Zoheeb Iqbal – One Tear of Forgiveness

Zoheeb Iqbal
AI: Summary © A woman named Sam tundra describes how he used to collectivity and do work at a village when the rain came. She describes how he faced problems with drought, including lack of rainfall and poor vegetation growth. She also talks about a woman named Hilda who was supposed to be killed by a man but never showed up to her funeral.
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In the previous ages, when they wanted rain to come when they used to be a lot of drought, masala salatu salam used to grab all the people in the village and go out to the open and do the work Allah subhanaw taala that may rain come upon us that there's too much dry land we need vegetation to grow from the ground

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after his life and is no rain

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no rain came at all. Sadly Sam tundra said all Ah, are you angry with me? Have I done something that you don't want to accept my blog, everyone's here.

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And Allah subhanaw taala replied to him saying them almost

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in that gathering, there is one person

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he does everything against the will of Allah.

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Because of that, one person, rain is not coming. So mostly salatu salam gets up, and he says whoever that one person is, please get up and leave because of you. Rain is not coming and vegetation is not growing from the lines and everyone is under great problems.

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Now that person knew who he was.

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So he didn't stand up. He got his jumper. He put his nice clothes and he will

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forgive me on that. Please forgive me a lot. Please forgive me. I'll never do it again and one tear fell from his eye.

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One tear came out of his eye

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and the rain.

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Mousavi sample

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no one stood up. How did the rain come at this moment in time? And Allah subhanaw taala says the omo sir, that person who just made me who done everything that I was not happy with today, that person is my best friend and Mousavi salatu salam replied, Oh Allah can I know who he is? I want to meet and Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Oh Musa when he was sinning and disobeying me, I never told you his name. I never opened him to you. Now he's my best friend. I'm still going to keep it a secret

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