Omer El-Hamdoon – Bustān al-‘Ārifīn – Garden of the Aware Lesson 3

Omer El-Hamdoon
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We're continuing to shoreline the lessons from the book of the standard atrophying for no water Island. And Previously, we had spoken about

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how the Imam

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he went off on a slight tangent when he spoke about the Hadeeth No, mallamma Lubin yet. And as you know, this hadith is a very precious Hadith. So it is one of those ahaadeeth in which is the Islam is considered to be founded on so then he went on to look at what the famous Hadith master ignore, ignore sada spoke about and he had, through his efforts, I even know Salah he had

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compiled or gone through and looked at seeing which are the ahaadeeth on which the Islam rotates around a hydrosol at La Hamad Al Islam. So he he went to mention all the Hadeeth and that's what we did last time mentioned all those ahaadeeth that even though Salah had compiled

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and Mr. Minogue and they were 26 Hadeeth and Amanda know, he said he's gone and added a few more from his own.

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If you like addition, so he said, This is what the masala has made. I think in my estimation, there's a few more other ahaadeeth that we can add. So he actually adds another three Heidi's to those, those those narrations to bring them up to 2028. So you mentioned 2524?

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No, sorry, 2026 26. So he added another three to make them 29. So the 27 Hadeeth. I'll just mention them quickly, so you can watch the Hadees that Mr. Minow adds is the Hadith which is, again, a simple hadith of Sophia and you know, Abdullah, he said, I said almost Allah, say to me, polyfill Islam, Allah, Allah, Allahu Ahad and highrock Tell me something in Islam, give me some advice and sandwich I will not ask anybody else about it. And he said, I eat the prophesied simple to build. From my stuff him say I believe in Allah than the upright. And this hadith obviously is an important foundation. Have you seen the whole concept of his karma, which is to be upright and not to go

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astray or deviate? Now that's the 27th Hadeeth, the 28th Hadeeth that is added is the Hadith with regards to a higher

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which is very poorly translated as being shy or having chain. And that is the hadith of Abu Musab, Masuda. bedri who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it lm to stay FOSS Ma Ma shit? If you have no shame, then do as you please there is a longer version of the Hadith. What does it start off with? You know

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in madra kindness in kalamunda, who was the ruler it allows us to test a verse Lama ship the additional hydrogen atom said that which the people have

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attained mean they have managed to conclude from the

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initial words of prophethood mean this is like words which have been passed on through the prophethood is this hadith that if you have no shame, then do as you please.

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As I mentioned previously, it's not really our position now to talk a lot about these a hadith because each one of the Hadith is in itself a lesson so we're just going to make reference to it and then somebody can can go back to inshallah wise prepared for your hand up if you didn't have chance to print it out is all those ahaadeeth masala I mentioned. And they reference in terms of the 40 Hadith? No, because there's the amount No, he has his other compiler, which is the 42 a hadith. So I've just cross referenced them and then you can go back and maybe even listen to further explanations of this. And the last one that a man normally adds is the Hadeeth of jabber or the

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alarm and which is the Hadith that I mentioned to you previously in

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These lessons which is that a man came to the Prophet sighs so let me say the homage Allah Do you see if I have prayed if I prayed the five daily prayers obligatory prayers and I fasted Ramadan and I did meet Hallo is halal and I made was Haram is haram and I do not increase anything on that. Will I entered our agenda. So the Prophet slicin um said Nam. Yes. Are we mentioned that when we were talking about how simple the obligations of Islam is, and there's not too too hard.

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So those are the 29 Hadees that Imam no he has said that along with

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a masala

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Hadith at La hamadani Islam Hadith on which Islam is based.

