30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #26 Set Your Goals

Omer El-Hamdoon


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The speaker discusses the importance of identifying goals and values in life. They suggest that people should start by creating a clear vision of their goals and values. They also advise people to start by listening to their thoughts and create a clear vision of their goals.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at this junction in Ramadan, we can see that time is running by very quickly. We're already near the end of Ramadan. And it's only a matter of days before Ramadan says farewell. And as we are feeling and seeing that time is running by quickly, sometimes we always might feel that our lives are also running away quickly. And some of us may also feel that a 4050 years of my life have passed away or less or more. And I don't feel that I've achieved much in my life that can be a feeling that some people have or are an actual thought that crosses their mind. And so it was important for us to understand and to reflect on this point is,

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how can I build on that? Don't live your life, feeling regret, that you haven't achieved things, but ask yourself now, how can I plan so that after Amazon, I could be on the right step to achieving my goals? Obviously, it has to start by identifying what are your goals, what do you want to achieve. And whilst it'll be difficult to list all the list of goals that a person may want to achieve. That has to be something that you really think about. And get some ideas from, you know, different avenues, different places, you can get ideas from your family, your friends, you can get ideas from the television, the internet, other websites, etc. There's so much out there, you know, be inspired

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by what's around you. Whether you want to help others whether you want to establish an institution or a school or an orphanage or you want to write a book or you want to achieve a certain degree, whether you want to do you know achieve something with your children or with your brothers or sisters, whatever it is, it can be so much could be a health and physical objective. Like I said, I don't want to be listing even though and innovatively I have done so. So start this Ramadan by thinking about what goals you want, what are your life goals? What do you really want to achieve? And start thinking about the necessary aspects of how to achieve those. Because even though life is

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going past, you don't know how much life you have. And secondly, you don't know what kind of Baraka there will be in your life because last pantalla can bless people with whatever they have and they can achieve so much. We know from history that people achieved much greater things in small periods of time. And that is because of what allows pantalla bless them and his Rockman achieving that. So start today, think about where you are. Maybe do that now do that after

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before or after thoroughly. Try and have a time when you are you know your thoughts are a little bit more free, you're not disturbed or distracted by others and inshallah put those thoughts down, jot them down on paper. I wish you well and Salaam Alaikum