss

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the seal is the mosque and Amen. You're our teammate. actions are based and judged based on their last but let's go out with strength this go out praying

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is God reading

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core n. Let's continue to seek the blessings that lie ahead of us and what remains of this month and then the eat is all that sweeter.

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We don't know if this is our last Ramadan

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we don't know if this is this is our last opportunity to gain so much pleasure to be amongst the first part of the party, shattered Ramadan, those who are liberated from the hell during Ramadan a lot of time to bless all of you. Allah Tala bless all of our sisters, brothers, elderly Malahat Allah bless him protect our youth, young people who are dealing with challenges most of us if you're over even 40 years old, if you're over 30 years old, you you don't deal with the thing is that our young people I'm dealing with

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so be be merciful and understanding to them. But also firm what firm is required no love bless them a lot. This community no longer this this ummah, during this blessed month alone not feeling was Nina will win more money in one minute.