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So now,

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you remember that was a tangent. Yeah, so he mentioned that on a tangent. Now he goes back to talking about the initial topic, which is the whole aspect of lF loss. So we're going to talk a little bit about a class and then inshallah, next week we can talk about the other aspect of the floss which is

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truthfulness. So he said, I met a philosopher, the leader who called Buddha Allah Oh Allah, Leah wahama, Sinhala Dean

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and this is what you refer to before which is the Hadith the same as the last panel to Allah and they were not ordered except to worship Allah having sincerity to him in the deen and also being honed if at what did we say the word Hanif means? Can anybody remember?

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Yes, my are inclined, better than deviated, they can give the wrong so is that inclination, okay. So, when you see the word hanifa it means inclined, and in the terminology, Hana is inclined towards something which is good

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that the Arabs have another word which is being inclined to something which is bad, or the deviation, which is similar to this. Does anybody know that word?

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It's the word, Jennifer. So it's very similar Hannah and Jennifer. So Jennifer is inclination to something which is bad and Hannah is an inclination to something which is good.

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So, Eman, and Noah. He further goes on to say what a winner will win at moneta, any arena like in Raveena bc that

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is like we were we were narrated to, or we were informed from her they femininely Amanda of the alarm and hope I'll sell to Rasul Allah has a long way to sell them under the floss, ma Hua faqad So could you believe and in the class ma Hua forcados El Toro bellezza, Tiana floss ma Hawa for Pilar silver, one min SRT odar to mu Alba, men who have them in a bad

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this Hadeeth Imam, no way we mentioned here in the beginning of this, and

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he doesn't comment on on the isnaad or the narration of the Hadith but the Hadith actually in terms of is not is not a it's not a authentic chain.

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and this probably will need to for us to do an a different maybe a lecture or something to talk about the whole concept of Heidi Thelma Baldwin modeled what is considered an accepted Hadees and rejected Hadees and unlike many people have the concept today that any Heidi's which is not so here is not is not

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is not a it's not a hadith of value is is mistaken because there's a lot there's a bigger than it's not as simple as that. There's a bigger concept to understand even with a hadith which are not considered of the rank of Sahaba there's still a lot of value in that and inshallah Allah allows us different occasion we can dwelve into the whole concept of the hadith of wife and how it is you so even though this hadith is not a sound Hadith, basically it is saying it is alluding to something important, which is that

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her they first said I asked the prophets I said what is a class? So the processing said I asked jabril What is a class? So jabril said I asked the Lord of all might what is a floss so he said meaning a law

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It is a secret of my secrets that I place in the heart of whom I love of my slaves. And therefore, I mean we can understand even from the just the simple words of this hadith is that

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a loss which we know from other narrations is that a loss is not something like many other things, if loss is essentially a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala it's a gift from Allah, whom he missed out on whom he chooses, from his a bad it's like, it's like he died at the very basic level he died, that Allah guides Yeah, he may have shot where your little miniature. So when Allah guide somebody, that guide is a is a gift from Allah Subhana tan. On

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a level more than that.

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We have different aspects of guidance. So Allah guides you to Islam, that's one level but then when Allah guides you to be amongst the people who

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do good deeds and acts of righteousness, and that's another level of guidance, then you have the guidance of when Allah chooses you to be amongst those who for example, pray in the night. That's another gift that Allah gives to more specific people and when you are amongst those people have that class, which is the absolute sensitivity. That's a further gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning that all these things are something that essentially a loss Hightower will bless people in accordance to

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now. Mmm, no, he then goes on to because if you remember his, his main theme here was to try and just be short and he doesn't want to elongate the topic too much. So he just brings you some of the sayings of the different

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imams. So he starts by mentioning some of the words from Imam, sharing,

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famous Imam from the

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fourth century, and inshallah what I will try to do as well because there's a lot of

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references to lots of these imams. So inshallah we will try and do is every lesson we will do will talk a little bit or give a little brief biography about these amounts, so that inshallah by the end of the the book, we would have compiled a good reference to some of these imams we might know their names, but we don't really know who they are. So Elko Sherry, was one of the Imams who, like I said, was in the fourth century.

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And to put that in perspective, fourth century,

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when was when was Imam Shafi present? Which century after Islam after the

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second? Yeah, so he was second you were he was born in 150.

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of hegira, after the hegira, and he died just at the turn of the second century. And Imam Ahmed obviously was more towards the third century,

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the beginning of the third century, and towards the end of the third century would have emails like Buhari and Muslim, and so on. So and then Imam Al ghazali was towards the fifth

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century. So you see that simple timeline. So here this person was a crochet, he was born in the year 375.

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And he was one of the great imaams he was from a place called horizon horizon, which is what is today in the area was considered the

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Asia Minor. So the area which is where the old Soviet Union is, it's almost like the extended part of Persia. So beyond beyond Iraq, and those that area actually

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is where a lot of Alomar

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came famously Buhari from there as well and among Muslim and other other of these emails.

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He was a person obviously of knowledge and studied

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Islamic knowledge and he also was somebody who was quite

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eloquent in his language he learned Arabic and he knows how to speak different languages Well, he has studied the filco. He has studied

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the photo, the foundations and the photo, and he has a famous book, which is called a reseller push a say it's like a letter, a message, in which he again summarizes some of the basic principles of the foundation of understanding the deen and going to our last panel time. So an amendment pusher he says with regards to a class he says the class the frog will help fit by Bill constant

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well Who are you reading with it the COVID a lot Dona che in a hot minute Hassan not Lima. Hello, work to sab Mohammed and the nurse amin how to met him in a coma Anna minella. And you see what the pillola. So basically, he's defining for us what a loss is. And he's saying that if loss

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because we all understand the class as being sincere. Yeah. So here, but it's the following sayings are all about how do we understand it in a much more, you know, making it much more easy. And that's why you know, the people say that, you know, with examples, things become much more clearer. So he said it is when you

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you single out, and how convenient our last panel attalla, you single him out with your obedience and with your intention with your resolve to go to go towards him with that obedience. So singling out Allah with the obedience, and with that resolve, so you're intending him

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and that you want with your good deeds with your obedience to come closer to our last panel Adana, not with anything else, you don't want to achieve anything else from either trying to, to come closer to any of his creation, or by trying to get some sort of praise from the people, or to get some sort of

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good, good stature or status amongst the creation or the people or any of those meanings. So even though you're not even not even trying to get anything, even though it's known as No, let's say material, nobodies, you know, you're not intending for it to be paid. But even just trying to get some sort of praise some sort of somebody saying that's well done, that's really good. Even that, and that is even more dangerous, you know, because that's a hidden thing. If you go now, when somebody invited you to give a talk, or give a, say something and you are paid for this, you say, look, I charge, you know, this much to do that, then that's clear that you're taking money in

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exchange for that. So it's it's very clear, but when you're not doing that, and you're saying no, no, actually, I don't do that I do if you say be careful, but you are wanting people to say something nice to you, or something good or to praise you. And that is your intention from doing that, then you have lost them that loss. And that goes for any action, you can measure on any action, whether it says helping people out, whether it's about even standing up for the truth, whatever actions it may be.

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And also he he goes on to say this, Mr. manoli, explaining what he said he said also in a similar one, similar a smaller and briefer explanation, and a Class A talking on mula how vertilas has, its to be aware, from the observation of people.

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That's as simple as floss can be, so that you are not aware or you or you be aware from the observation of people so you're no longer observing others how they are observing you. Because that is that is how you are trying to achieve

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that sincerity. You're trying to do it for a loss pantalla so you're no longer looking at people, whether they're smiling, whether they're praising you whether they're angry about you.

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So, you can see the very nature of how it is about really trying to keep away from any aspect, where there is involvement in that regards. Now he mentions another another meaning of it. And this is from a boo Alia dakak, who has actually related to a local charity, but we will not talk about him now because we just will leave that for another time. So at the COC said a Class A talkie and mula hava will help which is same to what crochet

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To be aware from

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the creation looking on to you, the other one was that you are observing the creation was said identity and matar Latin neffs.

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To be truthful, is to be purified from observing

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the self. So also being aware of not observing yourself, and what is at what you are achieving by this action. And that means that even when you're doing the action, you're not looking at what you are

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attaining for your own self, because so the first part is to ignore the people. Yeah, the second part is, which is the second is to ignore what you are trying to achieve through the next and the next is is like your alter ego, what your next is going to get out from doing this act. Because even feeling that there is a is a very, you know, that's why you will as we will see that class is very dear, it's very rare to achieve that. Is that even when you feel you're getting a satisfaction from this action, there could be an element of untruth in your class.

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Okay, so you are doing something you if say, you got up, but I don't know you. You prayed the tiama lady, you got up in the night? Yeah, nobody's watching you. Nobody's aware of you Only you are

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doing it by yourself. And between you and a law. If you felt happy that you are doing this a bad day, then that might happiness might come from Allah subhanaw taala he's me. But if you feel that, if you feel that almost like you have a feeling of satisfaction that you know, I've I've really achieved something here. Yeah. And it's like you feel you feel on top of the world, you feel that you've done something really great. That feeling of doing something great, there might be an element of untruth? Because now, it's like you are gaining something from it.

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It's, it's like it's like, it's like, it's like area, but yeah, usually is related to other people. So it's a much more, it's much more finer than this because nobody here nobody's observing you already seeing you is just between you and yourself. So in yourself, if you feel so satisfied that I've actually done something great here,

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you've lost the final element of a class because this class is about not getting given something for yourself. Okay, we'll see another saying about this in Charlottetown, you're happy because you will

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not sell.

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So there you go, you've explained it very nicely, because so you if you're happy, and that happiness usually comes with the content that you've done something good, as opposed to being admiring yourself and feeling satisfied, that are actually live achieve something

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great here. So there's a very fine, it's very fine tune. But it's, it's and that's why it's difficult initially for somebody to get that fine tuning because here we're talking about class. We're trying to

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not have the idea. That's why he says there is not yet a job there is not not even to feel,

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you know, to feel really delighted with what you're doing. Because when you really feel that day that you've achieved something for yourself and it's not for Allah. So it's, it's, it's, it's been you have to be careful that

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it's very easy to say okay, I'm not doing it for anybody, but it's harder to say I'm not even doing it for myself. Because if you're doing it for yourself, you're not doing it for Allah. So that that is that is the kind of thing that you have to achieve.

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And a mama no he goes on said he said well, we not only sushi robiola Hawaiian oil meta Shaheed Wolfie lost him a little loss.

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Last one, he likes loss

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is a very nice saying oh Susie here whenever they find or they feel or they observe that there there is a class in their class.

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Yeah, so they're seeing their class. I'm a marvelous man. Okay, I'm sincere. Then he's saying their class needs a class. Their sincerity needs, needs to be purified. There's no as long as sincere sincerity, because they're seeing that they're seeing their you know, they're seeing themselves and they're almost like being happy this job to be to be to be delighted.

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with oneself.

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So you can see again how, how that differs. And then he says, what do we know? And they say, the jelly the noon, or over your long an oil filler that would mean a llama to floss. So the noon, again, we'll come on a different day to talk about him in Sharla. So there's three signs for a loss. What are these three signs it's all about, again,

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the whole concept that we're talking about is the first one is, is to our ultimate he with them mean?

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That for the person, it's equal for him, whether people praise Him, or they disgrace him, you know, the general public. He doesn't, he doesn't care. And it's for him to say it's the same whether people speak highly of him, or they speak low of him, for him is the same. Why is it the same, because again, he's not doing it for them. So he's not seeking their play, he's not seeking their praise. nor is he affected, or Is he concerned that they speak badly about him, because he's not doing it for them. So that's number one, number two

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nesea and Roja till Arma, philarmonic, to abandon seeing the actions in the actions, and that means that when a person is doing the actions, he is not observing, how, you know, not observing how

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the, if you like the,

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the intricate of the actions, so that he doesn't start to, is not happy with the actions in his actions. Again, this goes back to what we were saying before that being delighted by his actions. So he gets on with the work and he does the acts of a bad without

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making or scrutinizing or attempting to do something to do goodness with the actions for the sake of the actions

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together, and one of the finer points of trying to achieve them. And thirdly,

00:27:17 --> 00:27:37

effective law, so our bill Hamilton, to attain or to try to look at the reward of the action in the in the alpha. So again, it's about anticipating the reward is about not looking at the action itself, and trying to

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see the action and what you're doing and the action. Rather, it's more about

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the heart and where the heart is in all of this. And lastly, it's about being equal in terms of how you are viewed or spoken about in front of the people. We will talk about that as well in Sharla later on in terms of

00:28:01 --> 00:28:04

the actions because

00:28:05 --> 00:28:06

there is also a saying

00:28:08 --> 00:28:18

that, you know, the people who have reached a level of of truthfulness, they have not reached it because of the actions that they have done.

00:28:19 --> 00:28:25

But rather it's about what's inside them. And that's something that we'll dwell on a little bit more.

00:28:26 --> 00:28:29

When he says, when you will need from an

00:28:30 --> 00:28:35

admiral ashy, for the film Marashi, Rahim Allah, for the for said,

00:28:37 --> 00:29:20

last loss and pistoia will add for vorher will Barton so as loss is when your actions and this is something I think easy to understand. If the loss is when your actions outwardly and inwardly are equal. They are the same. Meaning that when you do actions by yourself, and you do actions in front of people, it's the same you don't change your actions. You know, when you're praying in the mustard, you pray a little bit more with more humility and you know more you're more focused, more focusing or you at least, you know, it's appearing on you maybe take a little bit longer with your Roku answer Jude and so on.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:24

And what when you're by yourself, you're rushing

00:29:26 --> 00:29:36

the prayer. So that is, goes against the philosophy class, you're doing the same, whether you are in front of people, or outside people.

00:29:37 --> 00:29:53

And then for alpha wave, he said from, say the genelia for very liberal health on thoracolumbar. They actually NASS react. When you leave actions for the sake of people this is real. It's a form of

00:29:54 --> 00:29:57

it's a form of showing off or is a form of

00:30:00 --> 00:30:40

Pride or boasting? But but not not quite boasting but it's a form of showing well amarula ugliness shirk. When you do things for the people it's a shark it's you're doing it for Allah. And the last is when Allah and you are here Kala who means min Homer class is when a lot protects you and saves you from either of these two. So if you do things for people that shift if you leave things for the sake of people, that's also a form of shirk. Because Ria is a minor shirk as well. How do you leave things for people?

00:30:42 --> 00:30:56

Simple thing for example, you want to give a donation Okay, you're in your mind you're going to give the donation but then when you want to give the notice that actually I don't want to I will not give it because people might see me give the donation so you stopped doing their

00:30:57 --> 00:31:23

their donation because you for the sake of the people or you know, you might what you might normally be praying in a certain you know, certain length you're praying a long prayer, but then you saw that people are watching you so you say okay, I'm just shorten my prayer, I won't lend it to anything where you leave actions because of the people that's also goes against the whole concept of philosophy because again, you're not doing it for the people

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to study

00:31:29 --> 00:31:51

saladna abdillah twist study Rahim Allah he was asked what some what is the thing that is the most hardest on the neffs and again, the concept of the Narcissus is something that for a person, we're talking about the Garden of the aware of those who are aware, those people are aware of their neffs and they're aware of their ins internal

00:31:53 --> 00:32:29

their, their, their soul, how to look after it, how to deal with it, so they're always aware of this concept of the nest and the nest is something that the loss of habitat I mentioned many times in the poor an and it's almost like you know, it's almost we say it's an alter ego so it's almost like somebody else's another person who is you, but it's not you so you are almost like, you know, your two people, there's you who's trying to control your neffs okay nest, the nest is is usually

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usually trying to come out of control, you know, it wants to take you certain that it wants to satisfy itself and certain thing he wants to follow the desires, it wants to

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it wants to achieve certain prestigious things, it wants people to acknowledge it, it wants to fulfill it feel its fill it once it once it once and you as an individual, you have to tame your neffs So, there's a lot of discussion in this course, on this concept within the path of understanding a loss path and that's why I lost pantalla says

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one and half amacom or Obi Wan and nafsa Anil Hawa as for the one who fears when the standing in front of his Lord and he forbids and neffs and in how are from the desire, then he is the one who will be his abode will be an agenda. So, you can see here he is the one who is clearly showing this alteration. So, he is the one who is afraid of standing home and he prohibits and neffs from a house so there is you prohibiting the neffs from the desire this nest is not here is inside you. So, how do you control that nurse? So that is the whole the whole arguments and we'll talk about that inshallah and of course,

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so as to study he was asked what is the most hardest thing on the neffs Okay, how what is the most difficult thing on us he said in a class Why? Because the neffs has no share in that class. Because class is when the nest has nothing. Remember how we said the find that even even self admiration and to be happy and satisfied with the action go is something that is achieving so clauses when even that is not happening?

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Use the feminine Hussain Rahim Allah He said, as sushi in Fredonia, Alice loss. It's one of the most rarest things in the dunya to have a loss.

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Mr. Minogue further mentions saying have

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a Missouri be a B Earth man and MongoDB he said a colossal arm. Malaya cool enough sci fi half the basic general public kind of class is with

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We're talking about which is that the nuts has no share in it.

00:35:04 --> 00:35:53

But then there is a colossal house. This is the people who are more special if you like, those are the people who are chosen there is loss is he said, Nigeria, I lay him, lobby him. If I tab do mean home bar to home and hobby magazine, Wallah takala home La Jolla Wella home LA I had it that so the people who have are the higher class if we like have a vida and their higher class of a class is when even their loss, they're doing the actions. It's like they're, they're not even, they're not even thinking about the whole concept of a loss. And it's not it's not even in their mind. Because remember when we said what what

00:35:56 --> 00:36:27

we are called mentioned a sushi, he said that a lot when you own your class, when you're looking at your class and you're happy with your class, then your class and your class. So here these people are not even thinking about a class, they're doing the actions and in their mind is that this is and this is already for a loss pantai it's like they are completely in a different world there are completely segregated from the whole concept of actually they're not looking at the actions, they're not scrutinizing the actions, but rather,

00:36:28 --> 00:36:29

it's just happening.

00:36:30 --> 00:36:38

Okay, so it's becomes almost very natural to them. And these are the special, the special category of people.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:40


00:36:42 --> 00:36:45

I can see a lot of people confused now. So I think

00:36:50 --> 00:37:12

I'm going to stop stop there and then I'll allow anybody who wants to have any questions, but inshallah we will come back to this topic is not finished yet. But why is it getting tougher and tougher and harder and harder because the class is is very, is very, as he said, as you say it's very rare, it's not easy to achieve it and it is something that a person tries to

00:37:13 --> 00:37:14

you know, try to

00:37:15 --> 00:37:28

try to obviously intends to achieve that or wants to achieve that, but it becomes difficult because you have to leave everything began everything at this at the door, nothing for the people,

00:37:30 --> 00:37:46

nothing for yourself, even that basic. So it becomes a very, it becomes a struggle. And that struggle obviously like anything with dedication and with practice, it becomes inshallah slowly comes to an individual

00:37:48 --> 00:37:50

as whether you want to test

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